The Final Pope ?

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The  Last  Pope ?

I saw satan fall from heaven like lightning !( Luke  10 : 18 )

(((      UPDATED    3.13.2013   )))

...As  you  can  see  the  visions  of  Malachi  didn't  come  true,  once  again  we  were  right;  his  prophecies   simply  did  not  fit  with  those  of  the  Book  of  Revelation...The  newly  chosen  Roman  Pope  didn't  adopt the name of Peter the Roman  nor  will  he  be  the  final  '111'  Roman  Pope !!!...Having   visited  all  of  the  other  Bible  Prophecy  web sites   I  believe  that  we  were  the  only  one  to   declare  that   regardless  of  who  was  elected  Pope  this  one  would  "NOT"  be  the  final  one...I  personally  do  not  believe  that  this  one  will  last  very  long  either  he  has  serious  health  problems  and  he  only  has  one  lung   at the age of  76  !!!...The  end  is  not  yet  "but"  it  is  getting   ever,  ever  closer  !!!...We   stated  this  simply  because  Malachis  visions-prophecies  "DID  NOT"  fit  with  the  chronological  order  of  the  Book  of  Revelation;  "Let  GOD  be  true  and  every  human  being  a  liar." ( Romans  3 : 4 )


...It  is  the  goal  and  the  prayer  of  mario  romano  that  GOD  will  permit  us  to  be  a  true  and  faithful  watchman   concerning  these  is  branching  out   into :,,, in both Spanish  and  English  and  in  the  not  so  distant future into  Youtube   too...We  do  not  ask  for  one  cent  from  anyone;   but  we  do  seek  your  prayers  that  we  be  led  into  all  truth...ALL  Glory  be  to  GOD  !!!...We  are  now  visited  by  almost  every  Latin  American  country   as  well as  by  almost  every  English  speaking country  on  earth...The  best  is  yet  to  come;  it  is  the  humble  prayer  of  this  servant  of  GOD  that  HE  will  one  day  use  this  servant  of  his  one  day  in  the  future...Mario  does  "NOT"  seek  the  applauses  from  anyone, nor the glory of men  all  he  seeks  is  to  be  found   doing  the  will  of  GOD...ALL  of  our  Bible  Prophecy  websites  will  focus  on  Jesus  Christ  and  in  no  way  do  we  condemn  nor  curse  our  Islamic  friends,  our  Roman  Catholic friends, our  Jewish  friends, our  Russian  friends,  our  Chinese  friends  nor  any  other  friends  for  Jesus  Christ  came  "NOT"  to  condemn  the  world  but  to  save  it...The  Beasts  of  this  planet  are  the  governments  !!!  ...It  is  the  governments  of  the  world  who  are  trying  to  play   the  role  of  GOD  and  GOD  will  bring  into  judgement  all  those  earthly  leaders    to  whom  much  has  been  given;  much  will  be  required  of  them  come  judgement  time  !!!...I  am  not  here  to  glorify  any  human   ideal  for  "ALL"  have  fallen  short  of  the  Glory  of  GOD  !!!...Secular  Democratic  Capitalism  is  as  dangerous  as  Islamic  fundamentalism  and  Chinese  Atheistic  Communism   in  that   they  "ALL"  are  leading  billions  of  human  souls  into  the  wide  gates  of  Hell  !!!

______________________________   is  open  to  the  possibility  that  the  Second  Beast  who  rises  from  the  earth   with  two  horns  like  a  lamb  but  speaks  like  a  Dragon  "may"  be  a  totally  different    entity/institution   than  the   Whore  who  Rides  the  Beast  in  Revelation;  yet   this  "Lamb  Lookalike"  could  very  well  be   its  religious  leader  just  like  the   "Little  Horn"  is  the  head   honcho  of  the   Beast  with  Ten  Horns***...Because  the  first  Beast  has  10  horns  and  are  symbols  of  Ten   future  King's,  the  2  horns  on  this  "Lamb  looking"  Dragon  talking   thing  may  very  well  symbolize   two   future  global   institutions  backing  it  and  because  both  of  these  Beasts   have  the  power  to  call  down  fire  from  heaven  (  Missiles,  armed  drones, Military  power *)   it  is  possible  that  both  will  be    militarily  powers of some kind...The  fire  from  heaven  interpretation   could  be  fulfilled  with  our  modern  military  technology,  I used   to   interpret  this  Prophecy  with  what  Elijah the Prophet did  during  his  ministry  but  I'm  still  trying  to  understand  it  myself* and  it  should  also  be  noted  that   there  is  a  differentiation  between   the  fire  of  the  Two  Witnesses  of  Revelation  and  the  fire  of  the  Two  Beasts  who  rise  to  power  in  the  final  days***


...This  month  of  March  2013   the  Roman  Vatican  will  enjoy  free  global  mass media  publicity  that  money  can't  just  buy  by  itself;  all   the  eyes  of  the  world  will  be  upon   the  "unholy  smoke"  emanating  from  the  Sistine  Chapel  "before"  Easter  Sunday...The  Roman  Catholic  Cardinals  are  timing  everything   for  even  greater  publicity...If  you've  had  any  doubts  about  who  will  be  the  future  False  Prophet  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  then  it  should  be  getting  rather  obvious  now, because  I  cannot  even  name  one  religious  leader  of  Islam and even much less the  religious  leader of  Hinduism  and that of Buddhism   !!!  ( can  you  name  one Islamic  religious  leader by name ? )   I only  know  of  general   titles  like the Ayatollah  of  Iran, or  a  Mullah  and a Caliph;   but  I  can  never  really  put  a  face  to  any  one  of  these  except for the Ayatollah of Iran  who  is  a  Shia  Muslim  and  if  you  don't  know anything about  Islam, you should at least know  that  Muslims form Turkey don't really like  Muslims from Egypt and Muslims from Egypt  don't  really  like  their  Persian  brothers  nor  their  brand  of  Islam...The  truth  of  the  matter  is  that  Islam  is  a  house  divided;  and  a  house divided  will  not  stand  !!!  That  is  why  you  see  Muslims  blowing  up   their  own  brothers  Mosques  in  several  Islamic  countries...Islam  has  been   having  an  internal  religious  civil  war  for  centuries  and  it   is  far  from  ending...Meanwhile  back  in  Rome;   Roman  Catholics  all  over  the  world   await   for  one  man  who   will  continue  to    lie  to  them  and  to  lead  them  to  the  wide  gate  and  the  broad  path  that  leadeth   to  eternal  damnation  with  eyes  wide  open  !!!


...There  are  a  handful  of  major  Prophecy  teachers  advocating   the  advent  of  an  Islamic  takeover  of  the  world,  and  woe  are  they  dead  wrong  !!!...Total  war  is  coming  as we've  stated  before  as  revealed  in  Revelation  6 :  1-8  !!!...It  is  very, very  clear  to  this  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  that :  Islamic countries,  Islamic leaders,  Islamic  armies and  Islamic fundamentalists  will  suffer  massive  losses  and  devastation  !!!   That  is  why  Rome  once  again  rises  in the final  days  and  why  Israel  is  in a postion   to  rebuild  its  new  Temple  in  Jerusalem;  all  of  course  with  the  diabolical  aide  of  the  'Little  Horn'  who  will  appear  to  be  the  savior  of  the  West  and  Israel's  new  best  friend*...After  this  future  war  America  will take  a  secondary  role  on the international stage  and even China  and  Russia  won't  emerge from  this coming future war  unscathed  and  it  is  then  that  the  Beast  with  10  horns  rises  once and for all  from  the  Sea  to  dominate   a  crippled   world  devastated  by  nuclear   warfare  and  on the brink of economic  collapse  and   guess  who  will  be  riding  on  its  back  enjoying  all  the  glory ?  ( the whore  with  the  golden  cup !   and  "NO"  she's  not  wearing  no  Burqa !!! )...This  final  Beast  will  be  celebrating  in  style  the  victory  of  this  21st  Century  Crusade  and   the  2nd  Beast  will   be  personally  in  charge  of  "Deifying and   Glorifying"  the   man   who  made  it  all  possible :   Mr.  Little  Horn  !!!   the  same  man  who  will   appear  to  have  saved  the :  West,   the Vatican  and   Israel   from   the  Islamic  conundrum  !!! ...They  will  say  "Who  is  like  the  Beast  &  who  can  make  war  against  him  ?" - Revelation  13 :  4 ...Who  would  have  trouble   idolizing  such  a  man   under  those  circumstances ? 

________________________________  and  mario  romano   have  completed  end  time  scenario  simulations  ( based on Bible  Prophecies  &  historical  cycles*) and  we  very  strongly  affirm  that  the  next  Roman  Catholic  Pope  will  "NOT, NOT,NOT"   be  the  final  Pope...Mario,  like  all  believers  washed  in  the  blood  of  Jesus  Christ   yearns  to  be  transformed  in  the  twinkling  of  an  eye  "BUT"  the  end  is  not  yet...The  Papal  prophecies/visions  of  the  Catholic  Archbishop  Malachi  will  be  proven  "FALSE" this  coming  Pope  will  not  be  the  final  one  simply  because  it  does  not  fit  with  the  chronological  order  of  the Prophecies  of  the  Book  of  Revelation !!!...Some  are  suggesting  that  the  final  Pope  will  defect from  the  faith;   the truth  is  that  "ALL"  of  the  Papacy   long  ago  defected  from  the  true  faith  to  embrace  "Babylonian" :  customs, traditions  and  mysterious  rituals  !!!...Let  us  remember  that  Malachi  and  his  visions  are  "NOT"  part  of  Bible  Prophecy; to me they  are  as  genuinely  deceiving as those  of  Fatima  and  the  Mayans *...And  I  remind  everyone  that  the  true  Church  of  Jesus  Christ   began  in  Jerusalem  with  Jews  and  "NOT"  in  Rome...The  'Letter  to  the  Romans'    confirms  the  chronology  of  the  true  Church*


...According  to  the  Chronology  of  the  Book  of  Revelation  the  Political  Beast : Mr.666  emerges  first  on  the  world  scene , the  second  Beast  the  False  Prophet  emerges  "after"  him;  additionally  Revelation  6   confirms  this...It  is  Mr. Big Mouth  who  appears  on  the  world  scene  first  after  the  Rapture  of  the  Church  all  else  follows  him  and  we  must  understand  that  when  the  little  horn  emerges  on  the  world  scene  he  will  "NOT"  yet  have  all  the  powers  of  Satan  because  he  first  confirms  a  7  year  covenant with the "many"  including  Israel   "BEFORE"   Satan  gives  him  all  of  his  power  for  42  months...


...What  is  tragic  is  that  the   Roman  Catholic  religion  has  enormous   educational  institutions  and  scholars  among  them  and  "YET"  they  fail  to  realize  and  interpret  that   they  are  the  "GREAT  WHORE"  mentioned  by  the  Book  of  Revelation  17  !!!...It  most  certainly   isn't  the  Buddhist  religion   whose key  geographical  religious capital is  in  India  nor  is  it  Islam  whose  key  religious  center  is  Mecca, Saudi  Arabia  !!!...The  Holy  Bible  warns  us  that  a  good  tree  does  "NOT"  produce  bad  fruit;  in  the case  of   the  Vatican  all  one  has  to  observe  is  its  very  own  fruit  produced by  its  various branches  throughout the centuries  !!!...For  many, many centuries  millions   were  killed  by  the  authority  of  the  Vatican  by  way  of  the "unholy  inquisitions, the crusades  and   outright   genocide !!!"  and  this  doesn't  even  include  the  millions  of  other  innocent  souls  who  have  suffered   pedophilia  by  its  priests  over  many, many  centuries  !!!...It  is  no  wonder  why  the  prophecies  of  the  Bible  warn  us  to  flee from  her  for  her  many  sins  have  reached  heaven   and  the  HOLY  GOD  of  this  creation  will  most  certainly  "NOT"  just  look  the  other  way;  for  the  blood  of  all  those  who  she  persecuted  without  mercy  still  call  unto  GOD  for  justice !!!


...What  we  are   forecasting  is  that  the  next  Pope  regardless of  who  he  will  be  will  also  serve  a  short  time  as  the  Roman  Pontiff...The  truth  of  the  matter  is  that  all  of  the   top  candidates  for  succeeding this   Roman  Pope  are  also  all  rather   'aged  in  years'  with  health  problems  of  their  own...Major  changes  are  yet   destined  for  the   entire  world, the  EU  and  the  Vatican...Hold   fast  therefore  because the  end  is  not  yet, but it sure is getting  much, much  closer than ever  before*...I  still recall  telling  my  brothers  in  2005  that  the  next  Pope  would  be  a : German  or  French  and  I  got  it  right  then  (  I  stated  French  because  at  the  time  the  top  Catholic  leader  of  France  at  the  time  was  a  Jewish  Catholic  cardinal  'Jean Marie  Lustiger'  who   died  only  two  years  later  after  Pope  Benedict  was  chosen*


...It  comes  to  no  surprise  to  me  that  the  Italian  Press recently   uncovered  a  massive  'underground  Gay  Priest  club'  in  the  Vatican...The  Vatican, long, long  ago  was  filled  with   "Abominations"  and  the  truth  is  that  even  the  secular  media  has  not  even  printed  the  whole  story  concernong  the  sexual  deviance  of  most  Roman  Catholic  leaders;   pedophilia  is  not  a  recent  phenomenon !!!...The  truth  is  that  it  has  been  going  for  over  a  thousand  years  !!!...( can  you  grasp  how  many  thousands  upon  thousands  of  innocent  children  have  been  affected  throughout  the  ages ? )    ...These  abominations  perpetuated   by  the  Roman  Vatican  is  a  perfect  example  of  what  happens  when   anyone  deviates  from  the  WORD  OF  GOD...The  original   Priests  of  the  Old  Testament  ( which the Vatican tries to emulate *)  were  allowed  to  marry  and  have  families;  even  the original  Roman Catholic Priests were   once  allowed  to  marry  too  "BUT"  because  of  "MONEY"  Rome  long  ago  decided  to  forbid  it  in  order  to   keep  the  wealth  unto  itself...


...We  "AFFIRM"  that  the  Roman  catholic  Pope  is  a  "FALSE  PROPHET"  and  that  the  Vatican  will  be  that  "Woman  on  top  of  the  Beast"  found  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  this  fact   tells  us  that  "unfortunately"  most  Roman  catholics  will  "NOT"  be  Raptured  because  they  chose  to  believe  lies  and  not  the  truth; the  TRUTH  being  that  one  must  be  born  again and  that  "ONLY"  through  Jesus  Christ  can  man  attain  total  forgiveness for their  sins...Merely  believing  in  GOD  is  not  sufficient  for  salvation  my  fellow  Jewish  friends  believe  in  GOD  but  most  do  not  see  nor  accept  Jesus  Christ  as  the  total  atonement  for  their  sins; therefore   all  who  believe  likewise  will  die  in  their  sins  for  not  believeing  in  the  only  begotten  of  the  Father*

____________________  is  still  "open"  to  various  endtime  scenarios,  if  this  truly  was  the  Last  pope  then  it  means  that  the  man  who  is  to  be  the  Little  Horn  is  already  very  actively   working  behind  the  scenes  as  an  emerging  political  powerbroker  somewhere  in  the  geograhy  of  the ancient Roman Empire and what we  know  today  as  the  modern  descendent  of  it personified  in  the  European  Union  who  itself  is  yet  to  "re-arrange"  itself  one  more  time  to  make  way  for  the  final  10  King's  who   will  lead  it   in  the  future...If  this  was  the  final  Pope  then  the  Rapture   is  just  around  the  corner   and  the  Trump  of  GOD  is  eminent*** 


...It  is  dangerous  to  quote  false  prophets  to  begin  with  and  in  this  case  I  am  referring  to  the  apparition  of  Fatima  with  the  'supposed  Prophecy'  concerning  the  last  Pope,  the  truth  is  that  Fatima  was  "NOT"  the  same  Mary  as  found  in  the  Bible...Stealing  the  identity  of  another  person  is  nothing  new  the  real  Mary  had  hers  stolen   by  the  fallen  angel  of  light  who  transforms  himself   into  such  apparitions   to  keep  on  deceiving   the  Biblical  illiterate...According  to  'Fatima'  the  last  Pope  will  be  controlled  by  Satan  ( Malachi Martin 3rd secret of Fatima*)  the  truth  is  that  "ALL"  of  the  Vatican  is  Satan's  masterpiece  for  it  is  a  religious  institution  that  leads  hundreds  of  millions  of  human  souls   astray and  into  the  wide  path  that  ends in  hell  and  that   keeps  "most"  Roman  Catholics  far  away  from  the  narrow  gate  by  deceiving them  with  man  made  traditions  and  unbiblical  doctrines  of   demons;  and  what  is  most  'unfortunate  and  tragic'  is  that  despite : the  Crusades,  the Inquisitions and  over 1200+  years  of  pedophilia  and  sexual  deviancy  "most" Roman  Catholics  still  choose  to  believe   and  drink  from  the  Golden  Cup  of  this  woman  !!!


...By :  mario  romano, mario  is  a  student  of  bible  prophecy  and  Theology...He  is  "NOT"  a  Prophet;  his  prayer  is  that  GOD  may  one  day  use  him  for  His  Honor  and  Glory*..."Even  "IF"  GOD  never  uses  him  one  day,  that's   ok;  Blessed  be  the  Name  of  the  LORD :  Jesus  Christ  !!!  has  been  "online"  for  over  14  years  now  !!!   and  I  feel   that  we're  just  getting  started,  I  know  that  the  best  is  yet  to  come  !!!...I  have  so  much  yet  to  learn  so  bear  with  us  in Christ  Jesus*...Mario  Romano  prays  for  the  souls  of  my :  Muslim  friends , my  Catholics   friends  and  my    Buddhist,  Jewish   and  all  other  friends   who   reject  Jesus  Christ   as  the  only  true  Savior   of  all  humanity* 





Sarkozy  demands  overhaul  of  world capitalist  system

"We need to rebuild the whole world financial and monetary system from scratch, we need a financial New World Order ", French President Nicolas Sarkozy said in a keynote speech in Toulon."

EUNEWS - 2008

TOULON - EU  President Nicolas Sarkozy attacked the world's capitalist system on Thursday, saying it needed to be overhauled and promised to protect the French economy from the fallout.

In a keynote speech on the market mayhem, Sarkozy said France was in recession and the crisis would weigh on the economy for months to come, but promised that the state would step in to protect bank deposits if necessary.

He also urged the European Union to revise its economic model and rethink its monetary policy goals.

"I am convinced that the problem is a deep-seated one and we need to rebuild the whole world financial and monetary system from scratch," Sarkozy told some 4,000 supporters at a rally in southern France.

"The idea of the absolute power of the markets that should not be constrained by any rule, by any political intervention, was a mad idea. The idea that markets are always right was a mad idea," he said.

He repeated his call for major power leaders to meet before the end of the year to map out a new financial system and said it was vital to review currency levels, adding that both the dollar and Chinese yuan were undervalued.

"We cannot continue to manage the economy of the 21st century with the instruments of the economy of the 20th century," he said.

He also warned bankers and business leaders to curb their salary levels, saying the government would introduce legislation by the end of the year if they failed to reform themselves.

He said Europe needed to rework its institutions to make them strong enough to deal with the sort of crisis that threw Wall Street banks into disarray this month.

"It must reflect collectively on its doctrine of competition...on the instruments of its economic policy, on the objectives assigned to its monetary policy," Sarkozy said.

He said he would make proposals for how this could be done at next month's European Union summit.


The French economy contracted 0.3 percent in the second quarter and recent data has been dismal, sparking fears of a recession, described as two quarters of negative growth.

Business confidence has plummeted and the manufacturing sector suffered its sharpest contraction in over six and a half years this month. Unemployment is expected to rise and households have been squeezed by rising prices.

Sarkozy said the economy was already in recession and promised he would not raise taxes to bolster state coffers.

"In the current economic climate I will not introduce an austerity plan which will worsen the recession," he said.

He said he would not raise charges on companies and if the economy slowed further would take necessary steps to support it.

Sarkozy's speech came ahead of his government's unveiling of the 2009 budget on Friday.

The slowdown in growth has led to lower tax receipts and the government is not expected to include many new measures to help consumers and stimulate growth.

However, the French president said he would pursue his reform programme despite the financial turmoil, reforming the labour market, cutting the public sector workforce and speeding up the introduction of new generation nuclear power stations.

"The crisis calls for an acceleration of the rhythm of reforms not  a slowdown," he said.

EU  President  Sarkozy  calls  for  Financial  and Military  New  World Order

EU Observer - 2008

The rising geopolitical risks have been underscored by the multiple crises the world confronts today — from a severe global credit crunch and financial tumult to serious energy and food challenges. Add to that the international failure to stem the spreading scourge of terrorism and the spectre of a renewed Cold War arising from the deterioration in relations between the West and Russia since Moscow’s 8-8-08 retaliatory military intervention in Georgia and subsequent recognition of the breakaway regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia — actions that some portray as the 21st century’s first forcible changing of borders.

The world clearly is at a turning point, underscored by ongoing tectonic shifts in political and economic power. Tinkering won’t help because the global crises cry out for fundamental changes in international rules and institutions. That was the broad conclusion at last week’s inaugural World Policy Conference in Evian, attended by a number of heads of state or government, policymakers and intellectuals, including this writer. The common theme in many of the presentations was that the grave challenges the world faces today demand major fixes.

If existing institutions are not adapted to the new power realities in the world, greater instability is likely to ensue. As French President Nicolas Sarkozy pointed out in his address, a 21st century world is saddled with 20th century institutions. Consequently, there is great uncertainty over how to address the pressing challenges. In addition to the imperative to enlarge the United Nations Security Council and the Group of Eight, the failing Bretton Woods system needs to be overhauled. The various crises have shown, as Russian President Dmitry Medvedev highlighted, that no single power or institution can claim exclusive rights to set the rules.

Changing the international institutional structure, however, is no easy task. The existing institutions were born of crises and now represent entrenched interests of some players. It will be difficult to reform or replace them until a serious, sustained crisis makes change inescapable. The financial meltdown could be one such crisis that facilitates an overhaul of the Bretton Woods institutions at a time when Asia has emerged as the world’s main creditor. But as the futile efforts to reform the Security Council for more than two decades illustrate, revamping any institution is a Herculean task. Even reforming the International Energy Agency is proving daunting. Meantime, the Great Powers continue to impose their will on weaker nations, limiting the latter’s freedom of action.

For too long, but especially since the end of the Cold War, democracy and markets were touted as the twin answer to all ills. Today, both have come under serious strain. Democracy is in retreat globally after the successes of the 1990s in spreading political freedoms to Eastern Europe and overturning dictatorships in Indonesia, South Korea, Taiwan and Chile. The financial crisis, for its part, has helped turn free-market principles on their head.

After having dispensed one prescription to all — liberalise, privatise and emulate the Anglo-American practices of financial and corporate governance — the US has taken the lead in precipitously embracing principles of financial socialism in the current crisis. The US has swung from implicit faith in the power of markets to bailing out its troubled financial behemoths in a manner that seeks to keep profits in private hands but nationalises the losses. By palming off losses to the masses, the US has not only backed away from its own model of capitalism, but also set in motion new practices that some European economies have been to quick to emulate. Nothing better illustrates the troubling turn of events than London’s use of an anti-terrorism law to freeze the British assets of an Icelandic bank.

The US government takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, bailout of AIG and moves to partially nationalise some banks mark the end of America’s trust-the-markets capitalism. Henceforth, the US will have no face to preach laissez faire capitalism. In fact, the global financial mayhem has resulted from the excesses of Anglo-Saxon capitalism, symbolised by unbridled risk-taking, which created a liquidity problem before manifesting itself as a solvency problem. The lesson: high living on borrowed Asian money is just not sustainable.

The gap between principle and practice has also extended to the foreign-policy realm. The West, for example, has supported the inviolability of international borders while contradictorily backing the right of self-determination. Having sponsored Kosovo’s self-proclamation of independence from Serbia last February, the US and some of its allies today find themselves in the awkward position of opposing the right of self-determination for the people of South Ossetia and Abkhazia — now self-declared independent entities under Russian protection. It is as if the legitimacy of a self-declaration of independence depends on which Great Power sponsors the action.

The events of September 2008 that set in motion the financial meltdown and now threaten global recession have proven no less significant than 9/11. While 9/11 involved terrorist attacks on symbols of US power, the events since last month represent an insidious assault on US financial might, which helps underpin America’s global strategic heft. Together with the other crises, they signal an end to the leadership role the US has played in the economic and political spheres since the end of World War II. The multiple crises indeed are proof that America, with its own mess, is no longer able to play global guardian.

Until a new world order emerges, we will continue to live, to quote Sarkozy, in “a dysfunctional world with an outdated set of rules”. Only revamped institutions and new rules can deal with the root causes of the present financial and military crises, not just the symptoms.

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