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..."You  are  in  error  because  you  don't  know  the  scriptures  nor  the  power  of  GOD  !!!"  - Matthew  22 : 29


...Our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  directed  these   powerful  words  to  the  'religious  elite'  of  His  time;  but  these  'Eternal  Words'  still   reverberate   as  true  and  powerful  as  ever  against  the  spiritual  blindness  of  : evolutionists,  atheists,  agnostics  and  to  all  those   who  fail  to  see   the   'grandiose   design'   of  an  incredible  &  awesome  CREATOR  who  is  very  active  in  all  of  His  creations;  from  the  single  cell  to  the  billions+  of  giant  Galaxies  that   seemingly   seem  to  span endlessly  throughout  this  amazing  Universe   of  His  !!!...And  if  that  wasn't  all;  the  Theological  and  Astronomical   evidendence  very, very  strongly  suggests   that  GOD   ALMIGHTY  is  "NOT"  anywhere  near  finished  creating  in  all  of  eternity;  for  in  this  moment  of  eternity  we  are  His  most  recent  creation  !!!


Eyes  have  not  seen, nor  ears  heard  the  things GOD has prepared for those who love Him  !!!   (  1  Corinthians  2 : 9 )



...The  truth  is  that  we  live  in  a  Universe  where  'trillions+  upon  trillions+'  of  :  stars, galaxies  and  planets  outnumber  "ALL"  the  human  beings  who  have  ever  lived  on  planet  Earth  since Adam &  Eve  by  a  very  conservative  margin  of : 1,000,000,000,000,000,000  to  1  !!!

...According  to  the  latest  Astronomical  observations  there  are  over  1,000,000+  stars  for  every  single  human  being  that  has  ever  been  born  on  planet  Earth  !!!

           - An insignificant observation of this  descendent of  Adam  &  Eve *



 ...The  'theories  and  assumptions'  of   Stephen Hawking  and  Neil DeGrasse   about  this  Universe  created  by  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  are  as  correct  in  the  eyes  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  the  Mighty  Heavenly  Hosts  of  Heaven  as  the   best   educated  guess  of  most  Kindergarten  students;  Hawking and DeGrasse  have  "NO"  idea   of  how  amusing  &  myopic  their  "theories"   are  to  GOD  ALMIGHTY whom  is  thee   Engineer  and  Creator  of  "EVERYTHING"  'inside  &  outside'  of  this  Universe  that  the  mind  of  mortal  men   cannot  even  fanthom  nor  imagine  !!! ...Hawking and DeGrasse  study  the  Universe  with  Telescopes engineered  and  assembled  by  someone  highly  intelligent  and  they continually   do research  on Computers engineered  by : IBM, Apple  and  others, they sit  on  chairs  engineered  and built by   someone other than  themselves  and the list goes  on;  yet  they  boast  that   the Universe  has : "NO"  engineer, "NO"  Creator; the  fools  have  said  in  their  heart  there  is  no GOD  !!!  (  Psalm  14  :  1  ) 

 -  Mario  Romano,  student  of  Astrobiology  and  Microbiology  &  Bible  Prophecy  &  SAVED  by  the  BLOOD  of  JESUS  CHRIST***


...Thee  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  manifested   on  this  planet  in  Jesus  Christ;   created  numerous  other  Universes  and  an  unimaginable  number  of  other  'life  forms'  throughout  all  of  'Eternity  Past'...The  finite  human  mind  cannot  even  fanthom  what  'Eternity'  is  for  we  are  still  struggling  to  understand  an  ever  expanding  Universe  with  our  limited  'five  senses' ...The  fact  and  reality  that  GOD  already  had  'billions+'  of  Son's   ( Job  38 : 7 )  long  before  He  created  humanity  does  "NOT"  makes  us  any  'more  or  less'  special  to  GOD  our  Creator  for  HE  loves  each  and  everyone  of  His  creations  in  a  way  that   the  'selfish  and  egotistical'  mind  of  man  can  never  comprehend  !!!

...This  poor  and  insignificant  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  would  like  to  remind  everyone  that   the  "Son's  of  GOD"  mentioned  in  the  Book  of  Job   are  "NOT"   animals  nor  robots  but  an  even  higher  creation  than  mankind;  because  the  Bible  itself   reveals  to  us  that  "WE"  were  created  lower  than  the  Angels  !!!   The  Angelic  creation  created  long, long  before  us   are  "Full-Fledged"  Son's  of  GOD  Almighty  ( just  like the Holy Scriptures   affirm*  )  and  each  has  its  own  personality  justy  like  you  and  me       (  Psalms  8 : 5  &  Hebrews  2 : 7 )...The  Holy  Scriptures  reveal  to  us  that  we  'Shall  be  like  the  Angels'  in  eternity  future  and  they  are  not  going to  be  like us...(  Mark  12 : 25  )


...GOD  Almighty  didn't  even  revealed   "EVERYTHING"  to  His  own  Angels

( the two-thirds *)  who  never  rebelled  and  who  have  spent  much  more  time  in  eternity  with  Him;  much  less  is  He  going  to  reveal  greater  things  to  us  who  have  sinned  against  Him!


...Someone  once  wisely  stated  that  if  it  were  even  possible  for  you  to  count  all  the  grains  of  sand   lying  in  all  the  'deserts  and  beaches'  of  this  planet  that  would  amount  to only about one second of eternity;   we  are  talking  about  an  'Awesome,  Incredible, Amazing, Loving  and  Sovereign'  Creator  to  whom  "NOTHING"  is   impossible  !!!




...Theologically  speaking  we  know  that  Angels  do  "NOT"  need  oxygen  nor  food  like  us  to  survive;  this  "FACT"  alone  proves  that  GOD  is  capable  of  creating  a  variety  of  different  life  forms  into  existence  beyond  even  the  comprehension  of   our  known  science  and  biology;  just  like  GOD  created  over  7+  million  different  living  species  in  this  planet  alone;  HE   had  already  created   'millions  upon  millions'  of  other  creations  very  different  from  us  throughout  all  of  'Eternity  Past'   long  before  even  Lucifer  rebelled; lets  get  this  straight  "NOT"  everyone  in  the  heavens   rebelled  against  GOD  ALmighty  !!! ...This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  would  be  lying  to  you  if  I  told  you  that  GOD  is   finished  creating;  Eternity  has  "NO"  end  and  neither   do  the  creative  powers  of  an  Almighty  GOD  !!!   You  and  I  are    part  of  'billions'  of  other  human  beings  who  were  born in  this planet;  that  itself  is part  of  billions  of other  planets  in this Universe  that  yet  such  'billions'  of  planets  are  amazingly  yet  part  of  billions  of  other  Galaxies  in  this  Universe  engineered  and  sustained  by  GOD  Almighty : The HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  !!! 



...The  Holy  GOD  of  Israel  that  I  serve  and  worship   knows  all  the  thousands  of  : languages  and  dialects  that  have  ever  been  spoken  on  planet  Earth & "NOT" just the human languages for the Holy Scriptures also reveal to us that GOD  ALmighty also knows the language of  all  the  animals and  insects  that were also created by Him and for Him !!!  ( Book of  Jonah 2 : 10  KJV )  He  is  also  able  to  be present  in  each  of  the  Billions  of  Galaxies  and  planets  that  He  "CREATED" in this Universe of His;  just  as  He  is  ever  present  wherever  2  or  3  are  gathered  in  His  name;  here  on  planet  Earth  and  "YES"  He  is  ever  present  at  each  and  every  single  Sunday  worship  service  in  the  thousands  of  different  Churches  on  planet  Earth; be it in :  China, Africa, Brazil  or  in  a  remote  Eskimo  Igloo;  GOD  is  OMNIPRESENT  !!! 



...Satan,  the  god of  this  world  has blinded the mind of  those who don't  believe.  

         -  2  Corinthians  2 : 2




...We  were  all  created  by  the  WORD  of  the  Living  GOD, We  are  saved   by  what  the  WORD  of  GOD  did  for  us  on  Calvary  and   if  we  abide  in  the  WORD  of  GOD   we  shall   inherit  eternal  life  and  because  of  the  very  WORD  of  the  LIVING  GOD  every  human  being  who  has  ever  existed  owes  their  existence  to  the  WORD  of  GOD  and  heaven  and  Earth  themselves  shall  one  day  in  eternity cease  to  be;  but  the  WORD  of  GOD  shall   never  cease  to  be...Truly, man  shall  not  live  by  bread  alone  but  by every  WORD  that  proceedeth  out  of  the mouth of GOD !



...GOD  did  "NOT"  reveal  "Everything"  to  His  Prophets  (  for  many  numerous  reasons*)   He  didn't  even  reveal  to  them  the 'Mystery of the Church'  and  even  if  He   chose to reveal  "Everything"  most  people   wouldn't  believe  it  because  as it is  they  don't  even  believe  what  He  did  reveal  to  us  in  Genesis  to  begin  with  !!!...The  truth  is  that  most  people  can't  handle   the  TRUTH  that  they  are  not  the  center  of  this  Universe  and  that  Jesus  Christ   is  the  promised  Messiah  and  the  very  WORD  of  the  Living  GOD  !!!...Jesus  Christ  confirmed   this  'spiritual  truth'  when  He  stated  in John 3 : 12  "I have spoken to you of Earthly things and you do not believe;  how  then will  you  believe  if  I  speak  of  Heavenly  things ?"



...This  planet   does  "NOT"  belong  to  Satan,  nor  to : Russia, China, Islam  nor  any  corrupt  International  group  of  Bankers  and  much  less  to  any  global  Corporation  be  it  'Sony, Apple  or  Microsoft'  this  planet  and  everything  in  it  belongs  to  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  ISRAEL  and  His  will  'Shall'  ultimately  be  done   on  Earth  as  it  is  in  Heaven  !!!          (  Psalm  24  :  1  )...GOD  is  going  to  evict   all  the  wicked  from  the  face  of  this  planet  be  they  : Empires,  Corporations, Mafias,  Narcotraffickers, False  Prophets, International Gangs,  Greedy  Bankers,  all  inhumane  and  unjust  dictators  and  all  those  who  commit   sexual  abominations  that  go  against  the  Holy  Commandments  of  GOD  !!!



...Presently,  billions  of  human  beings   keep  asking  why  does  GOD  allow  "this  and  that  ?"...Too  many  are  quick  to  forget  and  ignore  the  fact  that  we  are  a  "Fallen"  creation;  we  inherited : disease, death, suffering  when  Adam  &  Eve  chose  to  disobey  GOD  !!!...If  you  are  still  oblivious  to  the  purpose  of  life  let  this  poor  servant  of  GOD  remind  you  that   "Life  is  a  Test"  Adam  &  Eve  were  tested, Abraham  was  tested,  Job  was  tested, King  David  was  tested, Israel  was  tested in the desert, Jesus  himself  was  tested  by  Satan  and  according  to  the  Book  of  Revelation  GOD  is  going  to  test  by  fire   all  those  left  behind  after  the  Rapture  (  Revelation  3 :  10  ) ...For  it  is  written  that  "ONLY"  the  overcomers  shall  inherit   the  Kingdom of GOD  and  eternal  life;  cowards   will  not  !!!  (  Revelation 21 :  7  )...Truly, the Kingdom of GOD  suffereth  violence  and  the   spiritual  violent  take  it  by  force  !!!...It  may  be  true  that  life  is  not  "Fair"  but  there  is  always  someone  in   a  worse  situation  in  life  than  you  and  me;  we  are  responsible  for  doing  the  best  we  can  with  the  gifts  and  talents  that  GOD  Almighty  has  bestowed upon  us  !!!  ( Definition  of  overcomer  : someone who gets the better of in a struggle  or conflict;  one who conquers and defeats  the opponent;  a prevailer;  a  surmounter of obstacles*)



...Is  the  Almighty  Spirit  of  GOD  only  limited  to  planet  Earth  and  Heaven ?  or  can  GOD  ALMIGHTY  also  be  present   in  each  and  everyone  of  the  billions  of  other  galaxies  and  planets  that  we  now  know  also  exist  in  this  His  Universe ?  If  you  know  any  Theology  you  know  that  Angels   all  have  different  assignments  and  I  highly  doubt  that  they  are   watching  over  millions  of  'empty, desolate  and  dead   planets  and  galaxies'   GOD  is  a  GOD  of  the  living  !!!  and  what  do  you  think  the  Angels  will  be  doing  &  going  to  when  GOD  puts  redeemed  humans  in  the  'New  Jerusalem' ?...The  heavens  were  already  a  very, very  busy  place  long  before  GOD  created  us  humans  on  planet  Earth  and    with  our  limited   brain  capacity   we  truly  have  no  idea  of  the   awesomeness  of  life  outside  of  this  'temporary'  creation  and  body;  but  one  day   we  shall  be  like  the  Angels  !!!  (  Mark  12 :  25 )



...The  fingerprints   of  a  CREATOR  in  every   square  inch  of  this  Universe  are  very, very  obvious;  it  takes  about  6,500  different  parts  to  construct   a  fully  functioning  car  down  to  the  very  last  bolt   and  according  to  anatomists  the  human  body  has  over  3,500+  different  body  parts  that  allow  the  human  body  to  be  alive...It  would  be  foolish  to  believe  that   a  car   can  'evolve'  by  itself  if  it  is  given  billions  of  years;  that  somehow  a  'tire  will  form  here'  and  a  'windshield  there'  and  an  engine  in  the  midst of  it   !!!...So  it  is  with  us,  the  human   body  is  for  all  intensive  purposes   much  more  sophisticated  and  complex  than  an  automobile;  and  we  have  something  that  no  car  will  ever  have  'intelligence'  to  believe  that   a  single  cell   somehow   'evolved  &  morphed'  over  billions  of  years  and  created  a  complex  heart  and  circulatory  system  and   a  very  sophisticated   neurological  system  as  well  as  amazing  and  sophisticated  visual  system;  is  like  believing  that   a  car  with  so  many  complex  parts  would  'little  by  little'  just  come  together  out  of  a  single  steel  bolt  !!!...And  I  remind  everyone  that  it  was  the human  brain  who  engineered  the  automobile  out  of  all  the  natural  resources  that  GOD  put  before  us  !!!...There  is  a  CREATOR  who  engineered   every  cell  and  organ  of  the  human  body  and  who  interconnected  it  all  into  a  'completely living  &  fully  functional  body'  and  He  didn't  stop  there;   He  even  gave  it  an  'Eternal  Soul'  !!!...Any  : designer, builder  &  engineer   will  tell  you  that  where  there  is  a  'complex   design'  in  operation;  there  is always  someone  who  had  to  have  : designed  it, built  it  and   made  it  fully  functional  !!!...There   is  a  GOD  ALMIGHTY  who  operates  outside  of  our  'time  and  space'  in  which  we  exist  and  Blessed  be  His  Holy  Name  !!!...Thee  name  of  this  creator  is  "THE  WORD  OF  GOD"  :  JESUS  CHRIST***



...We  know  biblically  that  no  one  is  indespensable; when one-third of the Angels  rebelled,  GOD  created  a  new  creation  on Earth  right under their  noses  and  when  His  chosen  people  ( Jewish  Israel ) rebelled,  GOD  opened  yet  a  new  and  better  covenant  with  the  gentiles;  as  you  can  see  GOD   has  the  sovereign  right   to  make  promises  to  whomever  He  so  desires  !!!...Don't  ever  flatter  yourself  by  believing  that  you  are  more  special  than  others;  the truth is that we were  "ALL"  created  to  serve  GOD  ALMIGHTY  and  to  serve  one  another  !!!  ( Revelation  22 : 9  )...Too  many  people  can't  see  any  further  than  their  nose  !!!  Such  a  selfish  spirit  is  the  same  one  that  brought  about  the  fall  of  Lucifer  !!!...The  truth  is  that  neither  'you  nor  I'  nor  planet  Earth  is  the  center  of  the  Universe, the  truth  is  that  you  and  I  are   two  out  of  over  15+  billion  other  human  beings  who  have  been  born  on  this  planet  since  Adam  and  Eve  !!!...The   spirit  of  'me, myself  and  I'  is  "NOT"  of  GOD  !!!...And  if  we  don't  watch  out,  GOD  could  very  well  replace  us  with  rocks  (Luke 19 : 40 )  and  even  with  animals  !!!  (  GOD  saved  more  animals  than  humans  during  the  flood  on Noah's  Ark  !!! )



...This  is  what  we  do  know  in  2014;  you  and  I  are   part  of  billions+  of  other  human  beings  who  were  also  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  in  this  planet  (  conservative  population  estimates indicate  that  since Adam and  Eve  some  20+  to  100  billion  human  beings  have  been  born  on this planet * )  that  we  now  know  is  one  of  billions+  of  other  planets       (  actually,  Astronomers   agree  conservatively  that  the  number  of : stars, galaxies &  planets  exceed  the  billions*  and  are  in  reality  presently  exceed  a  quintillion :  1,000,000,000,000,000,000+  '18+  zeros  !!!  )  inside  yet  a  constellation  of  billions  of   Galaxies  with   billions+  of  different   creations  within  them      (  "NO"  GOD  has  not  just  been  sitting  on  His  Throne   'killing  time'  for  most  of  Eternity;  for  HE  IS  thee  very  'life force'  of  ALL  life  and  His  spirit  of  life   is  the  very  opposite  of  death  itself  !!!... GOD  ALMIGHTY   has  been  forever  bringing  to  life  new  creations and   life  forms  which  would  make  Astrobiologists   cry  in  amazement  !!! )   and  "ALL"  were  'CREATED'  for  the  sovereign  pleasure  of  GOD   ALMIGHTY;  because  HE  lives  we  all  live  !!!   Blessed  be  the  name  of  :  YHWH  :  JEHOVA  :  JESUS  CHRIST  !!!



...You  don't  need  to  have  the  wisdom  of  King  Solomon  to  know   what's  in  the  other  billions  of  Galaxies  out  there;  you  just  have  to  have  the   'eyes  and  heart  of  a  child'   to  comprehend   what  the  full  Kingdom  of  GOD  entails;  GOD's   full  and  total  plans   far  surpasses  the  creation  of  :  Angels, Israel  and   the Church  we  are  "ALL"  part  of  something  far  greater  than  our  individual  selves   and  despite  all  of  our  imperfections  including  those  of  His  Angels  ( Job  4 : 18 )  GOD  in  His  great  mercy  looks  beyond  our   flaws   for  He  knows  that  in  Him  we  will  all  be  made  whole  for   we  shall  have  all  of   'Eternity  Future'  to  go  from  'Glory  to  glory'  !!!



...At  the  'Cross  of  Calvary'  GOD  demonstrated   His  personal  interest  for  this  rebellious  creation  on  Planet  Earth;  this  servant  of  GOD  states  this  because  the  hour  is  coming   when  the  coming  'Man  of  Sin'   will  open  his  mouth  and  lie  to  the   world  that  GOD  long  ago  'abandoned, forsook  and  disowned'  us  unto  'death,  illness  and  suffering'  here  on  Earth***  


...The  words   that  you  are  about  to  read   were  written  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind, they were  not  written  to  cause  confusion  nor  division...This  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   knows  that  the  HOLY  SPIRIT   knows  the  full and  true  intentions  of  the  heart  of  this  His  servant...This servant  of  GOD   in  no  'way  matter  or  form'  claims  any  'special  revelation'  and   to  tell  you  the  truth  "NO"  one   in  all  of  Eternity  will  ever  get  to  know  all  the  mysteries  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!...The   information presented  is  backed  up  by  astronomical  discoveries as well as by Biblical Texts...This   topic  is  written  as  an  'Apologetics'  response  to  the  millions  who  are  being  led  astray  who  believe  that   'Ancient  Astronauts  in  UFOs'  created  us   long , long  ago...  "BUT'  if  that  was  even  remotely  true   then  you  would  have  to  ask  yourself  who  created  them  ?



 ...The  beginning of the Book of Job   reveals  to  us  that  the  "Son's  of  GOD"  present  themselves  to  GOD  every  so  often  in  eternity,  this means  that  these  "Son's of GOD"  are  not  the  Seraphim  who  are  forever  in the very  presence  and  throne  of  GOD  praising  the  Holiness  of  GOD;  in  this  presentation  we  can  see  that  Satan  came  among  them;  notice  that  all  of  these  Angels   seem  to  come  from  far  away  places  just  as  Satan  who comes  from  planet  earth  and  it  would  not  be  farfetched  that  the  other  "Son's  of  GOD"  came  from  other   planets  where  they  have  assignments  and  are  stationed  (  they  sure  aren't  coming  from  Disneyland  )   and   every  so  often   in  eternity  have  this  presentation  before  GOD***...The  Holy  Scriptures  time  after  time  refer  to  Satan  as  'the  god  of  this  world'  and  never  as  the  god  of  the  entire : Universe,  Cosmos  or  all  the  Heavens...Let's  get  this  straight,  Satan  was  thrown  exclusively  to  this  planet  and  this  is  his  temporary  holding  cell  before  he  is  thrown  into  the  Lake  of  Fire  !!!...Satan  is  "NOT"  Omnipresent  and  he  can  only  be  in  one  place  at  one  time;  in  the  Book  of  Job  he  reveals  to  us  that  he  is  mostly  just  roaming  this  planet  back  and  forth  ( Job  1 : 6  )   and  he  cannot  be  in  the  hundreds  of  millions  of  other  planets  or  galaxies  that  we  now  know  exist  !!!...If  this  is  true  then   this  servant  of  GOD  doesn't  think  that  the  other  "Son's  of  GOD"  were  coming   from  dead  and  empty  planets  and  galaxies  in  this  Universe  of   GOD;  it  is  obvious  that  GOD's  ALMIGHTY    creation  far  exceeds  our  limited  imagination  and  understanding  !!!...The  patterns  both  inside  and  outside  of  this  planet  indicate  that  GOD  is  a  creator  of : billions  upon  billions;   for  we  "KNOW"  that  HE  created  billions  of  :  galaxies, planets  ,  stars,  human beings,  Angels, animals  and  this  pattern  alone  leads  me  to  believe  that  GOD  did  "NOT"  stop with  Angels  and  Humans  just  as  HE  didn't  reveal  the  'Church'  to  His  Old  Testament  Prophets  there  are  many, many   things  GOD  just  didn't  chose  to  reveal  to  us  ***





...This   insignificant  servant  of  GOD  does  "NOT"  claim  to   have  GOD  all  figured  out;  in  fact  the  more  I  study  the  Holy  BIble  and  the  more  I   study    Astronomy   I  realize   how  GREAT  HE  IS   and  how  insignificant  we  all  are  !!!...The  GOD  and  CREATOR  who  knows   the  end  of  His  creations  from  the  very  beginning  is  much,  much  quicker  than   any  'supercomputer'  created by man  and  the  Creator  who  literally   created  billions+  of  other  galaxies  is  "NOT"  limited  by   anything  !!!...The  only  one  who   is  perfect   'inside  and  outside'  of  this  Universe  is  'GOD  HIMSELF'  and  blessed  be  His  HOLY  NAME  !!!...GOD  did  not  overextend  Himself  when  He  created  this  Universe;  GOD  knows  each  of  the  trillions+  upon  trillions+  of  stars  by  name  and  because  He  is  a  Spirit  He  is  literally  able  to  be   everywhere   at   once  !!!...GOD   didn't  create  an  empty  and  dead  Universe  nor  did  He  abandoned   the  other  billions+  of  Galaxies  and  planets  in  them;  GOD   in  His  Omnipresence  is   administering   'multitudes  upon  multitudes'  of  diferent  creations;   the  Holy  Bible  never  stated  that  we  are  nor  were  His  only  creation  !!!...Ladies  &  Gentlemen  we  are  talking  about  thee  'Eternal  Spirit'  who  understands  all  of  the  6,500+  languages  and  dialects  on  planet  Earth  !!!




   E+OC+BG's =  1,000,000's of different creations  throughout  all  of  eternity !!! 

...Eternity +  Omnipotent Creator + Billions of Galaxies =  ( E+OC+BG's ) = many,  many,  many   unimaginable  other  creations  !!!  

( who cares about  E=MC2 !  )


...Heaven  is  "NOT"   America  Part  II,   nor  is  GOD  an  American,   as  an  American  believer   too  many  of  my  brothers  and  sisters  in  Christ    try  to  create  in  their  minds  a  god   in  their  own  image;  when  the  Holy  Bible  clearly  reveals  to  us  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  does  "NOT"  think  like  us ; His  ways  are  not  our  ways  and  His  thoughts  are  not  our  selfish  thoughts   !!! 

                                      (  Book  of  Isaiah  55 : 8-9  )






...Yes,  GOD  our  Creator  who  created  over  7+ million  different  living  species  on  planet  Earth  alone  did  "NOT"  begin  creating  in  all  of  eternity  in  this  solar  system;  GOD  Almighty   had  already   created   numerous  of  different  creations   in  Eternity  past  before   He  created  Adam  and  Eve   on  this  one  of  the  millions+  of  planets  that  He  also  created  and  the  Theological  and  Astronomical  evidence   very  strongly  suggests   that  we  sure   are  "NOT'  going  to  be  His   last  creation  in  all of  Eternity  Future***...Don't  worry  GOD  has  more  than  enough  love  for  His :  Angels,  the Jews,  the Church  and   trillions  of  others  !!!






...This  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  writes  about  these  things  because  to  GOD  the  future  is  history  !!!...GOD  already  knows  the :  date  of  birth, passport numbers,  email  addresses , cell phone numbers, home  addresses  and  twitter  accounts  of  all  10  King's  and  of  the  'Little  Horn'  warned  about  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!...GOD   creates  reality  and  while  it  is  2014  here  on  planet  Earth;   GOD  has    already   moved  ahead   in  eternity  in  ways  that  no   'astro physicist'  nor  'theoretical  physicist'  could  ever  imagine  possible  !!!...This  servant  of  GOD  doesn't  know  much,  all  he  knows  is  that    the  knowledge  of  GOD  ALMIGHTY  has  no  end  !!!...GOD  has  already  won  the  chess  game  against  Satan  before  Satan  even  knew    made his first  move  !!!... For the  'Lamb of GOD'  had  already  been  slained   before the foundation of the  world   !!!



...The  Holy  Scriptures  clearly  reveal  to  us  that  we  are  inhabiting  a  'temporary  dimension'  and  that   everything  in  this  planet   will  one  day  be  totally  destroyed  to  make  way  for  a  "New  Heaven  and  a  New  Earth'  that  will  be  without  sin  !!!...Our  existence   since  GOD  created  us  on  this  planet  in  contrast  with  eternity  has  been  a  very,  very  brief  one  !!!



 ...Despite  all  of  our  medical  and  scientific  discoveries  in  this  century;   mankind  is  still   "NOT"   anywhere  near  nor  close  to  unlocking   the  gene  that  controls   aging  and  death  !!!...When they discovered  the  DNA  Helix  they  were  astounded  that  it  didn't  end  there,  they  were  even  smaller  nucleotides  within   the  DNA  !!! 


...When  our  Lord  Jesus  Christ  came  as  the  Messiah  of  Israel  and  Savior  of  the  world  some  of  the  most  'learned  and  educated'   people  of  the  time   totally   missed  who  He  really  was;  Jesus  Christ  told  the  Scribes  and  Pharisees  when  they  asked  him  about  the  resurrection  that  they  were  "ALL"  in  error  concerning  it  because  they  did  not  know  the  scriptures  nor  the  very  power  of  an  unlimited  and  Almighty  GOD  !!!...You  see  too  often  we  become  too  religious  that  we  forget   that  GOD   is  not  to  be   put  in  no  'box'  nor  is  He  limited   to  any  'four  walls'  of  any  Temple  !!!


...The  reality  and  truth  is  that   you  and  I   are  one  of  billions+  of  other  human  beings  located  in  one  of  the  billions+  of  planets;  located  in  yet  in  one  of  billions+  of  galaxies  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY   the  Creator  of  the  heavens  and  of  the  Earth    long, long  ago  engineered  &  who  blew  His  breath  and   spirit  of  life  into  !!! 

-  An insignificant  Theological  and  Astromical  observation  of  this servant of Jesus Christ*


...As  this  servant  of  GOD   scans  the  Universe   he  feels  like  a  worm  who  is  making  his  way  out  of  an  apple  and  who  for  the  first  time   observes  that   the  apple  in  which  he  finds  himself   is  one  of  many  others  in  one  apple  tree;  but  it  doesn't  stop  there  because  for  as  far  as  his  eyes  can  see  he  is  marveled  that  to  his  left  and  to  his  right  there  are   numerous,  numerous  many, many   other  apple  trees  as  far  as  the  eye  can  see  !!!...Today  in  2014  we  now  know  that  our  planet  is  literally  one  of  billions  in  just  this  one  galaxy,  but  it  doesn't  stop  there   know  we  know  that  there  are  literally  billions  of  other  galaxies  in  this  Universe  !!!


...Theologically  speaking  we  know  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  in  His  sovereignty  has  different  covenants  and  laws  with  each  and  all  of  His  different  creations  !!!  Throughout  all  the  Bible  we  se  GOD  making  promises  to  different  people; GOD  in  His  sovereignty   can  make  millions  of  different  promises  to  millions  of  others  and  we  know  that  GOD  cannot  lie  for  He  will  keep  each  and  every  promise  that  He  pronounced  !!!


...The  HOLY  Bible   reveals  to  us  that  GOD  did  "NOT"   reveal  many, many  things  to  this  fallen  creation...For  example  we  know  that  GOD  chose  not  to  reveal   the  gentile  church   to  His  Old  Testament  Prophets  !!!...The  Holy  Bible  is  a  spiritual  book  of  truth  it  was  not  meant  to  be  a  science  book,  nor  a  mere  history  book  of  the  hebrew  people;  the  Holy  Bible  contains  the  covenant  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  has  with  this  specific  creation  in  this  planet  !!!


...GOD  Almighty;  created  'creations  within  creations'  and  a  Universe  within  a  Universe  !!!..."NO"  one  can  deny  that  GOD  cannot  be  also  present  in  each  of  His  billions+  of  other  'galaxies  and  planets'  in  this  Universe  that  He  created   !!!...GOD  didn't  overstretch  His  domain  when  He  created  billions+  of  everything  because  the  Holy  Scriptures  reveal  to  us  the  fact  that  not  even  the  very  'Heavens  of  the  heavens'  can  contain  GOD  ALMIGHTY  !!!


  ...All  the  major  astronomical   agencies  of  the  world  agree  that  there  are  more  than  1  billion+  different   galaxies  in  this  Universe   alone  and   these  same  agencies  are  embarassed  because  the   latest   supercomputers   and  the  Hubble  telescope     that  they  have  been  employing  to  try  and  map  this  Universe   are  still  very,  very  limited....


...The  truth  is  that  we  are  nowhere  near  the  end  of  eternity  and  it  is  very  clear  that  GOD  is  "NOT"  done  creating,  for  in  one  moment  of  'Eternity  Future'  we  shall  one  day  get  to  witness  for  ourselves  GOD  ALMIGHTY  creating  life  in  a  different  planet  just  as  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  in  JOB   38 : 7,   witnessed  GOD  creating  us  human  beings  on  planet  Earth  once  upon  time  in  Eternity  !!!


...Did  GOD  our  CREATOR  create  a  Universe  so  big  that  He  can't  even   dominate  it  ?   Did  GOD  create   billions+  of  other  galaxies  and  planets  in  this  Universe  merely  to  keep  them  empty  and  serve  as  some  type  of   a  decoration  ?...This  servant  of  JESUS  CHRIST   believes  that   the  answer  to  these  questions  can  be  found  in  the  Holy  Scriptures  as  well  as  in  the  very  heavens; for the very  heavens declare the Glory of GOD   !!!



...GOD  has  had  all  the  time  in  eternity  to  have  created   'multitudes  upon  multitudes'  of  different  creations  and  life  forms  throughout  His  billions  of  other  planets  and  galaxies  !!!...We  know  that  He  has  all  the  resources  at  His  disposal  and  that  He  has  the  power   to  do  so  and  'me  thinks'  that  we  are  not  His  second  creation  ever  in  all   of  eternity,  we  Biblically  know  that  we  sure  weren't  His  first  !!!



...The  truth  is  that  GOD  is  a  SPIRIT  and  just  as  HE   is  present  on  planet  earth  in  the  Milky  Way  Galaxy  His  Spirit  can  also  be    present  in  all  of  the  billions+  of  galaxies  and  billions+  of  planets  in this Universe that  He  also  created  !!!  -  Mario  Romano,   servant  of  Jesus  Christ  and  an  amateur  Astronomer*  


...Population experts  tell  us  that   since  Adam  and  Eve  over  20,000,000,000+   human  beings  have  been  born  some  estimates  go  all  the  way  up  to  100   billion  !!!...What  do  these  numbers  reveal  to  us  ?...The  fact  that  you  and  I  are   two  out  of  billions  of  other  human  beings   don't  make  us  any  more  or  less  special  to  GOD  our  creator  and   if  indeed  the  other  billions  of  planets  in  this  Universe  are  inhabited   then  it  should  come  as  no  surprise  because   GOD  created  everything  out  of  love  for  He  is  love  !!!



...What  does  this  all  mean ?...You  and  I  are  literally  two  out  of  over   20-40  billion+  human  beings  who  have  been  born  on  this  planet  ever  since  GOD  created  Adam  and  Eve  on  this  planet   !!!...There  is  a  very  credible  Theological  theory  that   strongly  suggests  that  we   'human  beings'  were  created  in  this  specific  time, space  and  planet  in  direct  response   to  the  fall  of  one-third  of  the  Angels  who  rebelled  against  GOD  and  that    GOD  created  us  to  take  the  place  in  eternity  and  in  heaven;  that  these   Angels  voluntarily  :  'ABDICATED, UNDERVALUED  and  SCORNED'  !!!...When  the  last  person  who  gets  saved  from  all  of  these   generations  fills  such  a  possible  quota  (  that  only  GOD  knows )   then  the  end  will  come*...In  the  process   GOD  will  have  demonstrated  to  the  Angels  what  true  love  is  and  that  no  one  is  indespensable***



...Automobiles  have  an estimated  30,000  different  parts  that  hold  them  together  and   make  the  car  serve  its  engineering  purpose  and  Anatomists   tell  us  that  there  are  7,000+  different  human  parts  in  our  bodies   that  allow  us  to  be  alive  !!!...The  main  reason  why  I  do  not  beleieve  in   evolution  is  because  it  is  'IMPOSSIBLE'  for  7,000  different  human  body  parts  to  have  evolved  by  themselves  to  create  a  human  being  just  as  it  is  impossible  for  an  automobile  to  be  the  product  of  accidental  evolution  !!!...I  believe  that  it  should  be  very  obvious  that   we  were   engineered   by  a  creator  who  operates  out  of  the  limits  and  confines  of  this  time  and  place  on  earth  !!!


...For  some  unknown  reason   most  'religious  folk'  have  been  led  to  believe  that  GOD  the  Father   is just sitting  on  His  throne  and  long  ago  lost  control  of  heaven  and  Earth  because  of  the devisiveness  and  rebellion  that  Satan  initiated  in  heaven and  then  on  Earth  !!! 


...The  truth  is  that  Satan  is  like  an  ant  before    the  HOLY  GOD  of  all  ETERNITY  !!!...The  truth  is  that  GOD  is  not  a  man  like  us  , GOD  is  a  Spirit  so  awesome  and  enormous  that  even  the  very  'Heavens  of  the  heavens'  cannot  contain  Him  !!!...It  should  be  noted  that   even  the  very  Angels  in  heaven   do  "NOT"  know  all  the  REVELATION  of  GOD; an example of this is  Satan  himself,  Satan   out  of  sheer  ignorance  or  maybe  because  his  pride  made  him  so  forgot  that  "NO"  one  can  keep  a  secret  from  GOD  and  it  should  be  understood  by  all  that   there  are  many,  many  different   creations  in  the  heavens  because  Satan  sure  wasn't  initiating   a  rebellion  with  the  Seraphim   as  they  proclaim  Holy, Holy  Holy  !!!..."NO"  Satan   must  have  felt  that  he  was  somehow  very  far  and  remove  from  GOD   to  have  felt  compfortable   initiating  his  lies  in  heaven  because  Jesus  told  us  that  Satan  is  the  father  of  Lies  !!! 


...It  is  evident  the  GOD  and  Creator  who   created  over  7,000,000  different  living  species  on  planet  earth  alone  out  of  billions  of  others   and  who  created  beings  ( Angels)  who  need  not   oxygen nor water  to  exist   has  "NO"  limitations  of  any  kind  !!!...Let  the  name  of  thee  HOLY  GOD  of  Israel  be  Praised   !!!


...Have  you  ever  asked  yourself  what  will  the   'millions  upon  millions'  of  Angels  will  be  doing  after  us  humans  are   transformed  into  the  New  Jerusalem  ?...The  statistical  evdience  found  in  all  of  the  patterns  of  GOD's  creations  both  in  the  heavens  and  on  this  Earth   clearly  present  the  fact  that  GOD  ALMIGHTY  is   a  GOD  of  billions  of  different  creations;  a  creator  who  can  create   billions  of  Angels  who  have  no  need  of  oxygen  nor  food  and  water  and  who  has  created  billions  upon  billions  of  other  galaxies  and  planets   clearly   is  "NOT"  limited  by   anything  !!!


...It  is  evident  that  it  is  in  the  innate  nature  of  GOD  to  always  keep  on  creating   for  His  sovereign  pleasure,  neither  the  Angels  in  heaven  nor  the  brightest  human  minds   can  even  come  remotely  close  to   knowing  all  the  secrets  and  mysteries  of  an  ALMIGHTY  GOD;  when  heaven  and  Earth  pass  away  in  eternity  future  GOD  shall  continue  to  keep  on  creating  yet  many, many other  creations  and   neither  the  Angels  in  heaven  nor  you  nor  I  will  be  jealous;  for  we  all  know  that   GOD  loves  us  all  beyond   our  wildest  dreams  !!!  


BY  :  Mario  Romano,   this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   is  merely  scratching  the  surface  of  the  Glory  of  an  Almighty  GOD  and  Creator;  in  our  fallen  condition   the  revelation  of  GOD   is  limited;   GOD  only  revealed  to  His  Prophets  in  the  Holy  Bible  the  most  important  thing  that  we  needed  to  know  and  that  is  that   we  have  all  sinned  against  Him  and  in  this  fallen  condition  only  the  shed  blood  of  Jesus  Christ  can  fully  reconciliate  us  with  our  Holy  Creator : GOD  !!!...This  servant  of  GOD  was  saved   through the Ministry  of  3  different  servants  of  GOD  :  Jimmy  Swaggart Ministries  ( T.V ),  Jose  Luis  Soto  ( Maranatha  Radio Evangelist in Bellflower, CA ) and   Pasor  Alberto Wizel  ( Elim radio ministry *)  the  T.V  and  Radio  Ministry of these 3 men of GOD  pulled  me  to  the  feet  of  my  personal  Savior : Jesus  Christ;   thank  you  so,  so  much  !!!















..."For in one hour so great riches is  come to nothing"
                                            -Book  of  Revelation  18 : 17
...In  his  bestselling  1970's  "The Late Great  Planet  Earth"
Bro. Hal  Lindsey concludes that   the potential fall  of  the
US  dollar  would  forever  change  the balance of power  in
the  world  and  allow  the  rise  of  the  last   10  King
alliance  foretold  by  the  Biblical  Prophecies  and  there
can  be  NO  denying  that   the  present  economic  ills
plaguing  the  USA  are  of  grave  concern...
...For  starters  just  this  month  alone  Florida, Louisiana
and  Texas  have  been  hit  by  Hurricanes  &  the insurance
losses  will  be  great, to  make  matters  worse  the  stock
market  appears to  be on the  brink of  major  "corrections"
company's  that   survived  the  great  depression  of  the
1930's  have   not  survived  this  present  financial  crisis
such  as  Lehman  Bros  for  example...
...The  US  debt  is  multiplicating  as  never  before  &
with  the  financial  costs  of  the  war  in  Iraq  and
Afghanistan  many  economists   believe  that   the  US
economic  is  teethering  on  the  brink  of  collapse... 
...Most  students of Bible Prophecy  agree  that  the European
Union  and  its  currency the  $ EURO will become  the  future
DOMINATING  global economic force  in  the  future  and
such  an  economy  will  transform into  the   future  666
financial  system...
...Don't  get  me  wrong the  end is not  yet  but  we  are
without  a  doubt just  around  the  corner  from  the
commencement  of  the  great  Tribulation..."WHEN"  the
US  Dollar  fails  this  will  affect  "ALL"  of  the  global
economies  so  no  nation,  not  even  the  enemies
of  America  should  be  delighted  for  even  their
small  economies  will  be  greatly   affected  by  all
the  financial  turmoil...

In one hour the 100+ year old giant

of  Lehman  Bros forever  Falls..."

September 16, 2008

SLAM. Slam. Slam. Slam. Like a scene from a gathering of Mafia dons, the doors of 30 black Lincolns slammed shut as their besuited occupants stepped out into a Manhattan downpour – and into a global financial storm.

That storm broke yesterday, with stock markets tumbling around the world. In London, the FTSE 100 plunged almost 4 per cent to 5204.2. Scotland's banking giants were among the biggest victims. HBOS slumped 17.5 per cent; Royal Bank of Scotland lost 12.2 per cent. In the US, the Dow Jones industrial average suffered its biggest fall since 9/11.

The collapse effectively began at 6pm last Friday. The place: the offices of the New York Federal Reserve. The occasion: an emergency meeting of the most powerful figures in American banking and finance aimed at staving off a massive bank collapse.

Those who stepped from their limousines to be present included Richard Fuld, the chairman and chief executive of Lehman Brothers; John Mack, the head of Morgan Stanley; Jamie Dimon, of JP Morgan Chase; Vikram Pandit, of Citigroup; Lloyd Blankfein, of Goldman Sachs; Bob Diamond, the head of Barclays Capital; and senior representatives from Mellon Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland.

"We are the biggest overseas bank in America", explained an RBS spokeswoman. "There was an 'all points bulletin' from the Fed and they called us in".

Awaiting them along one side of the boardroom table was the United States Federal Reserve chairman, Ben Bernanke – nicknamed Helicopter Ben for having slashed interest rates and showered Wall Street with money earlier this year to avoid the very disaster that was about to unfold.

Flanking him was Hank Paulson, the US treasury secretary, and Tom Geithner, chairman of the New York Fed. It was Geithner who opened the meeting – and presented Wall Street's finest with the fright of their lives.

Either there was a Wall Street rescue for Lehman, or the investment bank would have to face the consequences. An eerie silence ensued.

An analyst at RBS Greenwich in New York summed up the most dramatic meeting of America's top bankers thus: "I thought last weekend was crazy, but this one was even more chaotic.

"Everyone expected to hear by early Sunday evening that the Fed/Treasury had managed to arrange a shotgun wedding for Lehman with someone – Bank of America, Barclays, private equity. A funny thing happened on the way to a deal.

"The New York Fed called in all of the head honchos and said that they had a great deal for them. One lucky participant would get to buy Lehman's business and their 'good' assets for a bargain price.

"The others would get a consolation prize: a chance to contribute their own precious capital to fund a bank of Lehman's 'bad' assets. The Fed and Treasury were said to be 'adamant' that public money would not be involved in any bail-out.

"No government money? OK, no deal."

The meeting set the tone for the weekend. By Saturday morning, more than 100 bankers were involved. Paulson refused to budge on pleas for government underpinning of the Lehman "bad bank" proposal: $41.8 billion (£23.3 billion) of property and up to a further $40 billion of "toxic" assets that had been infected by subprime mortgage loans or derivatives.

Cookies and coffee arrived. Then ghoulish crowds began to gather, reminiscent of those that had assembled in Wall Street 80 years ago as the stock market crashed.

The last of the meetings broke up late on Sunday, by which time there were no fewer than three separate frenzied huddles of investment bankers. One comprised credit traders trying to agree an orderly unwinding of Lehman's default swaps to avoid utter mayhem yesterday morning.

Another room was full of regulators trying to put a floor under AIG, the world's biggest insurer, whose shares had crashed the previous week.

The third was putting together a massive $50 billion rescue takeover by Bank of America of Merrill Lynch – the investment bank to broking giant that is famous for its "raging bull" logo.

The United States is now in the throes of its biggest banking crisis in 70 years, stirring terrible memories of panics, bank failures, bankruptcies and mass unemployment. First Bear Stearns had to be rescued. Then the government had to take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two largest US mortgage providers. Now Lehman Brothers.

Dick Fuld, who threatened to break the legs of any partner caught shorting Lehman stock – gambling on the value of shares falling – is now just another name on a lengthening list of the "Masters of the Universe", a phrase made famous by Tom Wolfe in his 1987 novel of Wall Street ambition and greed, The Bonfire of the Vanities, who have crashed to earth.

AND as Fuld crashed, his personal shareholding in the bank tumbled by more than $500 million. The list of the investment banking world's fallen giants already reads like a Who's Who of money: Charles "Chuck" Prince, the chief executive of Citigroup; Jimmy Cayne, the chief executive of Bear Stearns (RIP); Peter Wuffli, the UBS chief executive, and Marc Ospel, its chairman.

How has it come to this? What caused America's fourth-largest investment bank to crash and file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy? It is unctuously described by some as a "venerable, 158 year-old" institution. In truth, there is nothing particularly venerable about Lehman Brothers – and its elevation to "greatness" is recent.

It began in 1844 as a small shop in Montgomery, Alabama. It developed as an investment company, had a rocky ride in the 1970s, and in the early 1980s was bought by American Express, which sold it in 1993, when Fuld became chief executive.

Lehman floated on the stock market as a minnow boutique bank, with earnings of only $75 million.

But Fuld, a Lehman lifer, was already getting used to life in the "bulge bracket" (a group of investment banks considered the world's most powerful).

Before he took up the top post at Lehman, he found himself in a Las Vegas casino when a bad gambler blew $4 million. The gambler was following a classic strategy: when the cards go against you, double up the bet, because eventually things are sure to turn your way. Fuld took notes on a cocktail napkin as the gambler imploded, reaching the conclusion that bad luck can always continue longer than seems reasonable. "I don't care who you are," he wrote later. "You don't have enough capital."

How prophetic that was to prove.

From 2004, Fuld's fortunes were transformed as Lehman's profits surged. The bank rode what an earlier generation would have seen as a convergence of utter improbables: a wave of deregulation, typified by the scrapping of the Glass-Steagall Act (which kept retail and investment banks separate); low interest rates; and a wave of financial innovation that turned the most toxic loans into fancy credit products.

Sky-high bonuses and share-option packages poured fuel on this fiery concoction.

Lehman embarked on massively leveraged property acquisitions and expansion. Equity trading soared. And the bank plunged heavily into subprime lending. Indeed, just ahead of the market collapse, Lehman underwrote more mortgage-backed securities than any other firm.

IT built up a staggering $88 billion portfolio, 44 per cent more than Morgan Stanley and four times the $22.5 billion of shareholder equity the bank had as a buffer against losses.

But losses? What were they? Mortgage lending had a low default record. And the bank was on a roll, creating ever more ingenious financial products that bonus-driven salesmen sold to bedazzled clients. The group posted record profits, the shares soared towards $70 and bonuses and stock options gushed forth.

Fuld joined the bulge bracket. He was paid $34.5 million in 2005, comprising a base salary of $750,000, a $13.8 million cash bonus, and stock and options worth $19.94 million.

So how does his demise compare with the other fallen idols who have now fled the crashing debris in Wall Street? They may have driven their banks – and their shareholders – into enormous losses. But the former Masters of the Universe will never know what it's like to live in a subprime home.

By the end, 62-year-old Fuld was Lehman's biggest individual stockholder. Despite the crash, he stands to leave with about $65 million, based on Lehman's Friday morning stock price of $3.73. This tally includes 8.6 million unrestricted shares worth some $32.1 million as of Friday morning – though they had been worth $582 million last November before the credit crunch hurricane struck.

Chuck ("I'm still dancing") Prince left Citigroup with a package said to be worth $40 million. He also received a pension of $1.74 million and another one million stock options – worthless at the time of his departure. Merrill Lynch's Stan O'Neal spent much of last summer perfecting his golf swing, confident that his trusty lieutenants at Merrill could avoid those subprime bunkers. It turned out to be a bad call.

HE WAS ousted last October as the first waves of the credit crunch struck, with a retirement package reckoned at more than $160 million.

Jimmy Cayne, 15 years at the top of Bear Stearns, was said to be on the golf course in June 2006 just as the bank dropped the first of many clangers, with a 10 per cent dive in profits. Worse followed, with the bank having to put up $3.2 billion to try to rescue its imploding hedge fund.

By mid-March last year, when the bank collapsed, Cayne, who would rush from Wall Street by chopper to the private Hollywood Golf Club in New Jersey to play 18 holes before dark, had already relinquished the reins, handing over the chief executive's role to Alan Schwartz.

When Schwartz went cap in hand to the New York Fed for a $30 billion bail-out, Cayne was said to be competing in the North American Bridge Championship in Detroit.

Cayne and his wife, Patricia, sold all their 5.6 million shares in Bear Stearns – worth as much as $1.2 billion in January 2007 – for $61.3 million at the end of March this year. The couple recently bought two adjacent apartments in New York's plush Plaza building for $28.2 million.

He left with a $30 million "golden goodbye" – enough to do up his Park Avenue property and a mock Tudor mansion in Greenwich, Connecticut. But it emerged that the mansion, set in 2.3 acres of land, was surplus to requirements. "It no longer meets his needs,'' said the local estate agent, trying to sell it for $6.15 million. He was forced to cut the asking price.

That's how tough it gets at the top in Wall Street.

Scots bank giants shudder as shockwaves cross Atlantic

SHARES in global businesses plunged and analysts warned of a prolonged recession yesterday after leading investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

The move prompted Merrill Lynch, another of the top four US investment houses, to agree a £28 billion takeover bid from the Bank of America.

And it came after insurer American International Group approached the Federal Reserve for £22 billion of short-term financing.

The misery spurred the Bank of England to pump an extra £5 billion into the markets to improve liquidity for frightened banks, and the Fed to accept stocks in exchange for cash loans for the first time.

And MPs on the Treasury select committee said the Bank of England should be given greater powers to call for failing banks to be nationalised in the wake of Northern Rock.

Analysts warned the "whole of the international financial system" was at risk and, if it recovered, would be ensnared by far tighter regulation than in the past.

The FTSE finished 4 per cent lower, the Dow Jones plunged by almost 4 per cent, or 500 points, and shares dropped across the board.

Edinburgh-based banking giants RBS and HBOS were among the worst-hit firms. HBOS reached a yearly low when its stocks almost halved in value at one point in trading. They later rallied to end with a 17.55 per cent drop.

Lehman, a 158-year-old company with about 25,000 staff worldwide, including about 5,000 in the UK, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the US, which puts its operations under the ward of the courts.

Its share price tumbled 90 per cent last week after it reported a £2.2 billion loss precipitated by a £3.9 billion "hit" from commercial property and subprime mortgage losses.

The collapse came after Barclays Bank pulled out of a buy-out deal, reportedly because the US government had refused to issue guarantees.

The government's refusal to get involved is seen by analysts as a turning point following the use of public money in high-profile bail-outs of failing organisations including Bear Sterns, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Ten of the world's biggest banks committed to establish a £39 billion borrowing facility to bolster global liquidity.

Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, said the situation was "very grave". He said there would be intervention to stop banks failing because the "whole of the international financial system" was at risk.

"I think the least we are going to have to learn from this is that the whole of the financial sector simply cannot return to where it was before. It is going to have to be much more tightly regulated in the public interest."

When the markets opened in the wake of the collapse, UK banks were worst hit.

However, Angela Knight, chief executive of the British Bankers' Association, said "no UK bank was in a similar position to Lehman", which does not take retail deposits.

A spokesman for Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, said the Treasury, Bank of England and Financial Services Authority were in "very close contact" with their US counterparts.

The funds released by the Bank were almost five times oversubscribed by banks. The European Central Bank also made undisclosed funds available to financial institutions. But the Fed refused to step in with direct assistance.

Professor William Perraudin, of Imperial College Business School in London, said banks would again become suspicious of lending to each other, leading to another plunge in the already fragile property market.

In the UK, administrators PWC said Lehman Brothers, the principal UK trading company in the Lehman group, was one of four firms in administration.

Refugees of financial storm flee with golf clubs and fine wines

CLUTCHING golf clubs, branded umbrellas and what appeared to be a box of fine Languedoc wines among other office knick-knacks, bewildered ex-employees yesterday streamed out of the Lehman Brothers' European headquarters at Canary Wharf in London.

Of the collapsed US investment bank's 4,500 UK-based staff, about 24 were made redundant immediately, with the majority due to find out where they stand today or tomorrow.

Staff were sent e-mails telling them the bank was filing for bankruptcy and to report for work at 7am.

Watched by a row of security guards, those who turned up were handed a printed sheet warning them not to engage in any financial transactions.

Tony Lomas, a lead administrator for PricewaterhouseCoopers, which took over the financial firm after it filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday morning, said the "extraordinarily complex" company could take six years to wind up and he was uncertain whether they would be able to pay the £42 million monthly wage bill this Friday.

After staff were given the choice simply to go home yesterday, some of them cried. Others were on the phone to headhunters and recruitment agencies. Elsewhere in the building, employees tried to use up credit on their canteen cards and others consoled themselves with a drink in the company canteen. Many spent the morning clearing their desks and swapping contact details.

Edouard d'Archimbaud, 24, from Paris, arrived in Canary Wharf for his first day of work but did not even make it as far as his desk. Mr d'Archimbaud, who was due to start a £45,000-a-year job as a trader, said he was told on arrival that everybody had lost their jobs. He said: " I've taken out a six-month lease on a flat and I don't know how I will pay for it."

Graduate trainee Jack Reynolds, with the company for only a week, said: "My career has been halted at the first hurdle."

Kirsty McCluskey, 32, who worked on the trading floor, said: "It is terrible. Death. It's like a massive earthquake. It's final. Everybody is just finishing up."

One banker, who is expecting twins, was among the staff laid off. Marion Guilbert, 36, said: "I have been there for seven years. It's even more emotional for a pregnant woman, but you have to take the positives out of it."

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