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The Abomination That Causes Desolation
...The  future  event  known  as  the  "Abomination  of  Desolation"  will  literally  initiate  the  final  3  and  a  half  years  of  the  beginning of the end...Mr.666  will  commit  an  abomination  in  the  future  Temple  that  will  be  rebuilt  in  Jerusalem  !!!...This  historic  and  Prophetic  event  will  be  broadcast  live  for  all  the  world  to  see  !!!...The  world  will  literally  get  to  witness  the  beginning  of  the  great  Battle  of  Armageddon  !!!
...Jesus  Christ  himself   warned  that  when  the  "Abomination of Desolation"  takes place,  that  all  should  run  away  from  Jerusalem   "immediately."  This  major  insight  reveals  to  us  that  Mr.666  will  have   a  great  number  of  his  military  machine  not  far  from  Israel  to  consummate  his  pre-planned   attack  on  the  Jewish  people...
...The  final  7  year  Tribulation  period  does  "NOT"  begin  immediately  following  the  Rapture, it begins when  Mr.666  "Confirms  the  Covenant  with  the  many  and  Israel"  for  7  years."...Presently, we do not know  how much time GOD  has   pre-established;  it is the insignificant opinion   of this servant of GOD  that 
...The  Tribulation  period  lasts  7  years  , the first   part of the Tribulation  consists  of  1260  days  and  the final  3 and a half  years  which  we  call  the  Great  Tribulation  consists  of  1290  days...There  are  an  extra  30  days  due  to  leap  years...
...The  "Two  Witnesses"  of  Revelation  appear  in  the  first  half  of  the  Tribulation  period, because  the  same  Beast  who  ascends  from  the  Abyss  is the one who kills the Two  Witnesses  and  who  shortly  later  takes  over  the  body  of  Mr.666,  evidently  as  evil  and  wicked  as  mankind  is  there  are  even  more  wicked  and  evil  beings  out  there  who  are  truly  "Bad  to  the  Bone !!!"
 ...The   eyes  of  the  entire  world  will  be  upon  Jerusalem  in  the  not  so  distant  future  as  the  Jewish  people  after  not  having  a  main  Temple  in  Jerusalem  for  over  1940+  years  get  to  rebuild  one  and   have  a  grand  opening  ceremony...Through  war  and  victory  Israel   was  able  to  recapture  the  Golan  Heights   and  in  the  1967  war  Israel  was  able  to  reacquire  Jerusalem  after  over  1900+ years   !!!    
...The  event  known  as  the  "Abomination  of  Desolation"   will  literally  initiate  the  final  3 and a half  years  of   this  corrupt   world...One  of  the  most  astounding   things  that  we  will  study  is  how  the  future  man  of  sin  which  we  call  the  Anti-Christ  will somehow  get  to  neutraliuze   Israel's  nuclear  program;  as  a  student  of  Prophecy  I  do  "NOT"  see  Israel   defending  itself  with  its  nuclear  arsenal  against  this  Mr.666...Yet,  we  do  learn  that   some  Jews  will  escape  out  of  Israel  on  time  for  Revelation  12  reveals  to  us  that  the  woman  was  given  two  wings  of  an  eagle  to  escape  into  the  wilderness 
___________   has  always   teached  that  the  re-emergent  Fourth  Roman  Beast  will  do  as  the  other  Beasts  of  the  past  did   and   conquer  the  region  which  we  today  call  the  Middle  East;  including  Israel  eventually  and  unfortunately  that  will  be  a  reality  one  day...The  Biblical  Prophecies  warn  us  that  the  future  "Hitleresque"  figure  who  is  certainly  to  appear  on  the  world  stage   will  greatly  deceive  Israel  in  the  future,  in  fact  the  Prophet  Zechariah   prophesied  that  this  Beast  of  a  Man  will  order  the   deaths  of  over  60%  of  the  world's  Jews  and  this  is  confirmed  in  Revelation  12  where  we  are  revealed  that  some  Jews   will  escape  out  of  Israel  for  their  very  lives  !!!  (  when  Adolph  Hitler  was  rising  to  power  in  Germany  during  the  1930's  there  was  a  small  group  of  Jews  who  understood  that  it  was  time  to  leave  and  they  did  so  almost  immediately *)
   By  :  Mario  Romano,  Mario  is  a  born  again  Christian  washed  in  the  blood  of  the  Lamb  and  who  has  been  saved  and  forgiven  solely  by  the  Grace  and  Mercy  of  GOD...Mario  is  "NOT"  a  Prophet,  he  merely  interprets  what  the  Prophets  of  the  Hoily  Bible   Prophesied  about  the  future  of  Israel  and  this  planet...


"But in his estate shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things"   (Dan. 11:38).

France to Rejoin NATO as Full Member, after 43 Years


PARIS- 3.12.09 -- President Charles de Gaulle infuriated the United States when he suddenly pulled France out of NATO's military command in 1966, arguing he had to preserve French independence in world affairs.

Forty-three years later, President Nicolas Sarkozy announced Wednesday, France has decided to return as a full-fledged member of the 26-nation military pact, the North Atlantic Alliance, which came together under U.S. leadership at the start of the Cold War in 1949 and has served as the basis for U.S.-European security relations since.

Casting aside Gaullist dogma long cherished in France, Sarkozy declared that rejoining the U.S.-led integrated command in Brussels will not diminish the independence of France's nuclear-equipped military and, on the contrary, will open the way for more French influence in deciding what NATO's new missions should be after the Cold War.

"The time has come," he said in a speech to France's Strategic Research Foundation, adding, "Our strategy cannot remain stuck in the past when the conditions of our security have changed radically."

The decision, widely debated even before it was formally announced, marked another significant step in Sarkozy's effort to bring France and the United States closer together after a period of estrangement and backbiting. Since taking over in May 2007, Sarkozy has repeatedly declared himself a friend of Washington and made gestures to warm the chill that had settled over French-U.S. relations under Presidents George W. Bush and Jacques Chirac, chiefly because of Chirac's opposition to the  Iraq war and Bush's with-us-or-against-us approach.

"We need a renewed trans-Atlantic partnership between an America that is open and a Europe that is being strengthened," Sarkozy's defense minister, Hervé Morin, said in an address to the same conference.

Sarkozy said he would formally notify France's allies of its return to the NATO command during celebrations to mark the North Atlantic Alliance's 60th anniversary, with President Obama in attendance, scheduled for April 3-4 in Strasbourg, France, and Kehl, just across the border in Germany. At Sarkozy's insistence, according to reports in Paris, Obama has penciled in a stop beforehand at the World War II Normandy landing beaches to dramatize the historic underpinnings of French-U.S. ties.

De Gaulle's defiant gesture, which caught Washington unaware, came at a time when U.S.-European security revolved around girding against a possible Soviet attack from the East. It meant in theory that the French military and its nuclear arsenal would no longer take orders from the American general commanding NATO forces. In addition, de Gaulle ordered out thousands of U.S. troops stationed on French soil and at NATO headquarters, then in a Paris suburb.

France never left the overarching North Atlantic Alliance, however, and within a year the practical effect of withdrawing from the integrated command was also watered down. A secret accord between U.S. and French officials, the Lemnitzer-Aillert Agreements, laid out in great detail how French forces would dovetail back into NATO's command structure should East-West hostilities break out.

Since then, the threat of a Soviet attack has melted away and NATO has launched a long study about how it should redefine its mission in the 21st century, including what has become a practice of military operations beyond the borders of member countries. Since the 1990s, for instance, NATO forces have intervened in conflicts in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan, none of which fit the NATO mission as originally conceived.

Despite their absence from the integrated command, French forces, the largest in Europe with 259,000 regulars and 419,000 reservists, have been major contributors to each of these interventions. More than 3,000 French soldiers have been dispatched to Afghanistan as part of the International Security Assistance Force and, since Sarkozy became president, they have expanded their role to include combat missions.

Sarkozy argued that, given the level of French participation on the ground, it made no sense for France to continue boycotting the command structure that runs such interventions.

"We send our soldiers onto the terrain but we don't participate in the committee where their objectives are decided?" he said. "The time has come to end this situation. It is in the interest of France and the interest of Europe."

In any case, he added, rejoining the integrated command still leaves France free to refuse to participate in an operation that it judges unwise. For instance, Germany, a full NATO member, refused to get involved in the Iraq war, he pointed out.

Sarkozy said France's return to the integrated command will not bring a radical strategic change for France as a nuclear power because Paris will remain outside NATO's nuclear coordination. As a result, he said, he will still be the only one with his finger on the button of French nuclear weapons.

Former prime minister Édouard Balladur recalled in a recent interview with Le Figaro newspaper that he began negotiations on a return to the integrated command when he was prime minister as far back as two decades ago, under the Socialist president, François Mitterrand. Similar negotiations were held under Chirac several years ago, Sarkozy said. But in both instances, they foundered on the level of participation by French officers in NATO's key commands.

In the agreement shaping up now, reports here said, French generals will be given the command of NATO's regional headquarters near Lisbon and the Norfolk, Va.-based Allied Command Transformation study group drawing up plans for future NATO missions.

The return to NATO's integrated command also will require France to slightly increase its financial contributions, estimated at about $175 million a year, or 7.5 percent of the total. But that represents a small part of France's military budget, estimated at $44 billion this year, and has not been a factor in the debate.

Sarkozy predicted that the country's return to NATO command also will accelerate development of a European defense force, long a goal of French diplomacy.

Previously, he said, Britain and to some degree Germany and other countries were reluctant to cooperate with France on such a force out of fear it would be interpreted as a split from NATO. As a result, the idea of a European defense force was hailed repeatedly at European Union summit meetings but has produced little in the way of practical results.

Since Sarkozy's plans became known in recent weeks, the president has found himself under attack from the main opposition group, the Socialist Party, and from those attached most strongly to the Gaullist heritage within his own conservative coalition. But he said that France over the years has quietly resumed cooperation with almost all facets of the NATO command and that his decision was a final step recognizing the reality of a long process.

Former prime minister Dominique de Villepin, who served with Sarkozy under Chirac, nevertheless called the decision a blunder that would dilute the independence of French foreign policy. Ségolène Royal, the Socialist former presidential candidate, said Sarkozy was identifying France too closely with the United States just as the world was moving from U.S. domination.

In response, Prime Minister François Fillon said he would put the government's foreign policy up for debate in the National Assembly on Tuesday. That will give the Socialists an opportunity to vent their criticisms of the NATO move, observers noted, but will force Sarkozy's coalition majority to swallow its reservations and vote with the government.

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