GOD of gods ?

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GOD  of  gods ?

Deuteronomy  10 : 17

...God  of  gods,  Lord  of  lords,  King  of  king's, Creator  of  creators,  Holy  Spirit   of  spirits,  GOD  of  Universes  !!!  For  the  very  heavens  of  the  heavens  cannot  contain  Him   !!!

..."The  whole  earth  is  full  of    His  glory."                - Book  of  the  Prophet  Isaiah   6 :  3

"The  heavens  declare  the    glory  of   GOD."                                                - Psalms  19

..."I   Praise  you, Father, Lord  of  heaven  and  earth  because  you  have  hidden  these  things  from  the  wise  and  learned  and  have  revealed  them  to  little  children; yes,  Father,  for  such  was  your  gracious  will."   - Gospel  of  Luke  10 : 21

DISCLAIMER  :  What  you  are  about  to  read  is  a  personal  observation  by  mario  romano  concerning  the  repetitive  patterns  found  in  nature  and   which  very, very  highly  likely  repeat  themselves throughout  this  vast  Universe...Please  forgive  me  for  being  repetitive  but  I  would  like  to  remind  all  our  new  visitors  that  eternity  did  "NOT"  begin  with  us  in  Genesis  1...  Eternity  has  been  going  on   long, long   before  we  were  ever  created  !!!  It  is  also  critical  to  understand  that  the  very  Throne  of  GOD  is  "NOT"  located  inside  of  this  Universe  !!!   Yes,  there  is  something   bigger  than  even  our  expanding  Universe  !!!...  I  would  also  like  to  remind  everyone  that   'everything  and  everyone'  that  GOD  has  ever  created  is  very, very  special  to  HIM   ( the Angels occupy  a special  place in GOD's purpose, so  do  the  Jews and the Church  !   It  is  not  about  us,  it's  all  about  Him;  let's  not  play  favorites;   GOD  has  more  than  enough of  His  love  to  go  around !!!   Everything  and  everyone  including  the very  Angels  themselves  were  all  created  for  His  pleasure  & we are  all a product  of  His  LOVE  !!!  It  is  very  evident  Biblically  speaking  that  GOD  delights  in  having   many,  many  children  whom  He  can  share  His   unlimited  love  with    in  eternity  !!!...Lastly;   I   confess that  Jesus  Christ  is  GOD  and  that  He  is  thee  only  way  to  the  Father    and  unto  eternal   life  !!!  ( everyone  else  who  teaches  otherwise  is  a  false  prophet  and  the  truth  is  not  in  them ! )...It  is  the  personal : observation, research  and  opinion  of  mario  romano  that  these  patterns  do  repeat  themselves   all  over  the  millions  upon millions  of  other  Galaxies  in  this  Universe  !!!...It  is  "NOT"  Theologically incorrect  to  state  that  GOD  is   not  just  GOD  of  the  heavens  and  of  this  earth  but  HE  is  also  the  GOD  of  "ALL"  the  other  millions  upon  millions  of  other  planets   ( whom  according to  the laws of  probability  & the sequence of  patterns and progressive  revelation   should  be   abundant  in  life forms  of  all  shapes and  sizes  just as  it is here on Earth*)  that  orbit  the  billions  of  other  stars  all  of  this  Universe...I  also  want  to  clarify  that  I  am  "NOT"  referring to the  UFOs  and  their  subjects  as  GOD's  other  creations;  we know that  Satan  is  the  god  of this world  ( god of this age* )  and  he  has  blinded  the  eyes  of  unbelievers  for  ages  !!!...The  Holy  Bible  itself  reveals  to  us  that  Satan  is the Prince of the powers of the air  of  this  planet;   it  is  the  position  of  that   the  UFOs  are  none  other  than  fallen  angels  who  are  putting  on  a show  for  a  possible  coming  endtimes  great  deception  !!!...What  is  teaching  and  informing  others  is  that   in  the  billions  of  human  years  in  eternity  past  before  there  was  any  fall  and  even  before  satan  himself  fell;   GOD  had  already  created  an  innumerable  amount  of  other  creations  which  very  possibly  did  not  fall  and  in  a  time  in  eternity  when  even  satan  himself  had  not  yet  rebelled  !!!...Our  GOD  is  a  multitasker,  He  is  "NOT"  confined   to any one place or any one  creation  in  His  Omnipresence  He  is  everywhere  at  once  and  in  His  sovereignty   He  does  as  He  pleases  for  HE  created  "ALL"  and  sustains  "ALL."   writes   these  words  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind...When  Cristopher  Columbus   "discovered"  America  most   where  shocked  by  his  discovery  and  by  these  new : people, food and  animals  found in this new   world...Because  of  the  very  high  Biblical  illiteracy at  the  time   most were  "ignorant"  that  the  Bible  itself   never stated  that  the  world  was   flat !!!   The  Bible  declared  in  Isaiah  40 : 22  that  it  is  "ROUND"  long, long  before  Columbus  time and the age of exploration...Just  as  GOD  is  not  only  the  creator  of  the  Jews  He  is  also  the  creator  of  all  my : Asian  friends, all  my  Black  friends, all  my  Brown  friends  and  all  my  Causcasian  friends.  "NO"  one  group  of  us  was  created   to be in the animal Kingdom  we  were  all  created in the very  image  of  GOD  !!!  GOD  likes  variety   and  "NO"  all  the  other  creations  of  GOD  in  eternity  past  and  future  will  "NOT"  physically  look  like  us  and  "NO"  extraterrestrials  are  "NOT"  our  creators  or  fathers  !!!  GOD  is  our  creator  and  HE  is  the  creator  of  everything  and  everyone   that  inhabits  this  Universe  and  all  the  others  (  Yes,  there  are  others  Universes  if  you  can  create  one  you  can  create  many  others  !!! )  knows  that  these  'insignificant  observations'  of  ours  will  be  confirmed  in  eternity***...Yes,  in this  creation and  in  this  planet  Israel  is  the  apple  of  GOD's  eye !!!  GOD  has  an   appointment  with  planet  earth  and  He  will  fulfill  every  last  Prophecy  spoken  of  by  His  Prophets  found  in  the  Holy  Bible  !!!

 ...For  by  Him  ALL  things  were  created, both  in  the  heavens  and  on  earth, visible  and  invisible,  whether  thrones  or  dominions  or  rulers  or  authorities  -- all  things  have  been  created  through  Him  and  for  Him.   -Colossians  1 : 16  and  Mario  Romano  which  to  take  a  small  break   from  focusing   on the final  endtimes  Beast  : who  was, is  not  and  is  yet  to  be  and  put  our  attention  on  our  GLORIOUS  and  ALMIGHTY  GOD  revealed  to  us  through  Jesus  Christ  !!! Yes,  GOD  knows  the : national  identity  card  number,  present address,   the  DNA ,  email  address  and  even  the  cell phone  number  and  the  precise  GPS  location  of  the  man  who  is  to  be  the  "Little  Horn"   spoken  of  by  the  Prophet  Daniel   !!!  was  never  set  up  to  glorify  such an endtimes  Beast;  we  were  simply  created  to  "WARN"  others  about  what  the  true  Prophets  of  GOD   declared  about  the  coming  greatest  enemy  of :  Israel,  Judaism  and   new  believers  in  Yeshua : Jesus  Christ  that  this  world  will  ever  witness*  ...It  would  be  a  sin  for  me  to  keep  quite  if  GOD  indeed  bestowed  me  with   such  gifts  of    understanding  these  matters  and  I  kept  quite  !!!

...It  wasn't  until  1609 when Galileo took a glimpse  at  our Galaxy  through  his   crude  &  primitive  telescope  and  realized  that  it was made up of millions of stars  and  it  wasn't   until  1676  that the humans first  discovered  micro-organisms...We  have  been  literally  sharing  this  planet  and  this  Universe  with  millions  upon  millions  of   other  life  forms  created  also  by  GOD  but   most  of  us  are  'too  blind  &  too  ignorant'   to  have  noticed...What's  amazing  is  that  it's now  2013  and  most   people   believe  that  the  rest  of  the  billions  of  : Galaxies  and  billions  of  other  planets  that  GOD  "ALSO"  created  are  simply  empty  !!!...Me  thinks   not  !!!  but  my  "opinion"  is  not  important...The  facts  speak  for  themselves :  The very  heavens  declare  the  Glory  of  GOD  !!!*

...The  New  Jerusalem  described  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  21   will  be  even  smaller  than  this  planet  ( physically speaking but not inter-dimensionally*)  what  captures  my  'imagination'  is  what  will  be  "OUTSIDE"  of  its  12  Gates  and  its  high  walls  !!!  Those  who  are  saved  by  the  Blood  of  the  Lamb   in  this  'creation  &  planet'  will  be  housed  there;  but  what  is  more  "ASTOUNDING"  is  that  there  we  will  see  the  very  face  of  our  GOD,  our  Creator  forever  more;  everything  else  will  be  secondary  !!!

...It  should  be  no  secret  to  anyone  why  this  creation  has  been  'confined  and  quarentined'  to  this  planet  only;   although  we  boast  that  we  were  created  in  the  image  of  GOD  ( which we were ! )   we  are  very  good  at  killing  each  other,  in  fact   we've  perfected   mass  annihilation  with  our  latest  weapons  of  mass  destruction  !!!...We  have  hatred  for  our  fellow  neighbors  simply  because  their  skin  tone  is  either  too  dark  or  too  light;  we  mistrust  those  who  speak  a  different  tongue  than  us  and  as  a  whole  we  are  indifferent  to  the  weakest  amongst  us  !!!...If  we  do  these  horrible  acts  to  ourselves   &  against  our  brothers  and  sisters  in  this  creation  imagine  what  we  would  do  to  other  creations  that  look  even  more  different  than  us  "IF"  we  had  the  chance  !!!...Even  as  stewarts  of  this  planet  we  have  done  a  terrible  job,  we  are  destroying   this  earth  like  never  before  and   contaminating  the very : water,  air  and  soil  that  we  depend  on  for  living  !!!..."ALL"  of  us  in  this  creation  have  sinned  against  the   Holy  GOD  !!!...It  should  be  of  no  wonder  why  He  has  confined  us  only  to  this  planet;  it  is  now  2013  and  we  still  can't   send  a  man  to  the  next  closest  planet  !!!..."NO"  wonder  why  GOD   doesn't  let  us  conquer  space  we  would  mess it  up  too  !!!

  ...When  all  the  Prophecies  and  promises  GOD  gave  humanity  are  fulfilled  and  after  the  Millenium  comes  to  an  end  and  heaven  and  earth   pass  away ;  GOD  will  continue  to  keep  on  creating  endless worlds  &  endless  creations  because  that  is  who  HE  IS :  Thee  CREATOR  of  "ALL"

...In  no  way  am  I  trying  to  figure  out  our  GOD;  His  thoughts  are  not  our  thoughts  nor  His  ways  our  ways...I  simply  stand  in  awe  of  it  all  crying  and  laughing    and  Praising  my  GOD  for  giving  me  the  opportunity  to  have  been  born; Thank  you  Lord  Jesus  !!!

...GOD  didn't  need  the  input  or  opinion  of  Stephen  Hawking  nor  that  of  NASA  when  He  created  this  Universe  and  the  'billions  upon  billions'  of  :  stars,  galaxies , life forms   and  planets   that  are  within  it  and   He  certainly   doesn't  care  about  Hawkings  nor  NASA's  opinion  nor  does  HE  need  their  input  now...

...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   it  continues  to  be  'mind  boggling'  to  me  that   GOD  knew  the  end  from  the  very  beginning  concerning  this  creation  !!!...I'm  still  trying  to  absorb  this   deep, deep  theological    fact   and  what  it  all  means;  it  means  that  GOD  our  creator  is  unlimited  in  power  !!!

...Some  teachers  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  teaching  that  extraterrestrials  will  be  behind  the  rise of the Anti-Christ  and  cause  great  deception;  but  the  truth  is  that  we  don't  see  aliens   wiping  out  humanity  in  the  Book  of  Revelation;  but  we  do  see  men   killing  &  slaying  one  another  for  it  will be :  nation against  nation, ethnic group against ethnic group  and  Kingdom  against  kingdom  !!!   Unfortunately,   men  will  use   nuclear  weapons  against  each  other  in  the  future  as  well  as   a  vast  array  of  weapons  of  mass destruction  !!! 

...Mario  Romano is  "NOT"  a  Prophet  nor  does  he  claim  to  speak  on  behalf  of  GOD  nor  do  I  claim  to  speak  on  behalf  of  my  fellow  brother  and  sisters  in  Christ  who   like  this  servant  of  GOD  believe  in  the  Genesis  account  of  Creation...What  you  are  about  to  read   is  just  this  servant  of  GODs   "personal  observation"  of  the  natural   world   all  around  us;   this   theory  and  observation  has  "NO"  doctrinal  value;   but  it  does  confirm  and  prove  that  the  GOD  which  we  worship   truly  is  an  "AWESOME"  GOD ...


...Most   creationist  websites   do  "NOT"  believe  that  this  Universe  is  full  of  life.  The  chief  reason  given  is  that   if  such   a  thing  was  true  that  would  make  us  less  special...The  truth  is  that   everything  GOD  created  in  this  Universe  "IS"  very  special  to  HIM...It's  "ALL"  about  HIM  ; it's  not  about  us  !!!...We  inhabit  a  planet  that  currently   holds  over  6+ billion  human  beings  who  were  also  created  in  the  image  of  GOD,  this  fact  does  "NOT"  make  me  feel  any  less  loved  by  GOD...I  have  no   envy  that  GOD  has  to  share  his  love  with  so  many  other  millions  upon  millions  of  human  beings  and  you  know  what ?   The  Angels  in  heaven   also  do  "NOT"  have  any    envy  against  us; on the  contrary  the  Book  of  Job  reveals  to  us  that  the  Son's  of  GOD  were  rejoicing  when  this  creation  was  being  initiated  !!!  ( Book  of  Job  38 : 7  )  and  this   joyful  Angelic  attitude  with  humans  is  further  confirmed   by  Jesus  Christ  himself  when  he  stated  that  their  is  joy  in  heaven   when  a  sinner  repents  ( Luke  15 : 8 )


...As  mature  Christians  we  should  "NOT"  make  the  same  mistakes   that  were  done  by  "SOME"  our   Hebrew  brothers  who  to  this  day  continue  to  believe  that  GOD   loves  them  more  than  the  Gentiles...The  truth  is  that  GOD   created  all  of  us   out  of  love  and  He  is  the  very  essence  of  love


...Yes,  this  Universe  is  "FULL"  of  life  !!!...Just  as  regions  of  planet  Earth  appear   lifeless  and  harsh  so  do  parts  of  this  Universe  "BUT"  there  are  other  regions  which  are   thriving  in  all  forms  of  life  forms...

________________________  and  Mario  Romano   are  "NOT"   stating  that    UFO's  are  the  other  creations  of  GOD...What  we  are  declaring  is  that  GOD  has  created  an  innumerable  amount  of  other  creations  in  eternity  past  and  eternity  future  that  were  never  part  of  any  "FALL"  like  we  were...We  are  "CONFIRMING"  though  that  all  the  Biblical  evidence  suggests  that   as  a  fallen  creation  "WE"  have  been  "QUARENTINED"  and  it  appears  that  even  Satan  has  been  restricted  and    quarentined  only  to  this  planet  and  to  the  presence  of  GOD  and  nowhere  else  !!!...The Bible  itself  declares  him  to  be  the  'god  of  this  world'  and  if  you   have   studied   the  Book  of  Job;  Satan   states  that  all  he  does    is  go  'to  and  fro  from  this  earth'    We  should  remember  that  Satan  does  "NOT"  have  Omnipresent  powers  and  that  he  is  only  limited  to  one  place  at  one  time;  unlike  our  GOD  whom  is  OMNIPRESENT  and  is  "NOT"  limited  to  anything !!!


..."ALL"  life   proceeds  out  of  GOD  and  He  has  created   all  types  and  forms  of  life  in  eternity  past  that  would  make  us  feel    even   more  insignificant  than  we  and  Mario  Romano  believe   in  the  Genesis  account  of  creation !!!  I  do  "NOT"  doubt  the  WORD  of  GOD;  I  know  that  GOD  speaks  and  life  is  brought  forth  !!!   I  know  that  "ALL"  things   are  sustained  by  the  very  power  of  His  WORD  !!!   GOD  "CANNOT"  lie  !!!  Because  He  lives  we  all  live  !!!


...Even  after  the  Millenium  comes  and  goes  and  we  enter  eternity   GOD  will  continue  on  creating;  His  creative  powers  know  "NO"  limits



...I  state  this  'personal  and  insignificant'  observations  simply  because  I  do  not  want  to  leave  this  world    with  any  regrets; I want  to  shout, proclaim and teach  the  truth   of  GOD  while  I  am  among  the  living in this planet, in this  creation  and  in  this  body...


...I  also  want  to  make  it  clear  that  thee  most  important  and  critical  thing  to  know  is  that  :  JESUS  CHRIST  is  the  only  true  Saviour, there  is  "NO"  other  by  which  we  can  be  saved...ALL  of  us  in  "this  Planet"  have  sinned  against  a  very  'Good  and  Holy  GOD'


...It  is  very  sad  and  tragic  that   even  though  we  inhabit    a  vast  Universe  who  holds  billions  of  stars  and  billions  of  planets  as  a  creation  we  have  been  condemned  to  this  planet  lest  we  corrupt  and  spread  our  sin  all  over  this  Universe;   we are  under   a  'quarantine'  our  fall   had  huge  consequences   which  most  of  us  don't  quite  grasp  even  in  2013 !!!


...I  reiterate  that  what  you  have  just  read  is  "NOT"  being  pushed  as  doctrinal  nor  as  a  personal  revelation; I  am  merely  stating  what  is  obvious  to  me   as  I  behold    this  vast  Universe...I  do  not  envy  the  billions  of  other  human  beings   who  were  created  in the image of GOD in this creation   nor  do  I  envy  the  billions  of  Angels  who  were  created  before  all  of  us,  nor  do  I  envy  my  Jewish  brothers  and  sisters;  i'm  just  happy  to  have  been  given  the  opportunity  to  have  received  the  gift  of  life  and  even  though  I  was  not  born  to  rich  parents   I  am  forever  greatful  to  GOD  because   of   what  Jesus  Christ  did  at  Calvary  I  will  be  given   eternal  life  !!!


...In  sum  and  simply  put;   what  you  and  I  know  about  our  GOD  and  Creator  should  be  multiplied  by  at  least  a  'million  fold'   that  is  how   much  even  GREATER  than  we  suppose  our  GOD  ALMIGHTY   really   is  !!!    Jesus  Christ    stated  a  fact  that  most  of  us  tend  to  oversee  and  dismiss  too  quickly  and  that  is :  "NOTHING  is   impossible  to  GOD,  NOTHING  !!!   (  Matthew  19 : 26 ,  Jeremiah  32 : 27,  Genesis  18 : 14 *)...Those  that  "KNOW"  GOD   shall  do  exploits  in  HIS  name;  as  a  believer  i'm  striving  to  get  to  that   goal  in  Christ  Jesus  (  Daniel  11 : 32 )...I'm  still  plagued  by  imperfections  but   I  have  no  intentions  of  ever  giving  up  the   good  fight *


...Mario  Romano  is  a  student  of  Theology  and  an  amateur  astronomer  and  like  everyone  he  too  is   in  awe  of  the  Almighty  GOD : The Holy One of Israel   manifested  in  Jesus  Christ  !!!...Mario   is  still  trying  to  grasp  the  "Big   Picture'  of  it  all...  What  I  do  know  is  that  GOD  loves  us  all;  He  created  us  for  His  pleasure  and   His  will  is  that  all  men  be  saved  and  come  to  the  knowledge of the Truth...Jesus  Christ  is  the  Truth  and  He  is  GOD   incarnate  !!!...Mario  is  a  born  again  washed  in  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ;  Mexican-American  believer  who  was  saved   by  hearing  the  Gospel  through the  Telecast  of  Jimmy  Swaggart    and  now  congregates  in  a   Evangelical-Pentecostal  Church  of  believers...His  prayer  is  that  thee  GOD  in  HEAVEN  will  one  day  use  this  servant  of  His  for  His  Honor  and  Glory*    MARANATHA  !!!

(((     UNDER  CONSTRUCTION     ))) 



Sarkozy   heralds   new
era  in French-Israeli  ties

EOObserver  Feb 20, 2008

In an unprecedented speech by a French president to the umbrella organization of French Jewry, Nicolas Sarkozy pledged to boost the France-Israel relationship and play a major role in Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking.

Fulfilling a promise he made almost a year ago, Sarkozy on Feb. 13 became the first French president ever to speak at the CRIF's annual dinner, and many attendees said they felt they were on the cusp of a new era in France-Israel relations.

The address was also seen as a sign of the newfound warmth between Elysees Palace and French Jewry, whose place in French society has been shaken in recent years following a surge in anti-Semitic attacks.

"Israel can count on a new dynamic to its relationship with the European Union," Sarkozy declared, with France set to hold the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2008. "France will never compromise on Israel's security."

Sarkozy also warned that the European Union might boycott the planned United Nations' Durban conference on racism if it becomes an Israel-bashing conference, as it did in 2001.

"The Durban conference in 2001 led to intolerable excesses from certain states and numerous NGOs that turned the conference into a forum against Israel, and no one has forgotten," Sarkozy said. "France will not allow a repetition of the excesses and abuses of 2001. Our European partners share France's concerns. France will chair the EU in the final months preceding the review conference. I say to you: if ever our legitimate demands are not taken into account, we will disengage from the process."

In his remarks, made to a crowd of more than 1,000 leading French Jews, as well as politicians from the political right and left, Sarkozy spoke of the indispensable place of French Jewry in French society, said 2008 would be a crucial year for French-Israeli reconciliation and promised to play a leading role in helping Palestinians and Israelis reach a peace deal, which he called "absolutely possible."

"I think it's going to be a landmark year," Israel's ambassador to France, Daniel Shek, said after the speech. "We used to be very close to France until 1967, so this is a real renovation, which is very exciting to experience."

The president's appearance came as his approval rating among the French has dropped some 20 points since September, to 39 percent -- due in large part to France's sluggish economy and revelations about Sarkozy's personal life, including his recent marriage to model Carla Bruni.

But Sarkozy found a warm reception at the CRIF dinner. French Jews overwhelmingly supported Sarkozy's candidacy for president, and many say he is a true friend of the Jews and Israel.

"It's the first time that a president of the republic has come here in person, and it shows how important it is to him," said Claude Hampel, editor of Cahiers Bernard Lazare, a Jewish periodical. "It shows that the Jewish community is an integral part of the French nation."

Sarkozy described the evening as significant to him as well and the start of a busy year in French-Israel relations.

Israeli President Shimon Peres is scheduled to visit Paris on an official state visit March 10-14, and Sarkozy is expected to go to Jerusalem in May to celebrate Israel's 60th anniversary. In July, France will take over the EU presidency, which Sarkozy said could have major implications for Israel's future.

The president also spoke of the need to maintain dialogue and trade ties with Arab states, saying he sees "absolutely no contradiction" between this policy and a steadfast friendship with Israel, arguing that this gives France broader influence in the Middle East to push for peace.

Yet, Sarkozy drew a line when it came to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "I will not meet with or shake hands with people who refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist," he said.

Sarkozy also talked about anti-Semitism in France, pledging to combat it through original educational measures, including a proposal to have every 10- or 11-year-old in the country "entrusted" with the profile of a French Jewish child killed during the Holocaust. Sarkozy's maternal grandfather was a Greek Jew.

"I'm very touched and interested," Ariel Goldmann, CRIF's vice president, said of the elementary school memorial initiative. "I think it's a magnificent idea, and that it will last."

While the crowd here mostly had praise for Sarkozy's remarks, his comments about the compatibility of religious and secular values struck some as striking the wrong chord, while others said they found them comforting.

In another one of his attempts to open up the delicate debate in France over introducing aspects of religion into French culture, Sarkozy said, "The drama of the 20th century, the millions of beings thrown into war, famine, separation, deportation and death, were not born from an excess of the idea of God, but of its fearsome absence."

Sometimes sounding more pastor than politician, Sarkozy said of the Bible: "Never again, after the Torah, never again has man been able to speak about God the way he was able to in the past."

Alain Belhassen, president of the southeastern section of the CRIF, said he was thrilled to hear a politician talk about spirituality, and to listen to Sarkozy's heartfelt contemplations about Judaism.

This is the kind of discussion France's 600,000 Jews need more of in order to heal the wounds caused by nearly a decade of renewed anti-Semitism here, Belhassen said.

Jean-Michel Quillardet, head of the Grand Orient of France, an organization that stridently defends French secularism, said Sarkozy's remarks were at odds with French culture.

"This is the first time that a French president talks this much about God. That's his affair, if you will, his personal conviction, but it's a little like the U.S. in the end, and we are not in the U.S.; we are in France, with the great tradition of French enlightenment," he said. "So I'm very dubious, and a little worried."

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