EU President ?
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EU Elects First President*
...The  European  Union, the world's largest  financial and global
Trading Block has just  elected  its  first  President to Represent
the  EU  on  the  Global  Stage...( Despite  its  various  defects
the  European Union  still  is  home  to  the  world's largest
Military Alliance via  NATO, it  is the producer of the world's
most circulated  currency  the EURO  and  it  is  the  world's
largest  Trading  Block )
..."NO"  the  first  EU President  will  "NOT"  be  the  Little  Horn,
the  first EU  President  will be  a  politically  weak   figure-head
neither will  the  first  High Representative  for  Foreign  Affairs
will  end  up  being  the  "Little  Horn."  It is still too  early,
Bible  Prophecy   mentions  the  Little  Horn  as  being  a  6th,
8th or an 11th King ( just a thought ),  the  EU  itself  must  still
pass  through  many  trials, errors &  fire,  then  will the  10
Horns  emerge  to  produce  the  11th  Little  Horn  that
emerges from  within  the   10  King's  mentioned  by  the
Book  of  Revelation
...Yes, this is a  giant  step in Bible  Prophecy, for the first time
in  hundreds  of  years  has  the European  Continent  set  the
platform/stage   for an  individual with the likes  of  a Roman
Ceasar  to  be able  to rule  all of  Europe, HITLER  tried  but
fell  short  &  let's not forget  the  dominance of the  UNHOLY
ROMAN  Papacy  in European History, for the Vatican  role  is
destined  to  resurge  and  repeat...
...We  must  and  should  as  students  of  Bible-Prophecy
be  careful   with  our  words, the EU  itself  is  just  a  little
over  50  years  old  as  a  Union  and  it  has  taken  it  that
long  to  elect  a  stronger EU  President, that  is  why  I  know
that  the  first  EU  President & its  High  Representative  WILL
NOT  end  up  being  the  Little  Horn... 
...Thus  far  my  observations  have  proven  correct as  I  have
attempted  to  interpret  the  European Political scene with the
various  Bible  Prophecies, I stated  that  Javier Solana would
be  REPLACED  and  HE  was, lucky for him  he won't  be  thrown
alive  to  you  know  where, the end is NOT yet...Once  again
these  first  EU high  posts  individuals that have just been
elected   will  "NOT"  end  up  becoming  the  infamous
Little  Horn...


The European Union has selected a new president to chair EU summits and represent the bloc on the world stage, as well as a new foreign policy chief. The way was cleared by the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by the Czech Republic.


The low-key Belgian Prime Minister, Herman van Rompuy, had emerged as the frontrunner for the presidency post before being confirmed in the role.

He is seen as a consensus-builder who would not upstage the leaders of the big powers who call the shots in Europe. He has been described as pragmatic rather than charismatic and was reportedly backed by France and Germany.

A Christian Democrat, he was appointed prime minister of Belgium in December 2008, having held the position of president of the lower house of parliament since July 2007.


 During his time as budget minister in the Christian Democrat-led government, he took a tough stance on balancing the economic books, drastically reducing the country's public debt.

An avid blogger, the 62-year-old has also penned several books, mainly on social and political issues.

He is seen in linguistically divided Belgium as a unifying force, taking an even-handed approach to resolving conflicts between the Dutch and French-speaking communities - skills that should serve him well in the new top job.


Baroness Catherine Ashton, 53, has been the EU's trade commissioner for little more than a year.

Her nomination as Europe's first High Representative for Foreign Affairs caps a rapid political rise.

When she was appointed to the Commission her credentials were questioned.

But she is widely regarded to have proved a success in the post over the past year.

She has led trade negotiations with key partners such as China, and argued the case for free trade in the face of the worst recession in EU history.

Before being sent to Brussels, Baroness Ashton held a number of ministerial posts, steadily rising through the Labour Party ranks.

She served in the department of education and the ministry of constitutional affairs before Gordon Brown promoted her to Leader of the Lords when he became prime minister in 2007.

She had a varied career before entering Parliament, starting off in an administrative capacity at the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) in the late 1970s before working in business and as a freelance policy adviser.

She is married to the former journalist and respected pollster Peter Kellner.


  •  Chosen by 27 member states by qualified majority vote
  •  Two-and-a-half-year term
  •  Can be re-elected once
  •  Chairs EU summits
  •  Drives forward the work of EU Council of Ministers
  •  Facilitates cohesion and consensus
  •  Represents the EU on the world stage
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