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Thee  GOD  of  Billions * 
..."Call  unto  ME  and  I  will  answer  Thee  and  Show  Thee Great
and  Mighty  Things, which  thou  Knowest  NOT..."
                                          ( Jeremiah  33 : 3  ) 
...Where  were  you  when  I  created  the  Earth  ?  When  all
the  morning   STARS  sang  together  and  all  the  SONS  of
GOD  shouted  for  JOY  ?
                                      (  Book  of  Job  38 : 5-7 )
..."The  evidence  is  growing  for  the  idea that  our  Universe
is  merely like  a  bubble inside  a  much  larger  Cosmos.  This
Cosmos  is  filled  with  other  bubbles,  all  of  which  are
other  Universes  where  the  laws  of  Physics  may  be  very
  dramatically  different  to  ours."
       -Astronomer / Physicist: Roger  Penrose  University of Oxford
...We  can  only   truly  guess   how  many  Stars  are  in  our
Universe,  the  numbers  are  mind-boggling !  despite  all  of  our
technology    trying  to  count  the  stars   in  the  Universe  is
like  trying  to  count  the  grains  of  sand  in  the  Beach...
                                      -European  Space  Agency  
...This  past  month  ( December  1 , 2010 )  a  major  discovery
took  place    that   went  unnoticed  by   most  people  but  that
ASTOUNDED   the  Astronomers  of  the  world,  thank  in  part
to  the  Hubble  telescope   billions  of  new   stars   were
discovered, it is now  conservatively  estimated  that  there  are
over  : 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 +  or  100  sextillion
stars  in  this  Universe  alone  !!! ( with  23  zeroes  !  )  in
case  you  don't  know  Scripture  the  Bible  reveals  to  us
that  GOD  knows  every  star  by  name  !!!  ( Psalms  147 : 4-5  )
There  are  more  stars  than  every  human  being  who  has  ever
lived  on  this  planet  hands  down  !!!  (  Glory  to  GOD  !!! )
...The  words   that  you  are  about  to  read  are  "NOT"  about
a  personal  prophetic   revelation,   rather  these  are  obvious
patterns  in : physics, chemistry, biology and Astronomy  (  I  am
not  a  prophet, nor  the  son  of  a  prophet, i am merely
a  poor  sinner   whom  JESUS :  cleaned, saved  &  raised  up* )
...The  Psalmist   declared   that  the  Heavens  declare  the   GLORY
of  GOD...It  is  very  obvious   to  this  poor   servant  of  the
LIVING  GOD   that  we  are  but  ONE  of  an   INFINITE  number
of   CREATIONS  that  the  OMNIPOTENT   GOD   has  created  in
eternity...(  Glory  to  GOD  !!! *)...Yes,  we  are  special  and
so  is  everything   else  that  GOD  creates, for  HE  does  not
create  JUNK  !!!
...These  are  things  that  I  have  kept  in  my  heart  for  many
years  &  this  poor, miserable  and imperfect   servant   of  GOD
can  NO  longer   maintain   quiet...I  write  these   words   to
encourage   others   about  the  OMNIPOTENT   Power   of  our
LIVING  GOD, GOD  has  never  been  confined   to  any  four
walls  of  any  Temple  &  never  will be , and Satan   is  NOT
GODs   arch-enemy  Satan  was  created  by  GOD   and  Satan
( GOD  rebuke  him )  has   no  omnipotent   powers...
...GOD  is  not  only  the  GOD  of  Israel,  the  GOD  of  the  Angels,
nor just merely  the  GOD  of  the  Church,  HE  IS  the  GOD  of  unimaginable
other  creations...GOD  did  not  wait  all  eternity   just  to  merely
create  MANKIND, we know  for  a  fact  that  we  are  neither  his
first   nor  his  highest  CREATION  the  very  Holy  Scriptures 
themselves declare to us that we were created a little  lower
than  the  Angels  and  that   we  certainly are not  his
crowning  achievement  because   we  failed  HIM  in  almost
every conceivable  way... ( Thank  GOD  for  his  MERCY  & Patience ! )    
..."NO"   there  is  no  need  to  have  any  spiritual  jealousy,  GOD
has  more  than  enough  love   to  pour  it  out  equally  to :
Israel, the Church, the Angels  and   his  other  creations   equally
and  over  abundantly..."NO"  GOD  has  "NOT"  over-stretched
his  power  for  HE is  OMNIPOTENT  &  can  be  in  the  New  Jerusalem
at  the  same  time   that  HE  will  be with  all  his  other  children...
...If  eternity  had   a  clock  or  timeline  wish   it  does  not  I  believe
that   we  would  be  shocked   to  know   when  we  were  created
we  would  certainly  find  out  that  we  were   neither   among
his   first  nor  neither among  his  last  CREATIONS...I  don't  know
about  you  but  this   planet  itself  is  teaming   with  millions  of
species  of  insects   and  i'm  not  even   mentioning  the  other
millions  of  living  species  that  outnumber  mankind  in  nature
itself...The  natural  word   I  believe    reveals  to  us   the
CREATIVITY   of  GOD, GOD  loves  to  CREATE  !!!
...I  write  about  these  eternal  things  because  sports  just
don't  do  it  for  me,   neither   does   mindless  entertainment
my  greatest  fear  in  life  is  leaving  this  planet   without
ever  having  contributed  anything  of  significant   value  to  it
I  pray    that  this  poor   website  will  someday  be  used  of
GOD   for  the  benefit   of  many, please  pardon  my  writing
skills   GOD  isn't   finished  with  me  yet  and  I  acknowledge
this  fact  on  a  daily  basis
...IF  you  really  think  about   and  ponder  about  these
eternal  things  you   will  realize  that  GOD  does  not  need 
the  GLORY  of  MAN   to  feel  good  or   accomplished,  GOD
was  already  full  of  GLORY   long  before  he  created  us
the  Holy  Scriptures  themselves  reveal  this  to  us : "Jesus
stated :"The  same  GLORY  that  you  and  I  had  before  the 
Creation  of  the  WORLD."

The Estimated Number of Stars in the Universe Just Tripled

December 1, 2010

A study by Yale astronomer Pieter van Dokkum just took the estimated number of stars in the universe—100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 100 sextillion—and tripled it. And you thought nothing good ever happens on Wednesdays.

Van Dokkum’s study in the journal Nature focuses on red dwarfs, a class of small, cool stars. They’re so small and cool, in fact, that up to now astronomers haven’t been able to spot them in galaxies outside our own. That’s a serious holdup when you’re trying to account for all the stars there are.

As a consequence, when estimating how much of a galaxy’s mass stars account for – important to understanding a galaxy’s life history – astronomers basically had to assume that the relative abundance of red-dwarf stars found in the Milky Way held true throughout the universe for every galaxy type and at every epoch of the universe’s evolution, Dr. van Dokkum says. "We always knew that was sort of a stretch, but it was the only thing we had. Until you see evidence to the contrary you kind of go with that assumption," he says.

But van Dokkum’s team, using the Keck Observatory in Hawaii, surveyed eight elliptical galaxies nearby (between about 50 and 300 million light years away) for these dim stars. Their spectrometer could catch the collective signature of these faraway red dwarfs and estimate how many of them the neighbor galaxies harbor. In the Milky Way there are about 100 red dwarfs for every one star like the sun, but in these galaxies that number may be more like 1,000 to one.

Elliptical galaxies are some of the largest galaxies in the universe. The largest of these galaxies were thought to hold more than 1 trillion stars (compared with the 400 billion stars in our Milky Way). The new finding suggests there may be five to 10 times as many stars inside elliptical galaxies than previously thought, which would triple the total number of known stars in the universe, researchers said.

While van Dokkum’s
Nature paper was released to the public today, it’s been raising a more private ruckus already:

For the past month, astronomers have been buzzing about van Dokkum’s findings, and many aren’t too happy about it, said astronomer Richard Ellis of the California Institute of Technology. Van Dokkum’s paper challenges the assumption of "a more orderly universe" and gives credence to "the idea that the universe is more complicated than we think," Ellis said. "It’s a little alarmist." Ellis said it is too early to tell if van Dokkum is right or wrong, but it is shaking up the field "like a cat among pigeons." Van Dokkum agreed, saying, "Frankly, it’s a big pain."



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