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What  Saith  Rome ? 
...Our  LORD  : Jesus  Christ  warned  us  not  to  store  up  riches  on this planet where  vermin and moth  destroy and where thieves break in and steal...Evidently   the  Roman  Vatican   doesn't  quite  practices  what  it  claims  to  preach...All  should  be  aware  that  the  Roman  Vatican  as  an  institution  is   among  the greatest  possessor  of  material  wealth  on  planet  earth  !!!...As  a  religious  institution   neither :  Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism  nor  Judaism   can  even  remotely  match  its  earthly  wealth  !!!...The  Vatican  claims  that  it  only  earned  around  450+  million  dollars  this  year  via  tourism  in  Vatican  City,  but  what  it  doesn't  tell  you  is  how  much  wealth  it  has  accumulated  for  the  past  1500+  years  !!!...The  Vatican  is  amongst  the  four  largest  real  estate  owners  in  the  world, it  has  billions  of  dollars  stashed  in  multiple  accounts  all  over  the  world  including  in  Switzerland,  its  art  collection  is  unparalled  and  considered  priceless,  it  has  investments  in  some  of  the  biggest  corporations  on  planet  earth and  it  is  no  secret  that  it  is  one  of  the  top  holders  of  gold  bars  in  this  planet  !!!  Additonally  it  holds  the  largest  collection  of  precious  jewels  in  the  world  for  it  has a  vast  array  of :  golden  crosses, golden  cups,  golden  crowns encrusted with precious pearls  amongst  its   vaults  !!!...The  Vatican  would  like  you  to  believe  that  it  has  been  losing  a  few  million  dollars  'here  and  there'  this  decade;  but  what  it  doesn't  tell  you  is   its  real  "net-worth"   and  the  riches  that  it  has  stored  and  accumulated   behind  the  scenes  for  the  past  1500+  Centuries  !!!...The  Vatican   has  been  deceiving  more  souls   for  a  longer  time  than  even  Islam   and  it  has  not   survived :  Revolutions,  World  Wars,  global  plagues,  economic  transformations   and  religious   warfare  for  over  15  Centuries  by   being  Holy  !!!...It  is  no  secret  that  for  Centuries  it  was  the  European  Kingmaker,  it  is  no  secret  that  for  centuries  it  was  literally  selling  heaven  to  its  rich  followers,  it  is  no  secret  that   it  financed  various   religious  wars  ( crusades )  against  the  Middle  East  Muslims  and  it  is  no  secret  that  it  made  political  deals  with  even  Adolf  Hitler  !!!...So  whatever  it  brings  forth  in  the  future  should  surprise  no  one;  just  take  a  look  at  its  past  !!!
...We  cannot  study  Bible  Prophecy  without  somehow  mentioning  Rome  in  one  form  or  another...After  all, apart  from   Hitler  and  the  NAZI's  no  others  have  killed  more  Jews   than  has  Rome  !!!...According  to  Josephus  a  little  over  1+  million  Jews  were  slaughtered  as  Roman's  were  expelling  the  Jews  in the second Diaspora  from Israel  and  destroying  the  second  Temple  in  Jerusalem  in  70 A.D  !!!
...While  the  Imperial  Rome  of  the  Caesar's  has  come  and  gone  another  formidable   institution  arose  to  take  it's  place :  The  Roman  Papacy  in  Vatican  City  in  the  very  heart  of  Rome  !!!
___________________________  and  Mario  Romano : a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  "AFFIRMS"  that  the  Vatican  will  play  a  "Grand  and  Key  Role"  during  the  upcoming  "Great  Tribulation."   and   we  assure  you  that  it  will  "NOT"  be  a  Holy  one  at  that  !!!...It  was  the  Vatican  who  led  the  world  in  the  past  through  the  Dark  Ages  and  will  again    lead  most  of  the  world  in  the  future   ASTRAY  one  more  time  !!!...There  is  a  possibility   to  that  the  second  Beast who rises from the Land  with  two   horns  like  a  lamb  but  speaks  like  a  Dragon   is  a  different  entity/character   than   the  Harlot  who  rides  the  Beast  in  Revelation;  we  are  still  studying  the  prophecy    and  are  open  to  interpreting  the  Prophecy  correctly*
...The  truth  is  that   when  the  Rapture  of  true  Christians  takes  place  most  Roman  Catholics   will  "NOT"  be  transformed  in the twinkling of an eye !!!...Most  Roman  Catholic  Priests  do  "NOT"  teach   their  unsuspecting  followers  the  need  to  be  born  again  !!!...Most  Roman  Catholics  are  biblically  illiterate  and  are  almost  in  a  similiar   spiritual  position  as  our  Jewish  friends   who  despite  the fact that they do  believe  in  GOD  they  fail  to  believe   in  key  doctrine   that   the  Scriptures  themselves   testify  that  are  critical  for  the  salvation  of  the  soul...Most  Jews  have  been  led  astray  by  their  Rabbi's  and  the  same  is  true  of  most  Roman  Catholic's  who  are  being   led  astray  by  their  Priests  who  tell  them  that  religious  hokus  pocus  rituals   are  somehow  going to save them  and  "NOT"  solely  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ !!!
...Most  born  again  Christians   do  "NOT"  know  that   Roman  Catholics  do  "NOT"  interpret ,  view  or  accept  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  as  born  again  Christians  do...The  Vatican  was  long  led  astray   by  teaching   "NON-Biblical"  Prophecies   to  their  spiritually  blind  followers...Most  Roman  Catholic  orders  believe  that  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  were  fulfilled  in  the  first  century,  other  Catholics  teach  more  "Personal  Revelation  Prophecies"  than  Biblical  one's  !!!   and  even  more  astounding  is  that  to  most  Roman  Catholics  the  endtime  Prophecies  given  by  the  apparitions  of  Fatima   supercede  those  of  the  Holy  Bible  !!!  ( the Prophecies  of  the  apparitions  do  "contradict"  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible therefore  they  are  "NOT"  of  GOD* )
...The  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  has  "NOT"  forgotten  all  the  blood  that  the  Vatican  has  shed  throughout  the  past  16  Centuries  !!!...Nor  of  all  the  abominations  that  the  Vatican  has  supposedly   done  in  the  very  name  of  the  Holy  GOD  of  this  Universe  !!!...Ladies  and  gentlemen  we  are  not  merely  talking  about  unholy  Crusades, but  we  are  talking  about  centuries  of  pedophilia  !!!  centuries  of  sleeping  with  the  King's  of  Europe  who  were  King's  of  the  world  at one time in  history !!! We  are  talking about  untold  hundreds  of  thousands  who  were  tortured  in  the  "Unholy  Inquisitions"  at  the  command  of  the  Vatican  !!!...But  the  greatest  of  her  sins  is  that  she  has  led  millions  upon  millions  of  souls  ASTRAY  into  the  wide  gate  that  leads  into  perdition  instead  of  solely  leading  Roman  Catholics  to  the  feet  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!...Most  Roman  Catholics  are  good  people  you  might  say, but so are most  Jews  and  many  Muslims  and  Buddhists  !!! "NO"  one  can  achieve  eternal  salvation  by  their  works  alone !  Salvation  can  only  be  attained  by  having  the  blood  of  Jesus  Christ  erase  all  of  our  sins  !!!...And  no  one  can  be  saved  by  just  believing in  a  GOD, Jews believe in GOD,
Muslims believe in a god and the Bible even states that   demon's  do  also  and  tremble !!!  ( James  2 : 19 )
...Many  Bible  Prophecy  teachers   ( all  of  whom  I  have  learned  much  from*)   teach  that  the  future  False  Prophet  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  will  most  likely  be   a  Jewish  religious  leader   or  an  Islamic  Religious  leader...For  the  past  20+  years  this  servant   of  GOD   has  always  interpreted  the  False  Prophet  to  most  likely   be  a  future  Pope  and  presently  I  do  hold  this  position  ( I  am  open  to  being  corrected, but  as  things  are  I  still hold this  position  and  interpretation*)
_________________________________  and  Mario  Romano  stand  by  every  word   here  written  !!!...The  Vatican  according  to  all  the  symbology  found  in  the  Book  of Revelation  will  be  destroyed  in  the  future, the  truth  is  that  the  secular  10  king's  of  the  future  EU-10   will  grow  tired  of  having  to  dance  to  the  tunes  of  the  Vatican  like  most  European  King's  have  had  to  do  in  the  past  !!!...The  Vatican  itself   is  an  ABOMINATION   to  the  HOLY  GOD  OF  ISRAEL,  the  Vatican  was  built  for  the  most  part  by  indulgences  ( the  Popes  literally  were   selling  heaven  at  one  time  !!! )  it  was  also  financed   through  blood  money  and  by  sleeping  with  the  King's  of  Europe !!!  ...Most  have  forgotten  this   fact  but  GOD  has  "NOT"  in  fact  GOD  calls  the  Vatican  a  "PROSTITUTE"  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  17  !!!...Some  undiscerning  students  of  Bible  Prophecy  still  admit  that  they  are  not  quite  sure  who  the  Prostitute  of  Revelation  17  is;  but  let  me  quickly  tell you :  The Prophecy states that she is very rich and dresses  flashy ! ( the Vatican is the only religious body  in the entire world  that  set up its very own  Bank !!! )  Islamic  women  do not dress flashy  most of them wear  the  Burqa  !  but Roman Cardinals  do  wear  scarlet and red robes  !!!  the other description is that she uses  a  Golden Cup !!!  What  religion in the world  raises  a  golden like cup in its religious  ceremonies ?  ( Roman Catholicism during their eucharist *) Buddhists do not  and neither do Muslims  !!!   To seal the deal  the Prophecy of  Revelation even gives us her  GPS  location !!!  it  is  Rome  ( the great city which rules over the King's of the earth- when John wrote this  Rome was in power ! *)
...Islam  will  suffer  a  massive  and  deadly  blow  in  the  future, that  is  why  Mario  Romano  and  has  never  believed  that  Islam  has  any  chance  of  dominating  the  world  in  the  endtimes much less of  being the Woman who will Ride the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns*...The  Prophet  Daniel  Prophesied  that  the  endtime  Beast  with  10  Horns  will  ultimately  devour  the  whole  world  !!!  Islam  can't  even  Dominate  the  Middle  East; much less the  entire  world !!!...The unholy Vatican  has  "NOT"  survived  17  centuires  for  nothing  and  it's  present  behind  the  scenes  war  with  Islam  is  nothing  new...Those  who   are  predicting  Islam  taking  over  the  world   are  naive  !!!...Neither  the  over  29+  Islamic  countries, nor  the  over 1+ billion  Muslim's  together with the over 7+  Islamic  terrorist  groups   have  "NOT"  been  able  to  defeat  little  ole  Israel  since  1948  ( not even when  Osama  Bin  Laden !!!  )   How  can  they  ever  dominate  the  rest  of  the  world ?...Please  pardon  for  repeating  myself, but  I  remind  everyone   that  Western  Powers  have  hands  down   killed  more  Jews  ( Rome, Spain, Germany etc *)  than  all  the  Arab  and  Islamic  armies  of  the  past  put  together  !!!...Islamic  fundamentalism  will  be  severely  devastated by future  military  conflicts  with  both: Israel,  NATO=Mr.666's future  military  muscle  and  GOD  Himself  in  the  future*  (  based  on  Prophesied  upcoming  Wars:  Ezequiel  38-39  and  Psalms  83 , Isaiah  17  and  Revelation  9 : 14 )  When  these  military   and  supernatural   acts  against  Islamic  fundamentalism  takes  place  most  will even  feel  sorry  for  whats  left  of  Islam*...The  GOD  of  Israel  has  "ALWAYS"  brought  massive  judgement  against  those  who  have  tried  to  destroy  Israel and the Jews; just look  at  Babylon, at Egypt, at what once was  Assyria and at  Germany at the end of  World  War  II...
...This  new  generation  may  have  forgotten  about  the  Vatican's:  bloody, deadly  and  unholy  past  in  human  history  "BUT"  GOD  most  certainly  HAS  NOT  !!!  ...I  am  not  a  Prophet   but  it  doesn't  take  divine  revelation  to  know  that  the  Vatican's  sins  have  long  ago  reached  up  to  heaven to the very  presence  of  the  Holy  GOD, and  you  and  I  know  that  GOD  always   punishes  unrepentant  sin  !!!  ...To  this  day  the  Vatican  still  calls  itself  the  "Holy  and  Apostolic  Church  of  Jesus  Christ ! "  ...The  innocent  blood  of  untold  numbers  of  souls  tortured  and  slaughtered  at  the  bequest  of  the  Vatican  throughout  the  Centuries  still  cries  out  to  GOD  for  justice  and  GOD   most  certainly  will  bring  the  Vatican   into  judgement, He  will  allow  Her  enemies  to  destroy  her  with  fire  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  17 : 16*
...The  truth  Mr.Pope;   is  that  you  and  I  know  that  even  according  to  the  Roman  Catholic  Bible  Jesus  Christ  will  "NOT"  be  returning  to  the  Vatican  to  set  up  His  Global  Throne  in  His  2nd  coming even  your  Bible   Prophesies  that  HE  will  Return  to  Mount  Zion  in  Israel  and  that  Jerusalem  shall  be  His  future  headquarters  !!!  and  "NOT"  Vatican  City   !!!  and  Mario  Romano   would  not  be  surprised  if  the  Treaty  of  alliance  that  will  unite  the  10  Horns  mentioned  by  Daniel  and  the  Book  of  Revelation  is  signed  in  Rome  or  in  the  Vatican  itself  in  the  future  !!!
...Mario  Romano  loves  the  souls  of  Roman  Catholic's  and  that  is  why  he  writes  these  truths,  Jesus  Christ  is  the  only  way  to  heaven  !!!  The  scapular   cannot  and  will  not  save  anyone,  praying  the  Rosary   will  not  touch  the  heart  of  GOD, He  desires  that  we  pray  to  Him  without  repetitive  formulas  as  did  the  pagans  of  long  ago to their god's...No  one  can  buy  heaven  with  all  the  money  on  earth  much  less  indulgences,  to receive  total  forgiveness  and  eternal  life  one  need  only  go  directly  to  GOD  through  the  Blood  of  Jesus   and  GOD  has  promised  salvation  !!!
...Some  Bible  Prophecy  teachers  are  teaching  that  there  will  be  a  new  one  world  religion  in  the  future,  neither  mario  romano  nor   accept  that  particular   view...The  truth  is  that  when  the  Great  Tribulation  begins   there  will  be  little  time  to  do  much; the Anti-Christ and his false Prophet really only have  3 and a half years  to  do what they  are going to do,  the  global institutions, global banks, military alliances (like NATO )  that  are  presently  in  power  will  just  merely  be  exploited  by  them  in  the  future  !!!...Just  like  Adolf  Hitler  did  to:  Volkswagen,  BMW  and  Mercedes  Benz   !!!  ...Hitler  turned  these  three  industrial  giants  into  his  military  manufacturers !!!and   Hitler  even  made  a  deal  with  the  Vatican  and  guess  what  the  Vatican  made  a  deal  with  Hitler  ( Concordat of  1933*)   this wasn't  the first time the Vatican  had signed deals with  the  devil  nor  according  to  Bible  Prophecy  will  be  the  last  !!!
...Roman  Catholicism   is  much  older  than  even  Islam  and  it  has  "NOT"  survived  over  1600+  Centuries   by  being  meek  or  turning  the  other  cheek  to  those  who  have  threatened  it  in  the  past...Its'  past  is  full  of : assasinations,  persecution, torture and political  prostitution  because it  has  slept  with  virtually  all  the  past  King's  of  Europe  including  making  a  deal  with  Adolf  Hitler  himself  !!!
...Despite   all  of  these  facts  Roman  Catholics  can  "still"  be  saved  and  forgiven  of  their  sins  "IF"  they  truly  repent  of  their  sins...Jesus  Christ  died  for  "ALL"  sinners  including   all:  Jews, Muslims, Buddhists  and  even  for  all  Atheists  "BUT"  without  exclusively  invoking  the  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   there  can  be  no  forgiveness  for  sins !!!  You can  continue  to  practice  all the  rituals and religious  ceremonies  in  the  world  but  those  cannot  save  anyone*  The  day  of  REPENTANCE  is  today;  here  and  now  because  there  is  no  such  thing  as  a  Purgatory  !!!   The  Blood  of  Jesus  Christ   either  has  the  power  of  erasing  "ALL"  of  our  sins  or  it  has  no  power  !!! 
...To  Be  Continued  ..Under  Construction *


Sarkozy  seeks  to  head Euro Zone states and  extension  of EU  Presidency

French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s vision of an EU run by powerful heads of state and government is unlikely to please small countries.

EURO NEWS Oct 24,2008

NICOLAS SARKOZY, president for life? It's hard to know whether the latest French brainstorm, to make Mr Sarkozy president of the euro zone until 2010 (long after the French EU presidency expires) is rooted in a thirst for power or genuine concern for the future of Europe, writes Lara Marlowe

The idea was revealed by advisers at the Elysée to Le Monde newspaper, and was confirmed by the European affairs minister Jean-Pierre Jouyet in a meeting with the Anglo-American Press Association yesterday.

The rationale is as follows: The October 12th euro group summit at the Elysée enabled the EU to bring a degree of stability to troubled financial markets. Mr Sarkozy said repeatedly in Strasbourg this week he was astonished that in the eight years since the euro was launched, there had never been a summit of euro group heads of state and government.

If the euro group must be represented by heads of state and government, it follows that one of them should lead it. The Czech Republic and Sweden, neither of whom are in the euro group, will hold the next two rotating EU presidencies. The French idea is that Mr Sarkozy, as outgoing president, should therefore preside over the euro group until the Spanish EU presidency, at the beginning of 2010.

Likewise, since neither Czechs nor Swedes have a Mediterranean coastline, Mr Sarkozy should preside over the Union for the Mediterranean, which he launched in July, until the Spanish presidency starts. "What is important is that the impetus, the energy (of the French EU presidency) remain," Mr Jouyet explained. "Nicolas Sarkozy is asking for nothing for himself," the European affairs minister insisted four times in an hour. (Methinks he doth protest too much.)

The question, Mr Jouyet added, is: "Do we want to return to business as usual? Or do we want to capitalise on the impetus given to the euro zone?" European leaders are unanimous in finding Mr Sarkozy's handling of the financial crisis "exemplary", he added.

Until now, the euro group was represented by its finance ministers, under Jean-Claude Juncker, who is both prime minister and finance minister of Luxembourg. But despite public declarations of support for Mr Juncker, Mr Sarkozy reportedly believes he showed little initiative in the financial crisis. The two leaders clashed this week when Mr Sarkozy accused Luxembourg of being a tax haven.

Mr Sarkozy argues that the stakes are too high for the euro group to continue to be represented at ministerial level.

"When the crisis takes on the proportions we've seen, a meeting of finance ministers is not up to the gravity of the crisis," he said this week.

"When we had to mobilise such sums, we had to mobilise the heads of state and government, who alone have the democratic legitimacy to assume such weighty decisions."

Just as Mr Sarkozy has marginalised the ministers in his own government, he now seems eager to do the same in Europe. But his vision of an EU run by powerful heads of state and government is unlikely to please small countries.

Germany, which was not consulted in advance, is expected to support Mr Juncker over Mr Sarkozy.

"Sarkozy wants to be president of everything now," the socialist leader François Hollande scoffed on French radio yesterday morning, adding that the hyper-president will no doubt ask to have his French presidential term prolonged in 2012 without another election.

Étienne Mougeotte, the editor of the right-wing newspaper Le Figaro and an avid supporter of Mr Sarkozy, yesterday promoted his hero's candidacy for the presidency of the euro group: "Who will take the initiative for convening summits? The French head of state imagines himself running the operation. He has proven that he knows how to combine tenacity, the power of conviction and a sense of compromise."

But Le Monde, France's newspaper of record, was more sceptical. "Mr Sarkozy has invented, for his benefit, the stable presidency of Europe that the Lisbon Treaty would have established if it hadn't been rejected by the Irish," said its editorial.

Mr Jouyet called the euro group "the centre of gravity of the EU" and said the union formats itself on the group. With the exception of the Czech Republic, the countries of central and eastern Europe and the Baltic states want to join the common currency.

"It would be normal to give political substance to the enlargement of the euro group," Mr Jouyet added.

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