The Rise, Fall & Re-Rise of Rome
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ROME: The  Eternal  City  ? 
...The  Book  of  Revelation does  "NOT"  mention  Mecca  nor
Medina ( Islamic holy cities ),  nor   does  it  mention  Kyoto 
( Japanese holy city ) or  Gaya ( Indian  holy city )  but  it  does
mention  and  warns  about  a  sinister  Woman  who  resides
in the  heart  of  ROME !  and  according   to  Bible  Prophecy
this  Woman  from  Rome will  help  the  Beast  to be
legitimized  before the entire world !  this  Woman  according
to  the  colorful  description  given  by  the  Book  of  Revelation
will  "once  again"  PROSTITUTE  herself  to the political system
&  to  this  final  evil  eight King  who  is  to  be *
                              - Revelation  17 : 11
...The  European nations  have had  to  Re-invent &  Re-organize
themselves on a  massive  scale  twice in  less than a  hundred
years...World War I  brought an end to German Imperialism  &
the end of the Austrian Hungary Empire  & yes they managed  to
later pick  themselves up from  their  fall...Later  WWII,  &  its
aftermath  totally  caused  the  economies of  Europe to almost
literally start again from scratch &  once  again  the  European's
managed to lift  themselves up from  the  ashes  of Total War...
...Yes, the  "present" form of the European political &  economic
power  structure  is  headed  for massive  "Re-structuring" in the
not  so  distant  future because  massive  economic  flaws  have
been  growing  in  the  EuroZone  that  now  cannot  be  ignored
as  in  the  past, but  in  "NO"  way  does  this  neutralizes  the
Europeans   destiny  with  the  future; come  war, economic
collapse,  civil  strife,  massive  rioting  the  Biblical  Prophecies
still  "GUARANTEE"   that  the  EPICENTER  of  the  Kingdom  of 
the  BEAST  will  be  located   in  that  part  of  the  world*
...In the most recent  Time magazine  edition of August 12, 2011
they  claim with  their  headline  that  the  End of  Europe is  at
hand !!!...Unfortunately, as Bible Prophecy students  we  know
that  they  have  it  wrong !!!  Yes, the EU  is  burdened  by  bad
economic  policies of  the  past  that  are  now  threatening  to
bring  the EURO down together  with  its  EUROZONE  members,
but  what Time  magazine  didn't  tell  us  was  that  the  U.S
economy  itself is  also  on  the  verge  of  something itself;
and you  better  believe  that  if  any  of  these  two  giant
economies  goes down so will the Chinese economy; if everyone
is  broke  who do you  think is  going to buy any Chinese goods ?
the  fact is  that  all of  the  top global  economies  are  now
interdependent  of  each  other  & that's  the  truth !!!  If  you
think  the  EU  is in trouble  look  around  the  news  headlines
of  South  and  Central  America  where  the lawmen  have  their
hands  full  with  the  war  on  drugs, corruption  &  kidnaps  on
a  mass  scale  &  i'm  not  even  going  to  mention  the
problems  that  plague  Africa  as  a  whole !!!
...Today,  Rome  the  Capital  of  Italy   appears  to  be  a  "Has
been  City"  many   view  modern  Rome  as  a mere  Museum of
history for adults; at its  glorious  height of the  Roman  Empire
it was one of  the  most  spectacular metropolis  the  world  had
ever  seen...Its  marble  structures,  grand  colosseum ,glorious
artworks &  its  imposing  glorious  architecture  of  empire  was
the  envy of  other ambitious  powers...In fact,  Roman Caesars
designed it  that way; Imperial Rome  was designed  to  impress
both its citizens & its visitors; the Caesars  engineered it in such
a  way  that  ROME was to be the Capital of  the  World, at least
in  their  eyes !  &  they  desired  that  all  roads  lead  to  Rome !
...The  Roman  Caesars  have  left, but  have  been  undeniably
replaced by  a Global  religious institution  that  sits  over  many
waters...Today in the heart of Rome  you  can  find  the  Vatican
and  its  religious  Caesar :  The  Pope  or  as  most  Italians
themselves  call  Roman Pontifex Maximus !!!  On  the  outside
the  Roman  Papacy  appears to be  exclusively  religious  but
insiders   know  really  how  much  political  power  it  yields  &
has  yielded  for hundreds  of  years  now,  even Hitler
understood  its symbolism ! The Vatican has been  a  Kingmaker
throughout  most  of  Europes  history &  according to  the  Book
of  Revelation  it  will  play  a  key  role  in  the  rise  of  the
BEAST  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!
...I  write  these  historical  facts  because Bible Prophecy states
that ROME  will play a VERY BIG  ROLE in end times  events, the
Woman  who  will  ride  the  Beast  has  her  Brothel  there  and
both  the  False  Prophet  as  well  as  the  Anti-Christ   will
appear  possibly to  have  their  future  Headquarters   there
...Presently, the official  military  Headquarters  of  the  EU  is
located  in  Brussels, Belgium  and  the  political headquarters
rotates with the  EU Presidency  but it continues to be Brussels
&  Luxembourg  for  most   critical  meetings  and  "NOT"  yet
ROME  again,  I  say  this   because  all  prophetic   patterns
indicate  at  least  to  me  that  the  EU  WILL  RE-ORGANIZE
itself  very  soon,  the  EURO-ZONE  appears  more  and  more
likely  that  it  will  "NOT"  survive  in  its  present  form;  I  am
in  "NO"  way  predicting  the  total  collapse  of  the  EU,  but
the most  adequate  wording  is  : "RE-ORGANIZATION"  led
by  "10"  who  will  rise  from  that  region  of  the  Mediterranean
...Prophetically  speaking,  before  ROME  rises  once  again, the
present  form  of  the  EU  "MUST"  collapse  in  one  form  or
another  so  that  the  final   "New  &  Improved"  verison  of  it
RISES  FROM   THE  MEDITERRANEAN   exactly  as  the  Prophecy
of  the  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  &  states :  "And  I
saw  a  Beast  "RISE  UP"  from  the  Sea  having  7  Heads
and  Ten  Horns"       -Book  of  Revelation  13 :  1
...Ladies  &  Gentlemen,  before  the  Mark  of  the  Beast  is
implemented  the  present  form  of  the  global  economy  must
first  collapse  &  be  replaced, so don't  be  shocked  by  what
is  coming, the present  status  quo  amongst  the  nations
must  also  be  shakened  so  that  after  the  fall, those  10
king's  who  are  prophesied  to  rise  do  so  together with
the  BEAST*
...Yes,  it  is  so  true  that  "Presently"  the  City  of  Rome   is
not  serving  as  a "Capital  of  the  World" nor  as  the  capital
of  the  EU ,  but  that  is  all  about  to  change  in  the  future
because  the  Prophecy  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  17
 1-17   "GUARANTEES"  it,  and  as  the  saying  goes  in  the
Land of  the  Blind  the one eyed is  King;  the  perfect  storm
is  coming  by  which  many  will  rise  and  fall  and  the  "TEN"
will  be  of  one  mind  and  will  DOMINATE  the  rest  of  the
crippled  nations  just  as  the  prophet  Daniel  prophesied;
the  final  fourth  Beast  SHALL  DOMINATE  THE  WHOLE
WORLD   in  the  end*    If you don't believe just look at what
happened  to  Japan one of the richest  countries on earth
almost got  wiped out in one  week !!!
...It  is  "NOT"  true  that  the  future  belongs  to  China  or
to  the   rising  "BRIC  countries"  ( brazil, Russia, India &
China )  not  too  long  ago  I observed a debate  on  T.V
on  who  the  21st century  will belong  to, one speaker said
China hands down !   another stated  that  the BRIC  countries,
to tell you the truth  both  sides  were  wrong  according  to
Bible  Prophecy  !  The  Book  of  Revelation  "GUARANTEES"
that  Rome  &  an  alliance  of  "TEN"  will  once  again  arise
to  DOMINATE  the  entire  world  ( Book of Daniel  7 : 23 )
...End  Times  events   have  been  proclaimed  by  HE  who
knows  the  end  from  the  very  beginning,  things  may  not
appear    to  be  presently  how  they  are  to  be  during  the
beginning  of  the  end  but  not  to  worry; GOD   who  controls
human  history, the Rise & Fall of  Empires  &  Whom  holds  the
Cosmos  in  his  hand  will  see  to  it  that  HIS  WORD   is
fulfilled  to  the  very   letter*
...The  King's  of  the  earth  have  committed  'Fornication" with
her in the past  & will do so in the future, historically speaking
"NO" other relgion fits the bill except one, she is older than
Islam & Hinduism  never produced King's that  conquered  other
Continents and neither  did  Buddhism, it were the European
King's   who  Conquered South America, Africa, india and Asia
in the past  with the blessing of the Vatican in the times of
Imperialism !  Islam never expanded  that much, this Prophecy
only fits  none other  than  to this Mystery Babylon, she is a
Mystery because she appears  holy and harmless  yet  She
has  killed, stolen and deceived an innumerable number of souls
and all in the name  of  the  Cross  !!!
     By : Mario  Romano,  who  is  currently  working  on  his
           first  book  about  the  Final  Ten  King's...
           Mario  is  a  student  of  Eurasian  Strategic  Studies
           He  specializes  in  the  EU, Russia & China  & 
           Bible  Prophecy; his prayer is that  GOD  may  use
           him  one  day  for His honor &  Glory*


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