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Does  Mr.666  Know  Who  He  Is ?

..."The  man  of  sin  will  be  very  active  behind  the  scenes  even  before  the  final  7  years;  and  yes  he  knows  who  he  is  and  very  much  knows  what  he  wants.  We  are  not  talking  about  your  'average  joe'  who  'somehow'  just  stumbles  to  power  by  accident;  we  are  talking  about  a  very  cunning,  sinister  and  conniving  man  who  is  being  groomed  by  Satan  himself   and  who  by  flatteries  is  working  himself  up into the elite European circles of power and   whose  'endgame'  is  to  attempt  to  accomplish  what  neither : Adolph  Hitler  nor  the  Islamic  fundamentalists   managed  to  do  and  that  is :  annihilate  the  Jews  and   Israel  from  this  earth."   -mario  romano   student  of  Bible  Prophecy & amateur Profiler

..."In  the  Book  of  Revelation  we  do  "NOT"  see  extraterrestrial  aliens  wiping  out  mankind;  but  we  do  witness  men  slaying  one  another  just  as  they  have  been  doing  since  after  the  fall...Only  this  time   men  "WILL"  use  nuclear  weapons  as  well  as  a  vast  array  of  WMD  upon  one  another."   -  mario's  interpretation  of  the  4  horsemen of the Apocalypse & the  sequential  death  of  25%  of  mankind*

..."The  rise  of  Hitler  and  Stalin  was  "NO"  accident;  both  of  them :  connived, manipulated  and pushed  their  way  up  to  total  power;  they were  both  highly  ambitious  and  knew  years  "beforehand"  what  they  wanted  in  life : Total  Power  ( Mein Kampf *)  the future  "Little  Horn"  will  likewise  rise  to  total  power  for  there  is  nothing  new  under  the  sun;  that which  was  shall  be."  - mario  romano   : researching    the  world's  dictators*

..."A  major  war  is  coming  that  will  re-assemble  the  global  balance  of  power,  that  is  why   we  cannot  yet  identify  who the final 10 horns  on the Beast will finally be...But  what  we  do  know  is  that  the  USA  will  "NOT"  continue  to  be  the  world's  superpower  for  too long."  - mario  romano  student  of  Bible  Prophecy

...Because   the  future  "Little  Horn"  is  the  most  warned  about   individual  in  all  of  Bible  Prophecy   we  should  "NOT"  and  cannot  ignore   his  future  rise...Had  GOD  not  wanted  us  to  know  or  be  aware  of  this  end  times  totalitarian  he  would  not  had  reveal  anything  about  this  end  times  and  Mario  Romano  a  student  of  Bible  Prophecy  disagree  with   some  Bible  Prophecy  teachers  who  teach  that  this  endtimes  'Hitleresque  figure'   is  totally  unaware  of  his  destiny...The  man  who   is  to  be  the  "Little  Horn"  is  totally  aware  of  his  destiny  and  what  he  wants  in  life;  just  as  Adolph  Hitler  and  Joseph  Stalin  were  long  before  they   occupied  the  highest  office  in  their  respective  countries  !!!
...The  very  first   'insight'  of  the  future  antichrist  in the Book  of  Revelation  is  quite  revealing;  for  it  is  stated  that  he  is   'bent  on  conquest !'  ...It  should  be  noted  that   if   indeed  the  Book  of  Revelation  was  written  in  a  chronological  order   then  in  Revelation  6  the  man  of  sin  has  "NOT"  yet   received  "ALL"  the  power  from  the  Ten  King's  in  Revelation  nor  Satan's  diabolical  anointing...The  first  horseman  of  the  Apocalypse  in  Revelation  6  'officially'   commences  the  final  week  of  Daniel;  the   "70th  week  !!!"  and  the  beginning of the endtimes : The  7 year Tribulation  wants  to  emphasize  that   the  man  of  sin  will  "ALREADY"  be  very  heavily  involved  in  some  type  of  European : military/political/diplomatic  affairs  even  "BEFORE"  the  final  7  year  period  begins,  for  he  is  working  himself  up  the  power  ladder  !!!
...Some  are  teaching  that  an  extraterrestial  "alien"  will  be  'the  Beast  who  was, is not and is yet  to  be'  this  simply  does  "NOT"  fit  with  the  insights  given  to  us  by  the  Book  of  Revelation...In  Revelation  6-7   we  see  a  world  at  war,  we  see  men  killing  one  another,  we  see  nation  against  nation  and  unfortunately  we  do  see  the  use  of  nuclear  weaponry  and  its  after-effects !!!...We  most  certainly  do  "NOT"  see  an  alien  invasion  wiping  out  mankind  !!!...Men  have  been  slaying  one  another  since  the  beginning,  and  the  Tribulation  period  is  the  final  era  of  in  which  all  the  hatred  that  men  have  upon  one  another  will  be  fully  manifested  by   the  rise  of : nation against  nation, kingdom  against  kingdom  and  ethnic  group  against  ethnic  group  !!!  interprets  the  Four  Horsemen of the  Apocalypse  as  bringing  forth  : World  War  III*
...The  rise  of  the  'man  of  sin'  should  be  studied   using  "ALL"  of  the  Biblical  Prophecies,  sometimes  too  many   students  of  Bible  Prophecy   ( me  included*)  make the mistake   of  propfiling  this  endtimes   totalitarian  using  only  New  Testament  Prophecies  when  we  should  be  using  "ALL"  the  29+  prophecies  which  describe  his : character,  his  background  and  his  total  rise  to  power   and these  critical  insights   can  be  found  in  the  Book  of  Daniel and  Zechariah..."He  shall  confirm  the  covenant with the many for a week but in the middle of it he shall  put  an  end  to  sacrifice  and  offerings"   this  reveals  to  us   that  this  man  of  sin  did  "NOT"  have  absolute  total  power  when   he  first  "Confirmed  this  Covenant"  with  Israel  and  with  many  at  the  conclusion  of  a  major  future  war  that  raises  Israels  profile  in  the  future  and  which  renders   the  military  defeat  of  Israels  enemies  in  such  a  future  war  that  will  allow  them  to  rebuild  their  New  Temple  in  the  future  on  the  Temple  Mount; it should  be  noted  that  this  is  a  very  clear  historical  pattern :  Israel  as  a  nation  in  1948  was  birthed  in  war, Jerusalem  was  reconquered  in  1967  through  the : Six-day War   and  the  future  reconquest  of  the  Temple  Mount  will  "NOT"  be  any  different  War  is  coming  and  Israel  will  once  again   militarily   prevail  against  any  and  all  of  its  enemies  be  this  Iran, Syria  or  all  of  the  Arab  Muslims  put  together  and  even   'with  or  without'  Russia  being  thrown  in  the  mix  !!!  GOD  the  HOLY  ONE  of  Israel  will   embarass  and  defeat  "ALL"  those  who  are  bent  upon  the  annihilation  of  Israel  !!!
...The  Prophecy  of  Daniel  9 : 37   reveals  to  us  that  this  sinsiter  figure  will   be  at  the  forefront  of  "Confirming"  a  major   Treaty  with  Israel  in  the  future  and  it  is  the  interpretation  of   that  this  future  Treaty  does  not  come  just  out  of  the  blue  but  it  is  the  product  of  a  major  Treaty  that  ends  a  future  war  that   Israel  wins  and  that  its  enemies  have  to   adhere  to  as  the  defeated;   it  should  be  noted  that  this  is  a  treaty  such  as  the  one  that  was  signed in 1919 in Versailles  France   ending  World  War  I  and  like  the  Treaty  of Guadalupe  in  1848  that  officially ended  the  U.S-Mexican War   and  allowed  the  U.S  to  acquire  through  victory  a  vast  new  territory  as  well as  the  Paris  Peace  Treaties  of  1947  which  delineated  the  penalties  and  reparations  that the losing  parties  would  be  subjected  to...
It  took  Joseph  Stalin  some  16  years  to  become  the  dictator  of  the  Soviet  Union  from  the  day  Lenin  appointed him  to  be the  on  the  first  Central  Committee  of  the  Bolshevik  Party  in  1912...It  also  took  Adolph  Hitler  some  16  years  to  rise  to  total  power  in  Germany, beginning  in  1919   until  1934  when  he  become  the  Fuhrer  !!!...Both  of  these  men  were  very  ambitious,   they  weren't  hiding  from  power;  they  were  seeking  it  at  "ALL"  costs  !!!  and   Mario  Romano  "AFFIRM"  that  the  man  who  is  to  be  the  Antichrist  is  fully  aware  of  his  destiny;  I  assure  you  that   this  is  not  some  'homeless  beggar'  somewhere  in  the  streets  of  Europe  who  will  be  'tapped'  by  Satan  himself   at the very  last  minute  and  in  one  instant  becomes  the  diabolical  Beast  forewarned  of  in  the  Book  of  Revelation  !!!...We  are  talking  about  an  individual   'like'  Hitler  and  Stalin  who  know  very  well  what  they  want  in  life  and  are  more  than  willing  to   do  anything  to  get  there  and  Satan   will  oblige  him  and  meet  him  halfway...

___________________________  does  "NOT"  claim  to  know  who  the  Little  Horn  will  end  up  being,  but  neither  can  we  be  blind  to  the  very  few  global  actors  who  have  the  potential  to  fill  those   bloody   shoes...For  the  past  14+  years  we  have  been  keeping  an  eye  out  for  potential  little  horns;  Solana  came  and  went  and  Sarkozy  has  yet  to  fully   leave...We  are  presently   studying  each  and  every   NATO  leader  and  every  EU  Diplomatic   powerbroker...As  a  student  of  world  history  it  just  comes  natural  to  me...Mario  Romano  is  just  a  watchman  on  the  wall   who  is  trying  to  interpret  the  Prophecies  of  the  Prophet  Daniel  as  best  as  he  can;  I  am  fascinated  by  the  Prophetic  WORD  of  thee  Living  GOD  and  this  humble  servant  of  his  is  merely  trying  to  interpret  such  Prophecies;  call  it  a  "hobby"  or  a  "gift  from  GOD"  it  is  the   goal  and  prayer  of  Mario  Romano  to  do  his  best  at  properly  identifying  the  two  Final  endtimes  Beasts  who  will  end  up  DECEIVING  "most"  of  the  world  in  the  future...Mario  is  not  interested  in   the  statistics  and  figures  of  any   :  football,  basketball,  tennis, soccer  nor  anyother  sport  figure  but  he  makes  "NO"  apologies  of  attempting  to   'zero  in  on  the  man'  who  is  to  be  the  greatest  enemy  of  : Israel  and  of  all  Judaism   and  Christianity  in the  future   and  who  will  unfortunately  end  up  killing  more  Jews  and  new  believers  than   anyone  else  in  the  history  of  planet  earth  !!!


...What   "AFFIRMS"  with  100%  certainty  is  that  the  endtimes  future  "Little  Horn"  will  not  end  up  being    German  nor  a  "Affirms"  that   a  major   war  will  propell  the  Little  horn  into  stardom  when  he  "CONFIRMS"  the  'Covenant  with  the  Many'  as  it  is  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  he  will  "NOT"  yet   have  attained   full  powers   given  unto  him  by  the  final  10  King's  of  revelation  nor  the  future  demonic  powers  that  Satan  will  bestow  upon  him  for  a  Prophesied  42  months  ( 3 and a half  years*)


...Some   preach  and  teach  that  we  shouldn't  care  about  such  nonesense  endtimes  Prophecies;  everyone  is  entitled  to  their  opinion...GOD  gave  gifts  unto  men  and  this  poor  servant  of  HIS  is  merely  trying  to  make  his  count  somehow  for  the  benefit  and  blessing  to  many...Every  word  herein  stated  is  written  with  all  the  fear  of  GOD  in  mind  and  we  are  merely  doing  our  best   in  trying  to  "INTERPRET"  the  endtimes  Prophecies  of  the  chosen  Prophets  of  GOD   found  in   the  Old  and  New  Testament  of  the  HOLY  BIBLE...


...Yes,  the  endtimes  man  of  sin  most  certainly  knows  who  he  is  !!!...Ladies  and  Gentlemen  we  are  talking  about  an  individual  who  is  very,  very  ambitious  !!!  we  are  not  talking  about  your  'average  joe'  who  is  a  last  minute  pick  by  Satan;  we  are  talking  about  a  man  of  sin  who  has  been  groomed  by  the  powers  of  darkness    itself  !!!...And  yes, GOD  knows  the  present  address  and  GPS  location  of  the   man  who  will  ultimately  become  the  Little  Horn  Prophesied  by  the  Prophet  Daniel  !!!

...BY : Mario  Romano;   mario  is  a  student  of  Eurasian  Geopolitics;  he  specializes  in  the :  Chinese  PLA, the  Russian  Military  and  NATO*...It  is  his  humble  prayer  that  the  GOD  in  Heaven  will  one  day  use  him  for  His  Honor  and  Glory*...Mario  is  "NOT"  fascinated  by  who  will  end  up  being  the  antichrist,  but  he  is  fascinated  by  the  very  GOD  who  knows  the  very  end  from  the  very  beginning  !!!  and  by  the  very  GOD  who  created  the  billions  upon  billions  of  stars  and  planets  out  there  in  this  Universe  !!!  and  by  the  very  GOD  who  created  "ALL"  of  the  other  Universes  !!!  (  Yes,  there  are  many  others  !!!*)...GOD  has  "NOT"  been  sitting  idly  on  His  throne  in  all  of  eternity  past !!!   for  He  has  been  creating  'endless  upon  endless wonders'  that  neither  the  eyes  of  men  nor  the  imagination  of  men  have  ever  conceived  and  "ALL"  were  conceived   and  brought  to  life   for  His  pleasure  and  in  His  Sovereignty  ***...If  He  created  one  Universe  you  better  believe  that  He   has  also  created  others; what  we  do  know  is  that  the  very  Throne  of  GOD  is  "OUTSIDE"  of  the  physical  confines  of  this  Universe,  so  this   power  of  creation  of  GOD  has  "NO"  end  and  "NO"  limitations ...Some  may  call  me  crazy;   I  wish  I  was   at  times*



Sarkozy   Takes   on   EU  Presidency

EUNews June 27, 2008

Paris - For six months, as it struggles with yet another institutional crisis, the European Union will be led by a man who inspires at least as much uneasiness as confidence: French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

France takes over the EU presidency on July 1, and Sarkozy will be the union's pointman as it wrestles with the fallout from the Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty while looking to make progress on several vital issues, such as immigration and the environment.

Sarkozy has in the past ruffled more than a few feathers in Brussels and other capitals with his propensity for acting on his own, putting ego before prudence and teamwork.

Diplomats may therefore be asking themselves if he is the right man to take the helm of the Union in such stormy times.

From one angle, Sarkozy is the perfect man for the job. No other European leader so delights in matching himself against a crisis as does the 53-year-old son of Hungarian immigrants.

In 1993, when Sarkozy was mayor of the Paris suburb of Neuilly, a man calling himself the Human Bomb took 21 schoolchildren hostage in the town, threatening to blow everyone up.

While government and police officials were debating strategy, Sarkozy drove to the school and negotiated personally with the hostage-taker, even offering to exchange himself for the children.

The Human Bomb man refused the offer, but Sarkozy managed to talk him into releasing some of the children to him, just hours before police shot the man dead.

That incident revealed several aspects of his political personality that have not changed over the years - his love of risk-taking, his affinity for the spotlight and his boundless self-confidence.

The confidence in his own ability has so grown over the years that it occasionally - his detractors would say always - blinds him to other approaches to problem-solving.

He provided a clue to that thinking the day after the results of the Irish referendum were announced, when he told journalists in Paris that 'we must change the way we are (constructing Europe).'

This was another way of saying, 'You've been doing it wrong. Now we must do it my way.'

In a book called Temoignage (Testimony), Sarkozy said, 'I work so hard because, contrary to the idea that people may have of me, I have a lot of doubts.'

Based on his behaviour as French president, these doubts apply not to himself but to his collaborators, for Sarkozy has his hands on nearly every aspect of French governance, to such an extent that his prime minister, Francois Fillon, has been caricatured as his errand boy.

Sarkozy's personality, which is radically different from those of his predecessors, continues to fascinate the French, and the Europeans, as much as it mystifies them.

To provide clues to Sarkozy's behaviour, the weekly Le Point dedicated an issue to having several psychoanalysts analyse him.

One of the analysts, Philippe Grimbert, described Sarkozy as an adolescent, 'someone who has remained in the fantasy of being all-powerful typical of that age.'

'Like all adolescents, Sarkozy seems to be permanently in revolt,' Grimbert wrote. 'He does whatever he wants, takes decisions alone and is at war with his 'fathers'.'

Sarkozy's language and behaviour are almost typically adolescent, Grimbert suggests, including his habit of what he calls 'risky driving, characteristic of that age.' The problem is that he is president, he warned, 'and we are all in the car with him.'

But perhaps the most acute description of Nicolas Sarkozy was written nearly 140 years ago, in Russia.

In his novel War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy described a man to whom 'only what went on in his soul was of interest. Everything that was outside him had no meaning for him, because everything in the world, as it seemed to him, depended only upon his will.'

Often, in conversation, this man spoke 'with that eloquence and unrestrained irritation to which spoiled people are so greatly inclined.'

And it was this man's 'long-standing conviction that the possibility of mistakes did not exist for him, and to his mind everything he did was good, not because it agreed with any notion of what was good and bad, but because he did it.'

This man, of course, was Napoleon, and his great aim was to conquer Europe. In a way, that is also Sarkozy's goal, to conquer the European Union by saving it single-handedly, not through arms but with his energy and ideas.

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