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Did  GOD  create  Life  in other planets  and  galaxies  ?  Yes,  yes  and  absolutely  yes  !!!

(((   Although  the  3rd  Heaven  is  full  of  streets  of  gold  and   majestic   views  and  even  though  this  Universe  may  be  full  of  very  different  levels  of  creation  that  were  created  by  GOD  in  Eternity  Past;  our   present  reality  is  that   we  inhabit   a  rebel  planet  plagued  by : sin, death, perversion, wickedness  and   which  also  serves  as  the  temporary  home  of  Satan  and   millions  upon  millions  of  fallen  Angels  and  demons   !!!...GOD  in  His  sovereignty  chose  to  create  us  in  the  middle  of  an  ongoing  War  that  began  in  the  other  Heavens  and  that  will  be  finalized  under this  heaven...You  and  I  'MUST'   fight  the  good  fight  here  on  'Rebel  Earth'  for  cowards  will  'NOT'  be  allowed   to  enter  into  the  Kingdom  of  GOD   !!!...This  student  of  theology  does  'NOT'  claim  to  know  it  all;  what  I  do  know  is  that  Satan  has   sucessfully  deceived  most   human  beings  who  have  been  born  on  this   fallen  planet  and  I  most  certainly  do  'NOT'   intend   to  fall  nor  surrender   to  his  lies;   it  is  by  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'  that  this  sinner  is   guaranteed  entrance  into   the  Kingdom  of  GOD  !!!  )))



Unlimited Creator +  Eternity = Mind-boggling  Number  of  other  Creations  ( supervised  &  watched  by  numerous  Angelic  hierarchies* -Daniel 4 : 17,  Psalm 68 : 17,   Revelation 12 : 12  plural  heavens  & different  living  dwellers  in  them  all*)



Are  the  Trillions  of  other  galaxies  in  this  Universe   devoid  of  'living  things  and  living  beings'  ?


Many  people,   including  many  born again Christians   have  been  wondering  for  many  years  if  we  are  the  only  inhabited   planet  in  this  great  Universe.   This  born  again  believer   is   here  to  tell  you  that  we  most  certainly  are  'NOT'  the  only  inhabited  planet  with  'Living  things  and  living  beings  in  it.  I  am  'NO'  Prophet  'BUT'  this  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  can  tell  you  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  that  the  rest  of  the   99.99999999%  of  this  Universe  is  'NOT'  in  a  'ghost  town'  like  condition  nor  devoid  of  other  living  things  and  beings  that  were  also  created  by  GOD  our  Creator.   If  you  did  not  know   our  very  own  galaxy :  the  Milky  Way  as  big  and  humngous  as  it  is   does  'NOT'  even   comprise  1%  of  this  Universe  according  to  Astronomical  facts   !!! ...Most  of  us  fail  to  understand  that  GOD  our  Creator  is  'NOT'  limited  to  any  one  :  Heaven, Galaxy, Solar  System  or  planet  in  this  great  Universe  of  His  !!!...I'm  no  Einstein  'BUT'  I  can  tell  you  with  certainty  that  GOD  was  'NOT'  in  an   'Eternal  Hibernative'  state  before   Genesis  1.   GOD  has, is  and  shall  continue  to  create  and  create  different  'living  things  and  living  beings  throughout  eternity  for  His  sheer  pleasure   !!!...You  and  I  and  the  billions+  of  human  beings  who  have  been  born  on  planet  Earth  should  be   very  thankful  that  we  were  given  the  opportunity  to  exist  in  the  'here  and  now.'


...This  student  of  Theology   knows  fully  well  that  attempting  to  address  this  'Controversial'  topic   is  like  trying  to   'Tip Toe'  through   a  minefield  full of  bombs;  some   may disagree  with this writer  'BUT'  the  Theological  and  Astronomical  evidence   in  the  'Opinion'  of  this  believer  points  to  the  overwhelming  fact   that  GOD  our  Creator  has  always  been   creating  throughout  all  eternity  and  that  Genesis  1  is  'OUR'  beginning  in  this  neverending   thing  called  eternity  !!!...This  topic  has  'NO'  doctrinal  slant   nor  does  it  change  nor  attempt  to  change  the  fact  and  reality  of  us  here  on  planet  earth; that  we  are  a  rebellious  creation  that   inherited  sin  from  Adam  and  Eve  and  that  is   subject  to  a  real  hell   'IF'  we  reject  the   sacrifice   that  Jesus  Christ    made  for  us  on  the  Cross  of  Calavary   !!!...Those  who   teach  and  declare   that  we  are  alone  in  this  Universe   fail  to   see  that  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  ( Angelic  Hierarchies*)   populate  most  of  the  second  heavens  and  the  fact  that  most  Angels  are  not  assigned  to  planet  earth  tells  me   many,  many  other  things  and  creations  are  taking  place  in  the  trillions  of  other  galaxies   !!!  

As  a  student  of  theology  I  write  every  word  here  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind  being  fully  aware  of  James  3 :1 ; but  this  verse and passage in the Bible  goes  both  ways,  to  teach  boldly  that   we  are  GOD's  only  creation  in  this  Universe  is  absurdly  wrong  given  the  fact  that  we  are  revealed  in  Job 38: 7,  that  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  shouted  with  joy  when  GOD  was  crerating  this  planet  for  Adam  and  Eve  even  before  time  began  for  Adam  and  Eve  because  we  know  that  the  Lamb  of  GOD  was  slain  before  even  the  foundation  of  the  World  !!!...What  I'm  trying  to  say  is  that   before  Genesis  1  'WAS'   neither  GOD  nor  His  Angels  were  floating  in  the  vast  darkness  of  this  Universe  and  of  eternity  very  obviously   there  was  'ALREADY'  creation  before  this  Creation  began  on  planet  earth  in  Gnesis  1.  Any  theologian  will  agree  that  the  3rd  Heaven  has  always  existed  in  eternity  and  that  most  of  the  Angelic  hierarchies   dwell  in  the  2nd  heaven...

...Most  if  not  all  theologians   would  agree  that  the  Holy  Bible  was  'NOT'  given  to  man   to  serve  as  a : medical  book,  nor  as  a  science  book...The  Holy  Scriptures  were  primarily  given  to  us  to  record  the  history  of  redemption  of  this  fallen  planet...In  effect  the  Holy  Bible  primarily  records   thee  most  important  things  that  GOD  our  CREATOR   wants  us  to  know  and  that  is  that   ...The  Holy  Scriptures  were  'NEVER'  given  to  us  to  reveal   'EVERYTHING'  about   what  has  transpired  in  'ETERNITY  PAST'  in  effect   the  very  Bible  reveals  to  us  that  long  before  time  began  on  this  fallen  planet  GOD  already  had  Trillions+  of   living  beings   ( because Angels are not robots *)   that  the  very  Bible  calls  'Son's  of  GOD.'  By  this  very  fact  alone  we  know  that  we  are  'NOT'  God's  first  creation  in   all  of  eternity   !!!


...When  this  student  of  theology  studies  the  hierarchies  of  Angels  found  in  the  Holy  Bible    he  understands  that   they  are  GOD's  messengers  and  enforcers  and  that  'NOT'  all  Angels  are  assigned  to   this  Milky  Way  Galaxy  nor  to  this  fallen  planet  called  Earth  !!!   If  you  study  your  Bible  you  will  realize  that  only  about  three  Angels  are  named  by  name  in  all  the  Holy  Scriptures  and  that  is  because   GOD  the  Holy  Spirit  only  chose  to  mention  the   main  Angels  who  are  assigned  to  this  planet;  Lucifer: Satan  was  cast   to  planet  earth  while  he  awaits  his  final  judgement  in  the  bottomless  pit  this  fact  alone  proves  to  us  that   in  the  spirit  world  our  planet  earth  is  like  a  PRISON  PLANET   !!!  The  other  Angels  assigned  to  this  planet  is  Michael  but  the  Holy  Scriptures  make  it  clear  to  us  that  he  is  mostly  assigned  to  the  Jewish  nation  of  Israel  and  Gabriel  is  the  third  Angel  in  all  the  scriptures  mentioned  specifically  by  name,  yes  there  are  many, many  more   lower  rank  Angels  assigned  to  planet  earth  but  the  very  fact  that  'NOT'  all  Angels  are  assigned  to  this  one  planet  tells  this  student  of  theology  that  the  rest  of  the  99%  of  the  Angels  in  the : 3rd   and  2nd  heaven  have  different  assignments   that  have  nothing  to  do  with  us  and  this  observation  is  'Confirmed'  in  the  Book  of  Job  when  the  'Son's  of  GOD'  came  to  present  themsel;ves  before  GOD  and  Satan   came  amongst  them  


...According  to;   The Bible indicates that the whole creation groans and travails under the weight of sin (Romans 8:18-22). The effect of the Curse following Adam's Fall was  'Universal.'     Otherwise what would be the point of God destroying this whole creation to make way for a new heavens and Earth-2 Peter 3:13, Revelation 21:1 ? Therefore, any ETs living elsewhere would have been (unjustly) affected by the Adamic Curse through no fault of their own-they would not have inherited Adam's sin nature.   While  I  personally  agree  with  'Most'  of  I   totally  disagree  with  their  interpretation  that  the  effect  of  Adam's  Fall  was   'Universal.'   The  Holy  Scriptures  themselves  tell  us  and  reveal  to  us  that  'NOT'  all  those  in  the   other  Heavens  rebelled  nor  sinned   against  GOD  when  Satan  managed  to  deceived  one-third  of  the  Angels   !!!  ...The  truth  is  that  the  fall    was  'LIMITED'  and  contained  to  planet  earth  alone, yes its possible  that  it  affected   our  entire  solar  system   and  maybe  even  our  entire  Milky  Way  Galaxy   'BUT'    neither  sin, the great rebellion  or  the  curse  of  the  fall  entered  into  the  3rd  Heaven;  so  'NO'  it  was  not  Universal,  when  GOD  found  it  neccessary   to  restart  this  creation  He  did  'NOT'  destroy  the  entire  Cosmos, Galaxy  nor  even  planet  earth  ; GOD  only  had  to   flood  planet  earth  to   erase  fallen  and  corrupt  humanity  to  restart  a  new  creation  with  Noah  and  his  family   !!!


...Another   mistake  and  false  assumption  that  some  make  is  that  GOD  is  going  to  destroy  this  entire  Universe  after  the  Millenium  and  they  interpret  this  from   2 Peter 3 : 10-12,  the  truth  is  that  we  now  know  that   galaxies  in  this  Universe  do  evertually   collide  with  one  another, Astronomical  telescopes  have  captured  images  of  far  away  galaxies colliding  to  form  another  great  galaxy,  'Yes'   evetually  our  Milky  Way  Galaxy  will  be  destroyed  by  the  passage  mentioned  in  2  Peter  3 : 10-12,  'BUT'  to  state  that  the  entire  Universe  is  going  to  be  destryed  is  not  just  stretching  the  facts  but   misinterpreting  2 Peter  3 : 10  altogether.    It  is  rather  evident  to  this  student  of  theology  and  Biology  that  GOD  our  creator  is  'NOT'  limited   in  Creation;  the very  fact  that   Angels  do  not  need  water  nor  die  like  us  mortals  tells  me  that  GOD  is  more  than  capable  of  creating  different  levels  of  creation.   We  were  created  lower  than  the  Angels,  and  me  thinks  that   GOD  can  and  has  created  different  living  things  and  living  beings  throughout  this  Universe  and  throughout  eternity  that  were  'NOT'  neccessarily  created  in  the  'Image  of  GOD'  like  us  here  on  planet  Earth   !!!...GOD  is  'LIFE'   and  He  is  populating  eternity  with  all  types  of  different  creations  for  His  sheer  pleasure,  (  Revelation  4 : 11  ) when  you  have  the  unlimited  powers  of  creation  and  unlimited  resurces  and  ullimted  time  in  eternity  that  is  what  you  doi : CREATE, CREATE  and  keep  on  creating   !!!


In  conclusion, 'YES'  GOD  our  CREATOR   did  create  life  in  other  planets  in  this  great  Universe  of  His.  The  other  trillions+  of  galaxies  inside  this  Universe  are  not   holograms  nor  are  they   all  dead  places.  The  mature  believer   must  understand  that  everything   was  'NOT'  created   for  us  human  beings;  we  were  created  to  be  fruitful  and  multiply  and  fill  planet  Earth  and  by  the  grace  and  mercy  of  GOD  Almighty  only  a  fraction  of  the  billions+  of  human  beings  who  have  ever  been  born  on  this  fallen  and  rebellious  planet  are  by  the  'Blood  of  Jesus  Christ'  going  to  inherit  and  enter  into  the  'New  Jerusalem.'   Jesus  Christ  did  'NOT'  die  for  other  creations   very  simply  because  other  creations   cannot  sin,  'NOT'  all  creations  were  created in the 'Image  of  GOD'  just  like  Jesus  did  not  die  for  the  'Fallen  Angels'  who  are  beyond  any  redemption,  GOD  is  more  than  capable   to  create   'LIVING  THINGS'   that  could   fill  the  trillions+  of  other  planets  and  galaxies  in  this  His  Universe   !!! 


...The  biggest  issue  that  most  Christians  have  with  this  topic  is  whether  Jesus  Christ   also  died  for  all  the  sinners  of  other  planets.  The  truth  is  that   we  may  very  well  be  the  'ONLY'  planet  that  has  ever  fallen  into  sin.   Another  truth  of  creation  is  that  we  may  very  well  be  the  only  creation   in  eternity  that  was  ever  created  in  the  very  'Image  of  GOD'  by  this   I  suspect  that  the  rest  of  this  Universe  is  full  of  other  different  'Levels  of  Creation'  very  different  from  us  here  on  planet  Earth   !!!



...In  sum,   GOD  loves  all  of  His  different  creations.  GOD  has  been  forever  creating  throughout  all  of  eternity;  everything  and  everyone  was  created  by  HIM  and  for  HIM  !!!...Before  time  began  in  'Eternity  Past'  GOD  most  certainly  was  'NOT'  in  an  eternal  hibernation  like  state,  many,  many,  many  things  and  other  creations   have  already  transpired  in  eternity  past   that  are  none  of  our  business  and  that   have  nothing  to  do  with  us  in  this  section  of  the  Universe   !!!...GOD  only  meant  to  reveal  to  us   the  most  pertinent  facts  that  we  needed  to  know  and  that  is  that  before  we  were  created  there   'Satan  had  initiated  a  great  rebellion  in  the  Heavens  and  then  he  was  cast  down  to  planet  earth  and  if  you  study  your  bible  you  will  realize  that  Satan  had  been  cast  down  to  Earth  'BEFORE'  Adam  and  Eve  had  been  created  here  because  he  was  already  in  the  Garden  of  Eden  as   a  snake   !!!  ( outside of the Garden of Eden life was very  rough*)  ...GOD  has  many  types  of  love  (Agape  etc...)  for  all  of  His  creations; GOD  has  a  special  love  for   His  Angels, for  the  Jews, ( Revelation 14 : 3 )   for  the  Church  and  even  for  his  lower  creations  of  the  animal  world;  I state this because  sometimes  we  forget  that   GOD  ultimately  saved  more  animals  in  the  flood  than  human  beings;  animals  it  seemed   listened  and  obeyed  GOD  more  than  even  fallen  men  back  then  !!!


...When  the  Millenium  is  over   here  on  planet  Earth;  GOD  is  going  to  house  us  in  the  'New  Jerusalem'   and  if  you  read  the  Book  of  Revelation  you  will  notice  that   Angels  will  be  positioned  outside of its  doors,  GOD  is  'NOT'  going  to  leave  and  abandon   His  original  'Son's  of  GOD'  ( Angels )  for  GOD   our  Creator  is  'OMNIPRESENT'  and  He  will  be  with  all  of  His  creations  all  at  the  same  time   !!! ...As  you  may  know  there  are   numerous  Christian  denominations  that  have  'Interpretated'  some  Bible  passages  and  verses  very  differently  from  one  another,  in  'NO'  way  is  this  servant  of  Jesus  Christ   attacking    any  other  Creation  Ministry,  based  upon   my  research   all  the  Theological/Biblical  and   Astronomical   facts  lead  me  to  believe  that  GOD  has  been  long  creating  other  creations  in  'Eternity  Past'  and  that  He  delegates  power  to   a  vast  hierarchy  of  Angels  that  are  accountable  to  Him;  we  witness  this  fact  and  reality  in  Daniel  2  ( Watchers*)  and  in  the  destruction  of  Sodom  and  Gomorrah  just  to  mention  a  few  (  Genesis  19  )   ast  all   theologians  and  other  students  and  believers  of  the  Bible  agree  that  the  numbers  of  Angels  exceed  all  the  human  population  that  has  ever  been  born  it  would  be  safe  and  very  conservative  to  ststae  that  the  numbers  of  Angels  that  GOD  created  long  before  Adam  and  Eve  were  created  exceed  very  easily  the  Trillions+  because   they  have  already  discovered  trillions  of  galaxies  alone  in  this  great  and  vast  Universe  and   me  thinks  that  GOD  has  more  than  one  Angel   assigned  to  each  of  His  galaxies  thus  easily  exceeding  trillions+  !!!...This  article  has  'NO'  doctrinal  weight,  nor  does  it  intend  to  be  part  of  a  new  or  personal  revelation;  it  is  simply  a  product  of  two  decades  of  personal  research;  we  indeed  serve   an  incredible : Omnipotent, Omnipresent  and  Omniscient  Creator  in  JESUS  CHRIST : Thee   WORD  of  Thee  Living  GOD   who  created  'ALL'  things  visible  and  invisible  and   who  knows  all  the  zillions+  of  stars  by  their  names   ( Psalms   147 : 4  )  and  the  very  same  GOD  and  Creator  who  has  all  the  hairs  on  your  head  and  mine  all  counted   and  numbered  !!!   (  Luke  12 : 7  )


...This  is  a  subject  and  topic  that   could  take  many  books  to   adequately  tackle  and  fully  address.   What  I  do  know  is  that   the  Holy  Bible   was  primarily  given  to  us  to  record  the  history  of  redemption  of  this  fallen  planet  and  to  write  down  what   GOD  explicately  expects  from  every  human  being : REPENTANCE  !!!   The  Holy  Scriptures  were  'NEVER'  meant  to  reveal   'ALL'  that  transpired   in  eternity  past  before  time  began  for  us  human  beings....GOD  is  only  going  to  hold  us  responsible  for  what   we  do  with  the  Gospel  of  Jesus  Christ   and  'NOT'  for  how  much  :  wealth, knowledge, fame  and  earthly  accomplishments   we  managed  to   accumulate  here  on  Earth;   thee  greatest  thing  we  can do  here  on  Fallen  Earth   is  to   OBEY  GOD  and  keep  His  commandments   (  Revelation  14 : 7  and  Ecclesiastes   12 : 13  )  the  complete   atonement  that  JESUS  CHRIST  made  on  the  Cross  of  Calvary  makes  it  possible   'IF'  we  confess and  repent  of  our  sins  and  accept  Jesus  Christ  as  our  personal  savior  to   once  again  regain  what  Adam  and  Eve  once  lost  in  the  Garden  of  Eden   !!!...As  this   believer  in  Jesus  Christ   writes  this  article  in  July 27, 2017    he  is  fully  aware  that   in  the  country  of  Switzerland  most  people   are  living  very, very  'peacefully  and  comfortably'  while  thousands  of  miles  away  in  this  same  planet   people  in  Syria  are  fleeing  their  country  which  is  in  the  middle  of  an  ungoing  civil  war  and  yet   on  this same  date  ( July , 2017  )  many  people  in  Uganda,  Africa  are  on  the  verge  of  starvation   !!!...What  this  writer  is  trying  to  get at  is   that   'SIN'  did  'NOT'  permeate  and  enveloped  all  of  GOD's   creation  throughout  this  Universe;  GOD  'CONTAINED'  the : Fall, Rebellion, Sin,  Satan  and  his  fallen  Angels  to  this  specific  part of the Universe in this specific  moment in  eternity***...Yes, there  is  a  new  heaven  and  a  new  earth  coming  'BUT'   it  is  too   speculative  of  anyone  to   state  that  GOD  is  going  to  destroy  this  entire  Universe, the  truth  is  that  he  may  only  have  to  destroy   this  solar  system, this planet  or  this  galaxy  and  'NOT'  neccessarily   the  entire  Universe   !!!



...Most  who  write  about  this  subject   claim  that  we  are  God's  most  'Special  Creation.'   The  truth  is  that   we  were  created  'Lower'  than  the  Angels  and  the  truth  is  that  GOD   has  a  very  special  love  for  all  of  His  creations.   The  blunt  truth  is  that  most  human  beings  who  have  been  born  on  this  planet  have  'REJECTED'   GOD  our  Creator  by   choosing   to  follow  the  wide  gate  that  leads  to  destruction  and  by  wilfully  choosing  to  live  under  the  darkness   of  Satan  and  his  lies;  than  under  the  light  of  Jesus  Christ.   We   are  a  very  unique  creation  that  was  created  in  a  very  unique  moment  of  eternity;  and  GOD  our  CREATOR  sovereignly  chose  to  create  us   in  the  middle  of  an  Epic  War  that  will  be  finalized  on  this  planet;  some  may  state  that  it  is  not  fair  'BUT'   GOD's  ways  and  thoughts  are  not  ours;   GOD  went  out  of  His  way  to  redeem  humanity   by  sending  His  only  begotten  Son   to  fully  pay  for  the  sins  of  many;   those  who  reject   what  Jesus  Christ   accomplished for  us  all  at  the  Cross  of  Calvary  are  rejecting   eternal  life  and  the  very  love  of  our  Creator  : GOD.



...When  all  of  this  is  over,  GOD  may  or  may  not  reveal  to  us  all    the  many  other   things  that  have  preceeded  us  in  eternity...What  I  do  know  is  that  I  am  one  of  billions+  of  human  beings  who  have  been  born  on  this  one  planet  that  it  itself  is  part  of   billions  of  other :  stars, galaxies  and  planets  in  this  Universe...When  this  poor  sinner   meditates  on  the  trillions  of  other  galaxies  in  this  Universe  and  meditates  upon  the  unlimited  powers  of  creation  of  GOD  our  Creator  I  can  only  imagine*** ...Yes, there  is  life  in  the  rest  of  the  trillions+  of  other  galaxies  in  this  Universe;  GOD  already  had  living  beings   rightfully   called  'Son's  of  GOD'   'BEFORE'  He  created  us  here  on  planet  Earth,  in  fact  'we'  are  only  become  'Son's  of  GOD'  when  we   repent  of  our  sins  and  accept  Jesus  Christ; it is until then that He  gives  us  the  right  and  the  power  to  be  called  son's  of  GOD   (  John 1 : 12 )   the  Angels  were   happy  and  joyous  and  celebrating  when  GOD  was  creating  planet  earth  in  Job 38 :7  and  we  also  know  that  Angels  celebrate   when  a  sinner  from  this  planet  repents;  Angels  are  'NOT'  envious  of  us, they  are  happy  that  GOD  created  us  too  and  in  one  future  moment  in  eternity  future  after  the  Millenium  GOD  is  going  to  invite  us  to  witness   another  new  creation  very  different  from  us  somewhere  in   the  Universe  and  you  and  I   are  also  going  to   shout  for  joy  just  as  the  Angels  once  did  for  us  !!!


By  : Mario  Romano.   This  believer   believes  in  the  creation  account  of  Genesis;  this  article  was   written as  a  'Apologetic'  response  to  all  those  who  believe  in  the  'Ancient  Aliens  theory'  that  we  were  engineered  and  planted  here  on  Earth  a  long  time  ago  by  ancient  Astronauts.   Most  Christian  creationists  believe  that   GOD  only  created  us  in  this  Universe,  this  believer   in  an  unlimited  Creator  ( GOD : JESUS  CHRIST )  has  come  with  a  very  different  conclusion;  GOD  has  been  forever  creating  for  His  sheer   pleasure  'Different'  Levels  of  Creation;  GOD  is  LIFE  and  He  is  populating  eternity  with  different  creations  very  different  one  from  another   !!! ...This  unworthy  servant  of  Jesus  Christ  knows  fully  well  that  eternity  has  been  going  on  for  longer  than   our  7000   years  here  on  planet  Earth  and  I  will  leave  it  at  that****






What  Is  Really  Behind  the
Mediterranean  Union ?

Special report EU Observer April 2008

There are moments in history when the geopolitical balance seems to shift clearly in one direction or the other. Currently within the EU, power seems to have just moved noticeably from France to Germany on a clear issue of substance. It is not the first of such shifts and, while it may not be the last either. But it is substantial and merits comment. I refer to the issue of the Union of the Mediterranean.
The Union of the Mediterranean is a project conceived by Nicolas Sarkozy, the mercurial and hyperactive French president known for his capricious sex life and his loose tongue. Indeed, the former may be an subconscious cause of his proposal to create a political “Club Med”, since all three Madames Sarkozy have been of distinctly Southern European blood, as indeed Sarkozy is himself. The first Madame Sarkozy, Marie-Dominique Culioli, was Corsican; the second, Cécilia María Sara Isabel Ciganer-Albéniz, was born of a Jewish-Russian (possible gypsy) father, André Ciganer ( Aron Chouganov) and a Spanish-Belgian mother; while the third Madame Sarkozy, Carla Bruni, is still even now an Italian national while having become the First Lady of France. Sarkozy himself, of course, is the son of a Hungarian émigré and he was in fact brought up by his Greek-Jewish maternal grandfather as his father left the marital home when he was three.
Sarkozy originally came up with the idea of a Mediterranean Union during his campaign in 2007 to become president. He announced his intention to hold the founding summit during the French presidency of the European Union, i.e. in July-December this year, and the latest news reports indicate that he has been successful: there will indeed be a summit of all heads of state and government from all the countries of the Mediterranean in Paris on 13th July, and they will be invited to stay the night and attend the Bastille Day celebrations the following morning.
The geopolitical and political motives behind this proposal seemed fairly obvious at first sight. Politically, Sarkozy’s interest in setting up the Mediterranean Union would be to offer Turkey an alternative to full EU membership. This is certainly how the plan is being peddled in Paris. The second geopolitical motive would be to reinforce France’s weight on the world stage. European enlargement since the end of the Cold War has been directed almost exclusively at countries which are more or less in the German geopolitical orbit – not just the former Communist states integrated in 2004 but also Austria, Sweden and Finland which joined the EU in 1995. The creation of a political “Club Med” is perhaps a typical example of the French love of the politics of the grand gesture, but there seems little doubt that it would institutionalise France’s leadership role in an area where she has huge historical ties and considerable political influence, from North Africa to Lebanon and Syria.
On closer inspection, however, all is not as it seems. First, Sarkozy has effectively abandoned his opposition to Turkish accession. In the summer of 2007, France voted in favour of opening new “chapters” in the accession negotiations with Turkey. Paris has not put the freezing of those negotiations on the agenda for the French presidency later this year, and there will never be a “French” presidency ever again because the Lisbon treaty abandons the principle by which the European Council is chaired by one country every six months. More insidiously, Sarkozy is campaigning to remove Article 88.5 from the French constitution, which requires that a referendum be held in France on all new accessions to the EU. Any referendum in France would almost definitely lead to a No vote.
Moreover, the latest news is that France has capitulated to Germany’s demand that all EU states be included in the new Union. For the last few months, indeed, there has been bad blood between Paris and Berlin as two summit meetings were cancelled at short notice by the French, apparently because of disagreements over Sarkozy’s new Mediterranean Policy. The Germans objected to the plan because the EU already has a forum for Mediterranean Policy, the so-called Barcelona Process, and it says that a new structure would only undermine that part of EU policy, over which Berlin obviously has a say. Austria has concurred: the Austria Foreign Minister has said she does not see the point of Sarkozy’s new initiative. Thanks to a recent deal between President Sarkozy and Chancellor Merkel, the new Union will indeed be launched on 13th July – but all EU member states will belong to it. Any geopolitical advantage for France is thereby completely neutralised and the new “Union” is nothing but the Barcelona Process jazzed up.
So why did Sarkozy agree? His capitulation is all the more mysterious because Germany herself was one of the prime movers behind the creation of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 1992. This organisation has 12 members – Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Iceland and the European Commission. Apart from Iceland and the European Commission, these are all Baltic states, as the name of the organisation suggests. On what possible grounds can Germany object to being excluded from France’s Mediterranean Union when France is excluded from Germany’s Baltic Union?
Perhaps the motives behind the Mediterranean Union lie elsewhere, therefore. The plan, indeed, bears some resemblance to the “Greater Middle East” project favoured by the American neo-conservative strategists. Although the membership of the two proposed bodies is different (the Greater Middle East encompasses Arabia, Iran, Central Asian states and even Afghanistan and Pakistan) the ideology is the same: supranational and anti-national. The idea is to neutralise the Arab-Israeli conflict by “integrating” the Middle Eastern countries into a single political unit, rather as the Franco-German conflict was allegedly neutralised by the creation of the European Community. For there is nothing the neo-cons want to neutralise more than Arab nationalism.
Even more striking is the resemblance between Sarkozy’s plan and the existing Mediterranean Dialogue set up by NATO in 1994. The relevant page (in English, French, Hebrew and Arabic) can be seen . Numerous Maghreb states have already signed partnership agreements with NATO. In other words, the Mediterranean Union would be but a political superstructure over a military organisation which already exists and which is under US leadership. Sarkozy is known to be extremely friendly to the US and Israel (the Israeli president has just been in Paris, the first head of state to be received with full honours since Sarkozy was elected last year) and his plans therefore resemble those which led to the creation of the original EEC which was also set up on the back of an existing US-led military structure (NATO was created in 1949, the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951).
The goal of Sarkozy’s Club Med is therefore not, after all, to reinforce the geopolitical weight of France, but instead to consolidate the power of NATO and the United States over the Middle East. That is why Germany, America’s senior partner in Europe, was determined to be involved – and that is why Sarkozy has agreed to it. I predict that, in due course, he will agree also to another American policy, the accession of Turkey to the EU.

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