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The  Truth  About  Fatima ? 

Beware :  "For  even  Satan  transforms  himself  into  an  Angel  of  Light."  ( 2nd  Corinthians  11 : 14 )

"If  you  end up  accepting  a  counterfeit  $ 100  dollar  bill   you  will  only  lose   money,  if  you  end  up   accepting   counterfeit  goods  you  could  end  up  in  jail,  but  if  you  end  up  accepting   a  false  prophet  you  could  end  up  losing  your  very  soul  !!!"   -mario  romano

...In  the  beginning  Satan  deceived  Adam & Eve  as  the  ancient  serpent,  later  he  tried  to  deceive  Jesus  Christ  by  citing  and  twisting  scriptures  to  suit  his  purpose, in modern  times  he   transformed  himself  into   a  'Lady  of  Light'  in  several  apparitions  all  over  the  world; once  again   speaking half-truths  as  always  and  yet   clearly  "CONTRADICTING"  the  written  WORD  of  the  LIVING  GOD  !!!...Satan  is  not  yet  finished  deceiving  the  world, the  Book  of  Revelation  warns  us  that  he  will  'take  off his  gloves'  in  the  future  and  show  his  true  colors  by  becoming  that  Great  Red  Dragon  !!!   but  his  final  deceptive   transformation  won't  end  there;   he  will  literally  become  a  man  by  way  of  the  body  of  the  future  Anti-Christ;  thus  Mr.666  will  be  his  final  masterpiece  and  unfortunately  it  is   prophesied  that  he  will  even  ultimately  deceive  much  of  Israel  with  a  7  year  peace  covenant*  ( for he gives him all of his powers for  one hour-42 months*)


...The  truth  about  the  apparition  of  Fatima  in  Portugal  in  1917  is  that  it  was  "NOT"  of  GOD;   nor  was  the  "angelic  woman"  who  appeared  to  the  three  unsuspecting  children  there  the  same  Mary  of  the  Scriptures...I  have  studied  the  Holy  Bible  from  Genesis  to  Revelation  several  times  during  my  lifetime  and   nowhere   do  we  see  GOD  entrusting  the  message  of  salvation  to  children,  much  less   showing  them  the  flames  of  hell  as  the  apparition  of  Fatima  supposedly  did  to  the  three  children   in  Portugal  in  1917...In  all  of  the  Bible  we  see  GOD  revealing  and  entrusting  His  truth  and  message  of  salvation   not  to  children  nor  to  women  but  only  to   spiritually  mature  men  which  we  call  the  Prophets  of  GOD...


...What  is  very, very  interesting  about  the  Fatima  apparition  itself  is  that  this  apparition  does  "NOT"  mention  directly  the  name  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!...The  apparition  tells  the  unsuspecting  children  who  know  little  if  any  biblical  scriptures  deep  theological  secrets  that  to  begin  with  are  in  direct  opposition  to  the  very  Word  of  GOD  found  in  the  Holy  Bible...


...Fatima  herself  tells  us  who  she  really  is  for  she  identified  itself  as  being  the  "Queen  of  Heaven"...The  Holy  Bible  identifies  this  ancient  "Queen" (  Jeremiah  44 : 19 )  as  being   a  Pagan  goddess  !!!   who  has  been  deceiving   the  souls  of 20:52:03for  many  generations   !!!...There  is  "NO"  such  thing  as  the  'Queen  of  Heaven'  there  is  only  the  King  of  Heaven  who  created  "EVERYTHING"   including  the  same  woman  who  gave  birth  to  Jesus  on  this  planet  and  HE  is  JEHOVA  GOD;   manifested  in  this  planet  in  the  flesh  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!...


...The  Fatima  apparition  in  and  of  itself  is  "BLASPHEMOUS"   in  that   it  totally  ignored  the  total  sacrifice  of  Jesus  Christ  at  the  Cross of  Calvary  !!!...The  apparition   tells  the  naive  children  who  know   little  if  any  theology  that  GOD   whishes  that  the  world  give  devotion  and  adoration  to  her  Immaculate  Heart  and  not  to  GOD  directly  !!!...Additionally,  the  apparition  tells  the  children  that  many  go  to  hell  simply  because  no  one  prays  for  them;   men  are  given  the  opportunity  in  this  life  to  turn  from  their  sins   and  accept  Jesus  Christ  as  the  total  atonement  for  their  sins;   the  unfortunate fact  is  that  most  men  choose  to  live  in  sin  and  in  darkness  and  once  death  comes   "NO"  amount  of  praying  or  intercession  can   pull  anyone  out  of  hell  !!!  ...Additionally,  another  apparition  who  also  claimed  to  be  Mary  promised  salavtion   to  all  those  who  died  with  a  "Brown  Scapular"  !!!  (  why  according  to  the  apparitions  theology  there  is  no  need  for  the  atonement  of  Jesus  Christ !!!  just  by  dying  with  this  brown  cloth   all  will  be  forgiven !!! )


...The  Bible  tells  us  that  we  are  saved  by  grace  through  faith  in  Christ  Jesus  alone,  witnessing  miracles  does  not  save  us, witnessing  the  sun  dancing  does  not  save  anyone;  salvation  comes  when  a  man  or  a  woman  realizes  that  they  have  sinned  against  a  Holy  GOD  and  they  repent  of  their  sins  and  begin  with  the  help  of  the  Holy  Spirit  to  live  in  a new  life  in  Jesus  Christ  !!! 


...The  internet  is  full  of  Catholic  websites  and  books  and  articles  about  the  apparition  of  Fatima  and  her  suppossed  secrets;  the  truth  is  that  Fatima  is  a  major  distraction  of  the  fallen  angel  of  light  who  transforms  himself  into  an  angel  of  light  to  deceive   all  those  who  know  little  if  any  of  the  Holy  Bible...


...Mario  Romano,  a  servant  of  the  LIVING  GOD   "Affirms"  that  Fatima  is  "NOT"  Mary;   the  real  Mary   has  suffered  one  of  the  earliest  cases  of  identity  theft;  Satan  is  no  fool  he  knows  what  most  men  want  to  hear  and  see  and  gives  it  to  them  !!!...If  you  are  really  interested  about  what  is  coming  upon  the  whole  world  all  you  have  to  do  is   read  and  study  the  final  Book  of  the  Holy  Bible :  The  Book  of  Revelation*


...I  remind  all  of  my  Catholic  friends  that   I  do  not  condemn  them  nor  hate  them,  I  am  like  a  medical  Doctor  who  is  telling  his  patients  the  truth  and  if  you  don't  do  anything  with  the  truth  then   you  will  suffer  the  consequences...Neither  the  Guadalupe  apparition   in  Mexico  nor  the  Fatima  apparition  in  Portugal  mentioned  the  name  of  Jesus  Christ  !!!  and  neither  one    pointed  to  the  Cross of  Calvary  !!!    instead  both  apparitons  requested  that    devotion  to  them  be  established   in  these  two  distinct  geographic  areas...The  Bible   reveals  to  us  that  we  are  "NOT"  to  worship  any  other  one  than  GOD  !!! ( and once again I remind my Catholic friends  that  in  the  beginning  GOD   created  everything  !!!  Mary  was  nowhere  in  sight  nor  had  she  yet  been  born  *


...Mario  Romano  is  a  born  again  Christian  who  has  been  studying  all  of  the  apparitions  ( Lourdes, Fatima , Guadalupe, Mudugorje, Lassalette  and many others*)  for  many    years...It  is  very  clear  and  obvious  to  Mario  that  "ALL"  of  these  apparitions  "FAIL"  to  stand  up  to  the  Holy  Bible  and  the  message   given  by  "ALL"  of  the  apparitions  clearly  goes  against  the  very  teachings  of  both  the  Old  and  New  Testament;   you  have  to  be  Biblically  illiterate  to  fall  for  the  message  of  these  apparitions  that  are  clearly  "NOT"  the  same  Mary  found  in  the  Holy  Bible...If  we  are  to  accept  the  apparition  of  Fatima  as  that  of  a  Prophet  then  Fatima  is  a  false  prophet  who  uttered  a  prophecy  that  did  "NOT"  come  true; the apparition  claimed  that  if  Russia  was  not  consecrated  to  her  that  Russia  would   cause  global  havoc;  the  Communist  Soviet  Union  rose  and  fell  and  Russia  never  became  Roman  Catholic   nor  did  it  spread  its  errors  throughout  the  world    therefore  Fatima  is  a  false  prophet  !!!


...In  conclusion,  GOD  is  the  only  one  worthy  of  worship  and  adoration  and  I  remind  all  my  Catholic  friends  that  Mary  is  "NOT"  the  mother  of  GOD;  on  the  contrary   GOD  is  the  Father  and  creator  of  Mary   !!!...In  the  beginning   GOD  created  the  heavens  and  the  earth  and  everything  in  it  !!!  ( notice  that  Mary  is  nowhere  yet  to  be  found * )  the  real  Mary  of  the  scriptures   was  a  Jewish  woman  whom  will  receive  her  reward  for  obeying  GOD,  we  must  remember  that  Jesus  Christ  already  existed   before  He  was  physically  born  in  this  world  and  birthed  through  Mary  in  the  flesh...Jesus  Christ  is  the  very  WORD  of  GOD  who  became  flesh  and  dwelt  amongst  us;  He  was   in  existence  before  Abraham  and    Moses  and  by  Him  was  everything  made  that  was  made  !!!


...Because  the  souls  of  billions  of  Roman  Catholics  are  at  stake  it  is  critical  that  the  truth  be  told  about  "ALL"  the  apparitions,  Satan  didn't  end  deceiving  this  creation  in  the  Garden  of  Eden;  he  still  continues  "DECEIVING  the  Whole  World !!!"  (  -Book  of  Revelation  12 : 9  )  all  those  who   ignore  the  Holy  Bible  and  its'  message   set  themselves  up  to  be  easily  deceived  by   Satan's  deceptions  and  the  Bible  itself  warns  us  that  Satan  has  the  power  to  transform  hinself  into  an  Angel  of  Light !!! 


...The  message  of  salvation  throughout  the  entire  Bible  is  that  "ALL"  men  have  sinned  and  have  fallen  short  of  the  Glory  of  GOD;  "YET"   GOD  so  loved  the  world   that   He  sent   His  only  begtten  Son  that  so  "WHOEVER"  believeth in Him  should not perish   but  have  eternal  life...Jesus  Christ  is  the  "ONLY"  way  to  the  Father  and  anyone  or  everyone  who  attempts  to   go  to  the  Father  without  Jesus  Christ   has  condemned  himself  for  not  believing  in  the  only  name  given  unto  men  by  which  we  must  be  saved  :  JESUS  CHRIST   !!!..."NO"  man;  be he  : Jew, Muslim,  Roman Catholic , Buddhist,  Jehovah Witness  nor  Mormon  will  be  allowed  into  heaven  if  they  ignore  Jesus  Christ  !!!...Jesus  Christ   is  GOD;  all  things  were  made  by  Him  !!!   ( In the beginning was the WORD  and  the  WORD  was  with  GOD  and  the  WORD  was  GOD  !!!  -Gospel  of  John  1 : 1 )


US  ‘will  lose  financial superpower   status’



The US will lose its role as a global financial “superpower” in the wake of the financial crisis, Peer Steinbrück, the German finance minister, said on Thursday, blaming Washington for failing to take the regulatory steps that might have averted the crisis.

“The US will lose its status as the superpower of the world financial system. This world will become multipolar” with the emergence of stronger, better capitalised centres in Asia and Europe, Mr Steinbrück told the German parliament. “The world will never be the same again.”


His were the most outspoken comments by a senior European government figure since Wall Street fell into chaos two weeks ago.

He later told journalists: “When we look back 10 years from now, we will see 2008 as a fundamental rupture. I am not saying the dollar will lose its reserve currency status, but it will become relative.”

The minister, who has spearheaded German efforts to rein in financial markets in the past two years, attacked the US government for opposing stricter regulations even after the subprime crisis had broken out last summer.

The US notion that markets should remain as free as possible from regulatory shackles “was as simplistic as it was dangerous”, he said.

But Mr Steinbrück had warm words for the US’s crisis management in the past fortnight, including the government’s planned $700bn rescue package for the financial sector. Washington, he said, had earned credit for acting not just in the US interest but also in the interest of other nations.

Yet he repeated Germany’s refusal to mount a similar rescue operation using taxpayers’ money to acquire toxic assets. “This crisis originated in the US and is mainly hitting the US,” he said. In Europe and Germany, such a package would be “neither sensible nor necessary”.

The US, Mr Steinbrück said, had failed in its oversight of investment banks, adding that the crisis was an indictment of the US two-tier banking system and its “weak, divided financial oversight”.

He blamed Washington for refusing to consider proposals Berlin had made as it chaired the Group of Eight industrial nations last year. These proposals, he said, “elicited mockery at best or were seen as a typical example of Germans’ penchant for over-regulation”.

His comments followed calls this week by Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president and current holder of the European Union presidency, for an emergency G8 meeting on the crisis.

Mr Steinbrück’s proposals include a ban on “purely speculative short selling”; a crackdown on variable pay for bank managers, which had encouraged reckless risk-taking; a ban on banks securitising more than 80 per cent of the debt they hold; international standards making bank managers personally responsible for the consequences of their trades; and increased co-operation between European supervisors.

Following a meeting with Christine Lagarde, his French counterpart, in Berlin, he said France and Germany would set up a working group of treasury, central bank and supervisory authority officials that would consider tougher regulation of short selling.

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