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Islam : Final World  Empire ?
...Do  Muslim countries dominate the air, sea &
the battlefield ?  Do they dominate international
commerce ?  Are they the leaders in high-technology ?
Have all the Islamic armies put together been able
to defeat   little   old   Israel ? ( before they can
supposedly dominate the entire world don't they
 need to dominate  their own backyard ?
( Answer :  No, No, No & you guessed it No***) 
...What  you  are  about  to  read  is  one  student  of  Bible
Prophecy   interpretation  of  what  the  future  of  Iran
( Persia )  & of all the Islamic countries  will  be  in  the  future
...According  to  the  Old  testament   the  Jews  were  EXILED
to  Babylon  three  times   during  the  6th Century  before
Christ, by  Nebudchanezzar...It  could  be  argued  that  Persia
and  Israel  are  long  time  enemies...Let's  look  at
the  BIG  PICTURE : the  Jews  have  been taken  as
slaves  in  the  past  by  both  their  Southern  &  Northern
enemies ( Egypt &  Babylon )   to this day  NOT  one
Arab, Muslim or  Persian  state  has  been  able  to 
ANNIHILATE   the  Jewish  people  to date,  according
to  the  inferences  of  Bible  Prophecy  IRAN  will  never
be  able  to  attack  Israel  with  a  Nuclear  Weapon,
such  a  Persian  fantasy   does  "NOT"  appear
in Bible Prophecy & thus we  can  conclude  that  something
"smashing"  will  happen  to  Iran's  nuclear   program...
...There  is  "NO" Islamic  Empire in  the last  days, just  as thee
GOD  who  controls  human  history  did  "NOT"  allow : Egypt,
Nazi  Germany  or  the  Soviet  Union  to  be  one  of  the  final
Empires  of  human  history ...Neither  Egypt, Nazi Germany
nor the once  Mighty  Communist Soviet  Union, nor an Islamic
Empire  were mentioned  as one of the final 4 Beasts of the
Prophet Daniel ***
( they came close  though  & made many  people sweat  it  out *)
GOD  has  DESTINED  that the final  Empire  be  once  again   be
ROMAN, some may not agree, some may not see it coming, some
may scoff at the idea, and yet some act & speak as if they  know
the future better than  GOD  himself !!!  but it is GOD who raises
 Empires and  King's to do his will*
And according to Revelation 17 : 18  the Final Beast will  be
Epicentered  in  Rome  once  again & NOT in Mecca as "SOME"
with their very limited understanding would like you to believe
but please don't take my word for it  Revelation 17 :18
says  it  all***
...According  to  the  Prophecies  of  Ezequiel  38-39  Iran
will  be  part  of   a  last  days  attack   against  Israel  along
with several  other  Islamic  allies  but  they  will  NOT
prevail, nowhere  do  we  see  Iran  using  Nukes  against  Israel
it  appears  that  Iran's   race  to  complete  a  nuclear  bomb
will   "NOT"   come  to  be  finalized...
...Israel  in  the  past   has  been  forced  to  pre-empt  a
strike  against  Irak  and  Syria  in  the  past  for  much  less
( in 1981 Israel's airforce destroyed the Iraqi Osirak nuclear
Reactor  and  intelligence reports confirm that on Sep 6 2007
the Israeli Airforce did the same thing to  Syria's nuclear
reactor  being aided by North Koreans )
Persia   will  "NOT"  be  the  one  to  defeat  Israel  for  a  time
in  the  future   according  to  the  Prophet  Zechariah  the
only  one  who  will   invade  Israel  and  sack  Jerusalem
in  the  future  will  be  the  Romanesque  Anti-Christ
if  all  the  Arab -Musmlim countries  could  annihilate
Little  old  Israel  they  would  of  done  it  already, they
CAN"T  they  are  NOT  the  one's  destined  to  it***
( Zechariah  14 : 1-21 ) 
...It  is  very  evident   and  Biblical  that  the  Anti-Christ
will   have  a  MILITARY   background, Revelation  6
describes  and  introduces  him  as  a  "CONQUEROR"  bent
on  Conquest, he will have similiar  ambitions as  demonstrated
in  the  past  by  both  Alexander  the  Great  and  Adolph  Hitler
...The  end  is  not  yet, but  the  major  players  are  getting
ready  for  the  Grand  Finale, the  Spiritually  blind  and  dead
have  No  idea  of  what  is  just  around  the  corner, those
of  us  who  study   Bible  Prophecy   can't help  but  teach
and  Warn   others  to  what  is  rapidly  about  to  take  place
...NO,  unfortunately   the  Western  Europeans  who  carved
out  most  of  the  World  during  the  time  of  Imperialism
not too  long  ago  are  NOT  about  to  roll  over  and  let
Militant  Muslims  take  over  the  World...I  say  this  because
of  the  ERRANT   teachings  that   have  risen  lately  in  Bible
Prophecy  circles,   I will  remind  everyone  again  that  for
the  MOST  PART  all  Middle East  Islamic  Countries  are
under-developed  Third  World  Countries  who  have  "NO"
major  Navies, nor  who  can  DOMINATE  their  own  airspace
with  a  credible  and  Professional  Airforce...Hit  &  Run
Terrorist  Strikes   do  not  count  because  Militant  Muslims
will  NOT  stand  a  chance  against  A  MAN  & an Army
who   will  NOT  fight them with one hand tied  against their
back  as  the  American  Military  is  presently  doing  in
the  Middle  East...
...It  is  no  secret   that  Israel  has  over  200+  nuclear
missiles,   but  unlike  IRAN  it  doesn't  threaten  to  wipe
out  Islam   and  all  the  Arabs  with  it  on  live  international
Television !!!   like  most  Arab  leaders  and  especially
Ahmadinejad   openly  threaten  to  do  openly  on  TV,
such  Islamic  leaders  would  use  a  nuclear  bomb  like
a  militant Islamic   suicide bomber   would use his  bomb
with  no  regard  to  initiating  World  War  III
...I  am  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  who  believes  that
the  Roman  Antichrist  will  make  his  debut  thanks  to  a
major   war  on  the  horizon,  just  as  WW II   dramatically
changed   balance of power  I believe that  history  will  repeat
itself  &  when  the   smoke  clears  Israel  will  remain  standing
and  very  possibly   Syria will be left in ruins and the Temple
Mount will once again be in Jewish control  thus enters  the
Anti-Christ   to  bring  a  Peace  agreement  to the Middle East
for  7  years  in the process  averting  Armageddon  for  another
7  years...( Arab-Islamic countires will be supernaturally
defeated  in such a war  & thus enters the "man of Peace"
into the scene : the Anti-christ himself in the flesh* )  
...If  you  study  Islam closer  you  will noticed  that  it
is  a  Kingdom  Divided, it has no one leader, the Sunni's and
the Shiites are  and have been in a long civil war for DECADES
if not centuries the  decade long Iran-Irak War is a testament
for this, additionally   Arab nations are  not  PRODUCTIVE
INDUSTRIALIST countries most of them  survive  only by the
Oil wealth that they  have accumulated and the rest of the
Arab populace  is  living on the edge of poverty, any tourist
can see such economic disparity themselves by visiting key Islamic
cities such as Cairo, Damascus and others...Furthermore
Islam  is a backwards religion  who wants to continue to live
in the past in their very own Dark ages, while they denounce
high technology  they yet embrace it  to further their terrorist
goals  their economies are NOT the  financial  leaders of the
world in fact  in most Muslim countries  Bartering is still a way
of life, electronic   transactions are still  not an everyday
custom, in Revelation   we witness the Anti-Christ exploiting
technology, on the other  hand  die-hard Muslim leaders
under Sharia Law  want  their  followers to  distance themselves
from Western  ideals  and Western technology  including CNN... 

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