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    GOD  of  gods !

                           -Book  of  Deuteronomy  10 : 17

...This  is  a  continuation  of  a  series  of  personal  observations  of  this  servant  of  GOD...In  "NO"  way  do  we  present  this  observation  of  the  natural  world  and of this Universe  as  "DOCTRINE"  nor  as  a  "personal  revelation"  exclusively  given to this servant of GOD;  rather  we  present this  as  something to ponder about  given the vastness  of  this   Universe and  our incredible  and almost  insignificant   position  within  it..."ALL"  the  information   that  this  servant  of  GOD   has  'seen  and  heard'   through the years  reveals   to  him  that   GOD  did  indeed  "ALSO"  create  numerous  other  creations   in  this  Universe   that  serve  a  different  purpose  to  GOD...Before  Genesis  1   begins   'billions  upon  billions'  of  human  earthly  years  had  already  transpired  in  eternity  past*


...We  write  this  as  an  "apologetics   response"  to  the  growing   belief  among   many   that  we  were  created  by  "ancient  aliens"  whom  millions  are  convinced  'seeded'  us   on this planet  thousands  of years  ago; and yet others  are  teaching that  the  "Elohim"   are  beings   much  , much  wiser and advanced  than  us  who  created  us  as  an  experiment  !!!...The  truth  is  that   there  is  a  "Supreme  Creator"  who  operates  outside  of  time  and  space  and  who  is  not  subject  to  any  law  of  this  Universe  for  it  is  "HE"  who  engineered   every   single  element  within  it  !!!...We  affirm  that  there  is  a  GOD  in  heaven  who  reveals  mysteries  -Daniel  2  : 28   and   it  is  GOD  who  ruleth   over  "ALL"  the  Kingdoms  of  men  -Daniel  4  : 17...We  also  "affirm"  that  GOD   has  created   innumerable  other  creations  of  all   kinds   and  for  different  purposes  that  suit  "His  will"  in  His  "Sovereignty"  given  the  fact  that   it  is  evident  that  He  created   different  levels   even  amongst  the  Angelic   creation  such  as  :  Archangels,  Seraphims,  regular  Angels,  Cherubim and others...In  this  'planet  and  creation'  mankind  is  of  the  highest  order  but  it  is   not  so  when  we  compare  ourselves   to  the  Angelic  creation  for  the  Bible   confirms  and  reveals  to  us  that  we  were  created  "LOWER"  than  the  Angels  and  this   servant   is  not  complaining  !!!  -Psalm 8 : 5  and  Hebrews   2 : 7  ...We   strongly   believe  that  there  is :  "One  Supreme  Creator"   whom  "EVERY"  high   creation  inside this Universe   is  subjected  to  and  will  have  to  give  an  account  to  and that  the  name  of  the  true  one  GOD  is  "NOT"  buddha  nor  allah  !!!...The  name  of  the  true  Creator  and  GOD  is  : YHWH : Jehova : Jesus Christ  ***


...The  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  manifested  in  Jesus  Christ   is  an  "Awesome  GOD"  He   is  not  just  a  GOD  of  :  MILLIONS,  nor  of  BILLIONS  but   of   TRILLIONS +  and  so  much  more !!!...It  is  the  humble  prayer  of  this  servant  of  the  living  GOD  that   one  day  this  servant  of  His   will  be  anointed  to   do  exploits  in  His  name  for  His  Honor  and  Glory  "before"  I  leave  this  planet  and this  mortal  body  !!!    (  Daniel  11 : 32 )


...As  a  student  of  Theology   this  servant  of  GOD  has  pondered  on  Genesis  for  many  years  now  and  this  is  my  "Little  Magnum  Opus"  concerning    this  Universe...When  I   was  first  studying  Theology   years  ago  I   initially  believed   that   GOD  had  created  man  to  first  multiply  and  fill  this  planet  and   eventually   we  would  be  allowed  to  conquer  our  solar  system  and  later  on  our  Galaxy  and  finally the rest  of  the Universe  !!!...Now  that   I  have  studied  the  Scriptures  more  in  depth  I  realize  that   "WE"  were   initially   created   to  be  a   creation  confined  to  only  this  planet   !!!...Genesis  1 : 2    states  that  this  planet  was  'formless and  empty'  and  not  necessarily  the  rest  of  the  Universe  and  Genesis  1 : 26   confirms that  man/woman  was  only  created  to  rule  'this  planet'  right  from  the  beginning  and  not  the   rest  of  the  Universe  !!!...Furthermore  Genesis  1 : 28   gave   man  authority  to  fill/ reproduce  on  this  Earth/planet   and  subdue  it  and  "WE"   were  "NOT"  destined  to  conquer   the  rest  of  the  solar  system    !!!   Much  less  the  rest  of  the  Universe  !!!...The  Book  of  Revelation   confirms  this  fact,  men  will  "NOT"  get  to  conquer   the   solar  system  and  much  less  our  Galaxy  in  our  corrupt   state   !!!...In Revelation   we  see   a  World  War  unfold   brought  forth  by  the  Four  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  and   the   nations   gathering  against   Israel    and  the  end  of  human  governments  coming  to  an  end  in  the  Valley  of  Jehoshaphat  /  Armageddon  !!!  (  and  not  for  the  conquest  of  space  !!!  )  Some  may   accuse  me  of  reading  too  much  into  Genesis,  but  I  believe that   every  word  in Genesis  is  there  for  a  reason  and  thus  it  is  this  poor  servant  of  GOD   "insignificant  opinion"  that   "YES"  GOD   created  "numerous  other  creations"  in  this  Universe   for  a  variety  of  purposes  that  serve  and  please  "Him"  and   it's  not  all  about  us;  it's  "ALL"   about  "Him"  !!! ...The  truth  is  that   "ALL"  who  dwell  in  this  Universe  were  created  for  His  pleasure  !!!...GOD  did  "NOT"  create  all  of  His  creations  in  His  image  nor  are  all  of  GOD's  other   creations  under  the  same  "Laws"  as   us,  nor  did   they  all   sin  or  rebelled  like  us  ***    -  an  insignificant  observation  of  Mario  Romano   (  ALL  Glory  and  Honor  be  to  Jesus  Christ  : Thee  WORD  of  thee  Living  GOD  !!!  )


...It  is  very, very  interesting  to  note  that  despite  the  fact  that  there  are  billions  of  Galaxies  with  an  even    higher  number  of  billions  of  planets  in  them  GOD   will   "NOT"   just   make  us  inhabit  another  planet  nor  Galaxy  after  the  Millenium;  but  He   creates   the  New   Jerusalem  for  those  who  were  saved  from  this  creation  !!!..."Me  thinks"  GOD  already  has   all  the  others   occupied  with  "different   purposes"  that  serve  His  sovereign  will  and  let's  get  this  straight  the  Angels  were  "NOT"  created  to  be  our  "babysitters"   they  are  GOD's  messengers  and  enforcers  ( armies of heaven*)  and  their  numbers  are  in  the  billions  because  the  Book  of  Job  alludes  that  the  morning  stars  of  heaven   are  symbolic  of  them  and  the  very  son's  of  GOD*...In  other  words  before  Genesis   1 :  1  begins   "MUCH"  has  already  transpired  in  eternity   past  !!!...We  are  one  of  GOD's  most  recent    creations   !!!  And if  wisdom  allows  me;   I   see  that  "we  are  like"  another  chapter   in  GOD's   neverending    "Book  of  Creations"    and   we  will  "NOT"  be  His  last   creation  !!!  - an insignificant  perspectice  of   this  Universe  of  GOD  by  mario  romano




...There  are  over  2+  million  different  species  presently  alive   in  our  own  planet...When  I  see  over  1,000,000+  different  combinations  of   :  abdomens, thorax's, heads, eyes  and  body  structures  on  all  of  these  living  creatures  bodies  ( including  our's !!! )   of  all  shapes  and  sizes, not  counting the  giant  dinosaurs who are  extinct   and  I  consider  the  billions  of  Galaxies  and  planets  out  there  "ME"  thinks   its  really  a  "NO"  brainer   !!!...GOD   is  in  the  creating  business  and  I  seriously  doubt  that  He  is  still  resting  since   He  created  and  completed  this  creation***...I  must  confess  I  have  had  no  'visions or  personal  revelations'  but  I  can  read  "between  the  lines" :  what  GOD  created  here  on  planet  Earth  can  be  easily  replicated  by  Him  in  many, many  of  His  other  millions  of  planets  out  there  orbiting the billions  of  stars   inside of the billions  of  Galaxies  !!!...You  see  GOD 's  domain  is  not  limited   to  His  throne  in  heaven  and  to  planet  Earth  !!!


...The  Spirit  of  GOD  hath  made  me,  and  the  breath  of  the  Almighty  hath  given  me  life !!!  - Book  of  Job  33 : 4 ...This  poor  servant  of  GOD   has  "NO"  problem   sharing the love  of  GOD;  for  I  know  that  GOD  loves  all  of  His  creations  be  these  the  billions  of  Angels, the  millions  of  Jews, the  millions  of  Chinese  souls  or  the  billions  of  souls  He  gave  life  to  on  this  planet  !!!...I  truly am  happy  for  all,   I  too  am  thankful  to  GOD  for  having  given  me  the  opportunity   to  have  been  born  "REGARDLESS"  of  the : social, cultural, economic and religious   environment   in  which  I  was  born  and  raised;  I'm  just  happy  to  be  alive  and  I  intend  with  the  direction of  the  Holy  Spirit  to  leave  this  planet  and  this  body   having  fully  fulfilled  the  purpose  for  which  GOD  created  me ***


..."Everything"   that  GOD  created  is  special  to  Him;  for  all  was  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!...Whether  or  not   this  Universe  is   teeming  with  other  creations   of  GOD  doesn't  make  us  any  'more  or  less'  special  to  GOD  because   everything and everyone  that  He  creates  holds  a  unique  special  purpose  to  Him  !!!!...We  should  remember  the  parable  of  the  "Lost  Sheep"  the  "Owner   and  Sheperd"  leaves  the  other  99  sheep  to  go  after  the  lost  and  wandering  sheep  that  has  gone  astray;  to  the  Sheperd  "ALL"  of  His  sheep  are   equally   important  to  Him  !!!...It  is  foolish  and  spiritually  immature  to   state  that  GOD  loves  the  Angels  more  than  us  or  that  He  loves  us  more  than  them;  for  GOD's  love   created  us  all   !!!




...Relax, take a deep  breath,  be  still  and  know  that   GOD  is  in  control ...It's  not  about  "us"  it's  all  about  "Him"  we   were  created  by  :  Him, for Him and in His  image  and  likeness...GOD  doesn't  need  our  help   to  rule  the  Cosmos  we  were  "ALL"  created  for  His  "Pleasure"  ( - Revelation  4 :  11  )...The  Holy  Bible  reveals  to  us  that  we  have  all   fallen  short  of  His  Glory,  and  that   there  is  none  of  us  who  indeed  doeth  good  ( Psalms  14 : 3;  Romans  3 : 10 )  the  only  real  reason  GOD  didn't   finished   us  all  off  in  the  flood  was  because  of  His  Mercy  and  despite  the  fact  that   we  really  don't  deserve   His  'grace  and  mercy'   He  hath  nonetheless  decided  to  give  the  "few"  who  believe   in  Jesus  Christ  an  eternal  Kingdom  (-Luke  12 : 32 ) ( "Thank  Lord  Jesus  Christ  !!!"  )



...This  servant  of  GOD  states  these  words  because  he   does  not  believe  in  reincarnation;  in  meditating  on  the  brevity  of  life  and  on  our  almost  insignificant   role  within  this  Universe   I  am  in  awe  of  GOD  Almighty  as  revealed  to  us  all  in  this  planet  and  creation  as  the  Holy  GOD  of  Israel   creator  of  every  atom  and  cell  that  ever  was   and  will  be  !!!


...The  Holy  Bible  never  declares  that  we  are  GODs  sole  creation  nor  His  first  and only  sons;  on  the  contrary  the  Holy  Bible  reveals  to  us  that   GOD  already  had  billions  of  others  which  are  called  the  Son's  of  GOD  in  the  Book  of  Job  38 : 7***


...The  truth  is  that  there  was   "ALOT"  of  things  happening  before  Genesis  1  and  there  will  be  "ALOT"  of  things   happening  "AFTER"   Revelation  22...Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  even  revealed  to  us  that  there  will  come  a  time  in  eternity  when  even  this  "Heaven  and  this  Earth"  will  pass  away  !!!


...There  are  numerous  individuals  and  groups  throughout  this  planet  who  are  working  night  and  day   to  try  to  find   something   that  will   discredit   the  Holy  Bible  and  Christianity  altogether  just  as  "evolutionists"  have  been  trying  to  accomplish...The  prophecies  of  Revelation  "WARN"  us  that   in the   end  time   Satan  and  his  fallen   allies  will  so  astonish  the  world   when   he  presents  them  his  master  creation  : the  Beast  that  was & is not and is yet to be  !!!


...Some  truly  believe  that  GOD  has  His  hands  full  with  us, nothing could be farther from the truth...The  truth  is  that   we  are  one  of  GOD's  most  recent  creations  and  the  truth  is  that  GOD  is  a  multi-tasker  the  likes  we  can't  even  imagine...In  His  Omnipresence  He  is  present  in  "ALL"  of  His  other  creations  just  as  He  is  present  in  this  creation  on  planet  earth  !!!...I  do  believe  that  GOD  rested   on  the  seventh  day  as  revealed  to  us  in  the  Book  of  Genesis;   but  what  do  you  think  that  GOD  has  been  doing  ever  since ?


...In  the  context  of  eternity   we  are  like  a  millisecond,  in  the  context  of  this  Universe  we  are  literally  like  a  grain  of  sand  in  relation  to  all  the  other heavenly  bodies  that  also  inhabit  this  Cosmos  !!!


...Even  with  all  our  modern  technology  and  even  with  the  help  of  the  Hubble  Telescope   we  will  certainly  never  even  come  close  to  mapping  all  of  this  Universe  and  I  am ashamed  and  embarrassed  that  we  can't  even  conquer  our  closest   neighbor : Mars    -  anonymous  Astronomer  from  NASA  given in a radio  interview


..."NO"  financier, manufacturer  nor  builder   builds  and  creates   millions  of  'houses  or  products'  solely  to  abandon  them  or  leave  them  to  rot;  the  same  is  true  of  GOD...GOD  did  "NOT"  create  billions  of  Galaxies  and  planets  solely  to  leave  them   : empty, dead and abandoned   like a failed government program !!!


...Too  many  are  still  arguing  and  debating  whether   GOD  literally  created this creation as it is stated in the Book  of  Genesis;  this  servant  of  GOD   doesn't  question  the  account  of  Genesis;  what  I  question  is  how  many  other  creations  GOD  also  initiated  through  this  vast  Universe  !!!...I  would  bet  my  own  soul   that  the  rest  of  this  Universe  ( 99.99 % )   of  it  is  "NOT"  :  dead,  abandoned   nor  devoid  of  other  forms  of  life   !!!



...This  servant  of  GOD  is  not  a  Prophet  but  I  know  that  GOD  loves  each  and  everyone  of  His  other  creations  just  as  much  as  He  loves  us  and this world  for  He  created  "ALL"  and   I'm  not  here  to  play  favorites,  nor  do  I  want  to  act  like   a  spoiled  spiritual  child  ***


...Many  immature  Christians  argue  that   GOD  couldn't  possibly  have  created  others  because  this  would  make  us  less   special...For  some  reason  there  is  a  growing    American  inspired  "Pop  Theological  Movement"  that  has  been  leading  too  many   to  believe  that  GOD  can't  live  without  us  !!!...Honey,  GOD  has  been  existing  perfectly  and  full  of  Glory  long  before   He  created  you  and  me  !!!...The  only  reason  He  didn't  destroy  all  of  the  human  race  in  the  flood  is  solely  because  of  His  Grace  and  Mercy  !!!


...It  is  now  2013  and  we  now  know  that  neither  our  entire  Milky  Way  Galaxy  nor  our  solar  system  occupy  1%   of  this  Universe  and   I  assure  you  that  GOD  did  "NOT"  leave  the  rest  of  the  99.99%  of  the  Universe  dead   and  abandoned  !!!


...GOD  created  numerous  other  creations   in  this  Universe and in eternity  past  for  'different  purposes'   that  suit  His  "SOVEREIGN"  will   yet  all  of  us  who   are  created   by  His  breath  of  life   were  all  created  solely  for  His  pleasure  ( Revelation  4  :  11  *)...This  servant  of  GOD  is  "NOT"  complaining   about  not  having  been  created   an  Angel  or  a  Jew;   I'm  just  grateful  that  GOD  created  you  and  me  too  !!!


...Let's  get  this  straight,  only  GOD  is  "PERFECT."  ...GOD  created  all  of  His  creations  complete  and  innocent   both  the  fallen  Angels  and  fallen  mankind  "Chose"  to  rebel and disobey  GOD  out of our own free  will..."NO"  I  do  not  believe  that   GOD   put  a   tree  of  good  and  evil  in  other  creations;  to  even  think  so  is  to  lack  imagination  and  no  GOD  did  not  fill  the  rest  of  this  Universe  solely  with  other  beings  created  in  His  image


...To  some  believers  it  is  almost  a  taboo  to  talk  about   the  state  of  the  Universe  before  Genesis  1  as  if  GOD  has  anything  to  hide  or  be  ashamed  of  !!!...The  truth  is  that  billions  upon  billions  of  human  years  had  already  transpired  in  eternity  past  long  before  GOD  created  man  and  woman  in  this  sector  of  this  Universe  !!!...In  His  sovereignty  GOD  maintains  different  pacts  and  covenants  with  each of His other creations...As  students  of  the  WORD  of  GOD  we  know  that  the  Angelic  creation   was  created  with  a  different  purpose  by  GOD  and  they  were  judged   differently than  humans   when  they  rebelled  against  thee Holy  GOD  long  before  you  and  I  were  created  by  GOD***


..."NO"  our  Lord  and  Saviour  : Jesus  Christ  did  "NOT"  also  died  for  all  of  GOD's  other  creations  !!!...Whoever  told   you  that   all  of  His  creations  rebelled  against  Him ?...The  truth  is  that  there  was  a  very,  very  long  period  in  eternity  past    when  even  Lucifer  had  not  yet  rebelled  nor  tempted  any  of  GOD's  children  into  disobedience  and  rebellion  !!!...It  should  be  apparent  to  any  mature  believer   and student  of  the  WORD  of  GOD  that  in  His  "Sovereignty"   GOD  created   each  of  His  many  creations  with   different  purposes  and  with  different  pacts;  "ALL"  of  eternity   does  "NOT"  centers  on  this  creation; GOD  created  all  with  a  different  purpose  and  as  thee  Creator  of  "ALL"  He  has  a  unique  love  for  "ALL"  of   His  children***


...Please  don't  get  me  wrong  and  don't  misunderstand  what  this  poor  servant  of  GOD  is  trying  to  say...This  creation  ( us, we *)  fell, rebelled  against  GOD  and  we  do  need  redemption  and  Hell  does  exist  and  had  it  not  been  for  the  direct  intervention  of  GOD   none  of  us  would  have  ever  been  born  to  begin  with  !!!...I  know  that  Jesus  Christ  is  GOD  in  the  flesh,  for  the  WORD  became  flesh  and  dwelt  amongst  men  !!!...In  the  meantime  as  we  ponder   about  the  very  likely  possibility  that  GOD  filled  this  Universe  with   diverse  other  creations  you  and  I   are  still  stuck  on  planet  Earth  and  it  is  necessary  that  we  fight  the  good  fight  !!! ( 1 Timothy  6 : 12  )


...Whether  or  not   this  Universe  is   teeming  with  life   is  really  of  no  concern  to  us,  what  is  of  importance   is  Jesus  Christ  thee  WORD  of  GOD   who  created  everything  in  all  the  heavens  and  on  this  earth  !!!...What  every  human  being  does  with  Jesus  Christ  will   determine  their  eternal  fate  !!!...I  address this  subject  and  topic   as  a  student  of  apologetics;  for  there  is  a  time  and  a  place   for  everything  under  heaven... I   like  Job  stated :   "Know  that  my  Redeemer  lives !!!"  and  that  with  mine  own  eyes  I  shall  behold  Him  one  day  and  "ALL"  my  questions  shall  be  answered...In  the  meantime  I  know  that  GOD  loves   you  as  much  as  He  loves  me  and  that  He  has  the  same  love  for  the  rest  of  the  6+  billion  other  souls  who  are  presently  alive  on  planet  earth***...I  know  that  had  GOD   destroyed   this  rebellious  creation  during  the  great  flood   and  destroyed  Earth  "NO"  one  would  have  really  missed  us...If  there  is  anything  or  anyone  : good, true  and  compassionate   in  the  Universe  it  is  its'  :  architect,  producer  and  Creator  :  Jesus  Christ : Thee  WORD  of  GOD   by  which  all  things  were  created  and  who  sustains  "ALL"  solely  by  the   power  of  His  WORD  !!!


***Under  Construction, Not Yet Completed***


    - Mario  Romano   believes   in  heaven  and  in  hell  and  despite  the  fact  that  we  have  all  sinned  against  a  very  Holy  GOD;  GOD  nevertheless   has  gone  out  of  His  way  to  redeem   the  human  race  unto  Himself  through  what  Jesus  Christ  accomplished  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary...Mario  believes  in  the  full  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ...  "THIS"  creation  rebelled  against   its  maker  :  GOD  and  He  has  been  going  out  of  His  way  to   redeem   mankind  back  unto  Himself;  GOD  did  "NOT"  abandoned  us;  had  He  done  so  we  would  have  successfully  killed  off  one  another  long  ago  !!!  (  we're  wickedly  good  at  that !!!  )  or  He  would  have  allowed   Satan  and  his  demons  to  finish  us  all  off  long  ago***







...We   cannot  study  end time  Bible  Prophecy  without  ROME  somehow  being  mentioned...Rome  has  played   some  of  the  key  roles  in  the  fulfillment  of  Bible  Prophecy  for  out  of  Rome  came  the  orders  to  destroy  the  Temple  of  Jerusalem  in  70 A.D.  It  were  the  Roman's  who  initiated  the  second Jewish  diaspora  in  in 70A.D as they  expelled   most  of  the  Jews  out  of  Israel  and  into  all  the  corners  of  the  world  to  escape  death...It  were  the  Romans  who  according  to  Josephus  slaughtered  a  little  over  1+ million  Jews  in  the  process,  only  Hitler  would  surpass  that  number  some  1900  years  later ! 

___________________________________________  and  Mario  Romano   a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  "Affirms"  that  the  Roman  Vatican  will  play  a  grand  and  key  role  in  the  fulfillment  of  key  Prophecies  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation   and   we  assert  that  it  will  most  definitely  will  "NOT"  be  a  "Holy  Role  !!!" 


...Unfortunately,  most  Roman  Catholic  religious  orders  do  "NOT"  teach  their  followers  the  need  to  be  "BORN  AGAIN"  and  this  is  why  most  Roman  Catholic's  will  "NOT"  be  saved...Some  argue  that  Roman  Catholics  believe  in  GOD  and  they  do !  but  the  same  can  be  said  of  our  Jewish  friends  who  also  believe  in  GOD  but  refuse  to  believe  or  accept  Jesus  ( Yeshua )  as  the  Messiah...The  problem  with  Roman  Catholicism  is  that  most  of  what  it  teaches  is  "NOT"  based  on  the  Bible  but  based  on  doctrines  made  up  by  men  and  on  religious  rituals    that  do  "NOT"  have  the  power  to  save  a  fly !


...The  truth  is  that  Roman  Catholic's  do  "NOT"  see  the  Book  of  Revelation  as  you  and  I  do...To  begin  with,  the  truth  is  that  most  Roman  Catholics  throughout  this  world  are  Biblically  illiterate


...According  to  the  Prophecies  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation   ROME  will  play  a  key  role  in  these  last  days, and  no  other  institution  inside  of  Rome   comes  close  in  eclipsing  the  vatican  which  is  quite  literally  located  almost  in  the  heart  of  the  modern  city  of  Rome  in  Italy...


...The  Bible  speaks  of  a  second  Beast  ( the False  prophet )  rising  out  of  the  earth  after  the  first  Beast  ( the Anti-Christ ) according  to  the  top  Bible  Prophecy  teachers  the  false  prophet  will  be  a  Jew, according  to  other  teachers  he  will  be  a  Muslim; this  servant  of  GOD  has  for  the  past  20+years  believed  that  it  will  be  a  future  Pope  and  I  have  not  changed  my  mind; and let me explain to you why  a  future  Pope  is  most  likely  to  be  the  False  Prophet  spoken  of  by  the  Book  of  Revelation...First of  all  you  and  I  know  that   most of the world hates  the  Jews,  why  would  the  world  listen to a Jewish  religious  leader?  and  why  can't  it  be  an  Islamic  religious  leader ?  well  first  of  all  Islam  does  "NOT"  have  any  religious  leader  that  resembles  the  Papacy  in  any  way  shape  or  form,  Islam  has  been  undergoing  a  major  religious  civil  war  for  decades   if  not  centuries  !!!  each  Islamic  country  has  its  own  religious  figure


...When  the  Rapture  occurs  and  most  Roman  catholics  are  left  behind  you  will  quickly  come  to  understand  why  the  Vatican  will  be  put  on  the  spotlight   


Sarkozy spent half of 2008 as King  of  the World


Paris - When French President Nicolas Sarkozy traveled to Washington in mid-November to participate in the G20 summit on the financial crisis, the weekly Journal du Dimanche titled a behind-the scenes story about his trip "Sarkozy as Master of the World."The fawning report depicted Sarkozy as the meeting's top dog: "Sarkozy lectures his partners, the masters of the world: 'At the end of the day, we must all have the same message.' He brandishes a paper, he speaks to them - Bush, Lula, Merkel, Brown, Hu Jintao - as if he were briefing them for a meeting."

Le Journal du Dimanche is owned by Sarkozy's good friend and loyal supporter Arnaud Lagardere, so it can be assumed that the tenor of the story reflected the president's own view of the event - and of himself.

And he did not even seem to be wrong. Calendar, character and the haphazard eruption of historical events combined to thrust the 55- year-old Sarkozy into the role of being, at least for a few months, one of the most influential leaders in the world.

The calendar saw to it that France took over the rotating six-month EU presidency on July 1. History provided a series of crises, beginning with Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon treaty in June, the Russia-Georgia war in August and the global financial and economic crisis.

It also provided a power vacuum which he could exploit: US President George W Bush was unpopular at home and derided abroad; British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was trying to save his political neck; and Barack Obama had not yet become the US president-elect and messiah of world politics.

Sarkozy's energy, ambition and deep love of the limelight did the rest.

It is important to remember that Sarkozy has always known how to exploit crises for his own needs.

In May 1993, when he was mayor of the posh Paris suburb of Neuilly, he decided on his own to negotiate with a madman who held more than 20 children hostage at a local nursery school.

He managed to walk out of the school with several of the children - becoming an instant star - before police killed the hostage taker.

Sarkozy's response to the various crises that he had to confront as EU head was to take personal charge of the responses, to bully his EU partners and to call one emergency summit meeting after the other. This suited him so well that even critics were impressed.

"Sarko superstar. Almost bigger than he sees himself... which is a performance in itself," wrote the left-wing daily Liberation, in spite of itself.

"In a time of crisis, hyperactive becomes energetic, overbearing becomes dogged, and unpredictable becomes pragmatic," a German diplomat said.

Sarkozy single-handedly forced his 27 EU colleagues into agreeing on a unified and surprisingly muscular stance vis-a-vis Moscow.

He then traveled to the Kremlin to convince Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev to accept the EU ultimatum and, according to the French weekly Le Nouvel Observateur, not string up Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili "by the balls."

When you are king of the world, you can apparently even tell the bellicose Putin that hanging the leader of another country is a bad idea.

The king of the world can also demand, as Sarkozy did, that the heads of the world's most important economic powers gather to construct "the foundation of an entrepreneurial capitalism instead of a speculative capitalism" and "to build the beginning of a new financial world as they did in Bretton Woods."

The 1944 international meeting in Bretton Woods established the rules for commercial and financial relations among the world's major industrial states.

But, as Sarkozy also found out, you can demand it, but you can not make it happen.

Putin did not hang Saakaschvili, but he got what he wanted, i.e. Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and there will almost certainly be no new capitalism, no second Bretton Woods.

Equally, Sarkozy cannot be king forever: in fact, although his reign officially ends at midnight December 31, Obama shoved him off the throne in early November.

Nevertheless, Sarkozy liked being top dog so well that he began a campaign of press leaks to have himself crowned king of the eurozone, once his EU mandate ends.

This angered the current master of the euro, euro-group head Jean-Claude Juncker, as well as the government of the Czech Republic. As Prague succeeds France in the EU presidency, it felt - no doubt correctly - that Sarkozy did not trust the Czechs adequately to fill his shoes.

After his ploy failed, he swiftly organized an international meeting on the financial crisis in early January, to be co-hosted with another former master of the world, Tony Blair.

Sarkozy has a hard time letting go. It's not surprising. Once you have been king of the world, how can you be happy being the king of mere France?

Europe must not remain a military 'dwarf': Sarkozy

Brussels - 12.12. 2008

Europe must not remain a military "dwarf," French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Friday, as EU leaders vowed to boost military resources so the bloc can live up to its security ambitions.

"Europe cannot be a dwarf in terms of defence and a giant in economic matters, it's just not possible," he told reporters after chairing a two-day summit in Brussels.

Sarkozy said that the leaders had gone some way to changing things by making "extremely important" commitments to upgrade Europe's military and civilian security capabilities.

France, which is wrapping up its turn at the rotating EU presidency, has made the strengthening of European defence capacities a condition for fully reintegrating into the NATO alliance.

But NATO, particularly heavyweight members the United States and Britain, has always been concerned that strengthening Europe's defences could create double-up or competition for scarce military resources.

The EU and NATO have 21 member countries in common.

The United States spends more on defence than the 27 EU nations combined and has regularly pressured its European allies to increase defence spending to a minimum of two percent of gross domestic product.

Sarkozy did not say whether the progress made at the summit would be enough for him to announce France's full return to NATO at the alliance's 60th anniversary summit in Strasbourg, France and Kehl, Germany in April.

In a statement, the EU leaders committed Friday "to make good the inadequate resources available in Europe by gradually improving civilian and military capabilities."

"This effort is also the prerequisite for allowing Europeans to assume in a credible and effective manner their responsibilities under a renewed transatlantic partnership."

To give "fresh impetus" to EU policy, the leaders set targets for the kinds of civilian and military operations they want to be able to conduct in coming years and commit "to develop robust, flexible and interoperable capabilities".

The EU should be capable of deploying a total of 60,000 troops in 60 days for a major operation, while "planning and conducting simultaneously" 19 other missions, ranging from maritime surveillance to police training.

No target date is set but this should be possible "in the years ahead."

Military officers have said privately that the EU's defence ambitions have long-been set too high. A set of almost identical targets published in 1999 was due to have been met by 2003 but that deadline slipped.

Sarko shines as EU leader in very tough times

Brussels 12.1.2008

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's six-month spell at the European Union's helm has played to his strengths as a pragmatist who thrives in a crisis, consolidating his position as a key player on the global stage.

With less than three weeks to go before France hands over the EU's rotating presidency to the Czech Republic, Sarkozy clinched a deal among the bloc's 27 member states to cut greenhouse gas emissions by a fifth by 2020, completing the toughest of the goals he gave himself at the outset.

Sarkozy's half-year was dominated by unexpected events such as the war between Russia and Georgia and then the global financial crisis, which he used to strengthen his statesman's credentials and further the causes of the EU and France.



"The presidency was globally positive," said Dominique Moisi, special adviser to foreign policy think-tank IFRI.

"Europe gave the impression that it existed on the international level with the crisis in the Caucasus, on the financial level with the Brown plan applied broadly by Sarkozy, and on the economic level with a Keynesian stimulus," he said.

Sarkozy's diplomatic activity has also helped bolster his image at home. His approval ratings have improved significantly since the start of the EU presidency, when voters were disillusioned with his confrontational manner, celebrity lifestyle, and inability to tackle the rising cost of living.


Just weeks after he had started his new European job, Sarkozy flew to Russia and Georgia to broker a ceasefire.

Russian forces that were approaching the Georgian capital soon turned around and largely withdrew to within Georgia's two pro-Russian separatist regions, over which Moscow and Tbilisi are holding a series of talks that look set to last a long time.

Never before had the EU been alone in resolving a major international crisis and the peace deal was the first of several diplomatic triumphs for Sarkozy. But here, as in the crises that followed, his exact legacy remains to be seen.

"It is too early to say. We will see in six months, at the end of the Czech presidency, if Sarkozy's presidency was enough to put Europe back on the right track or simply an illusion that lasted a few months and solved no major problems," Moisi said.



As the shockwaves from the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers spread to Europe in the autumn, Sarkozy again turned a crisis into an opportunity, calling the first ever summit of leaders from the 15 countries in the euro zone.

France had been pushing before its presidency for such a summit to promote bolder coordinated action but it abandoned the idea in the face of stiff resistance from Germany.

At the Paris summit also attended by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, whose own bank rescue plan formed the backbone of the European package, heads of state and government agreed on coordinated measures to shore up their financial sectors.

"It was absolutely critical in stopping an extraordinarily dangerous spiral of market collapse, and from that point of view I think it will remain a historic moment," said Nicolas Veron, research fellow at think-tank Bruegel.

France's outgoing minister for European affairs, Jean-Pierre Jouyet, said: "Nothing will ever be the same again."

A taboo had been broken and euro zone leaders will now meet whenever economic conditions demand, he said.

There, too, the lasting impact will not be clear for months at least, but France's failure to convince all its partners, and Germany in particular, of the need for an EU bank rescue fund or a large economic stimulus show there were limits to its success.

Sarkozy's directness won him praise in tortuous EU talks but it can border on reckless improvisation, as when he announced his plan for a Mediterranean Union without consulting Germany.

The project was set up at a summit in Paris in July but only after it was heavily watered down at an angry Germany's behest.

"Sarkozy, in the context of Franco-German relations in any case, is no visionary. He is a pragmatist who thinks from one situation to the next," said Martin Koopmann, coordinator for European policy at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Sarkozy angered Berlin again last month when he complained that it was not pulling its weight in an EU-wide economic stimulus plan, lamenting publicly that "while France is acting, Germany is thinking", but Koopmann said the damage was limited.

"It (the presidency) went significantly better than was initially feared on the German side," he said.

China was another weak point. Analysts said Sarkozy's inconsistent approach was to blame for Beijing's cancellation of a summit with the EU after he met the Dalai Lama.

The question is now how he will handle the loss of his EU mantle and the arrival of US President-elect Barack Obama.

"He is no longer the king of the world," Moisi said.


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