WW III & 4 Horsemen

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Total  War   Cometh  !

...Before  Armageddon  cometh,  before the  666 Mark is  introduced;   1.6+ Billion will Perish  due  to  the  effects  of  Total  War* ...In  Revelation  6 : 2-8  we   see  a  world  at  war  and   it  definitely  is  not  even  Armageddon  time; that final Battle takes place  years  later !!!  and  where  is  the  United  Nations ( UN ) when  you  need  them  ?  weren't  they  suppose  to   halt  WW  III ?   and  wasn't  'you  know  who'  teaching  that  the  UN  was   going to  be  the  Beast  and  the  final  world  governement ?  and  Mario  Romano  are  "interpreting"  Revelation  6 : 1-8  as  World  War  III...The  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse  bring forth  World  War  III...This  is  a  world  war  because  peace  is  removed  from  the  "entire  world"  and  because  more  people  will  die  then  than  in  all  of  World  War  I  and  WW  II  put  together  and then  some  !!!...It  is  rather  evident  that  nuclear  weapons  shall  be  used   then;  that  is  why  25%  of  the  world's  population  is  wiped  out;  famine , plagues, economic collapse  and  death  always  follow   total  war...When  the   dust  settles and  the  peace  treaties  ending the   war  are  signed  a  "New  Alliance  of  Ten"  will  emerge   from  what's  left  of  a  world  in   chaos*  -  mario  romano

...The  main  geopolitical  consequence  of  World  War  II :  was  the  emergence  of  of  two  new  superpowers : The  United  States  ( Leading  sea-power )  and  the  Soviet  Union  ( Leading  land-power )...Bible  Prophecy  warns  us  that  in  the  future  Two  Beasts  will  rise  that  will  have  the  power  to  bring down fire from heaven  (  strategic missile  strikes, drones ? )  and  it  is  prophesied  that  they  will  dominate  global  events  in  the  endtimes...The  Book  of  Revelation  reveals  to  us  that   one  rises  from  the  "sea"  while  the  second  from  the  "land"...We  are  additionally  revealed  that  the  first  Beast  has  'ten  heads'  and  on  each  one  a  blasphemous  name;  this means  that  this   alliance  of  10  will  be  "very, very  secular  &  anti-religious"  the  second  Beast  follows   and  we  are  revealed  that  it  rises  from  the  "land."   It  is  obvious  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that  two  new  'powers-alliances'  will  emerge  shortly  after  World  War  III  is  played  out,  what  is  amazing  is  that  this  time  neither  the  USA  nor  Russia   will  get  to  dominate  the  globe  as  they  once  did...Ladies  and  gentlemen   WW III  is  coming  and  so  is  the  Rapture  of  the  Church;  I  have  yet  to  pinpoint  what  will spark  it :  a  global  currency  war ?  an  Islamic  dirty  nuclear  bomb ?...According  to  Revelation  6,  the   first  horseman's  thirst  for  'global  conquest'  will  spark  WW III;  in  a  sense  history  will  repeat  itself  because  that  was  the  very  same  reason  why  WW  II  began  !!!...Hitler  wanted  more  land  and  expand  he  did  to  the  east  at  the  expense  of  : Poland, Austria, Czechoslovachia  and ultimately all  of  the  USSR;  thus  sparking  World  War  II  !!!  ...We  should  also  learn  from  history  that  the  endtimes  little  horn  rises  to  political  power  in  an   almost  similiar  fashion  and  manner  as  did  Adolph  Hitler;  unfortunately  the  European  Union and the Eurozone  are  destined  for  a  major  shake-up  nevertheless   these  same  people's  will  produce  the  endtimes  "little  horn"  a  man  on  a  personal  quest  for  revenge  just  like  Adolph  Hitler  !!!   has  yet  to  pinpoint  the  epicenter  of  his  political  base  &  country  of  origin * 

...The  reason  why  "NO"  student  or  teacher  of  Bible  Prophecy  can  'presently'  state  for  sure  who  the  final  10  King's-Horns  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  are/will  be  is  because  World  War  III    "MUST"  first  be  played  &  mario  romano   are  "interpreting"  Revelation  6 : 1-8    as  being  World  War  III...Just  as  World  War  II   destroyed  an  'Old World Order' and  created   a  'New  World  Order'   and  'reshuffled'  the  balance of  global  power  to  new  spheres  ( Soviet Union  &  the  USA )...When  the  4  Horsemen of the Apocalypse   complete  their  destructive  run,  it  is  Prophesied  that  25%  of the world's  population  will  have  died  by  what  always  accompanies  "Total  War" :  disease,  famine  and  death  on  a  mass  scale*...Because  over  1.7+  billion  will  perish  it  is  obvious  that  we  are  not  simply  talking  about  a  "Regional  War"  between  two  countries;  but   warfare  on  a  massive  scale : Total  War*...

...This  global  war  will  undoubtedly   include  the  use  of  Weapons  of  Mass  Destruction  and  Nuclear  Weapons*...Neither the scope nor the   carnage  to  be  produced  by  the  Four  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  should   be  confused  with  the  Battle  of  Armageddon...Armageddon will  be  the final   battle  in  the  Valley  of  Jehosephat  in  Israel  several  years  later...In  sum, the  reason   why  we  cannot  yet  know  who  the  final  Ten  King's  of  Revelation    is  because  this  global  war  brought  upon  the  4  horsemen  will  change  the  balance  of  power   in  the  world  and  it  is  obvious  that  somehow  by then  the  USA  will  have  lost  its  global  dominance  and  that  is  why  the  10  King's  unite  as  one  before  a  world  who  has  been : crippled, devastated  and  bankrupted  by  the  effects  of  the  4  horsemen...I  believe  that  most  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  will  play  out  in  chronological  order  just  as  it  is  written; if  this  is  so  then   the  Little  Horn   will  be  very  actively  involved  in  military  conquests  ( Revelation 6 )  before   he  is  ultimately  given   power  by  Satan  and  the  Ten  King's...  and  mario  romano   are  "Forecasting"   that   the  Mark  of  the  Beast : 666   will  not  and "CANNOT"  be  introduced  into  the  global  economy   "UNTIL"  and  only  "AFTER"  the  Little  Horn   immerses   most  of  the  world  into  a  "TOTAL  WAR"  and  these  wars  are  "NOT"  Armageddon...We  state   this  because  too  many  are  blindly   teaching  that  the  Mark  of  the  Beast  is  just  'around  the  corner'  and  while  the  technology  may  be  its  reality  is  not...The  Mark  of  the  Beast  will  be  introduced  first  in  the  future  in  The  Kingdom  of  the  Beast...The  European's  will  emerge  victorious  in  a  future  series  of  wars  and  conquests  that  the  Little  Horn  will  wage;  the  Little  Horn  it  appears  has  some  type  of  a 'Military  background';  he  appears  to  have  the  same   passion  for  conquests  as  :  Alexander the Great, Napoleon  and  Adolph  Hitler  and  his  Blitzkrieg  warfare...We  state  this  because   while  many  are   too  focused  on  the  666  Mark  they  overlook  the  fact  that  Revelation  6 : 4   "WILL"  happen  first !!!  The  Four  Horseman  of  the  Apocalypse   unfortunately   wipe  out  25%  ( a  fourth  of the worlds  population *)  in  today's  numbers  that  means  that  some  2  billion  people  will  perish  !!!...When  the  Little  Horn   completes  his  destined  series  of  "Conquests"  the  world's  riches  will  be  his  spoils


..."TOTAL  WAR"  is  coming  and  pardon   me  for  being  "politically  incorrect"  most  of  the  casualties  of  the  future  Little  Horn  in  my  simulations  will   be  the  Oil  rich  Islamic  countries  and  their   populations  and  I  do  not  believe  that  Mecca  will  escape   his  destruction;  when  the  Little  horn  completes  his  military  conquests  ( Revelation  6 : 2 )  even  Israel  will  be  deceived  into  believing  that  "he"  did  them  a  favor  !!!


...There  truly  is  not  much  new  under  the  sun;  Northern  Africa  was    fought  for  in  both   World  War  I  and  World  War  II  and  it  did  not  escape  the  reach  of  : Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler  nor  the  British  Empire  and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   North  Africa  will  neither  escape  the   eyes  of  the  future  Little  horn  for  the  Prophet  Daniel  ( Daniel  11 : 40-43 )  guarantees  us  that  the  future  Little  horn  will   'fleece'   Libya  and  Egypt  en  route  to  global  domination*


...Many  will  ask  themselves   what  military  machine  will  the  future  Little  Horn  use   to   conquer  and  subjugate  so  many;  the  answer  is  very  obvious  at  least  to  me  if  NATO   does  not  change  its  name  in  the  future   it  appears  that   NATO  will  become  the  'Military  Juggernaut'  of  the  future  Little  horn  as  diobolically  powerful  as  the  future  Little  horn  may  be  he  will  still  need   many, many  foot  soldiers   to  do  his  bidding;  we  must  realize  that  "NOT"  even  Satan   is  Omnipresent  nor  Omnipotent  in  this  planet


...We  do  not  claim  to  be  professional  profilers  "BUT"  most  of  the  evidence  appears  to  indicate  that  the  Little  Horn   will  have  a  'military  background'  of  some  sorts because  in  Revelation  6  he  is  described  as  a  'Conqueror, bent  on  conquest'  these  military  incursions  of  his  take  place   before   the  Ten  Kings  give  him  all  of  their  power  to  him  and  after  he  saves  Europe  and  the  West  who  wouldn't ?  (  who  is  like  the  Beast  &  who  can  make  war  against  him ? )


...The  future  Little  horn  will  "NOT"  wage   politically  correct  warfare  against  Islamic  fundamentalists;  he  will  show  no  mercy  and  will  destroy  wonderfully  ( Daniel 8 : 24 )  nor  will  he  fight  his  enemies  and  all  those  who  oppose  him  with  his  hands  tied  against his  back  as  the  US  military  has  been  doing  for  the  past  decade  in  both Afghanistan  and  Iraq  for  the  most  part  .


...ALL  historians  know  that   'Total  War'  produces  big  winners  and  big  losers;  Total  War  also  always  reshuffles   the  global  economy  and  this  is  how  and  when  the  Mark  of  the  Beast  will  make  its'  infamous  global  debut  !!!     


...By :  mario  romano; mario  is  a  student  of  bible  prophecy  and  a  student  of  military  strategy  and  political  philosophy...He   is  somewhat  of  a  specialist  concerning : Eurasian  Geoploitics, Clausewitz  &  Sun Tzu ...Mario   is  washed  and  saved  by  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ !!!



Mediterranean  Union  wants  to  rid Mideast of  WMDs  including Israel’s

-World News Jul 13, 2008

Forty-three nations, including Israel and Arab states, pledged Sunday to work for a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction at the close of a summit to launch an unprecedented Union for the Mediterranean aimed at securing peace across the restive region.

In a final declaration, Israel, Syria, the Palestinians along with countries across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa agreed to "pursue a mutually and effectively verifiable Middle East Zone free of weapons of mass destruction."

The countries committed to "consider practical steps to prevent the proliferation" of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and their delivery systems. It was unclear, however, how the signatories — who included Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Syrian President Bashar Assad — would enforce the pledge.

Israel is widely believed to have a stockpile of nuclear weapons but neither confirms nor denies it has them — an ambiguity meant to scare potential enemies from considering an annihilating attack while denying them the rationale for developing their own nuclear deterrent.

Recently, tensions between Israel and arch enemy Iran have risen over Tehran's nuclear program. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has often spoken of wiping Israel off the map. And Israel and ally the United States believe Tehran's nuclear program is aimed at producing nuclear weapons, despite Iran's insistence it is for producing nuclear energy.

Syria, another Israeli foe, may also have nuclear ambitions. Last year, Israeli jets destroyed what U.S. intelligence officials said was believed to be a partially built nuclear reactor in Syria, though Syrian officials said it was part of a non-nuclear military program.

While trying to unify the region, the summit laid bare the deep divisions that still slice through it and highlighted how hard it will be to parlay the meeting's goodwill and words into real progress. Syria's president refused to shake the Israeli prime minister's hand, and Morocco's king snubbed the meeting attended by the president of rival Algeria.

Still, summit host Nicolas Sarkozy, France's president, reveled at having brought so many leaders to the same table for the first time.

"We dreamed about a Union for the Mediterranean, and now it is a reality," Sarkozy said in closing the summit in a palace abutting the River Seine. He called it an "extremely moving, very important moment."

The summit declaration also condemned "terrorism in all its forms" and announced six major projects, from a common university and easier travel visas for students to depolluting the Mediterranean sea and promoting solar power.

It also spoke of democratic principles, human rights and fundamental freedoms — values Western critics have accused such union members as Syria of violating.

Sarkozy went to special efforts to bring Syria into the international fold for the summit: Assad met Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, separately, both for the first time. And he met Sarkozy after years of chill between their countries.

Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, co-presiding at the summit with Sarkozy, called on the new union to tackle reducing the wealth "gap" between north and south, and cited other southern Mediterranean "challenges" as education, food safety, health and social welfare.

He said the union has better chances of success than a previous cooperation process launched in Barcelona in 1995 because the new body focuses on practical projects parallel to efforts toward Mideast peace.

The Union for the Mediterranean is Sarkozy's brainchild and was timed to coincide with the French presidency of the European Union. Paris holds the rotating post until the end of this year.

But Sarkozy's ambitious plan overlapped with EU projects already in progress, and it was melded into EU efforts and expanded to include 27 members of the EU, not just those on the Mediterranean coast.

The new union is to include at least 43 nations, nearly all of which sent a president or prime minister to the summit. Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi objected to the whole idea and refused to come.

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