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Thee  End :  Like  a  Flood !


..."The  end  shall  come  like  a  Flood."  

                                                                     -  Daniel   9 : 26


 "But  as  the  days  of  Noah  were,  so  also  will  the  coming  of  the  Son  of  Man  be."


                                                                                                   - Matthew  24 : 37

 ...Adolph  Hitler  was  "NOT"  able  to  conquer   all  of  Eurasia  during  his  12  long  years  in  power  and  neither  will  the  endtimes   Hitler  be  able  to  CONQUER  all  of  the  world  in  the  future  during  his  alloted  3  and  a  half  years  in  total  and  absolute  power  ( though  he  will  get  to  DOMINATE   most  of  the  world * ) 

                                                                                                                     -  Mario  Romano, student  of  :  military   strategy,  spiritual  warfare   and  microbiological  warfare

The  beginning of  the  end  begins  it  will  all  unfold  like  a  flood  !!!   Tragedy  after  tragedy,  sorrow  after  sorrow,  one   nightmare  after  another...Giant  earthquakes,  asteroids  and  comets  crashing  onto  planet  earth,  global  warfare, ethnic  group  rising  against  ethnic  group  all  over  the  world  and  Mr.666  relishing  all  the  chaos  and  destruction   on  planet  earth  as  his  alliance  of  10  rises  to  DOMINATE   this  planet  amidst  all  the  ensuing  chaos  that  is  taking  place  in  every  continent  on  planet  Earth  !!!


...Presently,  most  of  the  world  has  been  blinded   and  deceived   by  the  powers  of  Darkness,  the  intelligence  agencies  of  this  planet   can't  even  compare  to  the  great  deception  that  Satan  and  his  fallen  angels  have  been  conspiring  against  most  of  humanity  !!!...What  is  even  more  astounding  is  that  most  of  the  world's  population  doesn't  even  know  that  they  are  being  deceived   by  the  unholy  spirit  of  Satan   !!!...The  Book  of  Revelation  reveals  us  that  Satan  has  deceived  the  whole  world  !!!  (  Book  of   Revelation  12  : 9 )...There  are  many  things  that  neither  the  US  Naval  Academy  ( Annapolis  )  nor  the  US  War  College   teaches  the  future  military  leaders  of  this  nation,  these  United  States  simply  stand  no  chance  upon  what  is  coming; that  is  why   power  will  shift  once  again  to  the  European's  in  the  future  as  not  only  the  leaders  of  the  Western  World  but  also  as  the  final   world  Empire  for  the  final  3  and  a  half  years  !!!



...An  evil  is  about  to  descend  upon  the  nations  of  the  world   that  was  not  even  considered  nor  fanthomed   by   the  top   military  strategists  of  the  planet; neither  Clausewitz, Sun Tzu  nor  any  other  could  have  even  considered  such  evil  that  is  coming  because  when  Satan  is  thrown  out  of  heaven  and  his  fallen  angels  with  him  he  shall know  that  he  has  but  a  short  time  !!!...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  expect  the  endtimes  Mr.666  to  "mysteriously"  make  his  enemies  disappear,  I  won't  be  surprised  that  through  his  demonic  powers  he  shall  cause  those  in  his  way  to  fight  one  another  while  he  becomes  even  more  powerful  !!!   


...I  don't  know  if  you've  heard  the  story  of  the  Lusitania,  but  to  put  it  in  short  words, the Lucitania  served  as  an  excuse  for  the  US  Military  to  initiate  war  with  Spain  even  though  most  were  reluctant  to  do  so.  I  personally  believe   that  the  "Man  of  Sin"  will  set  up  various  nations   that  he  considers   a  threat  to  his  global  agenda   to  fight  against  each  other  while  he  takes  over  what's  left  of  the  developed  world  !!!...Dictators  and  Totalitarians   usually  always  rise  up  in  times  of  troubles  and  the  Tribulation  period  will  "NOT"  be  the  exception


...What  hindered  Adolph  Hitler  from   almost  taking  over  a  large  part  of  the  world  was   the  United  States  and  the  Russian's,  somehow  I  know  that  the  next  Hitler  won't  make  the  same  mistakes  as  the  one  of  the  past....And  I  know  that  if  this  servant  of  GOD  knows  these  things  the  future  "Man  of  Sin"  whomever  he  will  turn  out  to  be  will  also  know  his  hsitory  !!! 

...I  liken  the  present  economic  condition  of  this  planet  to  the  same  one  of  the  early  1930's,  presently   these  United  States  has  accumulated  a  national  debt  that  is  truthfully  and  realistically  UNPAYABLE  and  the  truth   is  that  the  US  National  Debt  is  even  greater  than  what  they  claim  it  to  be  because  governments  usually  don't  always  tell  their  citizens  the  whole  truth  !!!   

...For  the  past  14+  years  this  servant  of  GOD  has  been  teaching   and  warning  about  the  geographic  location  of  the   end  times  "Kingdom  of  the  Beast"  and  it  has  "NOT"  been  in  vain.  The  Prophetic  WORDS  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  have  been  a   "Great  Blessing"  to  my  soul.  The  WORD  of  Almighty  GOD  has  purified  me;  given  me  new  strenght  when  at  times  I  felt   as  if  all  of  this  was  useless   and  in  vain...I  have  passed  through  the  Valley  of  Death  and  now  I  totally  understand  what  the  Psalmist  was  stating;  by  the  Almighty  grace  of  GOD  I  stand  stronger  than  ever  in  my  faith  in  GOD  Almighty  !!!


...The  Prophecies  of  the  HOLY  BIBLE  were  already  in  force  long  before  either  you  or  I  were  ever  born...I  believe   the  Genesis  account  of  Creation  and  do  not  doubt  one  Prophecy  in  Revelation...I  know  that  GOD  cannot  lie  and  that  only  HE  knows  the  end  from  the  beginning...GOD  created  us  all  and  we  are  all  still  alive  only  because  of  His  Grace  !!!  I  do  "NOT"  question   HIS  HOLY  and  Sovereign  judgement,  like  JOB  I  know  that  though  and  if  GOD  would  slay  me  "YET"  will I  trutst  in  Him  ( Job   13 : 15 )  for  I  know  that  death  is  but  a  "Temporary"  state  and  that  GOD   grants  eternal  life  to  all  those  who  abide  in  His  WORD  !!!



If  I  didn't  believe  that  we  are  indeed  the  very  last  generation  that  will  witness  some  of  the  last  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  I  wouldn't  be  here  wasting  my  time  nor  yours.  I  know  that  we  are  the  very  last  generation  that  will  see  some  of  the  last  endtime  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  fulfilled...I  do  "NOT"  state  these  Prophetic  truths  with  gladness  because  as  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   I  know  that  billions  will  die  upon  what  is  coming  upon  this  planet  in  the  very  near   future...While  it  is  true  that  Bible  Prophecy   forewarns  of  yet  another  endtimes  Jewish  Holocaust  where  over  60%  of  the  world  wide  Jewish  population  will   be  annihilated  , Bible  Prophecy  also  makes  it  perfectly  clear  that   over  70%  of  the  world's  population  will  also  be  killed  by  the  upcoming  :  wars,  persecutions,  famines  and  outbreak incurable  diseases  that  will  be  unleashed  upon  the  UNREPENTANT   SINNERS  of  planet  EARTH  !!! 

...This  servant  of  GOD  does  "NOT"  claim  to  understand  nor  comprehend  the  deep  mysteries  of  GOD,  all  I  know  is  that   GOD  is  GOOD  and  full  of  MERCY  otherwise  we  would  have  all  PERISHED  long  ago  !!!...GOD's  patience   surprises  me  as  the  sin  of  the  world  accumulates  and  piles  up  all  the  way  to  the  heavens...


...I  thank  GOD  for  all  my  brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ  who  are  also  teaching  the  Prophetic  WORD  of  Almighty  GOD  !!!  Onward,  Christian  soldiers  !!!  Let  us  fight  the  good  fight  while  we  still  can  for  an  hour  is  coming  where  it  will   almost  seem  impossible  to  do  so... I  thank  GOD  Almighty   because  of  the  victories  that   HE  gave  us  this  past  year;  GOD  allowed  us  to  secure  and  own   one  of  the  most  popular  names  in  all  of  my  Mexico :  and  to  :  teach,  preach  and  forewarn  my  Mexican  friends  the  truth  about  what  really  happened  in  Tepeyac, Mexico  over  200+  years  ago...AS  you  may  know  my  country  is  one  of  the  most  IDOLITRIOUS  countries  on  all  of  planet  Earth  !!!   and  this  reality      shames  me  that  before  Almighty  GOD  !!!  All  the  evidence  indicates  that  the  "Virgin  of  Guadalupe"  was  not  even  an  "Apparition"  of  a  fallen  Angel  of  Light;  the  truth   is  that  the  Roman  Catholic  Clergy  in  Mexico  made  it  all  up, there  was  already  a   "Virgin of  Guadalupe"  in  Spain  that  precedes  the  one  in  Mexico  with  over  150+  years  !!!


...Mario  Romano  does  "NOT"  know  who  the  endtimes  "Little  Horn"  will  be  but  if  by  sheer  accident   that  we  become  the  first  in  all  this  world  to;   I  do  ask  for  your  forgiveness   beforehand...It  is  the  mission  of   to  be  thee  most  "Informative"  place   concerning  the  Fourth  and  Final  Beast  Prophesied   by  Daniel  and  the  endtimes  Kingdom  of  the  Beast...While  most  of  the  world  is  being  deceived,  neither  you  nor  I  should   be  for  we  have  the  Holy  Spirit  which  guides  us  to  all  truth  !!!



By  :  Mario  Romano,  Mario   is  "NOT"  what  some  would  call  a  "Doom  and  Gloom"   person;  I  weep  for  the  lost  souls  of  planet  Earth  and  I  Pray  for  the  Peace  of  Jerusalem...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  Strategic  Studies  I  am    knowledgeable  about : Military  Strategy, Spritual  Warfare  and  Micro-biological  that  GOD  only  allotted  a  specified  period  of  time  for  the  beginning and  end  of  this  creation  on  planet  Earth  and  I  know  that  it  will  come  to  an  end  very,  very  soon... Mario  Romano  is  a  student  of : Military  Strategy,  Spritual  Warfare  and  Microbiological   Warfare...I  have  studies  over  and  over  how  Stalin  and  Hitler  rose  to  power  and  my  thesis  is  that  the  final  "Man  of  Sin"  will  rise  to  power  in  a  somewhat  very  similiar  fashion  as  those  two   diabolical   Beasts  that  preceded  him  !!!...My  prayer  is  that  the  GOD  of  the  Prophet  Daniel  will  one  day  use  this  servant  of  His  for  His  honor  and Glory."


Sarkozy May not seek re-election in 2012 

France's energetic and to date determinedly ambitious president Nicolas Sarkozy said Thursday his job was tiring and that he has yet to decide whether to stand for re-election.

 Asked in a prime-time television interview whether he had any doubt that he would run when his five year term expires in 2012, Sarkozy sighed dramatically and said: "Oh, but yes!"

 Asked why, he explained: "Because my job is very difficult. It needs a lot of energy, a lot of strength to do it and I have but all my strength intodoing it as well as possible." There's still three-and-a-half years. I give no undertaking, in one direction or the other," he continued.

 "You run for a second term if you have the strength to chase another dream and people have confidence in you. It would be shocking if I had been able to make such an important decision less than half-way into my first term."

 Sarkozy was elected in 2007 on a right-wing reform platform with a comfortable majority, and was quickly nicknamed the "Omnipresident" because of his determination to dominate all government business. In his two plus years  in office Mr. Sarkozy  has become the new face of  France  and of the European Union and despite the "love -hate"  relationship that many French and European  have had with  him  there is no denying that he has injected new life into  everyday politics of France and Europe.

    His popularity has been falling, however, following mis-steps in his private life and then opposition to his response to the global economic crisis, which brought a million strikers onto the street a week ago. Despite  Europe's ills  Mr.Sarkozy remains one of Europe's  most popular  and controversial politicians.


Go  Short  Has New Meaning in Sarkozy’s World

EU News  2009

Nicolas Sarkozy is a small man, about an inch shorter than Napoleon, with an ego as large as an empire. He also travels the world with a famous wife and a penchant for inserting himself into the center of international crises.

The most recent is the Israeli-Hamas conflict in Gaza, where the peripatetic French president, uninvited by the participants, shuttled between Jerusalem; the West Bank town of Ramallah; Beirut, Lebanon; Damascus; and Sharm al-Shaykh, the Egyptian resort on the Red Sea; attempting to negotiate a cease-fire.

It’s hard to fault a man for wanting to end fighting that has cost the lives of more than 900 people and injured more than 3,700. Yet Sarkozy’s insistence on playing the hero sows confusion about who represents the 27-nation European Union.

Remember former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger's
 comment, “Who do I call, if I want to call Europe?” With Sarkozy running around holding press conferences while a parallel official EU delegation also tries to negotiate a cease-fire, it really makes one wonder.

If it persists, the resulting muddle over the long run isn’t good news for European financial assets. That’s especially the case when Sarkozy’s go-it-alone antics reach into the realm of finance, as they did last year when the French president set up a multibillion-euro sovereign-wealth fund to protect “strategic” French companies from “foreign predators.”

Sarkozy’s Summit

He again ruffled diplomatic feathers when, following a late- November meeting of the Group of 20 countries on the global financial crisis, Sarkozy said he would hold his own summit in Paris that would compete with a second one scheduled by the G-20. He also angered U.S. officials with claims that they had agreed to negotiate regulatory changes when they hadn’t.

Many investors focus on geopolitical issues only when they are obvious, such as the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. Yet politics form an important backdrop to markets, particularly if policy makers are perceived as being unclear or divided.

Sarkozy’s tendency to freelance and his disregard for protocol raise doubts about the cohesiveness of EU policy. That will diminish the relative appeal of European stock
, bond and currency markets to international investors.

The French president initially began to strut his stuff when France held the rotating six-month presidency of the EU. That offered him a platform from which to broker a cease-fire to the Russian-Georgian War and a partial Russian withdrawal.

Too Small

France ceased to hold the EU presidency on Dec. 31. The country is too small to challenge the U.S.’s traditional role in the Middle East. While France was the colonial power in Lebanon, it wasn’t in Palestine, where the U.K. was the imperial ruler.

What’s more, Sarkozy’s Middle East tour overlaps with an EU mission led by Czech Foreign Minister Karl Schwarzenberg
 and includes EU foreign policy chiefJavier Solana. The Czech Republic took over the EU presidency from France on Jan. 1.

The French initiative raises the question of who represents Europe and is a signal to the rest of the world not to regard the Czech effort as serious. Taking the high road, Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek said he “welcomes” Sarkozy’s participation.Not the Italians. Franco Frattini

, Italy’s foreign minister essentially told the Frenchman to bug out.

“When everyone conducts his own mission, it weakens the strategic position,” he said. “Now there’s a new president” of the EU, Frattini said, adding: “We must coordinate our action.”

Along with being criticized by Italy, Sarkozy’s calls for a cease-fire have been rebuffed by Israel, ignored by the U.S., snubbed by Hamas and dismissed by Syria.

Economic Leader

He apparently had so much fun holding the EU presidency that he’s having a hard time letting go. In October, Sarkozy said he would like to extend France’s influence in the EU past Dec. 31, figuring he can be the economic head of an inner council of leaders from the 16 nations that use the euro -- at least until 2010 when Spain, a euro-area country, assumes the EU presidency. Neither the Czech Republic nor Sweden, which will succeed the Czechs as EU president, is in the euro bloc.

The proposal is a non-starter. It’s an insult to the Czechs and Swedes. Germany objects to the idea of an economic government for Europe and to Sarkozy’s attempts to harness the independence of the European Central Bank. The U.K. is naturally suspicious of anything French. And Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker
is already the current chairman of the Eurogroup of euro- area finance ministers.

To be sure, Europe should be represented by a strong leader. But that will have to wait for another day. Meanwhile, France’s president has pulled the rug out from under the Czech mission, debased the EU’s influence and left the world puzzled as to who speaks for the EU.

If he wants to do something useful, Sarkozy should offer the 7,700-man Foreign Legion as peacekeepers in Gaza. Until he does, it’s wise to be wary about owning European assets.

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