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Universal  Pattern ?

..."For  the  earth  shall  be  full  of  the  knowledge  of  the  glory  of  the  LORD  as  the  waters  covers  the  sea."   -  Habakkuk  2 :  14


..."He  does  great  things  too  marvelous  to  understand  and  wondrous  works  without  number."   - Book  of   Job  9 :  10

...Call  unto  Me  and  I  shall  answer  thee  and  shew  thee  great  and  mighty  things,  which  thou  knowest  not."  -  Book  of  the  Prophet  Jeremiah  33 : 3

..."Praise  Him  all  His  angels  , all  His  heavenly  armies  !!!...His  glory  is  above  earth  and  heaven  !!!"   (  Psalms  148 : 2 -13  ) 


...Theologically  speaking  we  know  that  Genesis  1  is  the  account  of   our  creation  in  this  sector  of  the  Universe...Genesis  1  is  "NOT"  the  account  of   all  of  GOD's  other  creations   because   the  creation  of  the  Angelic  world  created  eons  before  us  is  not  mentioned  nor  included   in  Genesis  1...

...GOD  our  Creator  has  nothing  to  hide  from  anyone , for  HE  created  "ALL"...In   Genesis  1   the  over  1+ billion  galaxies  and  the  over  1+ septillion  stars  and  the  over   1 + billion  of  other  planets  were  "ALREADY  in  EXISTENCE"... Genesis  1  'zooms  &  focuses'  solely on  this  planet  and  gives  an  account  of  how  GOD  created  life  here  and  how   he  brought  man  to  life  and   what  he  expects  from  every  man  in  this  creation...Just  like  GOD   didn't  reveal  the  exact  specifics  ( like how he  created the atom first,  matter, anti-matter  etc.*)   to the writer of Genesis  ( Moses *)  He  just  revealed  to  us  all   the  most important  things  we need  to  know  and this  is  that   we  were  all  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!


...Please   forgive  all  of  my  fellow  Creationist  brothers   who  teach  that    GOD   only  created   life  in  this  planet  and  very  possibly   according  to  them  nowhere  else  in  the   billions  upon  billion  of   planets  surrounding  us  by  way  of  the  over  100+  billion  Galaxies  and  the  over   1+ septillion  stars...Genesis   1  focuses  "ONLY"  on  GOD's  creation  of  this  planet  and  if  you  read  the  Chapter  carefully  you  will  notice  that   it  was  this  planet   the  one  that  was   'formless  and  empty'  and  not  necessarily  the  rest  of  the  heavens...Also  please  forgive   my  fellow  creationist   brothers  who  teach  that   it  would  make  us  less  special  if  GOD  did  so,   remember  the  flood   and  how  special  we  are  ?...TO  GOD  everything  that  He  gives  life  to  is  very  special  to  Him  and  that's   all  that  matters  because  it's  all  about  HIM;  after  all  we  were  all   created  for  His  pleasure   ( Book  of  Revelation  4  :  11  )...Yes,  this  Universe  is  full  of  :  many,  many  other  creations  of  GOD   !!!..."NO"  one  should  be  surprised,  there  are  things  that  GOD  wanted  us  to  discover  for  ourselves  that's  in  part  what  makes  the  journey  of  life   exciting  !!!... Genesis  1  doesn't   mention   the  other :  1,000,000,000,000,000,000+  planets  that  we  'now'  know  are  out  there  just  as  it  didn't   revealed    the  intricate   details  of  how   GOD   sustains  and  created  every  atom  and  every  piece  of  matter  solely  by  the  power  of  His  WORD...GOD  knew  that  in  due  time   human  knowledge  would  multiply  just  as   He  told  the  Prophet  Daniel    and  then  it  would  then  be  that  we  would  figure  out   how  to : fly  and  rapidly  move  'to  and  fro'  with  the  aides  of  machines,  how  to  discover  the  cures  for  many  diseases  and  the  like...



..Nature  is  one  of  the  ways  that  GOD  has  revealed  Himself  to  humanity...It  is  now  2013   and  biologists  are   still  classifying   millions  of  species  in  our  own  planet  and  are  nowhere  near  to  identifying    all  the  living  species  alone  from  this  planet  and  Astronomers  and  Astrophysicists  know  very  well  that   they  will  never   complete  the  task   of  mapping  the  known  Universe  and  most  certainly  "NOT"  in  their  lifetime  !!!

...What  you  are  about  to  read  shouldn't  be  surprising  or  come  as  a  shock  to  anyone  especially  to  my  fellow  brothers  who  also  believe  in  the  creation  account  of  Genesis  1...We   already  share  this  planet  alone  with  millions  of  different  species  and   lower  life  forms...We  inhabit  a   galaxy  that   by  itself  holds  over  200  "BILLION"  stars  and  with  a  potential  even  greater  number  of  planets  !!!...The  most  conservative  Astronomical  estimates   conclude  that  there  are  over  100+  "BILLION"  other  Galaxies  !!!  A  recent  German  super-computer  simulation  put   the  number  of  galaxies  in  our  Universe  at over  500+  "BILLION."   I  don't  know  if  you  can  see  what  I  can  see  but  the  heaven's  themselves  are  shouting  to  me  that   GOD  is  not  a  'one  hit  wonder.'...I  know  that  I'm  not  the  center  of  this  Universe,  I  have  no  problem  sharing  GOD's  love  with  the   over  7+  billion  of  human  beings  that  are  currently  alive  nor  with  the  billions  of  Angels  who  were  created  before  all  of  us,  I'm  just  happy  to  be  alive  and  because  of  what  Jesus  Christ  did  at  the  Cross  I  will  inherit  eternal  life  and  whosoever   calls  upon  the  name  of  the  LORD   will  too  !!!  and  Mario  Romano    are   in  awe  by  the  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  who  created  "ALL"  there  ever has  been, all there  is  and  all  there  will  ever  be  !!!  What  you  are  about  to  read  is  "NOT"  introduced  as  doctrinal  in  nature  nor  as  a  personal  revelation;  it  is  merely   introduced  as  a  personal  and  perhaps  an  insignificant  observation  of  this  servant  of  GOD...We  see  a  Universe  of  patterns  and  within  this  pattern   we  see  that  this  Universe  "IS"  full  of   different  life  forms  created  by  GOD :  the  holder,  originator  and  the  giver  of  "ALL"  LIFE  !!!...Some  may  totally  disagree  with  this  servant  of  GOD  and  I  welcome   it;  but  too  many  of  us  for  too  long   have  been  guilty   of  not  knowing  the  full  power  of  GOD  ( Mark  12 : 24 )  some  argue  that  GOD  couldn't  possibly  have   other  creations  because  He  has  His  hands  full  with  us !!!  That  couldn't  be  further  from  the  truth... In  His  Omnipresence  and  in  His  sovereignty   He  is  everywhere  at  once and  does  as  He  pleases...A  GOD  who  knows  how  many  hairs  on  our  head  we  each  have  and  who  knows  the  billions  of  stars  by  name   truly  is   unlimited  in  power  and  awesome   beyond   what   any  human  language  is  remotely  capable  of   describing  and  defining  HIM*


This  is  the  "PATTERN"  (  some  may  call  me  crazy !!!   sometimes  I  sincerely  wish  I  was  !!! )   the  "PATTERN"  is  :  that   if  this  Galaxy   holds  at  least  and  only  one  planet  full  of  life  like  our  very  own  planet  earth   in  this  Milky  Way  Galaxy,  then  this  pattern  should  :  follow, reflect  and  mirror   the  other   millions   of  Galaxies  throughout  this  Universe,  they  too  should    also  hold  at  least  one  planet  full  of  life  !!!   (  at  a  minimum* )   and  in  "NO"  way  would  I  be  surprised  to  find  out  one  day  in  eternity  future  that  we  were   one  of  millions  of  GODs  creations  !!!   (  we  are  being  conservative  with  our  numbers  due  to  the  fact   that  most  Astronomers  agree  that  there  are  "BILLIONS"  of  other  Galaxies  and  not  just  millions   !!! )


 ...A  few  may  argue  with  this  servant  of  GOD   but  the  Holy  Bible  itself  never  declares  that  we  are  GOD's  only  creation  on  the  contrary  we  know  that   we  are  "NOT"  ...The  Holy  Bible  is   the  covenant  that  GOD  has  with  this  creation,  all  the  living  and  the  dead  from  this  creation  shall  be  judged  by  the  words  found  in  the  Holy  Bible...GOD  has  different  covenants  with  all  of  His  other  creations   and  "NO"  our  Lord  didn't  die  for  all  others  just  as  He  didn't  die  for  the  fallen  Angels...GOD  has   His  own  standards  for  all  of  His  creations;  His  laws  are  perfect  and  just*...I'm  not  here  on  planet  earth  to  compete  for  the  love  of  GOD  with  anyone,  as  a  believer  I  know  that  GOD  truly  loves  each   and  every  human  being  of  the  7+  "BILLION"  who  are  presently  alive in this  planet,  I'm  not  a  spoiled  and  egotistical  Christian   who  thinks  that   'he  or  she'  is  GODs   favorite  child,   I've  learned  the  purpose  of  life  the  hard  way;  the  purpose  of  life  being   that  we  were  put  here  on  earth  to  help  our  neighbor  our  brother, to  help  the  foreigner  the  weak and  the  poor...In  blessing  others  GOD  blesses  us  and  in  losing  our  life  for  the  Kingdom  of  GOD  it  is  then  that  we  truly  find   our  life  and  our  true  purpose  in  Christ  Jesus...


...Yes,  GOD  created   billions  of  others  before  us,  this  should  "NOT"  surprise  us  for  HE  has   created  billions  of   humans  in  this  tiny  sector  of  this  Universe  as  well  as   millions  upon  millions  of  smaller  living  species  in  this  planet  alone  !!!...Some  may  argue  that   this   would  mean  that  we  are  not  special;   on  the  contrary  "ALL"  that  GOD  creates  is  very  special  to  Him  and  everything  that  He  creates   serves  a  purpose  to  Him;  it's  not  about  us  it's  all  about  Him...Let  us  "NOT"  forget  that  GOD  has  had  all  the  time  of  eternity  past  and  will  have  all  the  time  of  eternity  future  to   create   lifeforms   and  other  mind-boggling   creations  without  end  in  the  vastness  of  the  Universes ; both  greater  and  smaller  than  us  just  as  we  ourselves  were  created  a  little  lower  than  the  very  Angels*...This  should  not  surprise  us  for  GOD  created  millions  of  different    living  species  in  this  planet  alone  and  yes  in  this  creation  we  are  the  highest  lifeform  and  were  given  the  task  of  multiplying  and  filling  this  earth  and  subduing  it, unfortunately  even  in  this  task  we  are  failing  GOD  because   we  are  now  destroying  our  own  planet, contaminating our own water supply  and   contaminating  the  very  air  that  we  breath  and  all  for  the  love  of  money*


...Mario  Romano  is  "NOT"  a  Prophet,  sometimes  you  don't  need  to  be  a  Prophet  to  see  the  wonders  of  GOD;  sometimes  a  pure  heart  can  see  beyond  the  temporal  things  of  this  world...Sometimes   we  don't  have  to  wait  on  NASA  or  on  secular  astronomical  discoveries  for  GOD  gave  all  men  gifts*...The  truth  is  that  the  fingerprints  of  GOD  are  all  over  this  Universe  !!!...Think  of  our  Galaxy  (  the  Milky  Way  )  as  a  tree  full  of  oranges  ( rather than  stars )  we  know  first  of  all  that  ----


...What  does  this  all  mean ?  It  means  that   we  are  learning  more  and  more  about   our  Creator  for  the  very  heavens  themselves  declare  the  glory  of  GOD...To  this  fallen    creation  it  changes  nothing,  "THIS"  creation   has  sinned  against  GOD    and  we   all  must  pay  the  wages  of  sin...Despite  the  fact  that  we  have  all  failed  GOD  in  every  conceivable  way  and  then  some  !!!  GOD  has  had  compassion  on  us  and  through   the  Sacrifice  that  Jesus  Christ  paid  on  the  Cross  of  Calvary ,  GOD   has   in  fact  given  us  all  a  second  chance  !!!...Let  it  be  known  that  GOD  has  never  abandoned  this  creation  despite  the  fact  that  it  rebelled  against  Him  to begin  with  and  on  the  contrary;   GOD  has  gone  out  of  His  way  to  save  us  and  restore  all  things  through  Jesus  Christ  !!!...Part  of  the  journey   of  life  is  that  we  discover   about  the  world  around  us  for  ourselves  and  as  our  knowledge  of  this  planet  and  Universe  keeps  increasing   our  knowledge  about  our  creator  GOD   should  as  well...


...What  is  sad  and  tragic  is  that  we  will  never  get  to  colonize  nor  conquer  space... The  end  of  this  creation  is  at  hand;  if  you  study  the  Book  of  Revelation   you  will  notice  that   we  never  get  to  conquer  the  stars  as  most  science  fiction  novels   once  led  us  to  believe...This  fallen  creation  has  been  "Quarentined"  and  has  been  confined  to  this  condemned   planet  who  was  contaminated  by  sin  long  ago  !!!   Sin  so  permeated  every   aspect  of  life  on  this  planet  that  it  will  have  to  be  eventually  destroyed  after  the  millennium (  Book of  Revelation  21 :  1 )  ...Meanwhile   we  have  to  get  ready,  Jesus  Christ  is  coming  and  so  is  the  final  7  year  Tribulation.  The  truth  is  that   men  will   kill  one  another  not  in  'outer  space'  and  not   by  'aliens'  as  popular  films  depict  our  future,   but  men  will  slay  one  another  because   they  have  allowed  themselves  to  be  deceived  by   satan;  the  god  of this world  and the very  one who  deceives  the  whole  world  !!!   There  will be  no  conquest  of  space  men   will  soon   initiate  World  War  III  and  later  the  final  Battle  of  Armageddon  and  its  not  going  to  be  because  of  who  will  get  to  conquer  and  colonize :  Mars, Venus  or  Saturn  first  or  the  rest  of  our  solar  system,  but  it  will  be  because   the  present  geopolitical   dilemmas   of  the  Middle  East  will  come   to  a  full  and  final  consummation    and  according  to  Bible  Prophecy   the  GOD  in  heaven  who   raises  King's  and  removes  them  at  His  sovereign  will   has   appointed  all  the  enemies  of  Israel    to  meet  His  'wrath'   once  and  for  all  upon  the  mountains  and  valleys  of  Israel  shall  they  be  consumed  !!!  


...If  you  want  to  keep  on  believing  that   you  are  GODs  favorite  child  and that you are  the center  of  His  Universe  you  have  every  right  to;  it  is  "NOT"  my  intention   to  rain  on  your  parade  !!!...What  we  do  know  Biblically  speaking  is  that  GOD  already  had  billions  of   others  who  He  called  His  son's  before  we  came  along  and  these  Son's  of  GOD  ( Angels  *)  found  in  JOB   clearly  are  "NOT"  jealous  of  us;  in  fact  they  rejoiced  when  GOD   brought  forth  life  in  this  sector  of  this  Universe  !!!  (  Book  of  Job  38 : 7 )  the  love  of  GOD  cannot  be  'diluted'   He  loves  each  and  everyone  of  His  creations   in  His  own  way  just  as  He  can  love  each  and  every  one  of  the  7 + billion  of  human  beings  who  are  currently  alive  !!!


...The  end  of  the  age  is  at  hand;   I  write  about  these  matters  because  some  immature  believers   teach  that  those  of  us  who  teach  Bible  Prophecy  are  fascinated  by  the  endtimes  "Little  Horn."   This  should   quiet  some...I  am  in   "AWE"  of  my  Creator  and  GOD   and  I  feel  so    unworthy   before  His  HOLINESS; every  word  I  write  in  this  web-site  I  do  so  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind...I  am  no :  Einstein,  no  Slipher, no Hubble  , no  Hawkin, no Seifert  !!!...But,   I  was  given  the  same  amount  of  brain  cells  as  all these  famous  Astrophysicists   and   I'm   definitely  not  leaving  this  planet  quietly   !!!


...When  all  the  Prophecies  of  the  Bible  and  all  of  its  promises  are  fulfilled  to  this  creation  and  to  my  Jewish  friends  and  when  the  Millenium  comes  and  goes  and  eternity  begins;  I  have  no  doubt  that   GOD  will  keep  on  creating   others  and  initiating  other   creations   because  that's  His  very  nature : Master  Creator;  Creator  of  all  that  ever  was  and  all  that  ever  will  be  !!!


...In  this  creation,  salvation   cometh  from  the  Jews  that  is  why   even  in  the  New  Jerusalem  where  GOD  will  house  all  those  who  were  redeemed;  the  12  Gates   will  bear  the  names  of  the  Twelve  Tribes  of  Israel  in   rememberance  of   what  this  chosen  group  from  within  the  Tribes  of  all  the  earth    did  for  us  all :  PRODUCE  THE  MESSIAH  :  JESUS  CHRIST  !!!...It  were  the  Jews  who  gave  us  the  Prophets  and  the  Twelve  Apostles  and  the  Holy  Bible  !!!  We  are  all  so  indebted  to  them  because  Salvation  itself  cometh  from  our  Jewish  Brothers;  Thank  You   Israel  !!!  You  are  indeed  a  world  Blessing  because  of  you  all  the  nations  of  the  world   are   blessed  !!!  Yeshua   is  the  Messiah :  JESUS  CHRIST   is  GOD  incarnate  !!!  Behold  the  wounds  in  His  hands  ( Zechariah  13 : 6 ) !!!


...GOD  doesn't  need  anyone  to  help  him  run  the  Universes  much  less  us  !!!...We  were  simply  created  for  His  pleasure  and  despite  all  of  our  many   shortcomings  it  so  pleased  the  Father  to  give  us  the  Kingdom  (  Luke   12 : 32 )  Thank  You  LORD  JESUS  CHRIST  !!!  (  Hallelujah  !!!  Glory  to  GOD  !!!*)...I  was  recently  meditating  on  the  latest  picture   of  this  Galaxy  taken  by  the  European  Space  Agency  ( ESA  )   and  I  noticed  how  insignificant  we  appear   in  the  vastness  of  this  Universe;  the  last  I  checked  even  our  own  Milky  Way  galaxy   doesn't  even  occupy   1%  of  this  Universe  in fact it occupies  something like  .001 %   !!! ...In  no  way  do  I  claim  to  understand   the  deep  mysteries  of  GOD  our  Father  and  Creator   I'm  just  in  awe,  just  in  awe  of  His  amazing   love  !!!...The  most  "IMPORTANT"  and  critical   thing  that  every  human  being   does  need  to  know  though  is  that  "WE"  ( in this creation )  have  all   sinned  against  GOD  and  because  of  this  truth   we   are  all  subject  to  death;  but  GOD  promises  eternal  life   to  all  those  who  repent  of their  sins  and  turn  to  His  salvation  found  in  Jesus  Christ  !!!



-The  following  has  been  an  'insignificant  observation'  of  the  laws  of  this  Universe  and  it's  patterns  as  observed  by  Mario  Romano*...Mario   is  a  born  again  believer, he's  not  a  prophet  nor  a  Bishop  much  less an  Apostle  nor  an  Astrophysicist;  he's  just   a  believer  who  believes  in  the  power  of  the  HOLY  SPIRIT  it  is  his  humble  prayer  that  the  GOD  of  heaven  will  someday  use  this  servant  of  His  for  His  Honor  and  Glory*...What  you  have  read  is  just  my  small  "THEORY"  of  what  GOD   has  been  doing  long  before   we  were  created  by  Him...The  thoughts  and  ways  of  GOD  are  beyond  our  comprehension;  this   poor  servant  of  thee  living  GOD  is  merely    adding  up  all  the  growing  evidence  that  we  have  recently  discovered  these  past  two  decades  and  we  will  "NEVER"   get  to   understand  it  all;   the  top  Space  and  Astronomical  agencies  in  this  planet  have  only  managed  to  map  some  2%  of  the  known  Universe  and  the  end  of  the  Age  is  at  hand *...We  live  in  a  Universe  of  "BILLIONS"  of  :  stars, planets,  galaxies  and  billions  of  us  alone  in  planet  earth  along  with  billions  of  other  living   organisms,  so  nothing  should  surprise  us  for  even  these  huge  numbers  hold  a  pattern  :  ALL  PRAISE  AND  GLORY  BE  TO  OUR  GOD  IN  THE  HIGHEST  FOR  BY  HIM , FOR HIM AND THROUGH  HIM  ALL  THINGS  WERE  CREATED***






Sarkozy: Europe's Man of the Hour

August 30, 2008


The extraordinary European Union summit that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has called for Monday looks likely to decide not simply Europe's policy toward a resurgent and aggressive Russia which is talking of a new Cold War, but also the degree to which the world's richest economy will in future seek to play a diplomatic role to match its wealth.


Sarkozy, who was elected two years after French voters gave a resounding referendum "No" to the EU's draft new constitution, has now emerged as the most Europe-minded of the EU leaders. He is also by far the most energetic and has made himself into Europe's dominant figure, ahead of Britain's lugubrious Gordon Brown and Germany's cautious Angela Merkel.


After brokering the shaky peace deal and ceasefire between Russia and Georgia, Sarkozy is remaking policy around the world, not least in the Middle East. Indeed, immediately after the Monday summit, he flies to Damascus for talks intended to lure Syrian President Bashar Assad out of the diplomatic cold.


Sarkozy told the annual conference of France's ambassadors this week in Paris that he had decided to try "another route, more risky it is true, but more promising -- open dialogue leading to tangible progress."


France froze ties with Syria after the 2005 murder of Lebanon's ex-premier Rafiq Hariri, and the United States still shuns Syria as a state sponsor of terrorism. But Sarkozy sees Syria as key not just to Arab-Israeli relations but also to his own plans for a Mediterranean Union, to bring the countries of the Maghreb and Levant into much closer relations with the EU.


Sarkozy's Syrian plan came on the heels of his meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah in Paris Wednesday, when France and Jordan signed a new accord on civilian nuclear cooperation. It includes a deal by France's Areva group to mine uranium in Jordan and the prospect of France building nuclear power plants in the desert kingdom.


At the same time, Sarkozy is defying French opinion polls that say most of his voters want France's 2,600 troops brought home from Afghanistan, where 10 were killed Aug.18 on a poorly-planned patrol near Kabul. Sarkozy insists the troops stay because the war is a struggle against terrorism, the struggle for our values, for freedom and human rights in a country martyred by obscurantist barbarity.


Despite this, Sarkozy's personal poll ratings have just reached a 12-month high, despite grim economic tidings. The French like to see their president count for something on the world stage, and Sarkozy is visibly enjoying his current six-month stint in the rotating EU presidency.


But the real test will come Monday, when he seeks to reconcile the anti-Russian suspicions of the former Warsaw Pact nations with those EU countries uncomfortably aware of their dependence on Russian energy supplies. If Sarkozy can achieve that while persuading the Kremlin to abide by the peace deal he crafted, then perhaps the EU can start to be a major diplomatic force in the future

EU Likely to Shy From Sanctions on Russia



Aug. 30 -- European Union leaders probably won't penalize Russia with sanctions for its invasion of Georgia when they gather Sept. 1 for summit on the crisis, a French official said, signaling the West's limited ability to back condemnations with substantive action.

France doesn't foresee imposing barriers or restrictions at the meeting being convened by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to discuss relations with Russia in light of the Georgian conflict, a presidential aide said. The aide briefed reporters at the Elysee Palace in Paris yesterday on condition he not be further identified. France holds the EU's rotating presidency.

``The Europeans are sort of trying to find a formula for their message which makes them look tough but without being too provocative,'' said Reginald Dale, a senior fellow in the Europe program at the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies. ``They're bound to do something pretty cautious and rather feeble.''

EU inaction would reflect a response from the U.S. and Europe built largely on public condemnations. Relations with Russia, the world's largest energy supplier, reached a post-Cold War low after the military conflict started in Georgia on Aug. 7. Russia four days ago recognized two breakaway Georgian regions as independent states, ignoring U.S. and European objections.

The EU wants to maintain its dialogue with Russia, though it intends to be firm, the French presidential aide said. Officials might discuss later, possibly before an EU-Russia summit in Nice on Nov. 14, whether to slow talks with Russia on closer economic ties or delay loosening their visa policies, the aide said.

Coordinating With EU

The U.S. is coordinating with the EU on a response to Russia's actions, State Department spokesman Robert Wood said. While U.S. officials have issued statements condemning Russia's recognition of the Georgian breakaway regions and its handling of the cease-fire, the Bush administration hasn't announced any concrete measures other than humanitarian aid delivered to Georgia under military supervision.

The U.S. is ``re-evaluating'' its relationship with Russia, including a planned nuclear energy cooperation agreement, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said two days ago. Diplomats signed the accord in Moscow in May to enable joint projects on supplying and reprocessing nuclear fuel, and President George W. Bush submitted it to Congress later that month.

``We continue to be dismayed that Russia has not fulfilled all its requirements in the peace agreement that it signed,'' Perino told reporters at the White House yesterday. ``Russia is increasingly isolated and will bear the consequences of that isolation unless they fulfill that agreement and make amends.''

May Sever Ties

In other developments, Georgia said that it might recall its diplomats and sever ties with Russia; Moscow criticized a statement by foreign ministers in the Group of Seven industrial nations condemning Russia's recognition of the two separatist Georgian regions; and Georgia said any Russian military bases placed in South Ossetia would be ``illegal.''

In formulating a response to Russia's assault, the U.S. has more leeway to take forceful steps against Moscow than Europe in part due to the distance and because it isn't as dependent on Russia for financial ties and energy supplies, Dale said.

Russia supplies about a quarter of the EU's natural gas.

``There's very little leverage over Russia,'' Dale said. ``Once you've accepted that Georgia is a bridge too far in geographical terms, that it's not an ally you protect militarily, then what can you do?''

The EU also is divided between a group led by Germany, France and Italy that wants to maintain communication and more hard-line thinkers in Eastern Europe who have experienced Soviet occupation.

`Escalate the Dispute'

``Anything that had teeth would really escalate the dispute further than most West Europeans want to, because they want to keep their economic links with Russia,'' Dale said. ``Russia has shown it will turn off the faucets for political reasons.''

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called his decision on the breakaway regions an ``obvious'' move to protect his country's borders. Russia's acceptance of the independence of the pro-Moscow autonomous regions, years after they first requested recognition, followed its military drubbing of Georgia this month after leaders in Tbilisi tried to retake South Ossetia by force.

An EU-brokered cease-fire that ended fighting called for Georgia's forces to return to their bases and for Russian troops to withdraw to the positions they had before the conflict began.

The Sarkozy aide said all EU leaders should say in a joint statement that Russia's decision is unacceptable and remind Russia and Georgia that they must respect the cease-fire agreement. That would mean Russia must lift four check points in Abkhazia immediately, he said.

Russian patrols near the borders of the breakaway regions must be replaced by unarmed observers of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe as soon as possible, the aide also said. The EU may announce at the Sept. 1 summit that it's ready to send tens, if not hundreds, of observers, the aide said.

The EU will probably decide on financial and humanitarian aid for Georgia, and discuss whether a donors' conference must be organized and whether its visa policy toward Georgian citizens must be eased, the aide said.

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