Future of The EU ?
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EU   Horns  Breaking  Up ? 
...I  am  writing  this  insignificant   piece  of
information in response  to  those  who  believe
that  the  EU  is  finished...First  of  all  I have
always  been expecting that  there  must  first
be  some  major  "Political  &  Financial"  shake-up
in the EU  before  we  get  to  witness  any  sort
of  a  hint  on   a   10  nation  alliance, so all  that
is  transpiring in the EU  is  to  be  expected...
Yes, it is true  that  the  EURO is in trouble because
of  the financial  hole  in which Greece, Portugal and
Spain  are  in  but  the real truth  is  that  the
American  Dollar  isn't in much better shape  either,
just today  Bernanke  WARNED  that  the  U.S. has an
"UNSUSTAINABLE"  level of debt  itself...As a  student
of  history  I have  always  stated  that  the EU needs
to  undergo  another  major  shake-up  before  the
10  final  horns  and  the  666 Mark  is  introduced,
just as  WWII  drastically  changed  the  European
scene  "ANOTHER" major  event must occur  before
a  new  power  system   emerges in  the  EU...  
...The  EU  experiment  has  NEVER  been  an
overnight   plan, it has taken the Europeans 50+
years, two World  Wars  and  many  other  conflicts
for them  to  reach to the  somewhat  unified
position  in  which  they  find  themselves  today
those who are predicting the  break-up  of  the  EU
are  totally  IGNORING  history, yes  I  have  always
expected   MAJOR  EVENTS  to  precede  Prophetic
events  all   along, as a student of  history  I have
always  believed  that  the Little Horn  will  arise
in  a  time  of  crisis  and in a similiar  manner  as
Hitler and Stalin  arose  to  power, the Status Quo  must
be  shaken  and  changed  for  a  man  such  as  the
Anti-christ  to  be  sought  after*
...While  NO  one  knows  yet  who  the  final  ten
Kings  will  end  up  being  I  stand   CONFIDENT  that
the  EU  will  be  the  EPICENTER   of  the  Kingdom
of  the  Beast  as  described  in  Revelation  16, yes
big  changes  are  coming  to  the  EU, the  Little
horn  rises  to  power  in  such  a  chaotic  time  for
Revelation  6  mentions  that  he  will  be  a  CONQUEROR
something  that  Hitler  tried  to  be  but  that  a  figure
such  as  Alexander  the  Great  did  become...
...Those  who  teach  that   the  Anti-christ's  Kingdom
will  be  centered  in  the  Middle  East    "TOTALLY"
ignore  Revelation  17 : 18, Revelation  17 : 18
geographically  IDENTIFIES  the   endtimes GEOPOLITICAL
Center  of  the  future   Anti-Christ : PERIOD  !!!!
It   will  be  in  and  around  ROME  !!!  those  who  are
pushing  the  idea  of  a  Muslim  AC   will  next  try
to  convince  you  that  the  Apostle  John  made  a
mistake  and  that  he  didn't  meant  to  say  ROME
but  MECCA,  how  ridiculous  !!!
...Unlike  some  I'm  not  here  to  promote  my
latest  Prophecy  Book,  i'm  not  here  to  push  a
"NEW  &  IMPROVED"  interpretation  on  the
Biblical  Prophecies  and  neither  have  I  ever
requested   financial  help  from  anyone,  if  this
is  of  GOD  this  little  web-site  that  is  now  over
10+ years  old  will  continue  to  improve  in  content
and  in  revelance, what  I  espouse  here  is
simple  "INFORMATION"  I  do  not  claim  divine
Revelation, i am a  simple  and  poor  student  of
Bible  Prophecy   who  is  trying  to  connect  all  the
"dots"  in  this  Giant  prophetic  puzzle  that  spans
Empires, Kings  and  literally  thousands  of  years
and  it  appears  to  end  with  us *** 
...Regardless  of  the  EU  economy  I  have  always
stated  that  the  EURO $  the  most  circulated
currency  in  the  world   will  be  the  first  monetary
unit  that  will  produce  the   digital  666 financial  Mark
I'm  no  economist  but  i'm  not  laughing  at  the
devaluation  of  the  EURO, we live  in  a  time  when
most of the major currencies of the  world  are
interlocked in  one way or another to each other  should
the  EURO  fail  it will  not  only  affect  the  Europeans
but   global investors   and workers  all  over  the  world*
...I  end  reminding  everyone  that  one of the many reasons
that  Hitler  rose  to  power  was  German financial  discontent
history has  a way of repeating itself* When people  are
desperate  they  will  sell their  soul  to  the  devil  if  that
be  possible*
...Additionally, let us  remind ourselves who carved  most
of the modern borders of the Middle East : The European
Imperial  Powers ( who also carved up most of the world
like  the America's  and  the African Continent !!!)  Some
brother who is promoting his book  claims that   the
Biblical Prophecies are only Middle-Centric  and that  Rome
has no place  in the last days, this brother "TOTALLY"
ignores  the 4th  Beast of Daniel and he also  IGNORES
the fact that  Israel and the Middle  east  during  the
time  of  Lord  Jesus  was  under  ROMAN  control !!!
...To  Be  Continued ***

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