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Sarkozy & His  Med-Union  to  Return ?  

...Special  Update  :  As  of  August  2013,  both  Sarkozy  and   his  'Mediterranean  Union'   are  still  'alive  and  kicking'  and  even  more  popular  than  ever..."BOTH"  appear  to  have   a   future  amongst  the  'EU  circles  of  power'   therefore   we  cannot  fully  ignore   the  political  future  and  actions  of  this  'person  of  interest'  nor  his  creation  : The  Union  for  the  Mediterranean...  was  going  to  finally  'cross-out'  Sarko  as  a  potential "Little Horn"  this  year,  but  it  appears  that  he  still  has  a  very  promising  political  future...According  to  several  EU  news  sites   Sarkozy  may  run  again  for  President  of  France  in  2017, that is if   he  is  not  given  another  EU  post  in  the  meantime...Despite  his  loss  to  Hollande,  Sarkozy remains France's  most  popular  politician  according  to  the latests  polls***Meanwhile  in  2014  the  EU  will  have  very  important  elections;  both  the :  EU  Commission  Presidency  and  the  EU  Foreign  Minister  Posts  will  be  up  for  grabs  and  the  three  "colorful  political  figures"  that  are  pursuing  these  posts  include  very  ambitious  characters :  Sikorski  from  Poland,  Schulz  from  Germany  and  Sarkozy***  (   3  SSS's  !!! )


...What  is  "very, very,  very"  interesting  is  that  if  Sarkozy  truly  returns  and  runs  in  2017   for  President of France  he  will  do  so  at  a  time  when  most  students  of  Bible  Prophecy   including this servant  of  GOD   are  expecting  major  Biblical  Prophecies  to  be  fulfilled   ( in that  specific future  period  of  time )  as  the  'End of the Age'  comes  to  a  close  and  as  the  'Final week of Daniel'   and  the  'Final  Generation'   comes  to  fruition   !!!


...I  am  not  exactly  sure  how  many  years  are  in  a  "Biblical Generation"  most   believe that  it is 70  years...We  all  know  that  the  final  generation   began  either  in  1948  or  1967  and  what  I  am  certain  of  is  that  we  are  long  "halfway"  past  it  and  I  don't  see   mankind  conquering   Mars  in the Book of  Revelation;  therefore  I  know  it's  all  coming  to  and  end  pretty  soon  in  our   generation,  for  Jesus  Christ   revealed  to  us  that  "this"  generation  would  not  pass  until  all  is  fulfilled  !!!...Ladies  and  gentlemen   if  we  indeed   are   but  a  brief  period  away  from  the  final  week  of  Daniel then you better  believe  that  the  main   players   are  all  positioning  themselves  for  the  "grand  finale"  and  you  better  believe  that   will   be  like  'a  dog  with  a  bone'  on  this  subject  !!!       -Mario  Romano  Student  of  Bible  Prophecy


...One  of  the  goals  of  is  to   be  one  of  the  first  on  planet  earth  to  correctly  identify  the  Ten  King's / Ten  Horns  mentioned  by  the  Biblical  Prophecies  and  the  "Little  Horn"  which  arises  from  among  the  10...I  am  not  here  to  win  any  Bible  Prophecy   competition,  nor  do  I  seek  fame  or  infamy...I  believe  in the "Rapture"  and am fully  aware  that  this  may  or may not  be  possible  because  of  timing...The   "Little  Horn"  will  already  be  very  active  politically  before  he  receives  absolute  power  together  with  the  10  King's  of  Revelation  for  "one  hour"  (  42  months )...I  state  this  because  some  are  teaching  that  the  "Little  Horn"  arises  "after"  the  10  King's  but  in  reality  the  "Little  Horn"  arises  before  them  because  it  is  he  who  "Confirms  the  covenant  with  the  many  for  a  week"  ( 7 years )  and  it  is  "later"  in  the  midst  of  this  final  7  years  that  he   receives  absolute  power   for  42  months  together  with  the  10  King's  !!!...According  to  the  chronology  of  Revelation  the  first   to  appear   after  the  "Rapture"  is  the  first  horsemen  of  Revelation  6    !!!


...For  the  past  13+  years  has  been  scanning   the  European  Political    Landscape  in  search  of  potential   "Little  Horns"  with  'Big  Mouths'  and  thus  far  it  amazes  me  that  we  only  have  one  credible   candidate  even  though  we  keep  trying  to  eliminate  him   as  a  potential  "Little  Horn"  candidate;  his  name  keeps  popping  up  again  and  again  !!!...'Sarko  or  no   Sarko'  will  continue  "Informing"  those  who  yearn  for  the  second  coming  of  Jesus  Christ   of  the  latest  developments  in  the  future   Kingdom  of  the  Roman  Beast***



...The  United  States  of  America  does  "NOT"  get   to  save  the  world  in  the  "end"  as  many  Hollywood  movies  would  lead  you  to  believe...The  truth  is  that  the  USA  will  suffer  great  calamities  in  the  future   that  will  turn  it  into  a  second  rate  power  and  eliminate  it  as  the  leader  of  the  Western  world...Washington  D.C  and  the  Pentagon  will  be  replaced  as  the  world's  hammer   by  a  Prophesied  alliance  of  10  from  the  belly  of  the  European  Union;   the   10  Horned  Beast  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  and  its  "Little  Horn"  will  "DOMINATE"  during  the  final  7  years  of  human  governments...According  to  the  descriptions  given  by  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel   this  final  "Rome  part  II"  in  effect   will  closely  mirror  the  actions  of  the  NAZI's  during   the  1930-40's  !!! - Mario  Romano student of  Western Civilization and Bible  Prophecy  was  launched  in  1999   because  this  servant  of  GOD  truly  felt  that  we  are  indeed  the  final  generation  that  will  witness   key  Biblical  Prophecies  being  fulfilled  before   the  second  coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ...If  indeed  we  are  "thee  final  generation"  then  the  Key  endtimes  players   are  all  getting  ready  'behind the scenes'  to   play  their  endtimes  prophetic  roles  before  the   world's  stage !!!...That  is  why  we  are  here  to  "WARN"  all  of  the  coming  10  Horned  Roman  Beast  and  of  its  deadly  "Little  Horn"  for  the  day  and  hour  is  coming  when  this  will  not  be  possible  !!!...As  it  is   other  totalitarian  governments   have  already  blocked  and  outlawed  websites  that   question   their   power*


...If  you  have  been  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   for  the  past  decade  you  probably  know  that  was  the  first  eschatological  web-site  on this  planet  to  "INFORM"  on  the  rise  of  Nicholas  Sarkozy...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   I  try  my  best  to  "NOT"  misinform   anyone   on  endtimes  Biblical  Prophecies...The  purpose  for  this  "UPDATE"  is  to  inform  all  of  my  friends  and  brothers  in  Christ   on  Sarkozy's   political  future...As  of  August  2013  it   strongly  appears  that  Mr.  Sarkozy   is  planning  a  "Return"  to  politics  be  it  in  France  or  in  the   European  Union...Equally  important  to  mention  is  Sarkozy's  "Mediterranean  Union  Project."  ...It  appears  that  the  Union  for  the  Mediterranean  is  "NOT"  dead;  the  latest  EU  news  reports  that   the  rising  German  politico :  Martin  Schulz  'President  of  the  European  Parliament'   has  promised  to  revive  the  Mediterranean  Union  !!!


...It  is  the  goal  of   to  be  the  first  in  the  world  to  correctly   identify  the  final  key  players  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation...Because  I  personally  believe  in  the  "Rapture"  before  the  Tribulation  period  it  is  highly  possible  that  such  a  goal  will  never  be  achieved...In  the  meantime  as  a  "Watchman"  this  servant  of  GOD  will  continue  to  report   on  who  and  what  is  making  waves  in  the  future  Kingdom  of  the  Beast...I  do  "NOT"   apologize  for  being  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  nor  am  I  ashamed   at  the  prophetic  WORD  of  the  living  GOD...I  plan  to   use  every  gift  GOD  gave  me  to  discern  the  signs  of  the  times   and  to  use  this  website  as  an  evangelistic   tool...GOD  gave  me  this  "Little  Trumpet"  and  this  servant  of  GOD  is  going  to  blow  on  it  with   all  his  strength  when  the  appropriate  time  comes  !!!...I  am  a  mere  "Watchman"  on  the  wall  who  is  not  planning  on   being  surprised    or  caught  unawares  by  the  powers  of  darkness...


...We  are  "NOT"  here  to  either :  glorify  or  romanticize  the  future  man of  sin;   we  are  here   to  teach  to  the  Biblical  Illiterate  about  what  the  Biblical  Prophecies  "WARN"  is  coming  upon  the  whole  world...Mario  Romano  is  "NOT"  fascinated  about  who  will  end  up  being  the  final  "Little  Horn"  mentioned  by  the  Prophet  Daniel,   the  reason  why  it  may  appear  so  is  solely  because   he  is  thee  most  "WARNED"  upon   individual   in  all  of  Bible  Prophecy  and   therefore   we  have  taken  upon  ourselves   to   discern  these  final  days    and  to  the  best  of  our  abilities   interpret   the  signs  of  the  times...


...Should  the  Mediterranean  Union  become  a   success  in  the  future  it  in  "NO"  way  means  the  end  of  the  European  Union, the  reality  is     the  European  Union   is  the  very  political   force  that   created  the  Med-Union  to  begin  with,  the  Med-Union  was  created   to   allow  some  Muslim  nations  into  the  European  Union   via  this   political   and  economic  alliance...In  fact  as  a  student   of  Bible  Prophecy  I  suspect  that   "IF"  the  Mediterranean  Union  is  a  force  in  the  future  then  it  is  possible  that  the  future   EU  President    may  one  day  hold  both   Presidencies  in  the  future...


...Unfortunately,  European   news  sources  strongly   suggest  that  Sarkozy's   political  future    is  still  very  promising,  therefore   "CANNOT"   write  him  off yet  entirely   from  the  top  of  the  "Little  Horn"  list...This  servant  is  just  a  "Watchman"  on  the  wall;  I  do  "NOT"  claim  to  be  a  Prophet  nor  the  son  of  a  Prophet  and  neither  am  I  here  to  sell  you  anything  nor  to  ask  'one  cent'  from  anyone...If  this  Ministry  is  of  GOD   it  will  keep  growing   and  will  eventually  become   what  I  can  only  'dream'  about...Right  from  the  start  this  servant  of  GOD  envisioned  a  "grassroot"  website   that  would  eventually   be  the  first  in  the  world  to  sound  the  Trumpet   and  warn   the  unsuspecting   about  the  rise  of  the  final  World  Empire  :  Rome  Part  II  ( its  10  King's  &   its  Little  Horn *)


...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   I  am  fully  aware   that  the  final  Beast  and  its'  Horns  'may  or  may  not'  rise  to  power  this  coming  is  already  14+  years  old,  GOD  has  provided  to  this  day  and  hour  !!!...The  best  "Informative"  articles  of  are  yet  to  come,  we  plan  to  "Modernize  and  Update"  our  entire  website  this  year  and  also   to   eventually  go  into  and other  social  networks,  we  only  ask  for  your  prayers  so  that  GOD  may  indeed   guide  us  to  all  TRUTH...


...As  you  may  know   several  "Teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy"  are  now  teaching  that  the  endtimes  Mr.666  will  most  likely  be  an  "Extraterrestrial"  and  yet  others  are  teaching  that  he  will  be   a  'Muslim'  and    most   worrisome  of  all   is  that  the  vast  majority  of  the  human  race   doesn't  care  or  isn't  even  aware  of  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!...  takes  the  position  that  the  "Little  Horn"  will  be  a  man  indwelt   by  the  power  of  Satan,  a  man   who  will  accept  the  same  offer  that Satan  once  offered our  Lord  Jesus  Christ...The  "Little  Horn"   will  "NOT"  be  a  robot,  nor  an  extra-terrestrial;  he  will  be   as  human  as  Antiochus  Epiphanes  and  Adolf  Hitler  in  effect  he  will   seem  like  a  regular  EU  politician   with  a  'clean  cut  look'  dressed  in  a  suit  and  a  tie;  but  when  he  opens  his  mouth   his  words  will  give  him  away  !!!


...Neither,  nor  Mario  Romano   claim  to  know  who  the  final  "Little  Horn"  will  be  "BUT"  if  we  by  sheer  "accident"   we  do  stumble   on  his  identity  please  forgive  us   it  was  not  our   intention...We  are  here  to  "Teach  and  Warn"  about  what  role   the  revival  of  the  Roman  Empire   will  play  in  endtime  events    according  to  what  the  Biblical  Prophecies  state...This  website   is  "SOLELY"   an  information   website...We  do  "NOT"  claim  any  special  revelation  from  GOD  in  fact  GOD  long  ago  revealed  the  end  from  the  beginning  to  all  in  the   Book  of  Revelation,  in  effect  we  are  just   "Interpreting"  what  the  Prophets  of  the  Holy  Bible  Prophesied  about   the  destiny  and  future  of  Israel  and  the   world***


...It  is  very  evident  that  whoever   ends  up   being  the  "Little  Horn"  will  already  be  somewhat  notable  to  any  discerning  Bible  Prophecy  student   "before"  this  individual  even  signs  and  confirms  the  "Covenant  with  the  Many"  for  a  week...I  state  this  because  many  are   'erroneously'  teaching  that  "he"  (  Little  Horn *)   won't  be  known  until  the  actual  "Abomination  of  Desolation"  the  truth  is  that   he  should  be  identifiable  much, much earlier  than  that...When  Adolf  Hitler  and  his  Nazi's  were rising  to  power   in  1930's  Germany  a  very  small  group  of  Jews   "understood"  that  it  was  time  to  leave  Germany  "ASAP"  the  point  of  it  all  is  that  GOD  always  gives  warnings  but  most  of  the  time   most  people  have  become  so  enamored  with  the  world  and  the  things  of  the  world  that   they  fail  to  interpret   the  signs  of  the  times  and  prepare  accordingly...


...I  personally  do  "NOT"  plan  on  exiting  this  planet   with  empty  hands,  my  personal  goal  is  to  multiply  the  gifts  that  GOD  has  bestowed   upon  me   and  to  be  a  blessing  to  many...I  want  to  leave  this  creation   knowing  that  I  did  all  that  was  in  my  power  to  warn  the  world   of  'the  things  which  shall  be'  and  that  I  did  my  best  as  a  "Watchman"  and  that  I  did  sound  this  "Little  Trumpet"   that  was  given  unto  me  and  was  not  caught   sleeping  nor   ensnared   by  the  "Things"  that  this  world  has  to  offer...


...Please  understand  that  this  servant  of  GOD   lives   a  very  healthy  Christian  life...I  take  time  to  smell  the  flowers, to  laugh  and  cry  with  friends   and   I  continue  to  show  myself  approved  before  my  GOD  by   continuing  to   research  historical  topics...I  state  this  because  some  may  misinterpret  that  we  are   enamored  by  who  will  end  up  being  the  final  "Little  Horn"  that  is  not  the  case;  the  reality  is  that  as  a  student  of  Theology   I  continue  to  understand  the  "AWESOMENESS"  of  the  GOD  that  we  serve  !!!...Jesus  Christ  is  LORD,  He  is  GOD  and   because  HE  lives  we  all  live  !!!

__________    has  long  prepared  for  various  EU  scenarios,  we  are  fully  aware  that  'you  know  who'  may  not  end  up  being  the  final  endtimes  "Little  Horn"   "Presently"  is  keeping  tabs  on  two  other  rising  EU  Political  figures  regardless    of  who   will  be  "The  One"  it  is  our  goal  to  be  the  first  on  planet  earth  to  sound  a  warning  with  this  'Trumpet.'...In  the  meantime  this  servant  of  GOD  continues  to :  pray  for  the  peace  of  Jerusalem, to teach the word of GOD,  to  preach   the  full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  and   to  enjoy  every  minute  of  life  that  GOD  hath  given  me***...I  personally  do  believe   that  we  are  indeed  the  'final  generation'   is  very  open  to  the  possibility  that  'you  know  who  is  just  a  decoy'   regardless,   we  have  been  reporting  about  the  : 2nd  Phase/Part  of  the  Roman  Empire  for  over  14+  years  now  by  the  grace  of  GOD   and  this  servant  of  GOD  is  as  excited   as  ever  !!!...We  continue  to  study  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  Revelation  and  continue  to   learn  and  be  blessed  by  them***


...We  thank  GOD   for  allowing  us  to  teach  His  Prophetic  word  and  we  do  so  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind...GOD  has  allowed  us  to   have  both  an  : English  and  Spanish   internet  presence  (  Spanish website :  ELFINAL.COM )  with  His  grace  we  will  continue   to  expand  and  improve,  this  servant  of  GOD   is  far  from  perfect  so  please   bare  with   him;   he  is  trying  his  best  with  what  GOD  hath  given  him***...It  is   one  of  the  chief  goals  of   to  be   the  most  "Informative  and  Relevant"  Bible  Prophecy  website  "Specifically"  focusing   on  the  4th  and  Final  Beast   forewarned  and  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel***


...We  are  presently  expanding  and  :,  and  IslaminProphecy  as  well  as  the   will  soon  be  up  and  running,   these  web-sites  will  focus  exclusively  with  the   coming  role  that  these   powers   will   play  during  these  final  days...Additionally,  we  are  constructing  a  very  special  web-site  directed  at  : IsraelinProphecy   solely  directed  at  my  Jewish   friends,  most  Jews   ignore  or  have  been  taught  to  ignore  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Daniel***


By :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  holds  the  same  theological  beliefs  as  those  of  Jimmy  Swaggart  Ministries : "The  Message  of  the  Cross"  and  he  holds  virtually  the  same   eschatological  views  that  Hal  Lindsey  teaches...Mario  believes  in  "ALL"  the  gifts  of  the  Holy  Spirit   and  He  knows  that  solely  through  Jesus  Christ  can  man   attain  full  salvation  and  forgiveness  through   the  atonement   that  Jesus  did  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary...It  is  his  humble  prayer  that  GOD  may  one  day  use  this  servant  of  His  for  His  Honor  and  Glory***...Mario  does  not  seeks  to  be  "famous  or  infamous"  his  humble  prayer  is  that  he  be  found  doing  the  will  of  GOD  and  "nothing  more  and  nothing  less."



Warning  666  Global  Alert  !!! 

(  3  potential , Little  Horn : Alert !  )

         Sarkozy,  Sikorski,  Schulz

   * Mario  Romano's  'Little  Horn'  shortlist *







Schulz resuscitates Sarkozy’s ‘Union for the Mediterranean’

Published: 04 April 2013 | Updated: 05 April 2013

European Parliament President Martin Schulz announced today (4 April) that he will revive the ‘Union for the Mediterranean’, a now moribund initiative first launched in 2008 by the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy, during a parliamentary summit on 7 April in Marseille.


Heads of state from 43 countries, the 27 EU members and the 16 Mediterranean partners from North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans, launched the ‘Union for the Mediterranean’ (UfM) on 13 July 2008, breathing life into a project dear to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, which initially drew heavy criticism from his European partners.

France had nourished hopes that UfM would provide new impetus to regional cooperation by agreeing a set of priority development projects "that create de facto solidarity" between participating nations.

Expectations were also high that the structure of UfM, based on a shared presidency between north and south, will "increase co-ownership" in the process and give it more political authority via regular summits, to be held every two years.

The Paris meeting decided that two countries, one from the EU and one from the Mediterranean partner countries, will jointly preside UfM.

The Euro-Mediterranean Ministers of Foreign Affairs decided at the Marseilles conference of November 2008 that the headquarters of the Secretariat would be in Barcelona. 

The summit of the speakers or Presidents of the Parliaments of ‘Union for the Mediterranean’ (UfM), convened at the initiative of Schulz, will be the first high-level meeting since the summit of the heads of state and government which launched the initiative in 2008 under French EU Presidency (see background). 

The fact that Schulz, a German politician, is re-launching a French initiative Berlin initially opposed may appear paradoxical.


But with Sarkozy having left the political scene, Schulz, who nourishes ambitions to become the next Commission President following the 2014 European elections, apparently seized the occasion to position himself above national politics.

Announcing the event, the European Parliament President said that the Marseille summit would be “an opportunity to show that parliaments are ready to fill the political leadership gap from which the UfM has suffered in recent years”.

Initial expectations invested in the UfM failed to materialise, and the wave of popular revolutions known as the “Arab Spring” were largely seen as a wasted chance for the EU to foster democracy and prosperity in its neighbourhood.

Schulz stated that the Speakers and Presidents of the Parliaments wanted to give impetus to the implementation of UfM projects “at a time of major regional political and economic upheaval”.

“If the challenge of democratic transition which is under way in some Mediterranean countries is successfully to be met, we will need strong and effective parliaments which listen to their citizens,” Schulz added.

Before the summit of the Parliament’s heads, a civil society forum, bringing together around a thousand participants, will also take place in Marseille to formulate recommendations for the summit.

Parliament heads will exchange views on 7 April and adopt a declaration on the same day. A list of participants seen by EurActiv shows that Algeria, Egypt, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia will be represented at the level of heads of parliaments, while Jordan and Palestine will be represented at a lower level.

The President of the Bundestag, Norbert Lammert, and the President of the French National Assembly, Claude Bartolone, will be among the 20 heads of parliaments from EU countries.

Asked about its own involvement, the European Commission said Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy Commissioner Štefan Füle will attend the meeting.







Union for the Mediterranean to meet in  Barcelona


EU  News  August  20  , 2013



The Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean, mandated by heads 

of State and Government of the 5+5 dialogue, will organise a Business

Forum in the framework of the 5+5 dialogue on 23 October at the UfM

Secretariat headquarters in Barcelona.


The 5+5 group includes : Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania and Tunisia in

the Southern  Mediterranean and   European partners Spain,  France, Italy , Malta and



This committee will be in charge of defining the priorities and the

programme of the Forum, and will hold a meeting in September.


Mediterranean EU members back creation of Mediterranean Union


EUNEWSWATCH : Jan 18, 2008

The foreign ministers of the Mediterranean EU member states voiced their support for the creation of a Mediterranean Union at a two-day meeting concluded in Paphos, southwestern Cyprus, on Friday.

"We reaffirmed our support to all efforts which have as an objective the strengthening of the cooperation between European and Mediterranean countries and reiterated the importance of the Mediterranean region for the security, stability and prosperity of the European Union," Cypriot Foreign Minister Erato Kozakou-Marcoullis ministers told a press conference.

In this context, the Mediterranean EU member states, also called "Olive Group", expressed their support for the creation of a union for the Mediterranean.

Such a proposal was first put forward by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The Mediterranean Union will consist of southern European, Middle Eastern and North African countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco are expected to be included in this group.

Sarkozy has expressed that the Mediterranean Union could act as a bridge between Europe and Muslim world.

The Mediterranean EU states' foreign ministers said Friday in a concluding statement that they envisaged this union as a project-based mechanism, founded on the principle of equality of States.

But they added that it would, in no way, interfere or substitute the accession prospects of the candidate countries, clearly referring to Turkey.

They decided to further discuss the proposal, in order to take it forward, ahead of the next EU summit to be held in Paris in July.

On Kosovo, the ministers reiterated the leading role of the EU and the need to maintain an "EU unified position."

Foreign ministers and senior officials from Slovenia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, France and Cyprus participated in the fifth informal meeting in Paphos.

During the two-day event, they also discussed other issues such as Kosovo, Lebanon, Middle East peace process, illegal immigration and natural disaster response mechanism

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