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 Mr.666  =Hitler  on  Steroids !

...During  WW  II  the  USA  military  and  the  Soviet  military  were  successful  in  stopping  Hitler's  quest  for  global  dominance...During  WW  III  it  will  be  the  opposite,  Mr.666  will  very  likely  crush  or  cripple  both  Russia  and  the  USA  (Daniel  8 :  24    and  11 :  44*) 

...Unfortunately,  too  many  forget that  it  took  over  16+  million  American  soldiers   in  WW  II  to  stop  Hitler  and  that  Hitler's   forces  killed  more  Soviet  troops  than  even  Jews  !!!  (  over  7+  million Soviet  soldiers  died  during  WW  II *)

...In  the  future,  neither  the  US  military  nor  the  Russian  military  will  be  able  to  stop  the  final  Hitler  who  is  yet  to  rise;  Bible  Prophecy  warns  us  that  this  endtimes  totalitarian  will  be  unstoppable  for  a  period  of  time  and  Israel   will  be  his  endgame*

...Virtually  all  the  present  global  powers  were  birthed  out  of  war...This  includes : Communist  China, the  European  Union  and  Israel...Major  and  drastic  political  change  is  seldom  bloodless...The  present  power  structure  of  this  planet  is  on  the  verge  of  undergoing  dramatic  changes  for  Bible  Prophecy  guarantees  the  end  of  American  global  dominance  and  the  rise  of    part  II  of  Rome  and  this  implies  that  China  is  "NOT"  going  to  be  thee  endtimes  global  superpower  and  much  less  the   idea  of  any  Islamic  Caliphate  !!!


...By  all  accounts  Adolph  Hitler  was  a  'premature'  anti-Christ...He   wasn't  thee  anti-Christ  because  Israel  was  "NOT"  yet  been  re-established;   yet  his  diabolical   actions   forced  Jews  all  over  the  world  back  to  Israel,  no  other  figure  in  history   has   annihilated  more  Jews  than  did  Hitler, not  even the : Babylonians, the Egyptians, the Assyrians, the Romans  nor  all  the  Islamic  Arabs  and  their  terrorist   groups  all  put  together   !!!  ...Israel,  one  is  coming  who  will  prove  to  be  even  more  ruthless,  evil   and  lethal  than  Adolph  Hitler  and  He  is  coming  to  you  from  the  West  with  the  help  of  10  Kings*

                                                                                                                 -  Mario 



...As  a  student  of  Western   Civilization  and  world  history   I  cannot  help  to  compare  and  contrast  Adolf  Hitler's   military  defeats  with  the  victories  that  the  Little  Horn   will  enjoy   en  route  to  his  upcoming  future  global  victory  tour...Hitler  was  indeed   defeated  by  the  introduction  of  American  military  might  in  the  Western  Front  while  it  was  latter  defeated   by  the  Soviets  in  the  Eastern  Front...Bible  Prophecy   warns  us  that  the  future  Mr.666  will  "NOT"  make  these   similar  strategic  mistakes  in  the  future  in  his  quest  for  global  dominance...It  is  "NOT"  too  farfetched  to   consider  that  the  'Little  Horn'  may  play  a  key  role  in  the  fall  of  these  United  States  in  the  future  because  the  Prophet  Daniel   8 : 24  warns  us  that  this  "Big  Mouth  Fella"  will  cause  even  the  "mighty  to  fall"  and  in  Daniel  11 :  44,  it  appears  that  he  evens    crushes   Russian  power  once  and  for  all  something that  Adolf  Hitler   almost  realized  !!!


...Too  many   seem  to  forget  that  Bible  Prophecy  is  like  a  giant  puzzle, GOD  has  revealed  to  us  key  pieces  of  endtimes  events  but  "NOT"  every  single  piece...As  a  student   of  Bible  Prophecy  I  know  that    the  endtimes  Mr.666   is  very  aware  of  Adolf  Hitlers  blunders  and  he  will  learn  from  them...If  you  think  Russia's   strongman ;  Putin  is  cunning  and  a  clever  political  animal  you  haven't  seen  nothing,  we  know  that  the  Beasts  of  the  wild  don't  like  competition  and  these alpha  male  Beasts  will   usually  fight  each  other  till'  death...


...As  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  and  a  student  of  World  War   I  and  II,   I  foresee   many  similar  strategic  military  movements  by  the  coming  Mr.666  as  those  of  Hitler  (  expansion & conquest : Revelation  6 :  1-2 )...Only  this  time    according  to  Bible  Prophecy  evil  will  triumph...As  students  of  Bible  Prophecy   you  and  I  know   that  the  Roman  Vatican  will  be  destroyed  in  the  future  by  Mr.666  and   his  10  partners  in  crime  but  what  I  am  also  certain  of  is  that  "Mecca"  will  be  destroyed  first  by  Mr.666  !!!...Let's  get  this  straight, Mr.666  will  be  "NO"  one's  true  friend  because  he  wants  all  to  worship  him    and  no  other  !!!...Hitler pushed and expanded East but the Nazi's also reached North Africa,   the   coming   successor of   Hitler   will   likewise   seek   expansion  but  he  will  not  be  limited  only  to  all  of  Europe, the  Middle  East  and  Northern  Africa  but  to  an  even  wider  global  conquest  !!!  

________________________   was  created  and  launched  in  1999,  way  before  September  11, 2001   because   this  servant  of  GOD   knows   that   a  realigned  Roman  alliance  of  10  Kings   will  rise  up  in  the  last  days  just  as  the  Prophecies  of  Daniel  and  the  Book  of  Revelation  "GUARANTEE"  and  this  endtimes  European  alliance  will  pose  the  greatest   threat   to  Israel  and  the  Jews  as  "NO"  other   empire  has  in  all  of  human   history...Lets  get  this  straight  !!!   Western  military  powers  have  killed  more  Jews  than   all  the : Arab-Islamic,  Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian  and  Babilonian   empires  put   together  !!!...If  all  the  Islamic  terrorist  groups  and  all  the  big  mouth  Islamic  dictators  could  have  defeated  Israel  they  would  have  done  it  by  now  !!!  The  fact  is  that   they  cannot  and  will  never  be  able  to  defeat  Israel  militarily; "unfortunately"  Bible  Prophecy  warns  us  that  a  future  endtimes  alliance   from  the  Roman  empire  will  arise  in  the  future  and  it  will  be  this  10  horned  Beast  who  will  be  in  a  position  to  militarily  defeat  Israel  in  the  future;  presently  the  only  one's  who  could  overtake  Israeli  airspace  is  NATO  and  I  suspect  that  Mr.666  will  use  NATO  or  its  future  incarnation   against  Israel  in  the  future***


...Yes,  it  is  Prophesied  that   Israel's  Islamic  enemies  will   go  to  war  against  Israel   in  the  future  "BUT"  it  is  Prophesied  that  Israel  will  win  these  future   wars  and  will   be  in  a  position  to  rebuild   a  new  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem...This  should  not  surprise  any  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  because  it  has  been  through  victory  in  war  that  Israel  was    re-born  in  1948  and  that   Jerusalem  was  reconquered  in  1967  !!!  ...It  will  be  through  another  war  and  victory  that  the  Jews  will  once  again  be  able  to   erect   a  Temple  in  or  near  the   future  ex-Dome  of  the  Rock...


...Yes,  unfortunately   war  is  coming  to  the  Middle  East  but  Israel  is  "NOT"  the  instigator,  one  need  not  be  a  Prophet  nor  a  military  expert   to  see  that  the   dictators  of  Syria  and  Iran  are  up  to  no  good  and  are  preparing   for  war  against   Israel  !!!  and  the  specter  of  Moscow  is  all   over   this  ever  growing   military  conflagration  !!!


...Those  who  teach  that  Islam  will  produce   the  final  Beast  and   the  Ten  Horns     have  learned  nothing  from  history...When  people  are  desperate  regardless  of  their  religiosity   people  will  do  "ANYTHING"  for  self  preservation  we  witnessed  this  with  the  rise  of  the  Nazi's  in  Germany  in  the  1930's  and  we  will  witness  a  similar   European  reaction  in  the  future,  Yes,  most  European  Muslims  will  be  kicked  out  of  Europe  in  the  future  !!!  ...The  endtimes  Mr.666  doesn't  just  persecute  and  kills  new  believers  and Jews   in  the  Tribulation,  but  also  all  those  who  stand  in  his  way  just  as  Hitler  also  killed  other  minority  groups  and  not  just   Jews  !!!


...An  evil   is  coming  to  planet  earth  that  cannot  be  fanthomed,  the  present  European  Union  and  Eurozone  will  have  to  be  revamped  and  I'm  certain  that  it  may  not  be  done  peacefully  nor  willingly...The  present  economic  condition  of  most  European  countries  is  "NOT"  promising   in  fact  to  some  it  mirrors  those  of  the  1930's  Germany  and  when  people  are  desperate  they  turn  to  desperate  measures;  even  the  European  Union  is  ripe  for  a  major   revolution  be  it  'peacefully  or  by  force'...As  a  student  of  world  history  and  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  I  know  for  a  fact  that  the  rise  of  the  final  Beast  mentioned  by  the  Book  of  Revelation  will  "NOT"  rise  to  power  without  any  blood  being  shed  !!!...The  Book  of  Revelation  describes  the  Beast  with  10  Horns  as  rising  from  the  sea;  if  my  Bible  Prophecy  interpretation  is  correct  this  "IMPLIES"  that  whatever  other  political  structure  was  in  power   (  EU, Eurozone  etc )   was  "NOT"  successful  and  will  be  replaced  by  this  new  Beast  with  7  heads,  ten  horns  and  a  'little  horn  with  a  big  mouth'  and  let's  not  forget  the   'religious   whore'  who  gets  to  ride  it  for  a  short  period***


...Unfortunately,  another  Hitleresque  type  is  Prophesied  to  appear;  only  this  time  he  will  not  be  Austrian  nor  German  and  much   less  an  Englishman...Bible  Prophecy   warns  us  that  he  will   be  victorious  for  a  short  period  of  time  in  ways   Adolf  Hitler  was  not  and  unfortunately  Israel  and  my  Jewish  friends  will  be  at  the  center  of  his  grand  deception  and  wrath...It  is  somewhat  the  chief  goal  of  to  try  and   be  a  chief  watchman   as  to  the  identity  of  the  Beast  as  much  as  possible  and  or  permitted  by  GOD*

______________________  and  Mario  Romano   believe  in  the  Rapture  of  the  true  believers  of  Jesus  Christ  before  the  7  year  Tribulation  period;  I'm  not  certain   how  much  we  will  get  to  witness  but  it  is  my  prayer  that  we  will  try  to  forewarn  Israel  and  as  many  Jews  as  possible  as  to  what  is  headed  their  way...He  ( Mr.666)  will  be  this  century's  "Trojan  Horse"  but  only  this  time   the  actual  Trojan  Horse  will  be  a  single  man    empowered  by  the  very  powers  of  many  demons  within  him*


...In  conclusion,  I  do  "NOT"  apologize  for  being  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  nor  a  Watchman...It  is  those  who  spend  hours  upon  hours   memorizing  sports  'facts  and  figures'  who  are  wasting  their  time  and  life,  those  of  us  who  study  the  WORD  of  GOD   and  teaching  it  are  like  the  five  wise  Virgins  who  know  that  it  is  all  soon  coming  to  an  end  and  we  can't  help  it  but  warn  as  many  as  possible*...If  you  knew  the  future  wouldn't  you  want  to  warn  as  many  as  possible ?


   By  :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  is  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy;  Mario  knows  that  "Heaven  Rules"  Mario  is  not  a  Prophet, not  a  Doctor  of  any  kind  and  much  less  an  Apostle,  he's  just  trying  to  be  a  true  disciple  of    him  who  :  healed  the  sick, walked on water,  raised  the  dead  and  paid  the  full  price  for  the  redemption  of  many  : JESUS  THE  CHRIST  !!!...It  is  the  humble  prayer  of  Mario  that   thee  GOD  of  heaven  and  earth  use  him  one  day  for  His  Honor  and  Glory*  ...Presently  , Mario  is  working   on  Geo-Political  simulations  involving  the  European  Union  and  the  entire  Eurasian  Continent...It  is  the  prayer  of  Mario  that  the  GOD  of  heaven  may  one  day  use  this  servant  of  His...





The  EU  will  go on, "with or without"  Ireland
Ireland should do the rest of Europe a favor and withdraw from the European Union. That seems to be the only tenable solution to the situation created by the Irish "no" to the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish have created a problem for themselves. They should not let it be a problem for others.

It would be sad to lose the merry people of the emerald island from the EU family. But it would be even sadder if, because of the Irish "no," all those who wish to secure the same benefits from European integration that made it possible for the Irish to prosper are left out in the cold.

EU enlargement cannot continue without the many practical and pragmatic elements included in the Lisbon Treaty. And the enlargement process is the most important endeavor the EU has undertaken, including the creation of the euro.

The EU has already taken in countries that need a lot of attention — and others are knocking at the door. They want to catch up with all those who prospered in freedom during the Cold War, and they should be given that opportunity as a matter of fairness. Moreover, enlargement should be regarded as an important element of Europe's security policy, helping countries that have only recently democratized to secure stability at home and giving them the strength to deal with external pressures.

It is a pity that the Irish — and their partners — did not learn the lesson from Ireland's rejection of the Treaty of Nice seven years ago. Then as now, only a minority of voters bothered to vote, and a mere 54 percent of those who did participate, then as now, voted no. A year later, a new referendum approved the Nice Treaty, after it became clear that Ireland's EU membership was at stake.

The unfortunate Irish tradition for referendums should have been addressed after that dismaying experience. It was not. Now the EU is again in the Irish stew. But this time it is difficult to see a way out that offers a second referendum. Renegotiating the treaty is out of the question, since doing so would open a Pandora's Box of demands from everybody else. So the problem lies with the Irish, and they must solve it.

I cannot help but recall the situation in the summer of 1992, when a small majority of Danish voters rejected the Maastricht Treaty. Back then, there were 12 members in what was then still called the European Community.

Following their vote, the Danes were told that one way or another the country would have to leave the EU family if we did not find a way out. As Denmark's foreign minister at the time, I was able to secure some opt-outs from EU directives, and then a second referendum was held. The result was a "yes" to the Maastricht Treaty. We in Denmark have been marred by those opt-outs ever since.

Our EC partners could not throw us out in June 1992 — but the other 11 could create their own EC-11, and we could have been left alone in the empty shell of an EC-12.

This time, however, it seems very difficult to see how all others could agree to create an EU-26 while isolating Ireland in an empty EU-27, though that would be a reasonable solution. That is why the Irish should show magnanimity and tell the others to go on without them.

The Irish have been a good example for the new member states. When Ireland joined the EC back in 1972, they were so poor that many feared they would become a burden for the other members. The Irish never were. On the contrary, over a surprisingly short span of time the Irish proved how a small and determined country could use European integration to rise to the status of one of Europe's richest countries in terms of per capita purchasing power.

Indeed, Ireland has made itself a shining example to those who strive to catch up with the rest of Europe. That is one reason it will be a loss to say goodbye to the Irish, and why their frivolous rejection of the Lisbon Treaty is so tragic.

But Europe must go on. It is now up to Ireland's leaders to make that possible.

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