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Never Ever  Again ?

...He  shall   defy  the  Most  High  and  wear  out  His  Holy  people  (  for  3  and  a  half  years : 42 months *)...Book  of  Daniel  7  :  25

...ALL  inhabitants  on  earth  will  worship  the  BEAST     (  and  "NOT"  :  allah, nor Mary, nor Buddha*)  all  whose  names  have  not  been  written  in  the  Book  of  Life ( Revelation  13 :  8 )

..Europe  will  "NOT"  convert  to  Islam  as  some  are  predicting,  Bible  Prophecy  guarantees  the  opposite !!!...The  truth  is  that  most   European  countries   are   highly  "Secular"  with  a  speck  of  Roman  Catholicism  'here and there'...The  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  that   the  final  EU-10  Kings  and  their  government  will  be  highly  anti-religious  in  every  way,  the  final  endtimes  Kingdom  of  the  Beast   will  mirror  that  of  Communism   and  Socialism  in  that  it  is  the  "State"  who  becomes  god  !!!...It  is  "NO"  secret  that  the  Chinese  Communist  government   persecutes  "ALL"  religions,  they  have  forever  been  trying  to  create  a  new  society  that  instills into  its  populace  that  the : State,  the  Government   is  god  !!!...Islam  will  "NOT"  take  over  the  world  and  much  less  over  Europe,  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation   in  the  future   they  will  worship  "NOT"  allah,  but  the  Beast  !!! ( Revelation 13:8 )...  foresees  the  destruction  of  both  :  Mecca  and  the  Vatican  in  the  future  by  the  Ten  Horned  Beast  !!!...For  who  is  like  the  Beast  and  who  can  make  war  against  it ? 

...In this Century  alone  over  90,000,000+  million  people  have  been  victims  of  genocide and in virtually  all  of  these  "NO"  one    did  much  of  anything to stop it  (  and  when  they  did  it  was  too  late,  the  damage  had  been  done !) ...The  Biblical  Prophecies  warn  us  that  the  greatest  persecution  in  history  is  yet   to  take  place  !!!  ( Book of  Daniel 7 : 25,  Revelation  13 :  7  )  and  unfortunately  my  Jewish  friends  will  once  again  suffer  yet  another  final  Holocaust  at  the  hands  of  the  endtimes  leader  of  the  EU-10   !!!  (  Book  of  Zechariah  13 :  8 )...Israel,  you're  greatest   future  enemy  will  be  produced  by  the  same  people  who  destroyed   the  second  Temple  in  Jerusalem  in  70  A.D.  ...Jerusalem, "Remember"  the   legend  of  the  'Trojan  Horse'  and  learn  from  it...


...What  we  do  know  is  that  the  future  Mr.666  will   have  concentrations  camps   just  like  Adolph  Hitler  had  !!!  ...The  Prophecy  found  in  Daniel  7 :  25  warns  that  Mr.666  shall  "wear  out / oppress"  the  saints  of  the  most  High...We  must  also  clarify  that  the  Jews  will  "NOT"  be  the  only  persecuted  during those  future  times;  new  believers  will  also  be  massively  persecuted  as  well  as  anyone  else  who  is  in  opposition  to  the   plans  of  those  10  final  King's  and  their  'Satan  in  the flesh'   foresees  the  expulsions  and  the  persecution  of  Muslim's   from  the  European  Union !!!...During  the   height of the  Islamic  'Ottoman  Empire'   the  Muslim's  kicked  out  and  committed  genocide  against  non-Muslim's  from their territories  so  this  is   nothing  new  under  the  sun, for  that  which  was  shall  be***


...It  appears  that  most  of  Mr.666's    global  persecution  of  new  believers  in  Yeshua  and  Jews  will  take  place  during  the  final   3  and  a half  years  of  the  7  year  Tribulation  period...For  he  ( Mr.666 )  shall  confirm  the  covenant  with  the  many  for   one  week  ( 7 years*)  and  it  is  in  the  middle  of  it  whence  he  breaks  it  (  Daniel  9  : 27 ), and it  is only until  then  that  he  receives  all of Satan's  powers  for  42  months  ( Revelation  13  : 5 )...We  also  believe  that  the  Two  Witnesses  of  Revelation  will  be  in   Jerusalem   for  only  the  first  3 and a half years of the Tribulation  because  they  are  no  longer  in  Jerusalem  to  stop  the  "Abomination  of  Desolation."


...Those   who  believe  that  the  "United  Nations"  and  the  "World  Court"  will   be  able  to  stop  what  is  coming  upon  the  earth  in  the  future  have  no  clue  !!!...The  truth  is  that   the  UN  since  1945  has  "NOT"  been  able  to  stop  one  genocide  in  this  planet, the  UN  literally  ran  away  in  Rwanda  in  1994  and   allowed  the  Hutus  to  kill  almost  1,000,000  million  of  their  fellow  human  beings...Let's  be  truthful,  the  rest  of  the  world  also  turned  a  'blind  eye'  on  what  was  happening  !!!...I  state  this  because  when  'push  comes  to  shove'  and  my  Jewish  friends  in  Israel   are  attacked  in  the  future  almost  all  the  other  nations  will   turn  their  backs   due  to  the   fear  that  they  will  have  of  the  10  Horned  Beast  and  especially  of  their  "Little  Horn."  who   will  possess  demonic  supernatural  powers  never  before  seen  by  men...


...As  evil  as  Adolf  Hitler  was  we  all  know  that  he  wasn't  the  "Little  Horn"  Hitler  was  able  to  kill  over  4,000,000  Jews  and  unfortunately   the  coming  Beast  with  10  Horns  is  prophesied  to  kill  'two-thirds'  at the current Jewish population numbers we  are  talking  about  some  6,000,000+  Jews  !!!...Me  talking  about  the  end  r.666   will  be  the  most  formidable  enemy  that  the  Jewish  people  will  ever  face...We  are   talking  about  the  end  of  the  age  here,  about  Satan's  last  chance   to  try  and  thwart  GOD's  plans,  Satan  will  know  this  and  that  is  why  the  Prophecies  reveal  to  us  that  he  will  give  all  of  his  power  to  the  "Little  Horn"


...We  should  also   consider  that  the  Anti-Christ  will  "NOT"  take  over  all  of  the  nations,  some  interpret  that  he  will  but  upon  a  closer  study  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies   we  find  that  there  will  be  several  nations  and  regions  of  this  world  which  will   escape  his  grasp...One  example  is  found  in  Daniel  11 : 41  where  we  are  revealed  that  the  Anti-Christ   will  not  conquer  what  is  now  present day  Jordan...Also,  in Revelation  12  we  find  that  one  nation  will  open  its  arms  to  take  in  many  Jews  and help them  escape   the  Holocaust  that  Mr.666  will   make  right in the  heart  of  Israel  !!!...We  must  also  consider  that   the  Anti-Christ  and  his  10  partners  in  crime  only  have   3 and  a  half  years  to  do  what  it  is  written  that  they   will  do; they will not have  the  1000  years  of  Pax  Romana that ancient Rome enjoyed  nor  the  over  100+  years  of  domination  that  the  British  Empire  enjoyed  they  only  will  have  42  months  and  not  one  minute  more  !!!


...The  truth  is  that  an  "EVIL"  that  men  cannot  conceive  is   coming  to  planet  earth,  Satan  knows  his  time  is  short  and  he  will   spare   no  time  and  no  one  to  try  and  thwart   the  plan  of  the  Holy  GOD  of  Israel...Because   most  of  humanity  has  rejected  the  Holy  Laws  of  GOD  (  the  owner  and  creator  of   this  planet  and  the  millions  of  others ! )  the  unrepentant   sinners  and  scoffers   will  rightfully  be  given  what  they  deserve   when  Satan  and  his  demons  are  allowed   an  almost  unrestrictive   leash  for  3  and  a  half  years  on  planet  earth  !!!...


...It  is  the  goal  of  to   propagate  what  the  Prophets  of  the  Holy  Bible  have  stated  about  our  planets  darkest   hour  and  about  Israel's   greatest  threat  ever  !!!...I  do  "NOT"  apologize  for  this  web-site,  the  hour  and  day  is  coming  when   most  Bible  Prophecy  websites  will  be  shut  down  and  when  the  Holy  Bible  will  be  outlawed  !!!...As  a  watchman  on  the  wall,  as  one  of  the  five  Virgins;  is  here  to  "Teach"  what  is  coming  to  planet  earth  and  what   people  can  do   to  escape  the  things  which  are  coming  to  test  the  unrepentant  inhabitants  of  the  earth...We  are  "NOT"  here  to  glorify  the  endtimes  Beast  nor  its  "Little  Horn"  we  are  here  to  forewarn   all  those  who  will  listen  and  heed   the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ ***


        By  :  Mario  Romano,  a  born  again  Christian  who  has  been  washed  in  the  blood  of  Jesus  Christ...Mario  believes  in  the   Message  of  the  Cross, we believe that   such  message  encompasses  the  full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ  :  that  Jesus  Christ   came   as  the  Messiah,  was  crucified  and  rose  again  and  that  at  Calvary  He  paid  the  full  price  of  sin  for  the  redemption  and  salvation  of  many***


EU’s   27  Members Adopt New Treaty

EU Informer-Brussels  Dec 14, 2007

European Union leaders signed the Treaty of Lisbon on Thursday to reform the bloc's institutions and give it stronger leadership, marking the end of a difficult process that has lasted nearly a decade.

At an elaborate signing ceremony at Lisbon's grandiose Jeronimos Monastery, leaders said the treaty would open a new chapter in EU history by giving it a more robust foreign policy and more democracy in decision-making.

The treaty replaces an ambitious constitution that was scrapped after French and Dutch voters rejected it in 2005.

"This was the European project that many generations dreamt of and others before us championed, with a vision of the future," Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates said at the ceremony.

"Europe was blocked, without knowing how to move forward and we found the solution with this treaty," French President Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters.

The treaty is a toned down version of the constitution and EU leaders hope it will be effective in adapting the bloc's structures to having 27 members, after it opened its doors to 12 mostly ex-communist states in 2004 and 2007.

"For the first time, the countries that were once divided by a totalitarian curtain, are now united in support of a common treaty that they had themselves negotiated," European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso told the leaders.

"It is the treaty of an enlarged Europe from the Mediterranean to the Baltic, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea," he said.


The bloc's rotating presidencies will end with the new treaty and be replaced in 2009 with a long-term president of the European Council, who will chair summits. The treaty will also create a foreign policy high representative.

It will allow more decisions to be taken by majority voting, notably on justice and security issues, and give more say to the European and national parliaments. A charter of fundamental European rights is attached to the treaty.

The leaders signed the treaty in the monastery's cloister, taking turns to sign under the hall's elaborate arches while Beethoven's Ode to Joy was played in the background.

Afterwards, the leaders hopped on a tram with the words 'Treaty of Lisbon' written on its side to travel the short distance to lunch at a nearby museum.

The signing will start a ratification process by national EU parliaments that leaders hope will avoid the 2005 "No" by French and Dutch voters to the proposed constitution.

This time around, only Ireland is planning a referendum, reducing the risks of an upset, even though polls suggest many Irish voters are undecided or indifferent.

Portuguese Foreign Minister Luis Amado warned in an interview on Thursday that failure to ratify the treaty would create fresh turmoil in Europe.

"We would have a political crisis in Europe, a serious one, worse than the one we've already been through," Amado told the Spanish daily ABC.

In streamlining decision-making and ending a drawn-out process, officials hope the treaty can allow the EU to turn to more important things, such as job creation and the challenges of globalization.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown signed the treaty later at the restaurant where the leaders had lunch after delaying his arrival due to an appearance before a parliamentary committee.

Brown's Foreign Secretary David Miliband said: "This is a day for Europe to look to the future."

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