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The  Future  Epicenter  of  the  Kingdom  of  the  Beast  !
....So  here  we  all  are,  on  the  cusp  of  the  real  beginning of the very  end  of  the  age...The  1st Beast Prophesied by the Prophet Daniel : The Babylonian Empire  arose  only  to  be  conquered  by  the  2nd  Beast  Prophesied by the Prophet Daniel : 'The Medo-Persian Empire' but this Empire  also   came  and  went  and  was  conquered by the 3rd Beast  Prophesied  by Daniel : 'The Greek Empire'  led by  Alexander the Great and  fulfilled in to the letter  by  none other than : 'Antiochus Epiphanes'  but  eventually even Greece fell and was devoured by the final and   4th  Beast  the : Roman  Empire  !!!...As  you  can  see  we  are  all  running  very  short  on  time,  the  second  phase  of  the  Roman  Beast   will  bring to a close  the  corrupt  Kingdoms  of  this  world;  Bible  Prophecy  makes  it  very  clear  that  it  shall  be  in  the  days  of  the  Ten  King's  that  the  GOD  of  heaven  will  never  be  destroyed  nor  conquered  !!!   (  Daniel  2  :  44 )  has  been   the  only   Bible  Prophecy  website   on planet  Earth  that  was  initiated  to  'solely  and  exclusively'   focus  on  the  Fourth  Beast  of  Daniel  and  the  Final  World  Empire  for  over  14+  years  now...Today other  EU Bible Prophecy  websites  have  sprung  up  and  we  thank  GOD  for  them,  this  servant  of  GOD  is  "NOT"  in  competition  with  anyone  else;  we  are  all  part  of  the  army  of  the  living  GOD  and  GOD  gave  us  all  gifts  !!!...As  you  may  know  we  also  run  several  other  Bible  Prophecy  websites  in  Spanish  too  in  fact   this  entire  website  is  also  viewed  through  all  of  Latin  America  and the rest of the Spanish speaking world  and  we  thank  GOD  Almighty  for  the  great  priviledge  of  teaching  His  Prophetic  Word   and   we  know  that  it  is  a  great  responsability  !!!
...It  is  our  goal  to   "INFORM"  the  body  of  Christ  and  all  those  who  yearn  and  await   the  coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  the  going  on's   of  what  is  taking  place  behind  the  scenes   of  the  European  Union   with  the  help  and  direction  of  the  Holy  Spirit...This  servant  of  GOD  is  just  a  vessel  of  the  Holy  Spirit  that  is  why  I  will  not  publish  my  photo;  this  website  is  "NOT"  about  me  it's  about   something  much  bigger  than  you  and  me  and  that  will  come  to  affect  the  lives  of  every  human  being  alive   very,  very  soon   !!!
...This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  wants  to  make  it  very  clear   that  he  truly  believes  that  we  are  the  final  generation  that  will  get  to  witness  "SOME"  of  the  major  endtime  Prophecies  of  the  Bible;  because  I  believe  in  the  Rapture  before  the  7  year  Tribulation  period   I  don't   believe  that   born  again  believers  will  be  here  to  see  the  "WORST"  period  in  all  of  human  history  !!!
...This  servant  of  GOD  is  "NOT"  here  to  'romantisize'  the  final  World  Empire  that  is  prophesied  to  dominate  the  world  during  the  final  3  and  a  half  years  !!!...I  am  here  to  forewarn  "ALL"  that  may  hear  these  words; both to Israel and to all the  gentile  nations***
...Before  the  final  10  King's  and  Horns  of  the  Beast  appear,  World  War  III  brought forth by the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse   must  "FIRST"  come  to  pass  !!!...The  truth  is  that   all  4  Beasts  foretold  by  the  Prophet    Daniel  have  appeared  on  the  scene; thus   85%  of  the  Prophecies  concerning  these  Beasts  have  been  fulfilled   and  we  are  on  the  verge  of  witnessing  the  final  phase  of  the  last  ROMAN  Beast  rise  to  power  as  guaranteed  by  the  Prophecies  of  the  Holy  Bible  !!!  (  The  final  10  King's  rise  to  power  after  the  Rapture  of  the  Church***)
...The  first  thing  that  we  must  get  straightened  out  is  that  the  fourth and Final Beast Prophesied by the Prophet  Daniel  is  "NOT"  the : Russian  Beast, the  Islamic  Beast  nor  the  Asian  Beast  it  is  a  Part # 2  of  the  Roman  Beast :  a  'Western  Power'  that will be epicentered  near  and  around  the Mediterranean Sea  !!!
...It  is  not  just  the  European  Union   that  will  undergo  dramitic  and  massive  changes  in  the  future  but  also  the  "Whole  World."  ...Events  are  comings  that  will  eclipse  those  of  September  11,   upon  the  whole  world   to  test  all  those  who   have  rejected   Jesus  Christ  during this age  of  grace  !!!...For  the  past  2000+  years  men  have  witnessed  the  grace  of  GOD   in  the  future  it  is  neccessary  that  those  who  rejected that grace  taste  of  the  Wrath  and  Justice  of  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  Israel...
...Presently,  the  European  Union   is  the  world's  largest  alliance  of  nations...Despite  all  of  their  'political, military  and  economic'  differences   and challenges  the  EU  consisting  of  28  nations    eclipses   every  other  alliance  on  planet  earth  and  neither  the  'Muslim  nations'  nor  the  'Asian  nations'   have  anything close  to it that  can  rival  it  !!!...Truth  be  told,   this  mega-alliance  is  "NOT"  Islamic  nor  Asian  and   it  continues  to  perceive  Russia   as  a  great  enemy  and  threat...While  some  doubt  that  this  European  Union  is  the  second  phase  of  the  4th  Beast  of  Daniel, this servant  of  GOD  and  student  of  Bible  Prophecy   "AFFIRMS"  that   this  same  European  Union   will  produce  the  final  Ten  King's  forewarned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation;  this  Beast   is  being  formed  in  the  very  belly   of  the  EU  and  will  emerge  out  of  the  'Mediterranean  region'   at  its  appointed  time  !!!
...Over  15+  global  and  regional  Empires  have  come  and  gone  since  the  first  phase  of  the  Roman  Empire   went  dormant  and  during that  time  there  was  "NO"  political  state  of  Israel  nor   a  Roman  Caesar...Israel  re-emerged  in  1948   and  the  European  Union  which  includes  Italy  ( the craddle  of  Rome )  re-emerged  shortly  after  it  in  the  form  of  the  'European Coal  and  Steel  Community'  in  the  1951  'Treaty  of  Paris'  and  later  in  the  infamous  Treaty  of  Rome  !!!...All  these  dates  were  "NO"  coincidence;  World  War  II  in  effect   produced  the  modern  State  of  Israel  and   also  the  greatest  enemy  that  Israel  will  ever  face  in  the  future  :  The  Romanesque  Beast  with  10  Horns  !!!
...We  stated  years  ago  that  the  first  two  Beasts  of  Daniel   represented  what  we  today  call  two  Middle  eastern  powers  :  Babylon  and  Medo-Persian  Empires  ( predecessors  of  modern  Arabs  and  Muslims  )  and  the  final  two  Beasts  :  Greece  and  Rome   clearly  demonstrated  that   global  power  would  forever  change  and  shift   into  the  hands  of  what  we  now  call  the  Western  Powers  !!!...Some   would  like  to  argue  otherwise  but  the   reality  is  that  presently  the  "WESTERN   POWERS"   have   foot  soldiers  in  Iraq  and  it  is  not  the  other  way  around  !!!
...We  cannot  talk  about  the  rise  of  the  final  Beast  with  10  Horns  without  including   the  2nd  Beast   that  rises  to  prominance   close  behind  it;   the  Roman  Vatican  will  play  a  key  role  in  legitimizing   the  Beast  before   a  world  left  behind  in  spiritual  darkness...For  the  past  14 +  years  we  have  declared  that  the  "Woman  on  top  of  the  Beast"  is  symbolic  of  Roman  Catholicism  and  ever  since  then  the  evidence  for it  just  keeps  getting  stronger  !!!...The  Woman  Harlot who rides the Beast is "NOT"  wearing  a  Muslim  Burqa,  it is very clear that she  possesses  a  "Golden  Cup"  in  her  hand, a  "Cup"  that  only  Roman  Catholicism   uses  in  its  religious  mass,  Muslims  don't  use  a  golden  cup  and  neither  do Buddhists   !!!
...As  mankind  departs  further  and  further  away  from  the  "LIGHT"  of  the  Holy  Word  of  GOD   he  is  automatically and by default  setting  himself  up  to  embrace  the  Spiritual  darkness  that  has  lead  most  of  humanity  into  the  path  that  leads  to   the  very  pit  of  hell  !!!...Roman  Catholicism   centuries  ago  thrusted   most  of  Europe  into  the  'Dark  Ages'  and   it  appears  according  to  the  Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  that  they  will  do  so  once  again  in  the  future   !!!
   foresees   great  changes  within  the  European  Union  in  the  future  as  World  War  III  is  played  out  it  is  very  obvious  that   various  European  allegiances  ( political   and  economic )  will  seek  to  distant  themselves  from  their  fellow  European  counterparts  as  World  War  III  is  played  out  !!!       (  just as it happened  in  WW I  and  later  in  WW  II  )...We  foresee  the  future  EU-10  adopting  a  new  EU  flag  and  we  also  foresee   a  future  Treaty  signed  in  Rome  that  will  make  the  10  King's    politically   official   in  that  specific  region  of  the  world...It  is  also  rather  obvious  that   something  of  epic  proportions  will   make  the  United  States  decline  on  the  world  stage   in  the  future  and  allow  the  final  Roman  Beast  epicentered  in  Europe  to  fully  rise  to  power  in  the  midst  of  a  world  on  the  verge  of  :  chaos,  war,  pestilence,  nuclear  fallout  and  every  nightmare  envisioned  by  survivalists  and  preppers***
...Several  major  global  political, economic, military  and hegemonic  changes   will  and  must  occur   "BEFORE"  the  final  10  King's  of  the  Beast  are  officiated  in  Rome  to  the  whole  world  and  even  before  the  666  Mark  is  introduced;   the Rapture must first  take place  and  so must   WW III;  in effect  the  final  10  horns   stand  up  in  unison  as  most  of  the  world   is  mired   in  the  after  effects  of  World  War  III and these will include  mass  starvation,  nuclear   war  and  anarchy  in  several  nations...As  it  is  most   developing  nations  are  on  the  brink  of  collapse   and  we  are  not  even   in  the  Tribulation  period  !!!   interprets  the  First  Horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  as  the  'man  of  sin'  with  a  spirit  of  global  conquest   on  the  par  of  Alexander  the  Great  , Napoleon  and  Adolf  Hitler  !!!  ...We  also  assert  that  the  'man  of  sin'  will  be  very  active  in  the  world  "BEFORE"  he  receives  power  together  with  the  10  King's  for  one  hour  ( 42  months )  because  it  is  he  who  "Confirms  the  Covenant  with  the  many  for  a  Week"  beforehand  ( 7  year  covenant  ) !!!...The  "Little  Horn"   rises  to  power  in  an  almost  identical  manner  in  which  Stalin  and  Hitler  rose  to  power  in  the  past, these  two  son's  of  Satan  also  killed  many  of  their  political  enemies  on  their  way  to  the   top  & the final world   totalitarian  will  accomplish things that Hitler  and  Stalin  only  dreamed  of  !!!  ...ALL  the  Islamic  armies, tactics  and  Islamic  terrorists  groups  have  failed  Satan  their  chief  leader  since  1947+  !!!...Israel  continues  to  grow  and  the   Prophetic  WORD  of  GOD  ALmighty  continues  to  be  fulfilled
...Satan  knows  that  his  time  is  getting  shorter  and  shorter  and  he  is  going  to  look  towards  the  West  because  even  his  Russian   Prince  is  going  to  fail  him  upon  the  mountains  of  Israel  !!!...Because  this  servant  of  GOD  believes  that  all  true  born  again  believers  will  be  "Transformed  in  the  Twinking  of  an  Eye"  before  the  7  years  Tribulation  period  begins  I  do "NOT"  expect  to  be  teaching  nor  expounding  anymore   on  this  subject  in  the future;  GOD  is  my  witness  that  this  servant  of  his  has  been  teaching  and  warning the world  and  Israel  for  over  14+  years  now  since  1999  !!!...I  am  "NOT"  here  on  the  world  wide  web  in  competition  with  anyone; this servant of GOD doesn't seek the applauses of men  for  I  seek  the  anointing  of  Almighty  GOD***
...In   sum,  the  European   Beast   that  produced   the  NAZI's   will  in  effect  manage  to  do  to  my  Israeli  Jewish  brothers    what  neither  all  the  Islamic  Terrorist  groups  nor  all  the  Arab  Islamic  armies  of  : Syria, Egypt,  Iraq, Turkey and Persian Iran  managed  to  accomplish  since  the   re-establishment  of  the  modern  state  of  Israel  !!!...That  is  why   exists;  we  are  trying  to  warn  Israel  about  their  greatest  future  national  security  threat  !!!...The  diabolical  spirit  that  inspired  the  NAZI's  and  Hitler   are  guaranteed  by  the  Biblical  Prophecies  to  make  a  comeback  !!!...As  I  have  stated  before  it  gives  this  servant  of  GOD  "NO"  pleasure  in  announcing  what  is  coming  upon  this  planet  in  the  not  too  distant  future;  the  Biblical  Prophecies  were  already  in  marsh   long  before  you  and  I  were  born, this  servant  of  GOD  is  merely  interpreting  the  Biblical  Prophecies  given  to  the  true  Prophets  of  GOD  found  in  the  Holy  Scriptures  !!!...This  servant  of  GOD  asks  the  Holy  Spirit  that  he  be  led  to  all  truth  and  that   this  servant  of  his  interprets  the  Biblical  Prophecies  correctly...
By : Mario  Romano, a student of the Biblical  Prophecies   and  a  student  of  Eurasian  Geopolitics  who  also  has  studied  very  keenly  :  Microbiological warfare, Spiritual  Warfare  and  Strategic  Warfare...Mario  prays  for  the  Peace  of  Jerusalem  and  strongly  believes  in  evangelizing   and  winning  souls  for  Jesus  Christ  and  yearns  for  the  2nd  coming  of  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  !!!


Sarkozy  emerging  as  a  leading  global  figure

President Nicolas Sarkozy heads to Asia this week to broach the idea of bringing India and China together with G-8 nations in a 'Bretton Woods II' framework of economic rules.

October 22, 2008

Paris - A year ago, France's new president raced around Europe looking frenetic. Nicolas Sarkozy's wife had left him, critics pointed to a lack of discipline and a royal style of rule – a man who moved but didn't shake – and his popularity nosedived.

This week Mr. Sarkozy worked with President Bush to set up a series of meetings to reform the global economy, and he's now off to Asia to broach the idea of bringing India and China together with G-8 nations in a "Bretton Woods II" framework of economic rules. This comes just weeks after he moved with alacrity to broker a cease-fire deal to end the Georgia-Russia war.

Critics still point to Sarkozy's proclivity to turn politics into a show and to unashamedly take credit whenever possible. Yet in the space of a summer he has consolidated his power and blended substance with showmanship, and is now winning praise as a crisis leader in a more multipolar world.

"I think today that everyone, even those who had misgivings, acknowledge that [Sarkozy] not only has great political energy, but also exceptional leadership qualities," commented José Manuel Barroso, the EU chief who accompanied Sarkozy to Camp David this weekend.

The French president's peripatetic style is proving useful for a major crisis with multiple elements – which plays into his ability to do many things at once.

He's been blessed with good political winds: with Russia's invasion of Georgia, and with US world stock at an ebb, it is Europe's hour at a time when the EU presidency is held by France.

Europe boldly took the lead in response to the global financial crisis by offering a plan devised by Gordon Brown and, later, Sarkozy that recapitalized banks to aid the economy.

While the White House moved quickly to propose a $700 billion bailout, it finally adopted Europe's plan to address liquidity and agree to a series of Bretton Woods-style meeting after the US presidential elections on Nov. 4.

Sarkozy has quickly adopted a bully pulpit for Europe and its traditionally more measured approach to markets. In Strasbourg Tuesday, speaking to the European Parliament, he stated that Europe "must carry the idea of a new foundation of global capitalism. What happened [with toxic assets and derivatives that created a credit crisis] was a treason of the values of capitalism," he said. "The market economy itself is not called into question."

France moved this week to lend 10.5 billion euros ($14.12 billion) to six banks to boost their capital reserves.

Man of action

"He can walk into a crisis and take action. That's what a leader does; it's what Sarkozy is good at," says a former French political consultant to the prime minister's office. "He chases down an answer, he doesn't let it go. The 27 EU nations need someone who gets an agreement. We are in a crisis, and he stayed calm amid serious market fear. With no crisis, it might be a different story."

Sarkozy has had issues with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose aides complained that Sarkozy would step in and steal headlines and the hard-earned thunder of a German leader who did her homework when Germany led the EU in 2007.

But German newspapers, such as the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, and German analysts have praised quick French action in mediating between Russia and Georgia, and point to Sarkozy's good faith bargaining in the final hours of the crucial Lisbon Treaty to unify Europe last year, where he and Ms. Merkel achieved a historic agreement.

"He's become more of a diplomat and political manager than a personality show," argues Henning Riecke of the Berlin-based German Council of Foreign Relations.

There's been some back and forth between the British and French press over who deserves the lead position in Europe on the credit crisis, Gordon Brown – who Nobel laureate Paul Krugman said "saved the world" with his plan – or Sarkozy. But the spat doesn't appear to be originating at the top.


Cool in a crisis?

It was as a cool crisis manager that Sarkozy first came to broad attention in France.

As mayor of the tony Paris suburb of Neuilly in 1993, Sarkozy faced a hostage situation where a man calling himself the "human bomb" entered a nursery school with a rifle and explosives.

Sarkozy went directly into the school, negotiated with the disturbed man, and walked out surrounded by the children.

The police later shot the man; but no one had seen a politician act like this before.

Still, a year ago after a hard-fought campaign, Sarkozy looked like the incredible shrinking president.

His marriage had collapsed, he faced strikes by transport workers that shut down France's subway system, and efforts to create a "tax shield" for wealthy French citizens was deeply unpopular in a country where vanishing "purchasing power" was on many French lips.

Monsieur 'bling bling'

Sarkozy was criticized for lavish vacations, for garish "bling bling" tastes, for putting his personal life in front of the media as he courted supermodel Carla Bruni, whom he later married. His approval rating fell from 65 to 32 percent.

A rude epithet by Sarkozy to a critic at a farm show outside Paris was posted on YouTube in February. Even in July, hopes for a glorious French presidency of the EU that would bring a ratification of the Lisbon Treaty looked dashed, as Ireland refused to ratify it. He faced pressure in August after a Taliban attack killed nearly a dozen French troops.

Yet what the presidents of Denmark and Luxembourg have called Sarkozy's "intensity" in negotiating with Moscow, and with Washington in pushing a European model of reform – has put Sarkozy's approval up to 49 percent.

Even columnists like Jean Quatremer, for the left-wing Liberation, not a bastion of Sarkozy support, have been feeling pride in the president's achievements: "Apart from the British," Quatremer wrote this week, "who have always had a hard time acknowledging positive developments from the continent in general, and France in particular, everyone is seduced by Sarkozy's activism and ability to compromise."

"A lot of this moment could be as in the past, public relations and spin" says a long time Parisian commentator, pointing out that in Sarkozy's negotiations with Russian President Medvedev last month, both men emerged with dramatically different accounts of what had been decided. "We'll have to wait and see.

EU  President  Nicolas Sarkozy shines  in  a crisis

October 21, 2008

Paris -- French President Nicolas Sarkozy belongs to a breed of politicians who seem to function in perpetual crisis mode.

At times his style -- reminiscent of, say, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani -- comes off as abrasive. But during bona fide crises like the global economic meltdown, Sarkozy hits his stride and charges into the fray.

Even some detractors say that when the crisis struck, Sarkozy turned out to be the ideal figure to have at the helm of the European Union, a sluggish, fractious, 27-member organization whose meetings on tough issues generally end with decisions to hold a future meeting.

Instead, Sarkozy charmed and cajoled fellow European leaders into a historic agreement for a coordinated, multibillion-dollar bank rescue plan that calmed hysterical markets last week.

Then Sarkozy, who holds the rotating EU presidency, zoomed to the United States, where he, European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso and President Bush announced plans for a summit at which world leaders would work on the financial crisis. The French president hit the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday and trumpeted a typically ambitious plan for "a refoundation of world capitalism."

Like Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain, Sarkozy has won new popularity at home and praise abroad. After 16 uneven months in office, he seized the chance to reassert French power on the world stage at a moment when several Western leaders are politically weak.

"I think he achieved his true stature as a man of state," said Nicolas Baverez, an economist and historian who is among a group of informal advisors consulted by the president. "He is a man with a real capacity to manage events."

Despite talk of competition between Brown and Sarkozy for the mantle of European leadership, their relationship has been necessarily cooperative and complementary, Baverez said. Because Britain retains the pound sterling currency rather than the euro, it wields influence but cannot speak for the EU the way France has.

"These are two men who know each other for some time and understand each other well," Baverez said. "I really don't think there is a competition, because Brown is too weakened at the level of domestic politics. Also, because the United Kingdom does not belong to the Eurozone, that is an arena where Sarkozy had to lead."

Brown, the quiet technocrat, displayed his economic prowess in developing a British bank bailout that served as the model for the European plan. Sarkozy supplied political muscle and public relations flash to forge an international consensus after uneasy days in which nations such as Germany and Ireland favored unilateral policies that worsened the chaos.

"I think that today everyone recognizes, even those who had doubts at first, that President Sarkozy not only has a great political energy, but also exceptional qualities as a leader," Barroso said in an interview with Le Figaro newspaper Tuesday.

Sarkozy seems the right man at the right place in terms of ideology as well as temperament. His center-right predecessor, Jacques Chirac, was a ponderous, cautious figure who feuded with American and European counterparts.

Sarkozy came to office last year as a hard-nosed center-rightist who nonetheless opened his government to centrist and leftist Cabinet ministers. On the foreign affairs front, he espoused a vision that balanced France's traditional independence with an unusually pro-American attitude and a willingness to take risks.

And he has not hesitated, in classic French fashion, to respond with the power of a robust state to the breakdown of a marketplace overwhelmed by greed and disorder.

As the crisis began to escalate about six weeks ago, Sarkozy scolded a roomful of bankers and corporate executives for their role in runaway speculation and toxic investments, according to an account in L'Express magazine.

"It's been years that you have played, that you have bought whatever you wanted in the United States, that you got all excited in the marketplace," Sarkozy declared, according to the account. "And today when things go bad, you come running to the state!"


Sarkozy needled by 'voodoo doll'

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has threatened to sue a publishing company if it does not withdraw from shops a "voodoo doll" in his image.

The doll comes with pins and a manual with instructions on how to put the evil eye on the president.

Users can stick the pins into choice quotes from Mr Sarkozy which are printed on the doll.

Mr Sarkozy's lawyer said the president had the "exclusive and absolute rights" over his own image.

Publishers K&B have issued 20,000 editions of the kit and have also produced a similar doll of Segolene Royal - Mr Sarkozy's Socialist party rival in the presidential elections last year.

Her lawyer said she is considering legal action, calling the doll an affront to her human dignity.

The publisher said Mr Sarkozy's reaction was "totally disproportionate" and has so far refused to pull the doll from shops.

The product went on sale on 9 October.

The quotes on the Sarkozy doll include "work more to earn more" and "get lost, jerk" - which he reportedly said to a bystander who refused to shake his hand at an event last year.

It is not the first time Mr Sarkozy has resorted to litigation. Last week he sued Yves Bertrand for libel and invasion of privacy after extracts from the former spy chief's diaries were leaked and published.

Voodoo has become associated with zombies and sticking pins into dolls to curse an enemy, but practitioners say this misrepresents their religion.

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