EU's : North vs. South Horns
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EU : North  vs.  South : Iron vs. Clay ? 
The  Strong,  Richer & more industrialized  Northern  EU
Nations  are  beginning  to  have  second  doubts  about
their  Poorer-Weaker  Southern  EU  allies : Is this  the
Iron  &  Clay  mixup  of  Daniel ?*  
"There will be a two-speed Europe: one speed that moves toward more
 integration in the euro zone and one speed for a confederation in the
 European Union."                        -Sarkozy              Nov.8.2011
..."We  need  a  New  Europe."  - Angela Merkel  German Chancellor
"The debt crisis has made it clear that huge economic and cultural
   differences remain.      -Ritsa  Koletta, Greek   now  unemployed
Europeans  understand  that  economic reforms are necessary,
people in Europe's  financially strapped countries worry that
the  price  is  a  loss  of  sovereignty.
...We  know  for  sure  that  Merkel  will  "NOT"  end  up  being  one
of  the  10  King's  ( she would be a queen *) this means her
political  future  will  soon  come  to  an  end;  but  the  Million  Dollar
question  is  will  Sarko  survive ?  or does  he  still  has  a  shot  at
becoming  the  future   leader  of  the  'New  Europe'  that  will
emerge   more  unified  than  ever  before ?
is  open  to  the  idea  that  Sarkozy  future  will  follow  that  of 
his  fellow  EU  heads  of  state;  even  though   the  EU  financial
mess  is  "NOT" :  Merkel's, Sarko's  or  Berlusconi's  fault
this  part  of  politics  is  part  of  the  norm  in the dirty  game
of   politics...
...While  heads  continue  to "roll" all along the  Mediterranean
region (Libyan head gone, Egyptian head gone, Greek head gone,
Italian head going !) Sarko's has been"spared" & now he literally
ONLY  has  less than  one  year  to  make  or  break  his
re-election  and  his  future  destiny...It  appears  that  Sarko
may  go  too !  along  with  Merkel* ( I've always been open to
such  a  scenario  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy )
"BUT"  anything can  happen  within  a  year !  For the  perfect
storm  is  brewing  all  along  the  Mediterranean  region  &
it  is  too  early  to  predict  who  will  be  left  standing  alive
when  it  all  clears in this perfect  stormIsrael may pre-empt
against Iran's  nuclear  program, Syria may  attack  Israel,
the  EU  may collapse & Sarkozy may just  enter  in the  conflict
as  the  ultimate "Peace Broker" this will be the most interesting
year  since  I  have  been  studying  Bible  Prophecy & to make
it  even  more interesting  Sarko  has proposed  a "Two-Speed"
model  for  the  future of the  EU; one that focuses on EU
expansion especially eastward into the Balkans & the other one
that focuses  on the  EURO;especially on the Eurozone
(  I mention this because  we  do  not  know  who the final ten
kings  will  end up being  and because  the 10  toes of
Daniel  are  allies  but  yet   somewhat  different  from  each  other ) 
...Not  too  long  ago  it  appeared  that   the  European  Union
was  an  alliance  forged  out  of  Iron; "unbreakable"  in  fact
it  was partly initiated by the European Coal &  Steel Treaty  but
presently   it  is  becoming  undone  by  the  fact  that  they
were  never  equal  to  begin  with,  in  fact  it is no secret  now
that  Greece  "stretched  the  truth" when it stated its'  finances
upon  joining the  EuroZone in  2001 &  this  little  lie has  come
back  to  haunt  them  with  vengeance* and it  now  threatens
not only to  unravel  the  European  economies  but  the
entire  world  itself !!!
...As the EURO & the  EUROZONE  countries  appear  to  be  on
the  verge of a MAJOR "RE-ALIGNMENT" of Biblical  proportions
we may be  witnessing the early  stages  of  who  will  end  up
being the IRON & the CLAY players described  by the  Prophet
Daniel...I have  never accepted  the 10-Global Region divisions
espoused  by  some  as  the  final  "Ten horns"  mentioned  by
both Daniel & the Book  of  Revelation, "BUT" now major cracks
are  showing  &  appearing  on  these  "Romanesque"  feet  that
could  very  well  uncover  who  the  final  "Ten  Toes"  of  Iron
and  Clay  will  end   up  being !!!
...Yes, I  am  fully  aware  that  according to Daniel 7:24 & 7 :8
the  Little  Horn  arises  after  them  &  from  among  them  &
that  if  this  is  the  case  then Sarko  can't  be  Mr.AC... Sarko
may  lose  re-election  in 2012  in France "BUT"  it  does  not
mean  that  his  political  career  in  European  Instititutions  will
also  end, so that is why Sarko  "cannot"  be  counted  out  yet*
You  see  he  only  needs  the  backing  of  10  King's  and  not
the  vote  of  all  of  the  EU  to  potentially  one  day  become
the  EU  President  with  extended  powers*
...The  European Union like  any  other  alliance  on  earth  is  an
"IMPERFECT"  Union, you  have big  rich  countries  carrying  and
paying  for  the  shortcomings  of  its  poorer  less  developed
members, for the past  50+years  the European's  have made  it
work  by  slowly coming  together as  one, let us remember  that
the  EU  experiment  has  "NOT" been  an  overnight experiment
...The  so  "called"  PIIGS : the 5  EU  nations  who  are  deeply
mired  in  debt  are  Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece  &  Spain
( Remember  the  number  5  ! )  and  the  so  called  "FANGS":
Finland , Austria, Netherlands,Germany & Switzerland  who are
members of the European Union are Northern-Protestant
countries  who  have  shown  more  monetary  responsability
than  their  Southern  EU  allies; the  vast  economic  divide  is
showing  more  and  more  between  the  Northern  &  Southern
members  of  the  EU, but  this  only  goes  to  show  how
close  we  are  for  the  final  TEN  HORN  appearance  !!!
(((  Mario  Romano  a  student  of  Inetrnational  Relations
DOES  NOT  !!!  subscribe  to  the  TEN  WORLD  REGIONS
thought  by  other  Prophecy  Teachers***)))
...What  is  interesting  to  notice  amidst  all  the  turmoil
in  Europe  is  that  right  smack  in  the  middle  of  this
financial  storm;  Sarkozy  can  be  found  right in the
middle  of  it, just as was  recently the   case  with  Libya;
yes  it  could  just  be  a  mere  coincidence  but  then  again
it  could  also  be  his  stepping  stones  onto  the  future
EU  Presidency*
...Prophetic  events  are  accelerating, the  Middle  East  is
getting  ready   for  final  endtime  events  and  so  is  the
New  Romanesque  Empire  of  the  European  Union...
Sarkozy   dropped  a  prophetic    bombshell  this  week  of
October 28, 2011  (  and  very  few  took  a  notice  of  it *)
when  he   openly  stated  before  the  Global  Press  that
Greece  should  have  never  been  accepted  into  the  EU
n  the  first  place  !!!  I  say  this  because  the  Biblical
Prophecies  warn   us  that  in  the  future   a  Little  Horn
will  "uproot"  three  of  the  original  10   horns  in  a  future
...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  i  have  never  subscribed
to  the  theory  or  idea  that  the  final  10  horns  will  be :
- The  United  Nations ( UN  )
- A  ten  zoned  global  government  body
- a  future  G-10  ( 10 most industrialized countries on earth )
"BUT"  i  have  always  believed  that  it  will  rise  out  of  the
area  and  region  of  the  Mediterranean  just as the  Apostle
John  witnessed  the  Beast  with  ten  horns  rising  from !!!
...The  final  10  Kings-horns  are  "NOT"  yet  identifiable !
but  we  here  at  are  trying to be one of
the  first  to  correctly  identify  them "if" it be possible  before
the  Rapture  of  the  Church*
...If  the  European  Union  or  EuroZone  appear  to  collapse
in  the  future  it  will  "NOT" be its  end because  according  to
Bible  Prophecy  it  will  "RE-GROUP" and  "RE-EMERGE"  more
unified  and  single  minded  than  ever  as  the  final   BEAST
with  7  heads  and  TEN  Horns...

Sarkozy: Letting Greece Into Euro Was Mistake

World News  10.28.2011

France's president Nicolas Sarkozy has said it was a mistake to allow Greece into the eurozone.

In a television interview he claims the country was not ready for membership when it joined in 2001, and used false economic figures to gain entry.

Mr Sarkozy likened Greece's sovereign debt crisis to the crisis at Lehman Brothers, and said that a failure to come up with a way to help Greece would have thrown the euro zone and world economy into disorder.



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