Sarko's END ?
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Sarko is Running Out of Time * 
(   and  so   is  the  $ EURO,   IRAN,   SYRIA  &  The   Unprepared*  ) 
...George Soros the global billionaire investor  is  predicting
that  if  the  $ EURO  collapses   it will  produce  not  only  the
breakup  of  the  European  Union  but  also  cause  catastrophy
for  the entire global financial system. ( If  this  isn't a Prophetic
Cliffhanger  I  don't  know  what  is !  and  what  two  horns  are
presently  at  the  head of this  Beast ?...Why it is  the German
& the French Horn ! )...ALL  the  top  financial  brokers  in  the
world  will  be  holding their  breath this  year, because  if  the
$ EURO  collapses  the  Global  financial  system  will  not  be
left  unscathed...(  reminder  Mr.Soros  an early  backer  of
Obama got it  all  wrong with him, but he is worth  $22 Billion
and he did made a killing with the English financial crisis years ago )
...It  will  appear  that  this  giant  Beast  presently  with  27
heads & 17 horns will drown never to rise again from the depths
of  its Mediterranean  birthplace,  "BUT"  the  Prophet  Daniel  &
the  Apostle  John  were given REVELATION  by  GOD  that  this
Beast  will  "NOT"  be  killed  completely  for  it  shall  arise
out  of  the  Sea :  leaner,  meaner  &  more  unified  than
ever  with  7  Heads  &  10  Horns  &  a  Little  Horn  will  lead
them  all   into  infamy*  There cannot be two Beasts  from
the sea, this PRESENT one will be replaced SOMEHOW so  that
version 2.0  the final  one;  ARISES  from the Sea with 7  Heads
and  Ten  Horns  and  ASTONISHES  the  whole  world***  was  right about  Solana being  replaced, was right about the end of the WEU
10 nation EU alliance,  was  right  about
the continuation of NATO as the future Military  Machine  of
the  Little  is  FORECASTING
"MAJOR  SHAKEUP's"  within  the  Eurozone and the European
Union  it  will  appear  that  the  European  Union  will  go
the way  of  the  Soviet  Union  "BUT"  it  will  ARISE  by  way
of  10  EU  countries  who  will  seek  a  new  alliance;
unfortunately the "Little  horn"  will  seek  REVENGE  against
all  those  who  are  against  his  BEAST*  The  Beast's
apparent  deadly  wound   will  be  healed;  "unfortunately"
( Book  of  Revelation  13 : 3 )... The  end  is  "NOT"  yet...
...Nothing  about  the  end-times  will  be  pretty...
                                     - Mario  Romano  EU in Prophecy
...French President  Nicholas Sarkozy  is  running  out of  time
with less than four months left  for national  elections he is :
behind in the polls, unemployment is rising, the French economy
appears  to  be  stagnated in  a recession  & the EURO crisis
appears  to  have  no  end  in  sight & to add insult to injury
France has been stripped  of its  AAA  Rating  by  Standard
&  Poor; ( reminder : Japan, China & the USA also have been
downgraded in the past from AAA to AA by Standard & Poor *)
Mr. Sarkozy  literally  has  the odds of re-election
stacked up against him, but in the world  of  politics
anything can happen in just four months.
did  simulations  &  we  expect  "him" ( whoever ends up
becoming the "little horn" ) to  be  challenged  just  as
Hitler  was  challenged  & suffered  setbacks  as  he  rose
and slowly struggled into  TOTAL  power...
...It  will  be  "VERY"  interesting how  Mr.Sarkozy manages  to
turn  all  of  these  re-election  nightmares  away.  Regardless
of  what  happens he has demonstrated  at  least  to European
elites  that  he  is  very  capable  of  confronting   controversial
issues  that  no  other  European  leader  dares  to  address. 
Sarkozy  is  very  probably  Turkey's  number one  arch-enemy
because  he  is  against  Turkey  becoming a full  fledged  EU
member; and further  fanning the hatred  in Turkey against
Sarkozy is his recent  Armenian  genocide  question.  He  also
authorized  the  deportation  of  hundreds of  Roma  people
out  of  France  and  additionally  made  wearing  the  Islamic
Burqa  veil  illegal  in  public  places; yet  irritating  French
Muslims  & Muslims  everywhere  even  more !
..French  President  or  not   after  this  July 2012,   it is highly
likely  that  Sarkozy  will be offered  a  High  EU  Post  in  the
future and I wouldn't discard  the EU Presidency  itself . He  has
proven  that he is a Leader who  can  make  a  presence  on  the
global  stage  at  a  time  when  it  appears  that the present EU
Presidency  is  impotent  and  somewhat  of  a  joke.  Sarkozy
supported  the  Libyan  overthrow  of  Ghadaffi  and  various
Libyan's  are thankful for  it. And  despite  what  appears  to  be
a  EURO  meltdown  he  and  Chancellor  Merkel  have  at  least
bought:  Europe,  the EURO  and  the  world  some  more  time
before  a  true  global  financial  meltdown  begins.
...Despite all the turbulent  and  challenging  crisis  that  arose
in  2011  ( Euro  crisis, Libyan  crisis, Burqa  Ban etc ). According
to  Le  Monde; Sarkozy  told some of his top  ministers  recently:
" Everything  is  going  the  way  I  planned  it."  And according
to  a  UK  Newspaper  who synthesized  Sarko's  recent  words
and  deeds ( the Guardian  a  secular  paper) described him as:
"Sarkozy   is  either  a  lucky  guy,  a  physhic  or  a  diobolical
mastermind."         -UK.  The  Guardian  December  29, 2011 
...It is clear  that  this  individual is the "present  little  horn"  I
say  present  because  things  can  change  &  should  another 
decade  pass  till  the  2nd  coming  then it  is obvious that this
one will not  be  the  one. That  is  why
is  not  called  by  another  name,  we  believe  that  the  fourth
and  final  Beast  Prophesied  by  both  Daniel  and  John  the
Revelator   will have  as  its  epicenter  the  European  Union  as
the   inheritor of the ancient Roman Empire.   The  only  one's
who  will  be  surprised  &  astonished  by the future Beast
with  seven  heads  and  ten  horns  are  those  who  do  not
have  their  names  written  in  the  Lamb's  Book  of  life !
                                                     ( Book of  Revelation  17 : 8  )
...Yes,  I  am  fully  aware  of  all  the  French  Military  jokes
"BUT"  I  underestimate  no  one. What  many  fail  to  observe
is  that   France was one of the first countries to help  Israel
develop  its  nuclear   program  with a nuclear reactor in the
late  1950's.  Additionally  the  next  Mr. Totalitarian  with
a  big  mouth  will "NOT"  be  German,  nor  an Englishman
any  other  European is still on the table. Aside form these
facts a large part of Northern Africa was a  part of the French
Colonial Empire in the past.  A French leader is perfectly 
positioned  to  Diplomatically   be  a  natural  peace broker
in  any  future  Peace  negotiations  in  the  Middle  East
Peace  Process; important Treaties  such as the Treaty of
Paris and  Versailles have been  brokered there...
...In  conclusion, just this first week of 2012  the Stonegate
Institute ( a N.Y. Based Think Tank )  forecasted the inevitable
collapse  of  the  European  Union. According to them  it
will mirror  the  collapse  of  the  former  Soviet Union, the
near  bankruptcy of many EU countries  will be the doom
of  the  EU.  Stonegate is  forecasting  a : poorer, more
divided, more  violent and a more confrontational  region
in  a  post  EURO  region. Their  final  intelligence claim  is
that  no  one can  predict  what  Europe will look like in ten
years.  They  are  dead  wrong !!!  The  GOD  of  heaven
showed  the  Prophet  Daniel  the  final  Kingdom  led  by
a group of ten; the EU  "WILL" restructure  &  reoraganize
and  will  be  led  by  TEN  of  its  members in the not  so
distant  future.  A  series  of  unfortunate  events  "WILL"
cripple  the rest of the  regional  powers  allowing  the
European  Union  to  DOMINATE  the  world  in  the  not
so  distant  future*    They  say  that  in  the land  of
the  blind, the one  eyed man is King. ( the EU may suffer
a swollen  black eye in this crisis  but it won't go blind). The
EU may appear to be on the verge of a total collapse "BUT"
GOD  has determined other things  for  it; for it is HE  who
controls  human  history. In sum, GOD  will see to  it  that
HIS  Prophetic  WORD  is  fulfilled  completely
...Ladies & Gentlemen, there  are a very, very few  men indeed
who  are  capable of  fulfilling the  Prophecies  concerning  the
endtimes  "little  horn"  and  after  years  of  research  and  of
studying  and  analyzing  the  global  scene  and  in  particular
European  politicos  this  is  my  final  find  and  should  the
Rapture  of true  believers  take  place very soon  this is the
most  likely man who  would step up to "Confirm  the covenant
with the  many..."
...Mario  Romano  is  "NOT"  a  prophet, nor  is  he  Prophesying
the  true  Prophets  of  GOD  have  already  Prophesied  about
endtime  events  and  the  key  players, Mario  is  "ONLY"  trying
his  best  to  interpret  the  visions and  symbolisms  of  such
key Prophecies to the present realities.Mario is"NOT" fascinated
by  who will end  up  being  Daniel's "little  horn" he  only does
this  because  he  delights  in  the  Prophetic  WORD  of  GOD
and  because  such  an individual  ( little  horn )  is  the  most
warned  about  man  in  all  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies*
...Mario  Romano  is  a  student  of  Military  Strategy  who 
specializes  in  EURASIAN  Geopolitics.  He  is  very  familiar
with  Russian, Chinese  and  NATO   military  forces.  His
prayer  is  that  GOD  will  one  day  use  him  for  his  Honor
&  Glory* I believe in the Rapture ; I do not know  how much
GOD  will  allow  us  to  witness  before  Daniel's  Final  Week
begins, but we will continue  to  report  as  long  as  allowed*

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