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There  was  War  in  Heaven*
                                    - Book  of  Revelation  12 : 7
...This  is  what  we  do  know  according  to  the  Holy  Scriptures;  GOD  already  had   'millions  upon  millions'  of  others  which  the  Bible  itself  calls  "Son's  of  GOD"  and  we  are  not  talking  about   robots,  we  are  talking  about  beings  with  different  personalities  just  as  human  beings  have !!!...We  also  know  according  to  the  Holy  Bible  that  these  beings  were  created  higher  than  us  humans;  we  were  created  out  of  the  dirt  of  the  Earth  and  infused  with  the  breath  of  life  from  GOD   !!!...In  eternity  we  shall  be  like  the  'Angels  in  Heaven'  and  it  shall  not  be  the  other  way  around  !!!..."NO"  we  are  not  GOD's  only  creation   and  "YES"  much  was  already  going  on  in  "ETERNITY  PAST"  long  before  GOD   initiated  life  in  this  section  of  His  Universe  !!!
...The  Holy  Bible  "Reveals"  to  us  that   we  indeed  are  "NOT"  alone  on  planet  Earth   !!!...In  fact,  the  Holy  Scriptures  "Reveals"  us  that   Satan  and  the  3rd  Part  of  the  Angels  who  were  deceived  by  him  were  "Thrown"   onto  planet  Earth   !!!...This  planet  is  like  an  "Alcatraz."  The  little  ant  colony   worked  and  worked   and  it  was  totally  unawares   that  far  above  it  there  was   an even  larger  creation  of  GOD   who  was   at  war     US   loaded  with  an  atomic  bomb  soon  to  destroy    not  only  the  humans  who  lived  in  Nagasaki   but  also  all  other  living  things  in  the  perimeter...This  same  analogy  applies  to  human  beings  on  this  earth;  there  is  an  even  an  more  powerful  creation  of  GOD  waging  war  with  one  another  and  the  results  of  this  ongoing  war  in  heaven   has  been  and  will  ultimately  affect  every  living  thing  in  this  planet...There  is  "ABSOLUTELY"  no  reason  nor  excuse  for  anyone  living in this 21st Century   to  be  living  in continued  "IGNORANCE"  of  the  WORD  of  GOD; today  we  have  and  enjoy the  complete  translation of the Holy Bible  as never before  and due to the  invention of the printing press  every single individual   has the  capacity to own a Bible as never before in all of human history...The tragedy is that just as Satan  managed to "DECEIVE"  millions  upon  millions  of  Angels  into  rebelling against  GOD;  Satan  continues  to   do  so  with  human  beings  !!!
Years  ago  when  I  was  first  saved  I  heard  HaL  Lindsey  somewhere  state  that  planet  Earth  was  under   a  quarentine  and  I  also  heard  a  Theologian  on  the  John  Ankerberg  show  state  that  humans  where  created  to  replace  the  fallen  angels;  at the time I was very  spiritually  immature  and  to  tell  you  the  truth  John  3 : 16  at the time  was  enough  theology and doctrine to  me...AS  this  servant  of  GOD  has  matured  I  no  longer  speak  as  a  child  and  today  I  fully understand what  ...It  is  true,   humans  were  in  part  created  to  replace  the  fallen  angels  who  rebelled  against  GOD;  theologically  speaking   humans  were  created  in  response   to  the  rebellion  that  took  place  in  heaven  long  before   Adam  and  Eve  were  created   on  planet  earth...The  Bible  on  numerous  ocassions  makes  it  very  clear  that  Satan  and  his  fallen  angels  were  thrown  GOD  was   in  every  way  making  a  statement  by  creating  a  "Paradise"  in  the  very  planet  where  He  had   created   hell   for  the  fallen  Angels  and  Satan   !!!...This  poor  servant  of  GOD  is  going  to  "Inform"  you  on  something  that  even  NASA  and  most  Astrophysicists  won't  tell  you;  "YES"   GOD  also  created  millions   upon  millionto  this  specific  planet  in  the  Universe;  in  effect   GOD  did  not  make  a  mistake  when  he  put  and  created  mankind  on  the  very  planet  were   Satan   and  his  millions  upon  millions  of  fallen  Angels  were  confined  to...It was  like  putting   a  pair  of  sheep  in  an  Island   full  of  Wolves   !!!...The  truth  and  reality  is  that  GOD   knew  exactly  what  He  was  doing   and  even  though  GOD  "ALSO"  created  the  other  billions  of  planets   out  there  in  the  other  billions  of  Galaxies  in  "His"  Universe    of  other  lifeforms  throughout  this  Universe  of  His  !!!..."NO"  not  all  the  other  creations  of  GOD  were  created  in  His  image  but  what  is  true  is  that  "ALL"  life  was  created  for  His  pleasure  !!!...Some  may   disagree that  we  were  created  in  a  response  to  the  rebellion   in  heaven  which   expelled  one-third  of  the  Angels  in  Heaven,  but  the  truth  is  that  the  Fallen  Angels  and  Satan  sure  do  seem  to  see  it  that  way; they know very well  that  humans   will  take  the  place  that  they  chose  to  abandon  in  Heaven   when  they  voluntarily  chose  to  rebel  against   the  Glorious  GOD  who  created  each  and  everyone  of  them  !!!
Most  of  humanity  and  even  too  many  Christians    believe  that   they  are  the  center  of  the  Universe;  when  in  reality   eternity   has  been  going  on  very  well  without  us  for  a  very  , very  long  time...What  most  theologians  don't  tell  you  is  that  millions  upon  millions  of  what  we  here  call  "earth  Years"  had  transpired   before   Satan  and  a  third  of  the  Angelic  beings  rebelled  against  GOD;   it  is  this  servant  of  GOD  "insignificant  opinion"   that  during  that  period  in  eternity  when  sin  existed  "NOT"  in  all  of  GOD's  creation  that  numerous  upon  numerous  other  creations  were   also  created  that  never  knew  nor  fell  into  sin...For  some  unknown  reason  most  Christians  have  the  idea  that  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  are  presently   in  hell  and  in  the  bottomless pit,  but  the  truth  and  reality  is  the  oppossite, the Holy Scriptures  reveal  to  us  that  the  only    ones  presently  locked  up  in  ...are  the  fallen  Angels  that  chose  to   disobey   GOD  and  intermingle  with  women  as  stated  in  Genesis  6...According  to   the  Book  of  Revelation   this  War  in  the  Heavens  has  yet  to  be  finalized  and   it  shall  be  until  Revelation  12 : 7   is  fulfilled  that  ...It  should  be  understood  by  every  believer  that   GOD  "LOVES"  each  and  every  one  of  His  creations   in  a  unique  way;   for  "ALL"  were  created  by  Him  and  for  Him  !!!...I  once  heard  a  theologian  state   that  it  is  very  possible  that  GOD  will  ultimately  replace   every  fallen  angel   with  redeemed  human  beings  and  then  the  end  shall  come  and    this  servant  of  GOD   would  not  be  surprised  if  this   is  so...Ladies  and  gentlemen, brothers and sisters  in  Christ  what  we  learn  from  all  of  this  is  that   sin   brings  about   has  massive  repercussions; GOD  is  HOLY  and  HE  will  "NOT"  allow   rebellion  to  take  hold  on  all  of  His  creation  the  Holy  Bible  teaches  us   that  GOD  will  put  an  end  to  all  sin  in  the  future    (  Daniel  9 : 24  )    ..."NO"  one  is  indespensable,  GOD  in  His  Holy  Sovereignty  has  the  right  and  the  power  to   give  eternal  life  and  a  place  in  His  presence   to  whomever  He  so  pleases; the Angels  are  unforgiveable  because  they   had  seen  and  tasted  of  the  GLORY  of  GOD  Almighty  !!!  Humans  on  the  otherhand  were  created   less  glorious  and  out  of  the  very  dirt  of  the  Earth; we  have   not  seen  the  Glory  of  GOD   as  the  Angels  who  fell  did  ...In  this  planet  and  creation  GOD  chose  our  Jewish  friends  to  bring  about  Salvation; for Salvation is of the Jews  but  unfortunately  "MOST"  Jews  throughout   the  Centuries   rejected   the  very  WORD  of  GOD  when   it  was  manifested  to  them  in  Yeshua  and  so  GOD   yet  once  again   opened  His  invitation  of  salvation  to  a  new  group  : us  the  Gentiles   !!!    ...My  name  is  Mario  Romano  and  I  am  "NOT"  a  Prophet,   my  prayer  is  that  GOD  will  one  day  use  this  servant  of  his  by  the  power  of  His  Holy  Spirit;   all  I  want  to  be  is  an  instrument  where  the  power  of  GOD  may  flow  through   unimpeded...This  servant  of  GOD  does  "NOT"  seek  any  'fame  nor  infamy'  nor  does  this  servant  of  GOD  relishes  the  coming    guaranteed  destruction  of  those  who  seek  the  destruction  of  the  State  of  Israel...GOD  will  "NOT"  spare  the  nations  who  seek   the   annihilation  of  His  people  !!!...This  servant  of  GOD  stands  here  with  a  clean  heart;  I  wish  evil  upon  "NO"  one   and 


Sarkozy Touts 'Mediterranean Union' Plan

The controversial plan for a political, economic, and cultural union would tie Southern Europe with parts of the Middle East and Africa

French president Nicolas Sarkozy has reiterated his plan to set up a Mediterranean Union, a loose grouping of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, in 2008 -- a move that is likely to raise eyebrows in some parts of Europe.

"I invite all the heads of state and government of countries bordering the Mediterranean to meet in France in June 2008 to lay the foundations of a political, economic and cultural union founded on the principles of strict equality", Mr Sarkozy said during his visit to Morocco on Tuesday (23 October).

He added that "in the Mediterranean will be decided whether or not civilisations and religions will wage the most terrible of wars...whether or not the North and the South will clash".

The idea of a Mediterranean Union is not a completely new one -- it was floated by Mr Sarkozy leader during the French presidential campaign in spring of this year.

Under the plans, the group should tie southern Europe with Northern Africa as well as Israel and its Arab neighbours and tackle topical issues such as counter-terrorism, immigration, energy, trade, water and sustainable development.

However -- after offering Turkey that it could be the backbone of the club -- the project has been widely seen as another attempt to give Ankara an alternative for its bid for full EU membership.

Mixed reactions

According to the European Commission, it is "good" to have initiatives promoting regional cooperation, however, they "should build on existing structures".

There are fears that France's proposal would try to bypass the 12-year-old Barcelona process, designed to foster dialogue between the EU bloc and ten countries on the southern and eastern shores of the Mediterranean -- Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey. Libya has observer status since 1999.

"It is a successful process", the commission spokesperson said on Thursday (25 October), indicating the executive body will want more details on any new union.

According to media reports, some EU capitals are also set to seek clarification of Mr Sarkozy's ideas, with a few even indicating it may be part of his efforts to push his own country's interests in the region.

Only seven EU countries -- Cyprus, Greece, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain -- would be part of the new bloc, the rest would have a role of silent observer.

In his speech in Morocco, Mr Sarkozy himself drew a rather blurry picture of the project.

On the one hand, he called on Mediterranean people "to do the same thing, with the same goal and the same method" as the 27-nation EU bloc has done, but at the same time, he said it would not be based on the EU model.

French President  Sarkozy plans Israel  visit  in  May

TEL AVIV ---French President Nicolas Sarkozy plans to visit Israel next May, Secretary of State for Foreign Trade Hervé Novelli told journalists Thursday in Tel Aviv.

"The official date has not been set yet. May is only indicative," he said.

Novelli, who is in Israel at the head of a delegation of French businessmen, met with Israeli economic representatives.

Aides to Novelli said that Sarkozy’s visit, the first in Israel since his May election as head of the French state, might take place on the occasion of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel.

Israel’s independence day is generally celebrated in May, according to variations of the Hebrew lunar calendar.

On October 22, during his visit to Paris, Israeli Prime minister Ehud
Olmert praised Nicolas Sarkozy as a "sincere and true friend of
the State of Israel and of the Jewish people ».

He stressed that the atmosphere of relations between France and Israel had changed.

Israel considers that the election of Sarkozy represents a turning point in its tumultuous relations with France, which for a long time was accused under former President Jacques Chirac to lead a pro-Arab policy.

During the election campaign, Sarkozy presented himself as a friend
of Israel and is considered as more pro-American than all the former
French presidents.

As leader of the conservative governing UMP (Union for a Popular Movement) party, he paid a visit to Israel in 2004 during which he was warmly welcomed by then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. He visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem.

Sarkozy  Stalls Turkey’s   EU  Entrance

In a new blow to Turkey's hopes of joining the European Union, an annual report has concluded that reforms there slowed in 2007 because of a constitutional crisis over the election of a president with an Islamic background.

With attention distracted by tensions between the governing AK Party and the military over the election of Abdullah Gul, Turkey did too little to root out corruption, modernize its judiciary, reduce the power of the military and increase freedom of expression.

The annual progress report compiled by the European Commission, is to be released next week as a new committee prepares to examine the future of the EU. The panel may try to determine where Europe's frontiers should lie and how much farther the bloc should expand.

Public opinion across the EU is hardening against Turkey's membership bid and the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, leads a group of countries opposed to full EU membership for Turkey, preferring a looser association with Ankara instead.

Sarkozy proposed the creation of the new committee, which is scheduled to be approved by EU heads of government next month. Turkey fears the panel will kill off their membership bid.

Eager to limit the damage to Turkish accession hopes, a draft of the commission's annual report stresses Turkey's strategic importance as a "unique interface between the West and the Muslim world," a diplomatic and military partner and an energy hub.

But it also makes clear that the implementation of reforms was "uneven" and "has slowed down since 2005." The number of people prosecuted for freedom of expression doubled from 2005 to 2006, corruption remains rife and Turkey was found to be in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights in 330 cases.

This year the military spoke out against Gul's candidacy for president, one of the central pillars of the secular Turkish state. The crisis prompted parliamentary elections that returned the AK Party to power, allowing Gul - whose wife wears a head scarf - to win the presidency through a parliamentary vote. Although the military "made statements beyond its remit," parliamentary elections were conducted properly, the draft report says.

"Turkey now needs to renew the momentum of political reforms," the document says. It calls for significant further efforts on freedom of expression, civilian control of the military, increased rights for non-Muslims, the fight against corruption and judicial reforms.

Charles Grant, director of the Center for European Reform in London, said the document comes at a difficult time for Turkey. "A number of governments that have been pro-Turkey are now backpedaling or, like Denmark, keeping their heads down and leaving it to Britain, Sweden and the commission to argue for Turkey" Grant said.

He added: "The best prospect for Turkey at the moment is just to keep going and hope that the climate in Europe changes, which it might do."

Eight of the 35 "chapters" for negotiations with Turkey are now frozen because of its refusal to open its ports to ships from Cyprus. There were fears that Sarkozy would block talks on all other issues but France has hinted that it will stop the opening of only four other chapters.

The commission's study underlines the amount of work needed to meet EU membership requirements. Although the document says that the outcome of the spring crisis "reaffirmed the primacy of the democratic process," it also notes that the military took positions on issues outside its remit. "Full civilian supervision of the military and parliamentary oversight of defense expenditures still need to be established," the paper says.

The document adds that there has been "little progress" in the fight against corruption, which it describes as "widespread."

The number of prosecutions of journalists, intellectuals and human rights activists for expressing nonviolent opinions is on the rise.

The number of people prosecuted almost doubled in 2006 from 2005 and there were further increases in 2007.

More than half of the cases were brought under the Turkish Penal Code and many of those under article 301, which makes it an offense to insult "Turkishness." Together with the murder of a Turkish-Armenian journalist, Hrant Dink, the prosecutions have helped create a climate of self-censorship, the draft document says. Dink was killed in Istanbul on Jan. 19. His views on the Ottoman Turkish massacres of Armenians in the era of World War I had angered Turkish nationalists.

The number of reported torture and ill-treatment cases has declined, though they still occur, especially before suspects are detained. Concerns remain about the independence and impartiality of the judiciary, the report says.

From October 2006 to October 2007 the European Court of Human Rights delivered 330 judgments finding that Turkey had violated at least one article of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The draft takes an even-handed approach on the Kurdish issue saying that Turkey made "no progress in the area of cultural rights." But it notes that the PKK separatist group is on the EU's terrorist list and talks of a "further deterioration of the situation" in terms of attacks by the PKK and other terrorist groups.

The final version of the document may make a plea to Turkey to avoid disproportionate retaliation.

The report, which covers the whole EU enlargement process, also says that Croatia might be able to join the bloc by the end of the decade if it speeds up the reform of its judiciary and the fight against corruption.

And it highlights concerns about the Balkans, including organized crime, ethnic tensions and corruption, arguing that the measures being taken are inadequate.

...n are inadequate.


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