The Woman & The Beast
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The Final   Two  Women of  Revelation 
...Notice  this  WOMAN  IS  "NOT" dressed  in  Black
   nor   is  SHE  Wearing   a  BURQA  !!!  &  What
   religion   is known for  using a Golden Cup  in its
   religious  Ceremonies :  Islam  or Roman Catholicism ?  
...The  description  &  attributes  of  this  "UNHOLY" Woman
as described  in  Revelation  17  is  "NOT"  wearing  a
"BURQA" quite  the  opposite  this  WOMAN  in  Revelation
17   is  very  flashy, she's scantily  clothed  with  Purple and
Scarlet   ancient color symbols of Power  &  Wealth, the
Roman Catholic Religion has one thing that  neither
Islam nor the hindu religion has and that is a Religious
Capital  as complex  as  the  Vatican, it is No  secret
that the vatican enjoys  untold wealth that  it has acquired
throughout the ages:  Gold, Precious stones  & Pearl encrusted
crosses & Eucharist Cups !!!...She  is  also full of  Blasphemous
names  WHO IS SHE KIDDING !!!  She  calls herself  the
Holy Mother Church  but her Priests  practice sodomy,
homosexuality  & pedophilia among other things !!!
...Many  students  of  bible  prophecy  believe that  the
world is about to witness  a new religion  that will  be
created by the False Prophet to give  worship to  the
future anti-christ, the truth is that  "NOT  REALLY"
Roman Catholicism  has  adapted  throughout the ages
to stay relevant  with its deceived followers and if you
know anything about Cults & religions  is that  they
all  need  many, many years before they even take off
you  cannot  create a new religion in  a 7 year period
if  you  study  the  WORSHIP of the Image of the
beast you will notice  that  Muslims are Prohibited from
worshipping IMAGES, Catholics have NO problem  bowing
DOWN to any Image as long as the Vatican or their Priest
ok's   it...
...Unfortunately, political correctness  has  seeped  into
the  Church...Today we live in an age where  too many
"Bible  Prophecy  teachers"  are  either  afraid  or  just
too  Spiritually weak and Blind  to point out  WHO  THE
WOMAN  on top of the Beast of Revelation  has been
and will be  in the coming final days...Although  the
Book of Revelation CLEARLY identifies  and geographically
PINPOINTS the exact location of  this ( Revelation 17 : 8 )
Prostitute  Woman  that will provide her services  to the
Final Beast still  some students &   teachers of Bible
Prophecy   act as if  their is a  "TYPO"  a  "MISTAKE"  in
the Prophecy of Revelation  17 : 8,  "NO"  the Apostle John
did  "NOT" make a mistake   neither  Mecca  nor  Islam
nor  the  Hindu's  will  be  the  final  one that will DOMINATE
the  entire World  it  will  be  once  again  ROME  &  the
Vatican, it doesn't  really  matter  what  you  or  I  think !
the  Book  of  Revelation  makes  it  perfectly  clear
WHO  THAT  FINAL  Whore  on  top  of  the  BEAST
will  be...( Are  you  hearing  me ?  "those" who are
erroneously  teaching that  Islam will be that Woman
and those who  without any spiritual backbone prefer
to   stay   "playing it safe as if to not offend  anybody ! )
...The  Book  of  Revelation   mentions  TWO  WOMEN
one  of  these   is  symbolic  of  the  Nation  of  Israel
and  is  symbolically represented  in  Revelation  12,
it is this  HOLY  WOMAN  who  gives  birth  to  the
12  tribes  of  Israel  and  the  same  one  who
PRODUCED  the  Saviour  of  the  world & the Holy
Scriptures, the Patriarchs  and  the Original Church
in Jerusalem...The  Other  WOMAN  is  quite  the
opposite  of  the  first  one,  the  SECOND   woman
has  nothing  Holy  about  her  on  the  CONTRARY
the  Bible  tells  us  that
she  is  a  WHORE  who  has  had  intimate  relations
with  various  Kings  throughout  history  and  has
profited   from  it...
...There  are  NOT  TWO  evil  women   in  Revelation
only  one, this  WHORE  is  none  other  than  the
Roman  Catholic  Religion, Islam  had  not  yet
appeared  and   it is no  secret  of  the  Crusades
Islam  and  Roman  Catholicism have  been at each
others  throat  for  hundreds  of  years, even though
both are  Satan's   they despise  each  other...ALL
one needs to  know  is clearly  part  of  history
concerning Roman Catholicism  that  WOMAN  with
the Golden Cup  has done  "UNHOLY" things  in
order  to  stay  alive  and  in  power  so  please  DON"T
underestimate  her !!!
...Unfortunately, most  people   need  to  be  reminded
of  what's  entirely  WRONG  &  UNBIBLICAL  about
Roman  Catholicism...Here  we  have  a  religion  based
in  the  heart  of  Rome  itself  who  "CLAIMS"  to  be
the  "original  Church" when  we  have  scriptural  proof
that  the  ORIGINAL Church  began  in  Jerusalem  &
"NOT"  in  Rome, in the Epistle ( Letter )  to  the  Roman's
we  DISCOVER  that  Rome  was  never  the  "Headquarters"
of  the  Apostle's...Roman catholicism is a mixture of
regional traditions and Paganistic  rituals you can witness
this from Brazilian catholicism, Carribean catholicism,
African catholicism, Mexican catholicism all the way
to   Pagan Roman History, the Vatican replaced  the
Pagan  god's  of  Rome  with  "Roman  Saints" and
attempted  to  copy  the  Jewish  Priesthood  with
their  own  Priesthood  except  that  they  themselves
created  a  recipe  for  disaster  by  forbidding  their
hormone raging Priests  not  to  marry  and  therefore
created   thousands  upon  thousands   of  Child
Molesters  and  I  do  remind  you  that  Roman  Priests
Molestation is "NOT" limited to our Century alone
an innumerable number of innocent  children  have
been  molested  by  her  decrees  and  that  is  why
her  sins  have  piled  up  towards  heaven  &  why
she  will  be  destroyed  in  the  future  in   ONE  HOUR
just as the Prophecy of Revelation  18 : 9...
(  for  she  has  killed  one  too  many  in  the  name
   of  GOD  and  has  her  hands  full of  blood,
   she  has  destroyed  the  innocense  of  countless
   of  molested  children  because  of  her  unbiblical
   doctrines  from  hell-the true jewish priests  were
   allowed  to  marry-she  has  killed  hundreds  of
   thousands  of  true  believers  in  the  past  in
   the  inquisitions  and  has  enriched  herself  like
   no  other  religion  in  history  by  selling  heaven
   for  a  cash  advance  from   unsuspecting  souls ) 
...Today  many  North  American  Catholics  could  pass
as  protestant  Believers, what is scary is that  many
true  believers  have  accepted  Roman Catholics  as
regular Christians because they have left their  spiritual
guard  down, Roman catholicism outside the USA  is
very  different   than  American catholicism, in Central
and South America including Mexico , Roman Catholicism
is "DARK  &  MYSTERIOUS"  it is practiced  with indeginous
traditional paganistic beliefs  and allowed  by  the  Roman
Catholic  leaders so as long as they   practice some
Roman sacraments here and there...
...WE  all  know  that  the  FINAL  BEAST  of  the  Book
of  Revelation  symbolizes   the  final   Global  Empire
that  will  be  led  by  the  Anti-Christ, that final Beast
according to the Book  of  Revelation  will  be  ridden
by  a  WOMAN  WITH  A  GOLDEN  CUP,  the symbology
only  befits  one  Global  Institution  and  this  WOMAN
who RIDES the BEAST  is none other  than  the  Vatican
and all  she  represents, DON'T let this  well  DRESSED
woman  deceive  you   she  has  "KILLED, DESTROYED,
and  PERSECUTED"  millions  in  the  past and yet
she  remains  virtually   unstoppable  on  top  of  that
final  Beast...The Islamic Woman  has tried to get on
top of the Beast  but she has remained  shut out,
NO Islamic  Country  has  been  allowed  to  join  the
European  Union...
...Don't   feel  sorry  for  the  Vatican  for  it  was  built
literally   by  blood  money  and  by  a  pack  of  lies
from  hell  as  they  sold  INDULGENCES  to  the  Biblical
Illiterate  in  the  Past...The  Blood  of  true  believers
killed  by  this  woman  in  the  Inquisitions of the past
STILL  CRIES  OUT  TO  GOD  !!!  ( NOT to mention
the hundreds of thousands who she has  killed  in
the  "name  of  GOD  in the Inquisitions, the Crusades
and in the colonization of the New World !!!  )
...Some  believe  that  the  Vatican  will  be  toppled  by
the  Islamic  Whore, but such people   are  blind  to
history itself,  the ROMAN VATICAN is much older than
Islam and MECCA, the Vatican  has NOT survived  this
far  for nothing, the vatican is the RICHEST  RELIGION
in the WORLD  if they were  to sell  all  of  their  art
from the Renaissance and all  of  the  GOLD  and
PRECIOUS stones that they have acquired through
their  lies throughout the ages  it would astound you
...Various  Bible  prophecy  teachers  claim  that  the
Anti-christ  will  make  up  his  own  new  religion,
thr  truth  is  that  is not feasably possible  given  the
very  short  span of  time  that  he  will  be  given
the  Prophecies  indicate  that  he  will  receive
ABSOLUTE  power  from  satan  and  the  10  Horns
for  3 and a half  years, clearly there is no  time 
to start from scratch and create a new religion,
but the REALITY   is  that  the  Vatican  has  long
been  in  bed  with  the  King's  of  Europe, history
is replete with numerous  events in which the  Papacy
legitimized the King's of Europe and the King's
of  Europe in turn   Legitimized the Papacy, it is
very clear that  Roman catholicism will  play  the
largest   religious   part  in  the  cult  of  the
...It  is  sad  that   too  many  Bible  Prophecy "teachers"
are  having  second  thoughts  about  who  the  WOMAN
that   GOD  has  already  clearly  REVEALED   who  she
will  be  She  is  that  City  Which  Reigneth  Over  the  King's
of  the  World in John's  time   ROME  REIGNETH  over  the
Middle  East  and most of Europe, ROME  &  the  Vatican
which  is  headquartered  in  the  heart  of  ROME  will  be
the  Final  Whore  that  will  ride  the  Beast, "NOT"
Mecca, NOT  Beijing, NOT Greece   but  the  Vatican*

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