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...History  Repeating ?
...There is nothing new under the sun
                                 -Ecclesiastes  1 : 9
...Some  Bible  Prophecy   "teachers"  are  teaching
that  the  United  Nations  will become  the  Throne
and  seat of power  of  the  Anti-Christ, the truth is
the the UN's  future  will  be like that of its predecessor
the  "League  of  Nations."  And  in  a  moment  this  poor
student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  World  History  will  tell
you  why...
...Other  "Teachers"  of  Bible  Prophecy  are  teaching  that
Islam  will DOMINATE  the  world  &  produce  the  Man  of  Sin
the  truth  is  that  history is repeating itself,  remember  the
CRUSADES ?  Did you know  that  the  European  Union among
other  things  is  dragging its feet in admitting  a Muslim
Country into the EU ?, as naive and weak  as you may perceive
the Europeans   leaders to be in comparison to their  WWII
counterparts, they are  NOT blind  to the ever growing Islamic
threat, history will repeat  itself  just as  Spain once kicked
out the  Moors and Jews  out  the same will  happen  in the
...In  the  past  various  Bible  Prophecy  teachers   taught
that   Soviet  Communism  would  produce  Mr.666,  and  as
you  know  that  never  happened,  to tell you  the  truth
it appears  in  my  insignificant   opinion   that  the  future
"Little  Horn"  will   be  in  many  ways  similiar  to  Adolf  Hitler
with the exception that  he will NOT come out of Germany
this time*
...History  is  slowly  repeating  itself  &  many  are  not  even
aware  of  it...  WWIII  or  Armageddon  will  mirror  many  of
the  same  alliances  of  World  War  II...In WWII   a handful of
countries  were  vying  for  Global  Domination; Japan wanted  to
Dominate  Asia, Germany wanted to Dominate all of Europe and
beyond  only in the Battle of Armageddon  all  the  Major  world
power   will  vye  for  control  of  the  Middle  East and  in 
particular  for  the  fate  of  Jerusalem*
...The  truth  is  that  you  need   Battle Ships, Nuclear Weapons
&  a  mighty  Airforce  if  you  want  to  Dominate  most  of  the
World, Islamic  countries   DO  NOT  have  these  things, the
Muslim  Countries  CANNOT  even  DEFEAT  little  old  Israel  !!!
How  in  Jamaica   are  they  going  to  DOMINATE  the  entire
world ! you  think  the  WESTERN  powers are  going  to roll  over
by  hit  and  run  terrorists  groups  ???...WWII  ended  with  the
use  of  an  atomic  bomb  and  you  better  believe  that
Nuclear  Weapons  will  be  used  in  Armageddon  and  before
Armageddon  as  the  2nd Horseman of Revelation takes  peace
away from the earth and virtually every   REGIONAL  conflict
such as  the ongoing S.Korean vs. N.Korean, Pakistan vs. India
conflict will explode  into  Nuclear  War; and yes  you can  quote
me  on  that*
...And with  respect to  the  Man  of  Evil,  Europe  has  produced
many   Totalitarians in  the  past as well as  two World Wars that
managed  to drag  most of the  World  into  it...Under the  wrong
conditions   men  with  a  Heart  of  Darkness  such  as  Adolph
Hitler  have  risen  to  power  without  militant  Islmam having
to do anything with it*
...With  respect  to the "Image of  the Beast"  Muslims  DO  NOT
worship  images !!!  Roman Catholics  have  NO problem  bowing
down  to  them, recall all  of  the  Images  of  the  Third  Reich,
HITLERS  image was  all over Germany &  it appears  that  there
may  be  some  technological  aspect  to  the  future  Image  of
the  Beast & not neccessarily as once believed  a  totally  supernatural
...With  respect to the False  Prophet,  Roman  Catholicism  does
have  one  leader  and  unified  voice,  Islam  DOES  NOT  !!!
I  am in  no way  proud  that  the  Anti-christ  and  his religious
legitimizer the  False  prophet  will  be  WESTERNERS, I say  this
with  impartiality,   I love  the  truth  & more Biblical Prophecies
POINT  to  a  "ROMANESQUE  Mr.666" than  to  anyone  else
I believe that  history will repeat  itself  &  that  the  Vatican &
a  future Pope will point to Mr.666  as the savior of Europe
just as for hundreds of years in the past  the Papacy  literally
crowned  & legitmized many of the Kings  of  Europe*
( remember past  Popes  have  been  at  war  with  the Muslim
   Arabs  in  the  Past,  don't  underestimate   their  schemes
   the  Papacy  has  not  survived  1500  years  without
   ruthlessness, remember  the  Inquistion, the unholy Roman
   Empire  &  the  Crusades, history  will  repeat  itself  to some
   degree* )

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