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Ten  Toes  of  Iron   &  Clay ? 
...The  Prophet  Daniel   speaks  of  the  Last  Gentile
Empire  as  one  that  will  be  partly  strong  and  partly
weak  an  Empire  led  by  ten  Kings,  five  of  their
members  will  be  as strong as Iron such as  a  Germany
or  a  France  who  underwent  an  Industrial  Revolution
and  the  other  five  of  its  key  members  will  be
countries  such  as  Greece  who  never  really underwent
an  Industrial  Revolution and with all due  respect  to my
Greek  friends  a  country which for the most part  relies
on  TOURISM  for  a  significant part  of  its  income...
...It  is  no  secret  that  some  30%  of  the  11 million
Greek  population  works  for  the  government  in  one
capacity  or  another  and  aside  from  Olives  little  else
is  actually  exported  out  of  Greece  today...
...Friends  and  visitors,  the  EURO  is  in  trouble  and  I
expected  that...Yes,  it  is  true  that  the  EU  consists  of
27  nations  and  growing, but  its  10  Kings  are  well
entrenched  in  all  the  mix  somewhere, the  Bible  does
tells  us  that  3  of  the  original  10  will  be  temporarily
kicked  out  in  the  future  and  it  also  tells  us  that
when  all  is  said  and  done  this  last  Empire  will  DEVOUR
the  entire  world  or  whats  left  of  it  during  the  final
42  months  of  human  governments...
...To  be  fair  yes,  the  EURO  is  in  big  trouble  but
neither  the  American  Dollar  nor  the  Chinese  Yuan
is  any  more  stable, truth  is  that  it  appears  that
the  entire  financial  system  of  this  world  is  bulit
on  smoke  and  mirrors  and  when  the  smoke  clears
it  ain't  going  to  be  pretty...
...Please  don't  believe  all  the  hype  of  the  Chinese
economy, when Americans  dont  buy, Chinese  factories
are  shut  down, the  Chinese  government  much  like
the  past  Soviet  Government  are  really  good  at
controlling  public  perception...
...NO,  the  end  is  not  yet...But  it  is  rather   obvious
that  the  present  global  financial  earthquakes  are  very
inter-connected  with  each  other  and  all  of  these
economic   'dark  clouds'  are   creating  the  perfect  storm  by
which  a  future   666  mark  linking  most  of  the
financial  systems  of  this  world  will  become  a  reality
Bible  prophecy  GUARANTEES  it, so  don't  be  surprised
...Finally, it is also becoming  rather  obvious  who  the
five  "Clay  like  toes"  will  end  up  being  and  who  the
other   five  "Iron  like  toes"  will  end  up  being,  it  is
very  highly  likely   that  the  five  "clay  like  toes"  will
either  be  five  eastern  european  countries  who  will
provide  an ample  cheap  workforce  for  the  other  five
highly  industrialized and high tech-countries  in  Western
Europe ( the 5  Iron like toes ) or if the  Mediterranean
Union  really takes off  the  five  Northern  African  countries
could  be  it...Given  the  realities  of  war  when  all  hell
breaks  loose  during  the  Great  Tribulation  it is more
highly  likely  that  the  Europeans  both  Western  &  Eastern
will  bind  together  against  a common  enemy, be these :
the  Russians, the  Muslims  and  the  Asians...If  history  is
any  guide  the  Anti-christ  will repeat  many  of  Hitler's
strategic  moves  by  attacking   Northern  Africa and Russia
except this time with great  success  and  having  no  one
stop him  from   setting  his  sights  on  Jerusalem...That
is  until  "Tidings from the East"  shall   trouble   him

The Euro Crisis in the fragile EU


Congressional pursuit of a Goldman Sachs role in the Greek economic crisis is largely a red herring. The pieces may be picked up by speculators like George Soros, who ostensibly made his first $2 billion by betting on the end of the last attempt at European currency coordination. But the crisis of the European Union's common currency is much bigger than that and isn't going away, because it represents the near end of an experiment in geopolitical sleight of hand that was doomed from the outset.

Of course the euro did seem the obvious next step in "the European project" — the attempt to end the Continent's wars, culminating in World War II, which almost destroyed European civilization. The towering figures of Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle saw German-French political unity as the only way to avoid future conflicts. Their inspired helpmates — Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet, Herbert Wehner and a host of lesser-known technocrats — tried to build a parallel economic infrastructure. And under Washington's sheltering arm, the Soviet threat was held in check and eventually defeated by the world's most successful military alliance, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

A common currency appeared logical to complete the world's biggest, richest common market.

But what a few foresaw as a buried bomb has now exploded. European political/economic unification has proceeded under the unelected, unrepresentative European Commission, which could dictate the smallest business matters. But it could never get a grip on individual national finance ministries.

In a nation-state with a functioning representative government, a parliament would dictate the economic course of action. But the delegates who sit in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, have about as little control over the Brussels Commissars and the European economy as the Continental Congress had over the quarreling 13 Colonies.

Inevitably, a common currency has been defeated by differing national economic agendas, which Brussels, for all its bureaucratic skills, has not been equal to controlling.

Greece, Spain, Portugal and Ireland were profligate in creating welfare states modeled after big brothers in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. (Note for President Obama: Yes, that high-speed Spanish train, all those windmills, etc., you so admired in your introduction to Europe are fine. But they don't pay the bills.) It's important to recall that while Greece's annual deficit — nearly 13 percent of its gross domestic product — is unsustainable in a worldwide recession, it is not bigger than Britain's (even though the British economy is so much larger).

Significant, however, is that London never chose to enter the euro. It is now going to sweat out a de facto devaluation of the pound sterling, which will force the British into austerity that they hope will lead to eventual recovery. Greece may yet be forced/volunteer into opting out of the euro to re-establish the world's oldest currency, the drachma, in order to accomplish the same. Strikes, rioting and nihilistic student revolts notwithstanding, it has been the tried-and-true method in the past to achieve a new balance. And it may yet be the one the Greeks will have to take, though none of the European treaties has a provision for how a member can secede from agreements.

As the crisis escalates — Spain's economy is bigger than those of Greece, Portugal and Ireland combined — a brutal choice is going to be forced on the European Commission leadership. Spain can't devalue its currency to make its exports and beaches more attractive because the euro's value is driven by Germany's bigger industrial economy.

Either a new way will be found to bring Spain and the indebted members to take the bitter pill of severe austerity — something they were obligated to do under the Maastricht Treaty setting up the common currency but to which they have not adhered — or a breakup of the political framework is at hand.

That is why the growing euro monetary crisis is increasingly a crisis of the whole effort at a unified European state. Turning away from that goal is not an option, we are told on every hand — from the gnomes in Zurich (though the Swiss do not belong) to the dwindling pro-"Europe" claque in Britain.

But the German taxpayers, who never wanted to exchange West Germany's "economic miracle" mark for the euro in the first place, are now called on for hundreds of billions of euros to pay for even a modest partial bailout of the PIGS (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain). Never mind that Germany's 2009 trade surplus reached 135.8 billion euros, or $184.9 billion. But now with Germany's own export-led economy facing grim prospects since 65 percent of German exports were to other eurozone countries, even that bailout may not be a real option. Chancellor Angela Merkel, with her feuding coalition at her back, has more than broadly hinted at just that.

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