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...Where  were  you  when  I  laid the earth's foundation ?
                                      - Book  of  Job  38 : 4
...(((  It's  official :  astronomers  with  the  help  of  deep
         field  images  of  the  Universe  produced  by  the
         Hubble  Telescope   have  concluded  that  there
         are   more :  stars, planets, galaxies  than  all  the
         human  beings  who  have  ever  been  born  in  this
         planet !!!  to  give  you  an  idea  of  how  BIG  the
         Cosmos  is  if  GOD  were  to  give  every  human  being
         who  has  ever  lived   a  planet  of  his/her   very  own
         there  would  still  be  billions  of  Planets  and  Stars
         left  over  !!!  and  to  make  things  even  more
         mind  bogling  !!!  it  is  increasingly   appearing  that
         we  are  NOT  the  only  Universe !!!  )))  and  the  fool
         keeps  saying  in  his  heart : there  is  no  God ***
 ...What is man, that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visitest him?
                                 Psalm  8 : 4
...What  you  are  about  to  read  is  one  man's  personal
observations  &  conclusions, please  DO  NOT  take  this
as  doctrinal  or  as  a  new  revelation...It is a mere  thought
between  "Mature"  believers, the words  I will  speak  I  will
do  so  with  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind...I am in NO  way
trying to push  extra-biblical   doctrines, but merely trying
to   say  what  is  becoming  rather  evident  as  we  learn
more and more about  this Universe we  inhabit, there was
a time not too  long ago when most men  believed  that
the earth was the center of not only the solar system but
also  of  the  Universe, and there was a time  when  most
believers in the Old World  were  introduced  to the New World
and all were amazed  of such a Discovery***
...When  I  meditate  on  the  word  of  GOD  and  on  what
we  are  constantly  learning  about  the  Universe  that  we
inhabit thanks to the Hubble telescope  it  is  becoming
rather  evident  at  least  to  this  poor believer  that  we
are  NOT  the  first  creation  of  GOD  nor  his  last  !!!
...We  know  for  a  fact  that  GOD  created  the  Angelic
world  well before  us  and  the  Bible  itself  only  reveals
to  us  a  very  brief  history  of  what  took place  before
our  creation  &  that is  the Angelic rebellion that was led
by  Lucifer which resulted  in  you  know  what
...The  Bible  itself   declares  that  we   are  NOT  GOD's
supreme  creation in Hebrews  2 : 7 it states that  we
were created  a little lower than the Angel's...In other
words   we have never been GOD's supreme creation, we
know that we are far from perfect  because of our sin...
I want to be brief and yet thorough,  in eternity  when GOD
was creating mankind  it wasn't  as  if  GOD  told his
Heavenly sons  behold now  the moment that I have been
waiting  for all eternity has come I will now create my
crowning  achievement  I will now create  mankind "Behold ! "
(  that  moment  never  happened ***)
...We  know  that  our  Father  and  GOD  is  OMNIPOTENT
he is present in ALL  OF  HIS  CREATIONS, GOD's  love  is  not
limited  to  Israel, the Jews, the Church, nor  to  his  Angels,
GOD  is  capable  of  equally  loving  and  pouring  his  love
and  presence  upon  all  of  his  creations   !!! ( and there's
plenty of love left over  so let's not  be  jealous ***)
...There's  a  a  very   good  reason  why  the  Bible  tells  us
that  GOD  knows  the  name  of  each   Star  by  name  !!!
...I  am  NOT  spiritually jealous  that  GOD  has  many  other
sons, I  am  greatful  for  having  been  created  &  REDEEMED
by  his  love, this  poor  ignorant and backwards  servant  of
his  has  merely  glimpsed  into  a  second  of  eternity  and
been  struck  by  the  AWESOMENESS  of  GOD  and  is  merely
trying  to  put  this  in  words  so  bare  with  me...
...Lets  get  this  straight, the  real  world  is  the  Spirtual
world it  is the one were  the eternal things and beings
dwell  in, our  world  has  been  condemned  and  according
to  the  Book  of  Revelation  GOD  will  create  a  new  world
that  has  not  been  CONTAMINATED  by  sin...
...Some  would  argue  nonsense   &  blasphemy !!!  Not
really,   perhaps  other  creations   didn't  fall  as  ours  did
and  they  are  enjoying   what  our  foefathers  lost  in  the
Garden  of  Eden, we can only imagine what  could  have
happened  if  Adam & Eve   had  not sinned...
...There  was  a  time  in  eternity  when  SIN  never  existed,
there  was  a  period  in  eternity  when  Lucifer  hadn't  yet
rebelled, there  was  a  very  long  period  in  eternity  when
neither   Earth  nor  Mankind  had  yet  been  created  and
yet  the  Angels  in  heaven  still  sang  Holy, Holy, Holy  is
GOD  !!!
...We  know  that  GOD  has  designed  a  purpose  for
each  of  HIS  creations, HE  has  a  different  covenant
with  his  Angels, a different one with  ancient  Israel
and now a  newer one with his  Church...Let's  not  get
carried  away !   GOD  is  SOVEREIGN  and  does  as  HE
pleases, the Book  of  Revelation 10 : 7  mentions that
only  GOD  knows  the  Mystery  of  why  we  were  put
here, the DESTINY  of  ETERNITY  "DOES  NOT"  depends
on  mankind, mankind  has  been  invited  to  enter
into  eternity  and  to  become  like  the  Angels !!!
( those who accept Jesus Christ will  achieve this Gift
of  eternal  Life  !!! )
...On  the  question  of  biology,  GOD  has  proven  on
this  diverse   geography  that  he  is  capable  of  engineering
life  that  can  live  and  thrive  in  conditions  that  would
seem impossible like  in the deepest oceans, the driest
deserts and  even  in boiling springs of the earth NOT all
of his other creations have  to look like us, we were created
in  the  Image  of  GOD  and  if  GOD  looked at himself
in the mirror  he  would appear  as  a  Spirit  because  that
is  his  true  and  eternal  essence : GOD  is  a Spirit...
In  other  words  "NOT"  all of  his  creations  are  dependent
on  oxygen  and  water  to  exist, much like an electric  car
that was engineered  to  function solely  on  electricity  and
not  gas...
...It  is  just  a  thought, nothing more and nothing  less*
in  the  Parable  of  the  100  sheep  GOD  leaves  the
other  99  to  go  look for the  one  sheep  who  strayed
away, we could  remotely  view  this  as  this  planet, the
one  creation  who  strayed  away  and  fell  into  the  deep
abyss of  sin, yet  GOD  personally comes  in  the  person
of  Jesus  Christ  to  regain  that  which  was  lost***
...Additionally  in  the  Book  of  Revelation 19 : 4  we
are  introduced  to  other  beings  who  are  NEITHER
Angels  nor  humans  from  earth, these are  four  living
beings  who  have  eyes inside and outside, here we
can   observe  that  GOD  has  created  other  beings
who  could  very  well be  neither   of  an  Angelic  lineage
nor  of  an  an  earthly  lineage  ( just  a  thought )
...All  of  this  brings  me  to  one  of  the  most  profound
question  that  NO  man  has  the  capability  of  answering
NOT  Stephen Hawking, Bill gates, Socrates, Plato nor any
other; it is the same question GOD  asked  JOB: Where  were
you  a  million  years  ago ?...You  see   GOD  has  perfectly
sustained  all  of  his  creation  without  the  help  of  ANY
MAN ( GOD didn't need  the human help of scientists,
engineers, architects & mathematicians  to help him  create
and sustain  the  billions  of  celestial  bodies !!!)  man  has
not  truly  discovered  anything,  when  men
say  they  discover  something  they  are  merely  coming
across something  that  has  been  there  for  a  milennia
something that GOD  long  ago  engineered and gave  life
to   WE  ARE  MERELY  stumbling  across  these  GIANT
creations  ( like Galaxies, micro-biology etc )  because  we
now  have  the  technological   capability  to  see  what  we
had  been  blind  to  for   thousands  of  years
...When  we  get  to  heaven  or  when  heaven  gets  to  us
GOD  will  blow  our  minds  away  for  eye  had  not  seen
nor  ear heard, nor has it entered into the heart of  man what
GOD has prepared for those who love  him...Don't  be
surprised  to  find  out  that  we  weren't  his  FIRST  nor  his
Last   creation, GOD  is  love  and  his  love  is  NOT  limited
exclusively  either  to  Israel   nor  to  the  Church nor  to  his
Angels, in his  OMNIPOTENCE   HE  is  capable  of  being
present  in  each  of  his  creations  all  at  the  same  time,
sorry if your  pea  brain  can't  fanthom  such  a  thought
but  I  believe  that  this  is  becoming   obvious
( Yes, GOD  has  more  than  enough  love  to  pour  out
   his  love  on  all of  his  angels, on all  of  Israel  &
   upon  all  of  the  Church  at  the  same  time, so don't
   be  jealous  there's  enough love to go around !!! )
...As  a  Believer   all  of  this   marvels  my  heart, I dare
to  believe   that  two  thousand  years  ago   the  CREATOR
personally   visited  this  planet   in  the  body  of  Jesus
The  Christ  to  redeem  many, I  know  in  my  heart  that
Jesus  was  NOT  merely   some  peasant  man  from
Nazareth, the  language  and  words  that  HE  spoke  are
NOT  your  average  man's  lexicon : I AM  the  resurection,
he  who  sees  me  sees  the  Father, I am the Truth, HE
who believes  in  me  shall  never  die, Behold  I  make  all
things  NEW  !!!  these  are  words  that  were  "NOT"
remotely  uttered  by  Budda, Mohammed, Krishna, nor any
other  !!!

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