Iran vs. Israel ?
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...A Nuclear Prince of Persia ? 
..."For  those  who  are  evil  will  be  destroyed, but those
who  hope in the  Lord  shall  inherit  the  Land." 
                                                                                 - Psalm  37  : 9
..."The  wicked  draw the sword and bend the bow slay
those whose ways  are  upright. But their swords will pierce
their own hearts and their bows will be  broken."  
                                                                        - Psalms  37 : 14 -15
..."The  wicked  will perish."   -Psalm  37 : 20
...If  you  are  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  you  are  fully
aware  that  there  will  be  several  wars   that  will  precede
the  Battle  of  Armageddon...I  am  one  of  those  who
believes  in  the  Prophecy  of  Ezekiel  38-39   which  tells
of  an  endtimes  war  between  Persia ( Iran ) Russia, Turkey
Libya, Sudan  & other miscreants  against  Israel *...
(  the 2nd horseman of the Apocalypse  in the future  will
  unleash  wars on  earth   causing:   civil wars, ethnic
 cleansing  &  making  World War  II  look  like  child's  play*
                                                    Revelation   6 : 4  ) 
...According  to  Iran's  spokesman : "Iran  will  be  justified
in  launching  a  pre-emptive, cataclysmic  strike  against  Israel
because Israel  will  attack  Iran's nuclear   facilities." ...If 
indeed  Iran  strikes  first, Israel  will  have  no  choice  but 
respond  with  a  quick, decisive  counter-attack  so  destructive
that  Iran  will lose  the  ability to fight  and the will  to  fight !
...Israel  knows  about  war  and it knows that it cannot  allow
itself to get entangled in any prolonged  war with its enemies*  
...It  is  now  no  secret  that   Western   forces  want  to
"peacefully"  derail  Iran's  nuclear   program by  slowing it
down via  computer viruses ( stuxnet )  and by strategically
removing  some  Iranian  nuclear  scientists  from  this  planet
via  'industrial  accidents'  and other  related  'job  hazards'
not  fully  mentioned  in  the  job  description manual  of  the
Persian nuclear programme...Unfortunately  Iran's  leadership
is  intent  and  adamant  on  completing its  nuclear  plans
regardless  of  the cost*
...I  am  amazed  about  how  everyone  seems  to  buy
Iran's   proposals  for  peace  talks  when  all  Iran's
strategy  for  the   past  4+  years  has  been  'stalling  for
time  while  they  complete  their  first  nuclear  bomb.'  Bible
Prophecy  states  that  when  they  say  peace  &  safety
then  sudden  destruction  cometh...The  Mullah's  of  Iran
and  Ahmadinejead  are  no  Hitler's   "BUT"  they  do  have
the  same  DEMONIC  SPIRIT *
...Most  American think tank groups as well as most  major
editorials  do  not  want  Israel  to  go  to  war  against
Israel  because  oil  prices  may  set new records  and
American  consumers  may  be  inconvenienced;  they
say  'give  economic  sanctions  a  chance'...The  problem
is  that  Iran  doesn't  care  about  what  American think
tanks  want  nor  what  American consumers might have to
pay  at  the  gas pump...Iran  is  far  more  dangerous  than
a  North  Korea; regardless  of  what  the  West   wants  Iran
will  ultimately  do  what  it  has  always  wanted  &  what
it  has  always  stated  that  it  will  do : "Try to annihilate
Israel  & the Jewish people"... Iran  may  ultimately  quiet
all  American peace  appeasers  by  initiating  a pre-emptive
strike  against  Israel;  thus  doing  a  favor  to  Israel
before  the whole  world & nobody will  deny then that  Israel
in such a scenario doesn't  have  the  right  to  self-defense
...The  appeasers  of  the  world  still  haven't   learned
that  pure  evil  does  exist  &  that  you  just  can't   make
a  deal  with  the  devil  himself...Satan's number one  goal
is  the  annihilation  of  Israel & of the Jewish people  &
he  uses  'useful  idiots'  to  kill, steal  and  destroy  under  his
direction; the Nazi's failed him & he has no problem exploiting
any  nation, kingdom, religion,  empire  or  dictator  who  sees
things  his  way as in the case of the Iranian  leadership...
...Satan  has no love;  even for his children, if they get
annihilated   because of his miscalculations  he  just  moves
on  to another  genocide  without  shedding  a  tear *
...Three  of  the  four  Beast's  of  Daniel    have  risen
and  fallen, the only  one  that  remains  is  the  4th  &
final  Beast  and  it  most  certainly  is  "NOT"  Iran  nor
Islam...( therefore   Iran  will  not  be  prosperous  against
Israel   and  her  Jewish  children  ) We  know  that  the
4th  Beast  is  Roman; the  Fourth Beast of Daniel  will  be
a  Western  power  that  will  surprise  many  but  it  will
not  surprise  any  student  of  Bible  Prophecy...Presently,
it appears  that  'Italy'  the  direct  descendant  of  Imperial
Rome  is  on  the  brink  of  following  in  the  footsteps  of
modern  Greece  within  the  European  Union  "BUT" whatever
transpires   in  the  EU  will only serve to unify the  Europeans
even more  so; if  you  know  anything  about wars throughout
history  you  know  that wars have a way of 'turning  the  tables'
on   many  things...
...I  have  been  following  Iran's  nuclear  program  for  many
years  now  &  I have been  astounded  how   everyone   has
allowed  Iran  to  keep  'buying  time'  at  the  expense  of
Israel...For the past  three  years  Iran  has  promised  'this
and  that'  to  various  EU  and  UN  envoys;  but  with  no
real  intentions  of  ending  its  nuclear  goals...The leaders
of  Iran  have shown  to harbour  national suicide  tendencies;
what other crazies  would make no secret  that their  number
one  goal  is  to  annihilate  Israel and all the Jewish people ?
Iran  knows  that  should  it  launch any  missile against
Israel, Israel would  retaliate  very possibly  with  a dozen
nuclear missiles of its own* And yes, either the Israeli Airforce
would destroy that Iraninan missile in mid-air  or  GOD  would
ensure  its  early  demise*...According to Bible  Prophecy  this
is  "NOT"  how  it  all  ends;  therefore  Israel  will  be
victorious  regardless  of  what  Satan's  chronies  devise
against   the  'apple  of  GODs  eye'  here  on  earth* GOD
promised  several  things  to  Abraham  and  HE  will  keep
"ALL"  of  his  promises*    
...If  war  is  indeed  imminent  and  this  is  'the  real'  thing
then  we  can  safely  conclude  that the  'Little Horn' Prophesied
by  the  Prophet  Daniel  is  indeed  alive  and  well  as  we
speak  somewhere  along  the  Mediterranean  region  and
you  &  I  don't have the remotest clue as to who it could be *
...Iran  is  no  Libya  or  Iraq,  if  Israel  does  indeed  strike
Iran's  nuclear  sites   then  it  will  be  all  out  war, Iran
will  give  the  green  light  to  all  the  terrorist  groups  out
there that it supports to attack Israel  too ! Standing between
Iran  and  Israel  are  three  very  questionable  characters :
Turkey, Iraq  and Saudi Arabia;  Turkey is a wild card as a
member of NATO, Saudi Arabia does not want  a  nuclear Iran
and  Iraq  still  presents  a  challenge  to  any  Iranian
ground  assault  because  American  troops  are  still  there
and  like it or not  Obama  would  have  no  choice  but
to  get  involve...The only way Iran can respond is via  air
its  airforce  is  "NO"  match  against  the  Israeli  Airforce *
...But then  again we all know that Iran would never play by any
conventional rules of war in order to inflict destruction to the
Jewish State...
...We  must  also  take  into  consideration  that  Iran  and
other  Muslim  leaders  are  desperate, they don't want to be
toppled  by  the continuing  people's  revolution  that is
sweeping many  Authoritarian  Islamic  regimes  in the region
many  Islamic  people  who  have  been  oppressed  for the
most part of their lives  now  realized  that  they  don't
have  to  take  it  anymore...Iran &  Syria  in  particular  have
no  problem  initiating  a  war  with  Israel in order to take
all the attention  away  from them and diffusing  it  towards
and  against  little  ole  Israel  even  if  it  means  total  war *
...Israel  has  not  survived  in  the  Middle  East  for  over
half  a  Century  now  by  being  a  pushover,  the  Israeli
military  and  intelligence  branches  have  done  their
homework  and  have  prepared   for  war  on  all  fronts.
...Israel  understands  that  it  cannot  lose,  Israel  if
attacked  will  defend  itself   quick  and  deadly  it  will
spare   nothing, Israel  cannot  afford  to  be  mired  in
any  prolonged  war 
...What  concerns  me  is  that  "IF"  this  is  the  battle
of  Ezekiel  38-39   then   the  Little  Horn  will  be  the
one  to  mediate  the  aftermath  of  it  under  a  "Peace
and  Security"  covenant  with  the  many...Should  this  be
the  case   then  the  Rapture   and  the  official  beginning
of  the  end  is  not  very  far  off...
...Prophetically  speaking, Israel  will  "NOT"  be  defeated
until  the  Prophecy  of  Zecharia  14 : 2  takes  place  during
the  Battle  of  Armageddon  by  the  military  machine  of
the  man  of  sin...
...In  sum,  Iran's  nuclear  program  will  "NOT"  prosper
it  is  the  GOD  of  ISRAEL  who  controls  human  history
and  HE  has  declared  that  which  shall  be !!!  Israel
CANNOT  be  defeated  by  Iran  and  much  less
annihilated   by  a  nuclear  missile  "BECAUSE"  according
to   Bible  Prophecy  that's  not  how  it  all  ends  !!!
...It  is  also  possible  that  this  may  not  end  up  being
the  war  of  Ezekiel  38-39, as it is right this very  moment
Russias   military  is  near  shambles, Libya's  military  is
in  no  position  to  help  Iran  and  Turkey's  military 
entrance  into  this  war  as  a  NATO  member  would
forever  kill  its  hopes  of  becoming  an  EU  member
it is a no brainer that  should  Turkey  a  NATO  member
side  with  Iran  &  Russia  on  this  one   NATO  would
very  highly  likely   cutoff  all  ties  with  it...
__________________________________________________   has  always  stated  that  Israel's
biggest   future  threat  will  come  from  the  West,  the
orders  to  destroy  the  Temple  in  Jerusalem  in  70+ AD
came  from  Rome  !!!  and  it  was  because  of  what  the
Roman's  did  that  the  Jewish  diaspora  began...Israel's
biggest  future  enemy   will  be  none  other  than  Satan
in  the  flesh : Mr.666  from  the  future  EU-10 ***
...A  war   with  Iran  is  President  Obama's  worst  political
nightmare,  Obama  just  ordered  American troops  out
of  neighboring  Iraq  so  it  could  increase  his  re-election
chances...He  did  so, so that  he  could  tell  the  American
people   that  he  at  least  did  fulfill  one  of  his  promises !
should   a  war  with  Iran  take  place  before  the  American
Presidential  elections   this  November  it  is  very  highly
likely that  gas/oil  prices could  surpass  $5  dollars  a  gallon
and  the  American  voters  will  vote  with  their  pocket  books
in  mind
...What  saddens me  is  that   Iran's  leaders  are  misguiding
most  of  its  citizens   by  using   Israel  as  the  scapegoats
of  its failed Iranian domestic  policies...Iran is  a  very  Oil  rich
nation   who  spends  most  of  its  time  trying  to  devise  a
way  to  annihilate  Israel  and  the  Jews  when   they  should
be  using  those  economic  & human  resources  to  develop
ways  to  make  their  own  society  a  better  place  to  live in;
instead of spending their oil riches on buying nuclear armaments
from Russia, North Korea & China they should  be building world
class  universities, health research centers & working to diversify
their  domestic economy  away  from  its Oil  dependency...
...Furthermore, it is  a  sad  &  tragic  day  when we  witness
&  hear  a  world  leader  who has  no  problem with  bringing
on  the  Apocalypse  &  most  of  the  other  world  leaders  just
turn :  deaf, mute  & look  the  other  way *
...The  world  did  very  little  in  the  most  recent  genocides
in  Rwanda  &  Darfur  and  Israel   should  learn  from  history
itself; at the end of the day   your  self  preservation  and
survival   depends  on  you  &  not  on  the  UN, EU  or  USA...
...My  name  is  mario  romano  and  my   chief :  goal, dream
and  prayer  in  life  is  that  GOD  may  one  day  use  me
for  HIS  Honor  &  Glory *..I'm  not  leaving  this  planet  as
a  defeated  Christian  nor  empty  handed;  I  may  not  be
the  world's  best  writer  & this may not be the best  Bible
Prophecy  website  in the whole world   but  please  keep
praying  for  this  servant  of  GOD,  i'm trying my best  with
the talent that GOD gave me &  i'm just  trying to multiply  it *

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