The Final 42 Months ?
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The Real & Final  42 Months *
...I  am  writing  this   insignificant  commentary  in
response to  all those who are erroneously  teaching  that
Babylon  will be rebuilt in  modern day Iraq  to  serve
as  the  headquarters  of  the  future  Anti-Christ's
headquarters  and also in response  to all those  who
blindly fail to  foresee  that  during  the  Great  Tribulation
the  world  will  be  immersed  in  WAR, STARVATION,
and  PLAGUED  by  one  nightmare  after  another...
There  will be little time to  build  or  create  a  new  city;
to give you an example  the modern TWIN TOWERS in Dubai
are estimated to be completed  in 4 years and this is
with the latest building technology; and we are only
talking about one  building and NOT an entire city with
new  infrastructure...
...To  put  everything  in  perspective  the  final  42  months
will be something  like  World  War  II  which lasted  6 years
squeezed  into 3 and a half years, unfortunately there will
be  another  Holocaust  and  Nuclear  weapons  will be used
in more than  one  ocassion***
...The  truth  is  that  as  we  near  to  the  final  week  of
Daniel  ( the last 7 years )  everything  will accelerate, this
includes: wars, poverty,  starvation,  global  health epidemics
and ethnic  conflicts  the   world will literally be on the edge
of chaos...
...I  do  NOT  want  to  Romanticize  the  final  7  years, the
present  state of the world  economy is in big trouble imagine
when  it all  comes crashing down to make way for  the final
system of  the  MARK OF THE BEAST...The  Book of Revelation
guarantees  that  IN ONE  HOUR  SO  MANY RICHES  WILL 
...The  United  Nations  will  "NOT"  be  a  part  of  the  Final  10
horns  of  the  Book of  Revelation, history repeats itself and the
future of the UN will follow  the destiny of  the LEAGUE OF
NATIONS,  you  can  quote  me  on  that !!!
...And  "shame"  on  all those  who  teach  that  the  Shroud
of  Turin  is  the  image  of  Jesus  Christ !!!  it  is  NOT, GOD
wants  you  to  worship  him  in  Spirit  and  in  Truth  and NOT
before  any  graven  Image, GOD  is  a  SPIRIT !!!
...The  endtimes Babylon  will  "NOT"  be  located  in  Iraq !!! 
you  can  also  quote  me  on  that, the Book of Revelation
does  NOT  speak  of  the  ancient  Babylon  found by the
Euphrates and Tigris Rivers,  it is revealing   symbolically an
end  times  City with the same spirit  as that  Babylon of the
Past, in fact the Book of  Revelation calls  this new and
endtime Babylon :MYSTERY  BABYLON &  Babylon  the  Great !
...As  a  poor  and  insignificant  servant  of  the  living  GOD,
and as  a student  of  Bible  Prophecy   I would  like  to  clear
that  the WOMAN who RIDES the  BEAST is itself  geographically
and  historically  identified  by the Book of Revelation  as none
other  than  THEE  ROMAN  CATHOLIC  CHURCH, the Muslim
religion wasn't invented  by Mohammed and the fallen angel
until  600+  years  later !!!  neither : BUDDHISM,  ISLAM  nor
HINDUISM   fits the Prophecy of  REVELATION  17 : 18 !!!
only  the  Roman  Vatican  DOES !!!
...For  some  reason  political  correctness  has  infiltrated  the
thinking  of  various  "respected"  students  and  teachers  of
Bible  Prophecy  and  many  of  these  "believers"  have  NO
spiritual  backbone and seem  to  embrace  what seems  popular
but  NOT  Biblical, they are spiritually malnourished  believers
...Yes,  the  Vatican  is  an  ABOMINATION before  thee
LIVING  GOD, yes the vatican did literally  order
the  deaths  of  hundreds  of  thousands  in  the  past  in   the
UNHOLY  INQUISITIONS, yes  the  VATICAN  has  Reigned  over
the  Kings  of  this  Earth, who colonized the whole earth 500
years  ago  ? wasn't  it  the  Imperial European  Powers ??? 
Didn't  they  carve  the  modern  borders  of  most  countries ???
and  yes,  the  sins  and  abominations  that  the  Vatican  has
perpetuated over  a  1000  years  have  reached  heaven  and
you  know  what  the  Bible  teaches  us  about  that  !!!
and  i'm  not  even  going   to  get  into  all the sexual  deviancy
that  takes  place  behind  the  closed  doors  of  Catholic
institutions  !!!
...I  conclude  by  stating  that  i  am  not  a  prophet, nor  the
son  of  a  prophet !!!   this  poor  servant  of  GOD  is  merely
reiterating  what  the  Prophets  of  GOD  have  already
declared...Unfortunately,  there  are  some  CONFUSED  students
of  Bible  Prophecy  who  are  afraid  to  speak  the  truth,
such  brothers  once  scared  the  world  and  now  they  are
scared  by  the  world ***
...In  conclusion, neither  the  UN  nor  the  WEU  will  produce
the  final  10  horns  foretold  by  the  Book  of  Revelation,
these are  mere   forerunners, just as Hitler was to the
Anti-Christ, the  end  is  NOT  yet,  hold  fast, keep  the
FAITH  !!! for  he  who  endures  faithful until  the  end  shall
inherit  eternal  life !
...There will be NO time to build  a new  city or  headquarters
for  the  Kingdom of the  Anti-Christ in  the  FINAL  3 & a half
years, you've heard it said that Rome wasn't built in a day,
neither  will the coming Kingdom of the Anti-Christ, he will have
to make the most of  what is already at his disposal, if you
study  the Book of Revelation  you'll  be  able  to  comprehend
that  the entire  world will  be at  war in those final  42 months,
imagine  a  : Katrina, a Haiti, a Somalia,  a  Hugo  Chavez
multiplied  all over  the  world, most of the world will  be  in
chaos   except  for the Kingdom  of  the  Beast, his Kingdom
will  have  ORDER, but  it  will  be  one similiar to what  NAZI
Germany  produced  only half a Century ago...
...Let's  NOT  romanticize  the  Great  Tribulation  there's  a
reason  why  the  Book  of  Daniel  guarantees  that  the
final  10 Horn  alliance  will   DEVOUR  the  whole  world,
the  strong  and  united  always  conquers  the  weak  and
the  disunited***Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, the
Roman Empire, the British empire all  flourished  under the
weakness  of  their  enemies  and  so  will it also  be
under  the  rule  of  the  future  MAN  OF  SIN***

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