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Who  Can  Make  War  Against  Him ? 

...I'm  not  here  to  glorify  nor  romanticize  the  future  endtimes  Mr.666,  NO  !!!...But  i'm  not :  blind, naive  nor   ignorant  of  the  powers  of  darkness  &  evil  either  !!!...I  do  not  apologize  for  being  a  student  of  the  WORD  of  GOD;  what  this  servant  of  GOD  states  here  only  reiterates  what  the  Prophets  of  the  Holy  Bible  foresaw  coming  upon  the  whole  world  in  the  final  days...By  all  accounts  the  future  Mr.666  will  be  and  accomplish  what  Adolph  Hitler   was  "NOT"  allowed   to   by  the  GOD  who  rules  from  heaven   (  Daniel  4 :  26  )...Hitler  initiated  WW II  and  Mr.666  ( Revelation 6 )  will  initiate  WWIII,  Hitler  sought  to  expand  and  to  conquer  and  so  will  Mr.666  ( conqueror bent on conquest )  Hitler  killed  4  million  Jews  and  Mr.666  will  kill  over  5  million  !!! ( Zecharaiah  13 : 8 )      

...The  final  son  of  perdition  will  "ALREADY"  be  very  active  in : political, diplomatic  and  military  affairs  somewhere  in  Europe   before  the  final  7  years;  due  to  the  fact  that   he  'confirms  a  covenant  with  the  many  for  one  week'  and  later  breaks  it  midway  3 and a half  years  "LATER"  when  he  is  given  absolute  power   by  the  final  10  King's  of  Revelation  and  Satan  for  42  months  !!!   is  a  'watchman'  whose  key  focus  is  to  warn  of  the  final  Beast  with  10  Horns...It  is  our  goal   to  faithfully  and   correctly  interpret   these  final  Biblical  prophecies  that  will  affect  billions  of  human  beings  and  especially  all  of  my  Jewish   friends...I  have  "NO"  intention  of  leaving  this  world  defeated  and  clueless  !!!  and  I'm  most  certainly  not  leaving  this  planet  'quietly  and  in  vain'  for  I  know  my  GOD;  the  Holy  One  of  Israel  and  in  His  name  I  pray  to  be  able  to  do  mighty  exploits  in  the  future  for  His  Honor  and  Glory  !!!  ( Daniel  11 : 32 )...Yes,  the  present  European  Union  is  headed  for  a dramatic  'political  and  economic'  overhaul  yet  out  of  it  will  come  the  10  horned  Beast  of  Revelation  and   yes, the  final   version  of  the  EU  will  have  a  different  name  for  Revelation  13 : 1  guarantees  it  !!!


...The  endtimes  Anti-Christ  will  be  "NO"  one's  true  friend,  for  it  is  Prophesied  that  he  shall  invade  and  conquer  Islamic  countries,  he  will also  turn  against  the  Roman  Vatican  and  ultimately   destroy  it,   he  will also make war with future  Christians  and  overcome  them  and  last  but  not  least on his  list  will  be  Israel   and  every  Jew  on  planet  earth  and  unfortunately  it  is  prophesied  that  he  will  kill  some  60%  of  my  Jewish  friends  !!!...All  of  this  is  Biblical  and  Prophetic,  in  the  last  days  Satan  doesn't  want  any  type  of  competition   he  wants  all  worship  given  to  him  directly  !!!..." and  they  worshipped the  Dragon  because  he  had  given  authority  to  the  Beast !!!"...Yes,  Mecca  will  be  destroyed  in  the  future  and  so  will  the  Roman  Vatican  and  Satan's  ultimate  goal  will  be  Jerusalem;  hence  the  great  Battle  of  Armageddon   !!!


...What  you  are  about  to  read  is  the  'blunt  truth'  of  what  will  happen  in  the  not  so  distant  future...I  so  wish   that  I  could  tell  you  that   it  is  Prophesied  that  in  the  last  days  the  enemies  of  Israel  will  come  to  their  senses  and  realize  that  Israel  is  "NOT"  the  cause  of  their  failed  domestic  policies, that  Israel  is not the reason  for their high unemployment  woes, that  Israel  is  not  the  cause  of  their  countries  hyper-inflation  woes  !!!...GOD  in  fact  blessed  many  of  these  Arab  countries  with  vast  oil  richess  but  like  any  other  corrupt  governments  the  top  leadership  of  these  Islamic  countries  have  gone  out  of  their  way to  keep it  among  their  Swiss  Bank accounts  as much as  possible  instead of  reinvesting most  of  these  oil  riches  to  diversify their  economic  situation...I  wish  I  could  tell  you  that  the  leaders of all the Islamic  terrorist  groups  and  the  leaders of all the  Islamic  countries  will  ask  Israel  to  forgive  them  in the future  and  thus usher  in  a  new  era  of   mutual  peace  and  global  understanding;  but  the  Holy  Spirit  who  searches  deep  inside  the  human  heart  knew  long, long  ago  that   most  of  these : Islamic  countries civilian leaders and religious  leaders   will  "NOT"  repent   of  their  hatred  for  Israel* 


...ALL  the  false  gods  of  this  world   have  fallen  and  the  rest  and  few  that  remain  and  continue  to  be  given  worship  must  fall  too  !!!  allah  will  "NOT"  be  the  exception;  Thee  HOLY  GOD  OF  ISRAEL   exposed   and  brought  down  all  the  false  gods  of  ancient  empires  and  it  is  necessary  that  even  the  new  false  gods  that  most  people  worship  in  this  21st  Century  be  brought  down too  !!!...There  is  but  one  GOD  in  heaven and  His name does  not  start  with  an  "a"   but  with  a  "J"  !!!


When  Revelation  13  : 4   comes  around  the  Anti-Christ  will  have  already   have   destroyed  and  conquered  a  large  part  of   the  Islamic  world,   in  effect   this  'Western  Prince'  that  shall  come   shall  appear  to  be  the  very  'saviour  of  the  West'  and  even  of  Israel   !!!...The  Roman  Vatican  ( The Woman on the Beast )  will  be  very  grateful  and  indebted  to  this  ruthless  figure  who did  what  no  other  Western  leader  had  the  'calzones'  to  do  and  that  is  to  bring  down  fundamentalist  Islam  to  its  knees  and  bring  forth  the  destruction  of  Mecca  and  the  ultimate  fall  of  allah  before  the  entire  world...In  70  AD  the  Romans  ruthlessly  destroyed  the  second  Jewish  Temple  in  Jerusalem  and  this  future  Roman  leader  will  destroy  Mecca, it  should  come  as  no  surprise  to  any  student  of  history  or  Bible  Prophecy  because  in  the  days  of  old  the  conquering  empires  usually  always  destroyed  the  religious  sites  of  the  conquered  Revelation  6  gives us a key psychological   in-depth  assessment  of  the  future anti-Christ :  "he is bent on conquest"  the  future  EU  can really  only  conquer two regions  it will either be Russia  or  the oil  rich  Middle East  and  'me  thinks'   that  the  endtimes  Hitler  will  go  after  free  Arab oil why  pay  Russia  and the Middle East  OPEC  when   by  way  of  war  you  can  have  it  all  ?


...Unfortunately,  we  live  in  a  world  were  multiple  groups  and  actors  are  vying  to   control  the  world  in  one  way  or  another  it's  not  fundamentalist  Muslims  the  only  ones  who   have  such  a  goal !!!   We  have :  international  drug  Cartels,  international  mafias,  international  criminal  groups,   regional  dictators,  global  corporations,  secular   global  megalomaniacs  like  the   Bilderberg  group  and  various  other  'lone  rangers'  who  could  care less about anybody else  and  just  wanna  blow  up  everyone  else  if  they  could just get their hands on a  nuclear dirty bomb  !!!...Bible  Prophecy  reveals  to  us  that  a  group  of  Ten  will  rise  to  power   in  what  we  presently  call the  European  Union  and  it  shall  be  them  according  to  the  Prophecy  of  the  Prophet  Daniel   that  shall  dominate  ruthlessly  much  of  the  world  in  the  final  period  of  the  Great  Tribulation...The  time  is  coming  when  Western  leaders  will   approach  Islamic  fundamentalism  in  the  like manner  that  the  USA  addressed  Japan  with  the atomic  destruction  of  Hiroshima  and  Nagasaki  !!!...The  gloves  are  coming  off  !!!  GOD   will  once  "AGAIN"  use  the  enemies  of  Israel  to  destroy  the  other  enemies  of  Israel  !!!...Unfortunately,  while  utter  destruction  befalls  the  Islamic  world  in  the  future   the  end  is  "NOT"  yet  for  Israel...Jerusalem  will   face   the  "GREATEST"  enemy  in  all  of  its  history :  The  Roman  10,  a  section  of  the  ancient  Roman  Empire   will  make  a  comeback  in  the  future  and  it  is  they  who  shall  pose  the  greatest  threat   to every  living Jew  then  and  Israel  in  all  of  its  history  !!!  The  Eurozone and the European Union   will  go through a major  'remodification'  in the future  in  fact   some  Bible  students  will  in  fact  claim  that   the  EU  is  finished  when  in  really  it  will  go through all this  to   re-rise  just  as  the  Book  of  Revelation  guarantees  as  a  lean and mean  Beast  with  10  horns  and  seven  heads  but  first  it  is  necessary  that  global  war  cometh  first  just  as  it  is  prophesied  that the four  horsemen  of  the  Apocalypse  will bring  forth  the  final  10  horned  beast  rises  to  power  "AFTER"  this  war* 


...As  and  Mario  Romano  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  keep  studying  the  multidimensional aspects of these Prophecies  given  the  present   political  and  military  realities  of  our  world   it  is  getting  clearer  and  clearer  to  interpret of  what  is  coming  upon  the  world   !!!  Yes,  Muslims  shall  be  persecuted  and  expelled  from  Europe in  the  future,  the  Anti-Christ  himself  shall  "NOT"  regard  any  god  !!! ( Daniel  11 :  37  )  for  he  wants  all  to  worship  him  !!!

__________________________   is  interpreting  Revelation  9 : 13  (  massive  energy  release of  destruction *)  as  a  nuclear  strike    that  will  wipe  out  the  populations  of  most  Islamic  countries,  regardless of weather it is a nuclear strike or not, or just the   supernatural   annihilation  of   a  third  part of humanity  by  these  'four  powerful  Angels'  who  are  loosed  or  by  the  200  million  man  army  from  the  East  in that  'specific region of the world'  it just so happens  that  some  2  billion  will  perish  when  all  this  power  of  destruction  is  set  loose   there  !!!...The  truth  is  that  most  of  the  Islamic  population  of  the  world  is  centered in  this   specific  region of the world  :  in  and  around  a  one-thousand mile radius of  the  Euphrates and  the  Tigris  Rivers  !!!


...Satan's  children  have  no  love  for  one  another, the   Hitler-Stalin   feud  proved  this...The  religious  Shiite-Sunni   centuries  old  religious civil war  confirms  this  !!!...It  is  necessary  for  all  those  who  have  cursed  Israel  and  who   continually  seek  its  annihilation  to  fall  upon  their  own  swords;  to  face  the  very  same  terror  that  they   so  desire  for  Israel  !!!...There  is  a  GOD  in  heaven  and  HE  shall  return  to  ZION  to  govern  the  nations  with  a  rod  of  iron  !!!


...GOD  loves  both  the  Jews  and  the  Muslims  but  both  of  them  will  perish  in  their  sins  'likewise'  if  they  ignore  and  reject   the  total  atonement  that  Jesus  Christ   paid   at   the  Cross  of  Calvary...Jesus  Christ  is  Yeshua, Jesus  Christ  is  GOD  there  is  "NO"  other  god  beside  HIM...GOD  went  out  of  His  way  to  save  all  humanity  and  unfortunately  most  of  humanity  has  rejected  His  love and His truth;  in  the  future  GOD  will  go  out  of  His  way   to  destroy  all  those  who  despise  : His  laws  , His  truth  and  all  those  who  delight  in  evil...The  time  to  repent  is  now


...By  Mario  Romano;  Mario  is   a  student  of  European  political  systems  and  Eurasian  geopolitics...He  is  in  awe  of  thee  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  who  so  loved  this  world   that  He  gave  His  only  begotten  son  that  whosoever  believeth  in  Him  should  not  perish...It  is  Mario's  humble  prayer  that  GOD  will  one  day  use  this  servant  of  His  for  one  hour...



Sarkozy's  Mideast Chess Game

 January 17, 2008

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al-Thani receives French President Nicolas

While the world focused on U.S. President George W. Bush's much publicized tour of the Middle East last week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy scored a major tactical victory against Iran as the political tug-o-war between the Islamic republic and the West takes on a new dimension.

As Bush tried -- some would say unsuccessfully -- to garner support from the Gulf states in the U.S.'s face-off with Iran, Sarkozy managed to sign an agreement with the oil-rich emirate of Abu Dhabi giving France a military base in the United Arab Emirates, a mere 150 miles from the coast of Iran.

The new French forward operating base will hold approximately 400 to 500 French troops composed of all branches of the French armed forces -- ground, naval and air. This new base will give Paris an all-important foothold in one of the world's most strategic areas.

France's other major military outpost is in Djibouti, in the Horn of Africa, also strategically located between Eritrea and Somalia and across the Bab al-Mandeb strait from Yemen, commanding the all-important access to the Red Sea and eventually the Suez Canal.

The new French military outpost in the UAE will position French forces near the equally important Strait of Hormuz, which commands access to the Gulf from where one-fifth of the world's oil flows.

Having French forces on its territory strengthens Abu Dhabi's position over a longstanding contention concerning three islands occupied by Iran -- the Greater and Lesser Tunbs and Abu Musa. The islands are situated about halfway between Iran and the UAE in the Strait of Hormuz, from where all of Iran's oil tanker traffic must pass. Roughly 15 million barrels per day transits through the narrow mouth of the Gulf in supertankers. The strait is 35 miles wide at its narrowest point.

While Abu Musa is only a few square miles in size, much like the Tunbs, it is claimed by both Iran and the UAE. The islands are valued for economic, security and environmental reasons. Abu Musa has large oil reserves.

On Nov. 30, 1971 Iran dispatched military forces to Abu Musa in accordance with a previously reached agreement with Sharjah (now part of the UAE). At the same time Iran seized the two nearby Tunb islands. In September 1992, Iran declared full sovereignty over the three islands, and in 1995 increased its troops on Abu Musa from 700 to 4,000, and deployed SA-6 surface-to-air missiles, 155-millimeter artillery, and "Seersucker" anti-ship missiles.

According to the Elyseé Palace, the official residence of the French president, the first units of French forces are expected to arrive in the United Arab Emirates within weeks. The new French base in the UAE will position French forces within striking range of Iran's shoreline.

So why does Paris need to deploy troops in the Gulf region?

It is worth remembering the French president's statements regarding the Islamic republic's pursuit of nuclear technology made during a press conference soon after his inauguration. Sarkozy said that either, "Iran gives up the bomb, or Iran is bombed."

In short, France is playing an interesting -- and somewhat risky -- game of chess with Iran. In addition to the nuclear issue, Paris is extremely concerned for the safety of its troops in Lebanon. French troops serving in south Lebanon as part of the U.N. Interim Force in Lebanon -- UNIFIL -- are in an area controlled by the pro-Iranian militia, Hezbollah.

The French contingent, the second-largest after Italy's, feels vulnerable to attack from pro-Iranian groups, particularly in view of France's support of the anti-Syrian (and by default anti-Iranian) March 14 Alliance government in Beirut. Relations between Paris and Damascus are at an all time low over diverging views over the election of the Lebanese president.

By strategically positioning its troops on Iran's doorstep, France is offering the UNIFIL contingent a rear guard, and at the same time Paris is offering Washington an advanced post from which Iran could easily be targeted, if it ever came to that.

Additionally, and not to be underestimated, having troops situated so close to the Iranian mainland gives Paris and the West an advantage in addressing eventual terrorist attacks targeting Europe and originating from this part of the world.

The disadvantage and the danger, of course, is that having troops in the Arabian Peninsula opens up France -- and the Emirates -- to the same grievances U.S. forces and the Saudi royal family faced from al-Qaida when American troops were stationed in neighboring Saudi Arabia in the buildup to liberate Kuwait from Saddam Hussein's forces. Time will tell if this was a wise move.

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